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1) Konstantin long and painfully swore at the conscience. - Why did you to Lech turn the normal guy in Goma? And itself at the same time … – his conscience shouted at Kostya. - But, he … She … Such beautiful girl. I just couldn't resist, - Kostya justified himself. - How old are you? You are more senior than her. Him … You shouldn't have done it, - the conscience couldn't calm down. - But she. I am not guilty that she confused something with drugs there and at her such magnificent breast, nipples and a bum grew. And she couldn't leave an image in any way and all put on and put on then in women's. And even you, conscience, can't deny that to it all this devilishly went and goes, - Kostya tried to parry. - Big thrill! It wasn't necessary to fuck her then! – Kostina conscience continued to shout. - But you remember how she pribaldet when I began to touch her in the bathroom as a zakayfovala when I climbed hands to her on a breast. And then, on a bed, just I waited when I undress. And with ease I held up me a bottom at once, and I didn't resist that I fucked her. So don't behave when minds! She wanted to be a girl, and wanted that I fucked her as the girl. You see what at her from sex orgasms. Always. Multiorgasms. As it is good to it to be in image. As all this is pleasant to her. And to fuck, and just to be a woman - houses, in public, everywhere. You see what she takes pleasure, even when we just walk – I am her guy, and she is my girl. - It wasn't necessary to fuck her then! It was necessary to shame to Lech then. And everything gradually at him would stop. And so he … She … Lisa, probably again accepts women's hormones – as a breast of a poperl. - If not I, somebody her such all the same would tempt. With such forms and a photomodel attractive face. - Wouldn't tempt, - it is possible, not without correctness share in the words the conscience argued. – It would be twisted in front of the mirror in a mammon belongings, would stop accepting hormones, and everything would fall into place. - She should be born the girl. She is an absolute girl. Both the person, and a figure, and behavior, - Kostya tried to philosophize. - Probably. But he was born Alexey, and it wasn't necessary to turn him into Lisa. It you turned her, the asshole! – the conscience used foul language. - Well, not I … - you! Stop, while the getting is good. If not late … 2) And Kostya decided to stop everything. He sincerely wanted to finish everything and to return to Lech "into place". But to solve and make, there were absolutely different things. Having tormented without Lisa week, he returned to her again. And then still. And still. Was to throw enough to her a short sms "I will come to you tonight" right there to receive the answer "come!" And Lisa will meet it in sexual night-clothes. And without reproaches and grimaces, with pleasure it will be given. And literally at once will violently terminate, only they will begin to have sex, only it will enter it. And then more and more. And her word "I missed you" it is absolutely sincere – you won't play such orgasms, it is visible that the girl Lisa wants it. Wants much more often than it is solved. Wants always, and to her it is always good. But it is necessary to leave him alone. Normal guy Alexey. Quiet and peaceful, sincere and without wormhole inside. In two and a half months Konstantin forced itself to stop a relationship with Lisa, began to meet all little girls in a row that it was easier to distract and overcome thirst for her. 3) Teachers were pleasantly surprised to magnificent knowledge of this student. Quite unusually - such clever, and studies on correspondence. The rare resident student so shone at sessions. Odette he was the truth, strange, obviously worn suit, is at least couple sizes more, than it would be necessary. But so happens to thorough excellent students - often they find not enough the precious time for clothes, him not before to pursue fashion. Alexey handed over a session exclusively perfectly well. By this moment passed four months from that day when Kostya promoted the Beginning of magic transformation of Alexey into Lisa. Lisa renewed and all this time accepted women's hormones. She spent enough efforts and time to learn how it is correct to do it that when and how to use. And also what to accept that the liver and kidneys didn't fall off. At least, that they fell off not too quickly … Lisa's organism after a monthly pause without hormones as if was delighted that again I began to receive them. The breast and hips resumed rapid growth, continuing it is correct to be rounded. The waist became already above, the line of transition from hips to her was smooth and close to ideally women's. It was harder and harder to switch psychologically in Alexey – to work and study. It was necessary to get fatherly clothes. Let and silly he in it looked – especially it was felt at examinations, - in a father's suit everything, even teachers, looked at him, as at the idiot. But it was possible to hide the female breast and hips. More and more simply it was also more pleasant to be in an image of the girl. Houses she – only Lisa, and only in women's. On an exit – to the city and just in shop – even more often too so. In a women's clothing Lisa felt much more comfortably everywhere and always. 