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I woke up confused. It was the first dream from approach of my eighteen-anniversary. And it was very strange. On the one hand, a usual dream with an unusual plot, but on the other hand, having woken up, you feel... something like that, I don't know how it is correct to explain. A deposit perhaps some, weight on heart, emptiness in soul or something similar when you feel that, having woken up, you lose a part of, a part of the possible destiny... And I dreamed angelic appearance the girl. Without wings, certainly, but with such lovely attractive face, with such slender and elastic figure that, looking at her, there is a wish to embrace, merge in a single whole and to be dissolved in her. Actually, all this that I remembered. Trying to remember other dream, nothing was impossible to me, something flashed on the edge of consciousness, but I couldn't catch it. The only thing that I realized after awakening, so is that the draft to women's at me considerably increased. Having stretched, I got up, made a bed. I carried out by a palm from balls along the dick, easy contact I stroked a stomach and a breast — now I slept naked: mother in a business trip, the sister went to study to St. Petersburg. As it is good... Having washed, I decided to come into the room of the sister, opened a case. In it there were just many things: from underwear, to outerwear. And it while, going to other city, it, besides, collected the considerable mountain of things which I in turn had also to drag to the car on the to a hump. Here it is honest, years 50, probably, suitcases without castors aren't on sale. Where she managed to buy absolutely NEW suitcase without castors moreover and such huge, I still puzzle. I hope, this infection was worn out in St. Petersburg to drag it in hands yes on a back... But something I distracted. At me strong desire to put on in the sister's clothes suddenly woke up. No, I so did earlier, the benefit the build allowed, but usually — to strengthen the excitement and to jerk off. But I did it not often, approximately once a week. Having put forward a box with underwear, I chose to myself openwork translucent panties of white color which really closed a tiny dense cut of fabric only the site of a sexual crack. All the rest, the pubis and a bum were well visible. Oh and the lewd bitch my sister, I smiled. The dick pressed to a pubis well was seen through panties. Хм... I corrected him, having thrust under balls. I had not big balls, held a form, but didn't hang ten-centimetric bags, as at some. Therefore reception turned out successful and now my pubis looked perfectly. I took black tights from other box. Kapron products are pleasant to me the most usual more: without any patterns, without, perish the thought, wide grid and so on. Having put on tights, I got up in front of the mirror, turned. Cool it is cool. The figure at me good, but, of course, falls short of female symmetry. Clothes and underwear can give some illusion maiden to symmetry, but no more. Being naked, from a back I can't be taken for the girl, even taking into account my enough long hair. I caught myself that from these thoughts slightly I was upset. Хм... I didn't notice for myself before it. Well it is fine. Twirling by buttocks in front of the mirror, it seemed to me as if earlier she was my more flat, not important. Over tights I put on densely fitting tight jeans shorts. The wide elastic band of tights acted centimeters on ten over shorts and fitted my stomach tightly. Looks tempting and slightly in a whorish way. We will add to it a short red topic. Mm... Would fuck himself... Smart the image, smart turned out. As it is good that the nature presented me beautiful юнисекс with the person which is well looking both in men's, and in a female image. I took a cosmetics bag of the sister, I smeared lips with bright and saturated red lipstick, I tinted eyelashes ink. In spite of the fact that I did all this the first time, it turned out ideally, just a bomb! The dick began to pine in panties, however because of unusual situation couldn't get up, properly, and from it caused small discomfort. Having rummaged in a cosmetics bag, I saw files for polishing of nails. I thought why not to try, and I began to polish nails on hands. At first I took a file at number 1, to it on all nails, then number 2 and, the final, number 3 well walked. All roughnesses on nails disappeared. Nails were smooth, shone on beams of the sun. Class. Would know earlier as it is cool, would use the sister's files long ago. It will be necessary to make then the same and standing. But it then. So... what here still do we have? Different varnishes. I decided to paint nails to protect them from mechanical damages that they didn't lose the luster. But, as not the fan of multi-colored varnishes, took usual transparent. Couple of hairpins in hair added my new image. From a mirror the lovely little girl looked at me. — Mm... the beauty — I languidly spoke, the left hand pressing to each other nonexistent, unfortunately, boobies, and right with feeling having carried out on a perineum. No, so won't go. Voice too men's. And I began to train to imitate a female voice. Some squeaky falsetto turned out generally. And here when I already absolutely despaired, I managed to speak almost clear female voice. Having opened side section of a case, I took one of, probably, thousands of female magazines left by the sister and began to read aloud, remembering and acquiring a way of pronunciation. In half an hour I stopped, the throat mercilessly hurt and itched. Probably, for want of habit I