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I am by the open window and with interest I watch the neighbour's girl-patsankoy walking an amusing pudelk. Every day she becomes more courageous and already in open examines me, standing on a tiptoe. The phone call tears off our idyll, and I rush to the hall. — To Alya, Kostya? Great! Here the interesting materialchik for you is so take half-liter — and come! — What, to devils dog, "materialchik"? — I begin to grow furious and, without wishing to upset the friend, I finish a conversation. — Sorry, today it won't turn out. Call on Friday morning, all right? Bai... Slapping bare feet and dropping expensive "parliamentary" ashes on a carpet, I return to an initial position. There now, of course, the little girl already left! However... Soon five hours, Lena also has to be drawn. And here then I... And what, actually, I with her will make? Well, we will drink wines, well, we will eat sickening crabsticks from a pollock, well, we potrakhatsya... From Lenkaya at me it proceeds about a year. More precisely, from that day as she appeared in our agency. In the beginning everything was it seems as nothing and, frankly speaking, to meet foreign wife in confidence from all, except, naturally, employees (from these you will hide nothing) — for kicks. "Darling"... Yes what I am lovely? Thirty-year-old men for whom the meaning of life consists in a morning hangover day sex and an evening booze, darlings can't be in principle. But here for Lena I am darling, and for own wife — no. Having reached a sofa, I begin to wait. Process is this, it is necessary to tell, is much more delightful than the meeting and even sex as it is possible to give vent to imagination. "Darling, today I prepared for you something special..." There is not no it, only! "Special" I enjoyed during our first appointment when Elena Prekrasnaya took me, half-dead after the banquet, to herself home. Into special delight I was brought by massage of a prostate after which I moved week with a painful grimace on a face under the sympathizing views of colleagues. As I with surprise learned subsequently, this procedure had to cause in me a resistant erection and insuperable desire to love, to love and love. Lena achieved the, but not thanks to manual therapy at all. — That evening I was so drunk that showed her the male power quite adequately as I couldn't finish begun logically in any way. When I began to be tired and, giving her the sign, desperately coughed, she released me (more true, "it"), and passed to other exercises complicating my breath and causing arrhythmia. No, I, of course, love oral sex, but... Believe, to enjoy aroma of the woman and "to depart to space" after the drunk alcohol at the same time — it is unreal! And here, with the eyes which are sticking together from a dream and — that is surprising! — desire to drink immediately beer, I zealously completed work unfinished by "friend", at the same time gloating over concerning the wife who remained somewhere there not wishing to call me "darling". — A kitten, you terminated? — I rattle, trying to get out from under Lenki that "in a passion rush" to kiss her on a mouth. — No, still a little bit... It isn't necessary so strongly... And now is stronger... Well, just a kiss! Well you that, for the first time? Wait, I am... — What —? — Fool... Oh! F-faugh, it seems all... I lean back on a pillow and I am going to dream about furious "half". — Darling, as to me it was good... Yes, but you didn't terminate?! With horror I feel her hand on the stomach. The hand creeps down, and I understand: the main difference of the woman from the man that she can imitate an orgasm, and I — am not present. — Well, you want, I still a little will caress you... And then you me! Would I like it? Yes slide you... — Of course, a kitten if only you weren't tired... To me it was never so good! And, you know, I don't want to sleep at all. So also I loved you all life! — No, truth? Listen... And you love a pose "six — nine"? My husband just hates it! Moron, huh? My God, as I understand him... — Lenochka, you dement me... Only, if it is possible, you — from above, all right?. That evening I didn't terminate. Probably, it offended my men's advantage therefore in three days we met again, this time — in my apartment. I didn't even begin to change bed linen fully to feel charm of treason. "Do you need a dressing gown? Now I will get from a case..." And nevertheless, the whole year is much. Mentally I call Lena the second wife, and it, alas, doesn't please. I am again in expectation of love which for some reason escapes me. Perhaps my life experience will help to win heart of some absolutely young girl, still capable of high feelings? ... Ashes from "Parliament" fall down, on a peak of my nine-storey building, and I look at the neighbour's little girl again. Without hesitating at all, she, having got up on a bench, with interest examines me and even, in my opinion, smiles. Probably, after a while she will forget what she was taught by houses and in technical school to and will be called my apartment under a pretext to ask a step-ladder or salt. In any case, not each young person and so it will be open and with pleasure to examine the nude man in a window of the fourth floor dating for free meals urban dictionary group date ideas nyc site mapMain Page