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Deep summer evening painted everything in light blue and greenish tone of the sky. I looked at the companion. Large pieces of coal of pupils she with genuine interest studied the dome-shaped structure of planetarium and didn't pay attention to a look. She was slightly below me and reminded an easy graceful butterfly. I stiffened a look and for a minute thought. It had a slim figure and extremely slender waist — I could close with little effort in it fingers of hands. Always it struck me. For some moment she somehow having awkwardly quickly glanced me in eyes, then having again turned away, shy, childly I asked concerning my yesterday's meeting with classmates. — How did pass? I knew as someone she meant. I didn't want to speak about it as I from that meeting remembered nothing rather didn't want to remember. Just I cut out him from the life as the redundant information from the text of degree. Silence. Her emotionality was such is that from kisses it turned the head — she hardly stood on the feet. And when I carried out by a palm on her nape, this action caused almost convulsive shiver on all body. I wanted to argue with her, but it was impossible — she always in everything agreed and reminded the girl from east harem. And this time it was inflated and silently I stared at the quiet current of water under the bridge. She never objected aloud. Happens, it will only be inflated here and is silent for hours, yet won't look at me the brilliantly - eyes black, full of grief and I won't embrace it. I didn't hurry. We got acquainted when I studied on the fifth year of law department. Somehow time I replaced with lectures of the professor at whom I wrote degree. He quite often ran somewhere on university affairs and I happened to act as the teacher not once. It were first-year students, among them — she. Surprisingly slender, easy, with silent and not in a feminine way a deep voice. She was from Georgia, but for a long time lived here. I at that time already as endured two months smooth, without a uniform word parting with the former girlfriend. We studied in one group and were together slightly less than five years. To tell the truth, between us there were quite cordial relations and something like that that forced us to exchange still the long views filled with hardly notable intuition of proximity and likeness, similar to when you look at yourself in a mirror. I realized long ago that it wasn't love. If between the former darlings there is a friendly feeling, then and the love, so, wasn't. "The love isn't stained friendship. The end is the end" — Remarque so wrote and in it he was right. I noticed Margo at once and in several days at us at both the head in the fulness of the heart went around. Serene dance started turning us all paints of the world around with such mad speed that the faces rushing by us, at home and in general the whole world were hardly distinguishable... And there passed one and a half years. Exactly a year, since last summer as we lived at me, in the small two-room apartment. Planned to get married next spring... I embraced Margarita behind for a waist and accurately kissed on an ear. — Went home, darling... I heard her silent smile. **************************** Tatyana it is slightly heard I approached from a back and put hands to me a belt. In the room it was dark and only lamps from the street slightly lit flower walls. Here was and it is quite silent for this reason I left here to have a rest a couple of minutes from the having fun and noisy crowd. All group of the former students of faculty of law was going to celebrate properly the meeting on the apartment at Tatyana. Because of a door drunk laughter and clinking of glasses reached. About something the girls who amused to a disgrace squealed. Basses of loudspeakers gave an easy shiver of a resonance to a floor. I knew that it will appear in this room too. Also I knew, than it can end... I pricked up the ears, remembered Margo to drive away undesirable thoughts, calmed down, relaxed, only opened a mouth, but she outstripped: — Mm. You here? — having placed emphasis on the word "you" as though I didn't expect me at all to see in the room, it put a chin to me on a shoulder. — There it is awfully noisy, the truth? — However — I answered. Having kept silent some time, added — And where yours? Just I saw you nearby. Her hands were closed "already, and she rastopyrivat fingers of hands, slightly squeezed. — Sasha left. We sent him to food. They it seems with Shilevich went... And you remained. — the last words were told by whisper. — Tanya, I wouldn't like that someone saw us. Even so. I accurately removed from myself her flexible arms and turned. We stood face to face. Her eyes looked exactly and fixedly, radiating tranquility and confidence. "It is good, the she-devil," — I thought. — "I got drunk. And I it seems too". In kitchen against the background of the general hype the sound of the broken glass was distributed, then hysterical laughter and chatter in eager rivalry followed. Tatyana grinned. — Will kill to me everything