overstrained vocal chords. But I was happy. Having quickly made itself tea and having made couple of sandwiches, I ate and began to live chewing gum. The dick still pined, excitement didn't take place in any way. Outside the window there was a clear weather, the thermometer showed 25 degrees. Generally I planned all day as actually and always to carry out at the computer, but... There was a strong wish to go outside, test the new image in business. Having come into the room of the sister, I got pink gym shoes of the sister from a notorious case and put shoes on. In spite of the fact that men have usually feet more, than at women, gym shoes were ideal for me simply. I undertook the handle of an entrance door and stood. It was terrible: and suddenly people will understand that I am the guy who changed clothes in a women's clothing will begin to stare at me, to point a finger, laugh, and even it is worse — will beat. So-so-so... So-so-so... I didn't even notice how I began to tap with a sock on a parquet. Even member of disgraces from my nervousness. It is necessary to be trained in walking. At first I trained female gait in a corridor, then remembered how in some movie by girls trained to go, having put him on the top the book. And the essence of exercise was in that the book not only didn't fall when walking, but also didn't move at all. First it was unusual, sometimes, having thought, I started walking, as usual, as a real man widely putting legs, I corrected myself and I tried to put legs as it is done by women, at the edges of a straight line. Then I was accustomed and to go it turned out more naturally, and the book didn't fall from the head. Well, preparations are complete, it seems, missed nothing. bestweapon Once again inspected itself in a mirror. The regret concerning lack of a breast flew. But the topic was rather free and the lack of a breast wasn't evident. In principle, passersby, looking at me, will have to finish thinking that I have just small breast. The look fell to the bicycle hanging on a wall. Хм. Why not? I removed the bicycle from a wall and opened an entrance door: the world waits for me. Having left an entrance, I blinked from the blinding eye of the sun. There were few people on the street, and be near and in general nobody. The smell of greens and leaves together with understanding of that fact that I stand on the street in a women's clothing excited consciousness, even the head slightly began to spin. I threw a leg through the bicycle and sat down on sitting. The dick, as it is horney, concerned the firm surface of sitting, was made horney even stronger, muscles were reduced, and I felt as I from the dick began to flow predeyakulit. And I twirled pedals. The dick at yatno I rubbed about sitting when I twisted pedals, and I received inexpressible pleasure. The dick periodically allocated predeyakulit, and I felt that between legs it is already rather wet. The smile by itself appeared on a face. The young man who is meeting requirements of me was lost in contemplation of me, I winked at him, he smiled to me in reply. I rode on city streets. When it was necessary to stop on traffic lights if many people didn't stand nearby, I continued to rub imperceptibly the dick about sitting. The dick rubbed, crawled between my balls and a sedlushka and as under shorts it was already slippery from lubricant, it not only didn't cause any discomfort, and on the contrary brought indescribable pleasure. I fell into continuous ecstasy, into a condition of the strongest excitement when on the one hand you are already at preorgasmic peak, but on the other hand, you understand that you will terminate not soon, and you feel that it can proceed still very long. Having gone towards a park zone, I continued to stimulate the dick, moving a bum to the left-to the right, depending on to what leg I transfer the weight. Approaching the park, I went to the cycle parking. I already was on the verge when it was necessary to stop — I reached the destination. Therefore, having put legs on the earth, not getting down from the bicycle, I, having slightly drawn in legs and having transferred pressure of a body weight upon the dick which is still on sitting I began to make back and forth motions and literally in couple of seconds violently I terminated. So I never before cumed, I fought in convulsions of seconds thirty. Of course, I tried to restrain that strongly didn't pay attention to me. Having departed from an orgasm, I threw a leg, brought the bicycle on the parking space and chained him the lock to a rack. Having turned back, I saw the girl who stood and looked at me round eyes. I fervently winked at her, sent an air-kiss and ran to the park. Having for a moment looked round, I understood that nobody noticed any more my small incident. Between legs it was wet and squelched. Was near nobody, I came already rather far deep into the park therefore without hesitating and without being afraid that somebody will notice, I carried out by all palm on a perineum and smelled a hand. The smell was pleasant to me. I licked a palm — tasty. Though, earlier I tried to taste several times after an orgasm the cum. I was nasty to me and I began to smell it and the more so taste. And on feelings in a mouth, she resembled some glue which wasn't washed away from language in any way even if to wash down with something a cum. I tried to accustom myself to her taste, but it was impossible therefore gave up this business and every time just wiped a cum a towel. Now her taste seemed to me very pleasant, and the fact that the feeling of a sticky cum from language vanished long, seemed to