4) The first exit "in people" - a kaming a miss - the girl Lisa made with Kostya already next day after the beginning of the transformation which happened thanks to coincidence of a number of circumstances. They went to the cinema, on shops – the real girl needs a lot of any attributes and small things, – sat in cafe. First Lisa very much worried, suddenly she will be revealed. Suddenly she will make something not so, not in a feminine way. But gradually I calmed down – nobody also close guessed and suspected nothing – and began to receive a strong high from an image. A last straw for full calm it had her campaign in the shared ladies' room in big shopping center where she defiantly long pottered at wash basins with mirrors, correcting a make-up, taking an all around view of itself. Any sidelong glance … In an image of the girl Lisa had "honey" first two weeks. Sex with Kostya every day, and him is a lot of. Masturbation which Alexey loved and I was engaged regularly earlier didn't make sense now. All her contacts to own to the dick were limited only during acceptance of a bathtub or a shower – even she began to go "a bit" only on a female image, so her was psychologically and morally more pleasantly. During the occupations sex she quickly and easily reached an orgasm only from an anal - without any touches to own genitals. At the same time her dick almost always stood and powerfully splashed at the time of the culmination. It brought improbable pleasure. If during process her dick for some reason was lazy and remained sluggish – so far she didn't study yet what influenced an erection during sex, - then the cum began to exude from him at once. It was very disturbing, beautiful also in a high. But in a month after the first intimate proximity Kostya began to look on Lisa less frequently, and then and frankly said that he isn't going to refuse girls, and in general, he is a free person, and will do that will want and to arrive as will consider necessary. Lisa quietly transferred this statement. She was in advance ready to such turn of events. She knew that once all this will end – well they don't marry actually. She realized that she lived (and it was ready to continue in the same spirit so far) actually in one afternoon. Here she, the girl Lisa, goes along the street, and it is pleasant to it to be the girl, she feels enormous pleasure from it. Here at her, at the girl Lisa, sex with the guy Kostya and magnificent female orgasms at the same time. Here she is what beauty with a magnificent figure and the person of model – means it is necessary to watch and look after himself and to competently accept women's hormones, time an organism so correctly perceives them … What will be in half a year, year, then – Lisa didn't know. Also I didn't try to predict. To her it was very good right now. And that it was good also tomorrow, it is necessary to drink hormones and to eat properly. And not to ask a question that will be in a month … Despite sharp reduction of number of sex, Lisa continued to abstain from jerking off most. She liked her vaginal orgasm (as she to herself called the purely anal orgasm), his approach, uncontrollable spasms and tightenings of an anus, ecstasy and explosion. And all this without the additional help of hands. It seemed to it that if she begins to stimulate the dick with a hand, then can lose ability to terminate vaginalno. And the girl has no dick, and she is a girl Lisa. Also there was no wish to believe that with Kostya at her everything ended. She understood that Kostya wanted to leave her and to stop everything, but couldn't. She felt that she gives him in sexual, and most likely and in psychological, the plan there are more those girls whom he could untwist on sex. Though at her, at Lisa, opportunities were at least one third less, than at gender girls to satisfy him … But passed one and a half months after their last meeting … It is necessary to do something with all this. And will be not to disappear from parents when arrive. Skype is a one, but personal meeting … 5) Next day after the end of a session Lisa slept long. I had full authority to it. Having woken up, she took a bath, was wrapped up in a big towel and