now. Ammm... you know, darling, you wouldn't stand now here if б... She slowly put hands to me on shoulders and drew near closely. With easy confusion I noticed that I already hold her one hand by a waist, another — is much lower than a back. I carried out by a palm even below on a dense jean skirt and touched her hip. From it Tatyana slightly bit a lower lip and hardly considerably smiled. I stood and felt her smell as aura of desire, I was in captivity of this cloud. More words weren't. I came. In me the animal suddenly woke up and all reasonableness receded into the background. She for certain scented it, and at once obeyed to an animal without fight. Having stepped back, I rested a back against a wall. I hard and for a long time kissed her on a neck, from a shoulder to an ear lobe. Having inclined the head on one side, Tatyana loudly and hotly breathed on me. Delights of her slender and effective body didn't allow me to stop. Quickly and widely I undid a half of buttons on a jacket under which there was no brassiere. Having slightly bent, I began to kiss her nipples, firm from excitement, at the same time free hand lifting a short skirt and stroking back side of a hip. Tatyana bent a leg in a knee and a heel pressed me to herself. We began to kiss as if wanted to eat each other, greedy and desperately, nestling all over. That was under a skirt, I pulled together with a hand thin panties and ran fingers directly between legs where everything was already wet from strong excitement — Tatyana with the squeezed whimper sharply became straight and curved as a cat. — Darling, enter me rather... I... I any more not than m - can... and - ah... We were tumbled down on a bed. It, having widely spread legs, I pressed me hands for the back closer to myself. My trousers went to pieces from an erection and I a little them lowered. The dick was stone and inflexible for a long time. Tatyana coiled under me, wildly shook her, she nestled on me a basin and rubbed more and stronger. I decided that it is time to start. Having taken a dick in a palm, I began to drive slowly it on the surface of wet and hot vulvar lips, feeling their heat. — ы - ы - and - and - sss... I want you... deeply... ннн... At last I put a dick at an entrance and slightly leaned on him. He easily and freely entered half a moist and warm vagina. In the bottom of a stomach strongly tickled from desire. I left and again entered, already more deeply and began progress. The dick failed in her and it was similar to as though you immerse him in a glass with hot water. Lips didn't come off in a wild kiss. I easily slid in her, and she made upward movement to me the back towards. — Mmmmm... mm...-a-a... and - and - mmm... In the apartment music, laughter, voices in eager rivalry was still distributed, the ring of ware and someone's bustle on a corridor — to smoke. Us it wasn't heard and we were given to passion on full. The bed began to squeak rhythmically, and Tanya moaned even more loudly, squeezing edges covered also my bum. I convulsively grabbed her hips, breasts, kissed all person and a neck entirely... We approached an orgasm. She unexpectedly stopped. — Let's finish so... Having risen on elbows, Tatyana turned and got up on all fours, having highly lifted up a skirt. Then I turned the head and I smiled. — Well, give. From such look before myself I came to full confusion: ideally round, wide buttocks on a slender, curved waist... I drew near closely and rested the top surface of the dick to it against genitals. The fast movement, Tanya took it in a hand from under the stomach and put to a vagina. I put hands to her on a waist and the dick completely, up to the end drove. Tanechka sharply screamed and began to move a bottom, sticking her on my long piston. I moved quicker, helping myself hands. Half-minute later Tatyana let out the squeezed long cry, trying to clench stronger teeth. She was shaken by a fantastic orgasm. I felt as if through her there passed ten thousand volts and I was overflowed by a wave... Minutes five we lay strong having embraced. From the first touch passed already half an hour. It was necessary to make toilet. She got up the first, lowered a skirt, buttoned a jacket, before an exit, with a smile, for a long time looked to me in eyes with the same, mirror look. — Everything to me was carried here, badasses! — her cheerful laughter somewhere in the depth of the apartment was heard. On her face it was for certain visible that to it not before. She rejoiced to everything that she saw before herself... I got up and decided that it is time to go home — it was uncomfortable to be here. Any minute her groom with new party of binge will come. Poor creature. I wasn't sorry about anything — him, by and large, too. I should have left unnoticed that won't make, of course, big work. In twenty minutes, sitting in the car, I already forgot about the event. The house was waited by Margarita, I let a car to one hundred. Streets were almost empty. Evening wasn't successful... ****************************** author's e-mail: dating fb verwijderen date in english to arabic site mapMain Page