me a juicy afterglow. Without stopping, I undid shorts, and pushed a hand in tights, below I picked up panties a finger, promoted further to the dick and began to caress him, squelching a cum. And she was quite a lot, even there in spite of the fact that she partially became impregnated in dense fabric of short. One more strangeness — earlier my friend didn't allocate so much cum. There can be a singularity of a situation and feelings made the business? I smiled, got a hand. A palm all was covered with my cum. I began to lick her. Having finished, I put a hand in panties after a new portion and started over again savouring the seed. Ahead some couple seemed. I didn't want to interrupt the studies therefore I turned from a footpath into the forest and I went deep into perpendicular to a path. Having once again thrust a hand between legs, I found out that the hand doesn't become covered so plentifully any more by my allocations therefore I laid the dick between legs under balls back, licked a hand and buttoned shorts. While I caressed the genitals and was licked, I came already rather far and all footpaths were behind trees long ago, though went slowly and slowly. Suddenly I heard the squeezed groan. I listened. It seemed? No, one more groan, exhaled. Quietly going in the direction of sounds through ten meters to me the Miracle strange and the Miracle marvelous opened: The miracle with a naked torso and the lowered trousers stood, having nestled a back on a tree, having grabbed the left hand an elbow lowered right, and the Miracle, with the same naked torso, but still not lowered trousers, stood, having stuck lips to the Miracle neck, one hand embraced for a waist, and another rumpled a dick and balls of the Miracle. It were two fellows. Conditionally called Miracle, there was shchuplenkiya, low growth, all some effeminate. In each movement slipped constraint, uncertainty and femininity. The person had no rough and sharp lines, was cute and sensual. As I managed to make out, the dick at him had no outstanding sizes, was even less than mine, and so being slightly less, than the average sizes. The same someone I called the Miracle looked... Future Male, from capital letter, a razbivatel of others hearts. Growth nearly under two meters athletically put beautiful the person who will in the future be complemented with brutality and will make it even more attractive. He kissed the Miracle on a mouth, carried out by language on a neck and left on it a tasty hickey. I undid a belt, I threw off from myself trousers. On my review the fat polueregirovanny dick fell out. Oh, as I wanted to take him in a mouth and to suck. Never I noticed for myself thirst for penises earlier, but now I wanted to caress him lips, language, a throat. My own dick from such thoughts began to strain and pulse. Meanwhile, the Miracle asked something the Miracle, that nodded and turned away. It is good that not in my party! A hand which I caressed Miracle genitals before the Miracle directed it further — to buttocks. A little bit I caressed a perineum of the Miracle and, having picked up a finger, I took out the butt plug sparkling lubricant on the beams of the sun which are making the way through crowns from his buttocks and I put it on Miracle trousers. The miracle was taken in a hand by the dick, squeezed and made several back and forth motions, stimulating him to growth, and then sent directly to buttocks to the Miracle. It would be inconvenient if not couple "but": first, the Miracle stood on speakers above the ground monolithic roots, secondly, the dick of the Miracle was rather long. When his dick got the Miracle bosom, the last published viscous groan. Probably, the dick was too big for his hole and at the first penetration hurt him. Miracle I nestled on the Miracle closely and I embraced him, kissing his lips and a neck. Pain passed, the got-up dick of the Miracle rubbed about a stomach of the partner, and he began to make delightful sounds. At some point from him the constraint flew, and he for the first time since the beginning of a coition dared to touch with hands the Miracle body. He put the hands on his shoulders, and then and itself embraced the partner, trying to nestle on him as it is possible closer and having dropped the head to him on a shoulder, having had a snack on a lip not to shout from pleasure. Everything I increased a miracle and I increased the pace, it drove the staff in an anus of the lover, each time trying to enter him more deeply at least on millimeter, at least on one micron. And here the Miracle began to whimper, and from his dick the viscous stream of a warm seed poured down. As they nestled the bodies most densely to each other, the seed filtered outside, finding a way out in each shchelochka, in each fold, being smeared by a thin layer on their stomachs. A minute later violently I terminated also the Miracle, having driven the dick most deeply in the Miracle. So they stood some time until the dick of the Miracle, having decreased in sizes, dropped out of Miracle buttocks, and the dense seed didn't begin to flow from there. They kissed also the Miracle, stroked a cheek of the lover, and words reached me: — Now we will have a rest a couple of minutes and we will continue. We will save you from your complexes: you see that to give pleasure to others and it is possible to get it not only the dick and not only with little girls. So don't go in cycles in the sizes of the dick. — He made a pause and added: — We are friends? — Friends — I answered the Miracle and gently I kissed the Miracle on a mouth. dating for gamers uk date today bhadon site mapMain Page