approached a mirror. In reflection I looked at her … No, not Alexey. It was the face of the sad beautiful girl though without make-up. She twisted the head, pogrimasnichat, winked, put sponges in a kiss – half-gram men's in this person. She pulled together a towel below, and her perfect breast seductively jumped up, highly put large nipples were poured and began to look defiantly up. No, it can't be Alexey in any way. Lisa deeply sighed and rejected a towel aside, having bared slender long legs and a smart bottom. The small dick was an easy dissonance on this magnificent female figure. Or not? Or and with the dick well? The roof moved down finally … And if to hide a dick? Lisa rummaged in a dresser, got an adhesive tape, carefully drowned the small balls inside, in the "bays" which are specially thought up by the nature for them, the dick between skin of balls accurately clamped and fixed from above by an adhesive tape. Gosh darn! As everything is magnificent! The real vagina turned out. There are her chubby big lips, here between them a section, here the clitoris rolls in them. Ideal female pussy. Though you on the nudist beach. Unless over a beautiful vagina for some reason from above an adhesive tape – but the adhesive tape transparent is also hardly visible. REAL WOMAN! Without something superfluous. And where the woman has to have cambers, Lisa has them also perfection. Naked Lisa long wandered about the apartment, looking for herself in any reflection where I could only find, jumped, squatted, admired the rear view when she bent down – the adhesive tape "worked", held vulvar lips together (the benefit everything ideally depilirovano there), didn't allow them to creep away. In any foreshortening women's пися remained its women's pisy. "As to me it is good!." Lisa deeply sighed, approached a first-aid kit and swallowed a portion of tablets with female gomona. It is impossible to stop! 6) phone number of Lisa already several times I peeped sms, she heard them, but didn't pay to them attention – that there it can already be when she in thoughts as to her to live further when she is busy with narcissism. However phone wasn't appeased – this time even called and dumped. Well there? To someone there so невтерпеж? It were the call and sms from Kostya: "I about us told nothing to them, they about you know nothing!" "We already go to you, make toilet!" "Where are you?" "We already go, don't think to open in a dress!" Lisa heaved a deep sigh, got Alexey's clothes from a case and hurried to take a men's form, especially already rang also phone, and a door. Alexey quickly pulled on himself the elastic top corset pressing and hiding a breast, from above the spacious sports sweater and the same style and answered sports trousers the third phone call of Inna. - Lech, where are you? Houses? Open, the sleepyhead where you got stuck, we already to and you break twenty minutes, - she began to chatter. - I didn't get stuck, I in the bathroom was, - with nervousness Alexey answered and went to open. "Someone it - THEY? Why THEY break? What already did such urgent happen?" He approached to the door, looked in a peephole and opened. And literally immediately Maxim, Inna and Kostya with chaotic offers fell upon him, very emotionally interrupting each other. And it is unclear what there was more here – whether they tried to tell something to Alexey, whether they continued to discuss violently among themselves some business: - Lech, you will be obvious favourites in this tournament, - Inna said, perhaps, excessively playfully looking to him in eyes and having pointed a finger at him. - Idea just bomb. Kostyan has a power and speed, Leahy has a head as the encyclopedia, plus sharpness, - supported the girl Maxim. - Hundred thousand yours, it without options, you will tear all there, - Inna wasn't appeased in the condition of exaltation. - And we will call your team "Power and sharpness", "Chessboxing", - Maxim's imagination continued to gush forth too. Kostya was silent and was confused. Alexey shook the head, without understanding anything from a stream of consciousness of two speaking. Maxim was the university gentleman of the neighbor Inna, Lesh was nodding familiar with him. Same eccentrical, as well as she. They make a pair. - Let's pass, on coffee, and all of you will quietly tell. And that you talk some nonsense … - Alexey offered and spent guests on kitchen. In spite of the fact that Maxim and Inna continued to remain in wild spirits, gradually, behind a cup of coffee it became clear what their plan consisted in. A certain firm began the advertizing company on opening so-called "Quest of the Centers" in big cities. She organized something on similarity of the championship – synergy of dexterity, speed, sharpness and