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After the termination of the university to find normal work not so easily. I touched a heap of options, but in some I didn't accept the schedule, in others salary, in the third there was no prospect of career development. Rather having been tired of search, I came across a vacancy on the Internet which interested me at once. To the sex shop in local shopping center the selling assistant was required. As the girl modern and liberated, I was interested in sex toys long ago, with my ex-boyfriend we adored suit orgies with disguise. I remember how we played with him in the disobedient girl and the strict teacher: he put me in a knee and elbow pose, and slapped in buttocks a leather lash. It wildly made horney me and my chink became wet after several minutes of such "punishment". Then my partner took me for buttocks and his firm hot dick slowly entered my peshcherka expiring juice... Yes, we fucked with him whereas rabbits — on a floor, on a table, on a balcony, once I did him blowjob in a toilet cabin in night club, swallowing his fleshy dick against the stop. However, I distracted from a subject of the main story: as I was employed to the sex shop. In the announcement requirements were specified: the girl of 23 — 28 years, attractive appearance, without Puritan customs. For communication a certain Max's number was specified, I understood that it is the owner of shop. Having called number, I heard a pleasant male voice which told me that the vacancy is still free, and if it is interesting to me, I can approach on an interview directly today. I decided not to miss chance, called the taxi and went to get a job. To prove that I am a girl without complexes (and the good seller of the sex shop has to be such!), I didn't begin to put on underwear. Getting into the taxi, I noticed that the driver looks askance at my nipples which are sticking out from under a thin streychevy sundress. The poor creature, probably became overexcited because drove the car somehow nervously. The shop was such what I also presented it to myself — heaps of any sex knickknacks, beginning from unpretentious vibrators and finishing with a huge rubber vagina which, judging by a number of buttons on the panel, could give pleasure in at least ten different ways. Behind a counter there was a young man who as I also assumed, was Max owner of shop. He resembled Leo DiCaprio in youth — such sexy blonde with an innocent look. — Give on "you" at once — I told Max. — generally, persons interested to work for us not so much therefore if you suit conditions, from tomorrow you can come to work. But at first you have to pass a small test. By the way, excuse for an immodest question, but whether you have venereal diseases? Do you have a registration on the portal of supporters of safe sex x-registar? Such question surprised me. Really the vacancy assumed not only consultation of buyers, but also closer communication with them? — I wasn't registered yet, but I am going to make it soon. It is sure that I am ill nothing. And it what for? I what, has to fuck with buyers? And what for the test? — I asked. Instead of the answer Max took one of dildos from the shelf. — There now look, it is one of our most quick-selling goods. You have to not just be able to tell about it, but also to cause desire to buy it in the client. And for this purpose he has to want YOU — saying these words, he began to drive slowly a dildo around my pubis — If the client wants to touch you or... still something, you shouldn't refuse. For good sales you will get quite good awards. Present that I am a buyer and I want to buy this rubber dick. Make so that became me it is all the same how many he costs and I wanted to buy him at once. Everything became clear. Max wanted to check my abilities. That, I gave him such chance! Having taken away at a negofalloimitator on which Max pulled previously condom, I easily jumped on a table and spread legs to show that I under a sundress have nothing. — The lake the babe and you is valid without complexes — Max approvingly gave a whistle. I felt as my chink becomes damp. Strange, I still didn't even touch a clitoris. Probably, the atmosphere of this shop was devilishly exciting. Having thrown back the head back, I saw how Max watches closely me. I began with the checked actions: I began to drive slowly a finger on velvet lower lips — up-down, up-down. The pulsing luxury a wave drove to a stomach. I passed to more active actions: one I stroke-oared a clitoris, and the second held a dildo which I took in a mouth. His surface was very warm, I presented that it is the dick of the living man. Investigating lips a dildo, I understood that I won't get off with one excitement. My pussy was ready to accept this subject, and Max's presence me didn't confuse at all. Slow rotary motions I shipped in myself a dildo. It filled my bosom to a limit, and I understood that if I begin to move him, then I will terminate in several seconds. Therefore I just thrust him against the stop and continued to caress a clitoris, being exhausted from desire. — I hope, IT will make an impression on the buyer — I asked Max. — Not absolutely — smiling, he answered. You didn't get an orgasm, and, so the buyer can still doubt. However, I will help you with the first time. I felt as the dildo slowly leaves my body and instead of him the hot horney dick of Max plunges into a bosom. He entered him up to the end and I mechanically moved hips to him towards, expecting that he will move. But Max didn't hurry. His dick stood in me, and he bent to my breast and as if the child, stuck to her. At first to me was shchekotno, but then I felt such high which I didn't test long ago. His language caressed my nipple, fingers fingered a clitoris, and the dick at last began to move, at first slowly, then quicker, quicker... I don't remember how many minutes passed — one, two or ten, but soon I terminated so violently that involuntarily I screamed. Probably, this shout of an orgasm was heard by passersby behind a door, but to me was all the same. A moment later the happy groan of Max joined my shout — he plentifully terminated to me on a stomach, and several whitish drops of a seed fell to a floor. — I hope, an interview I didn't fail — having recovered the breath, I told. Max made toilet at this time. — Yes, you coped — with a smile he answered. You with clients be not engaged only in such things — I more best for myself will leave you. And we will sell goods according to the catalog — here we have just a shop warehouse dating facebook how to date calculator google sheets site mapMain Page