knowledge. "A fort Boyard", "How to become the millionaire", "A fear factor" in one big bottle. A tournament with elimination. Lucky finalists have to count for three days of a competition in the solution of difficult and tricky tasks. Participants – couples. Guy with the girl. To winners – a monetary prize hundred thousand rubles. Max with Inna were already declared. As the action was in other city, Kostya volunteered to drive the car driving, to look, be ill. He, especially clever, had no girl therefore he went one. And here … And here to Inna the mad idea – to say the elder brother Kostya with the girl Lisa came. Which role I had to execute Lesh. Max right there picked up the idea, and they violently, interrupting each other, persuaded long resting Kostya – chance of a victory, according to Max and Inna, at symbiosis Kostya plus Lisa-Lesh was incredibly high. Lesh listened to Inna with Max interrupting each other, I had careful drinks strong coffee and I frowned more and more. "Really they after all found me with my boobs and an ass. Though it isn't similar, but … I don't like all this! As all creepy!" - you Remember what cool girl candy turned out when I to Lech made up? – heatedly Inna addressed the brother Kostya and Alexey. – It is direct the girl from a cover. It will be awesome! Kostya who didn't utter still words from the moment of their invasion to Alexey shook the head and began to redden strongly. He wasn't delighted to play games in team with Lisa. According to the official version – for Inna with Max – I didn't want to participate in something with the guy, disguised as the girl. Actually – I felt that will be измордован the conscience that again Lech will need to corrupt. It seems only everything ended. Though it isn't clear that there with Lekhoy now, I didn't see nearly two months – a breast, it seems it isn't visible, but most likely it skillfully hid it, and this too spacious suit … What there under him?. Money to Kostya was all the same. The sister's pressure with the friend was very strong and – what a sin to conceal – there was a wish to look that now with Lisa … It will be always possible to manage to refuse, especially he didn't agree yet … And here he here, in the apartment at Lisa … - Yes, will be enough to talk nonsense! – Lesh grew hysterical and I rose from a chair. – I have a men's passport … - There will be the Kostiny passport enough, - Max with Inna didn't allow to finish speaking to it. – On one name it is possible to declare to steam of participants. - I have clothes … - wanted to invent Lech that he has nothing to dress – not to give out that at him clothes of a women's clothing is possible more, to what Inna. - You have a size as at me! – again Inna killed him, I rose and pulled by Alexey's hand. – Well, we will go to us, now we will make up you and we will dress … "Why Kostya agrees with all this?" - Alexey mentally was indignant. – "He … All right, let Kostya will stop when considers necessary …" All quick quickly was drunk up by coffee and went to Inna and Kostya's apartment. 7) In half an hour Inna finished with a make-up to Alexey in kitchen. One. Kostya and Max were sent to the hall that didn't spot and didn't stir under a hand. Alexey pretended that it isn't aware at all as it becomes and didn't take part. - Children! It is possible to look! I in a full smasher … - called Inna the missing guys with the TV. Knew Lesh that turned out it is delightful. Kostya knew too that he so will be, but tried to express with Max surprise together. At Max the mouth from amazement literally opened, and, having been stupefied, he any time couldn't pronounce a word. - To go nuts, I in full … - at last squeezed out an akha he from myself, attentively considering the potential partner of Kostya. – And all really turned out … - I spoke! Lisa is simply magnificent! – Inna triumphed. Lesh approached a mirror in a corridor and very much I tried not to show that he got used to this devilishly beautiful and sexy girl looking at him in reflection long ago. The big made-up eyes and long eyelashes, black from ink, sexual bright sensitive lips which didn't learn taste of kisses yet. And it she, Lisa, now in wide trousers and a big sweater and if to her to put on a dress … Lisa sighed. It was awkward to look in the face to Kostya. To the ex-boyfriend. "Some sheer nonsense. Kostya not just my boyfriend. He already even my former boyfriend … Really Kostya will agree to it? He already stopped all with me. But agrees, doesn't tell the categorical is NOT PRESENT. Because money and sister's pressure? Or because it is necessary to go with Lisa …" - Once again I will repeat - it isn't necessary to tell anything about a paederasty and about all it. That the words of it it was also not close! – Inna ordered, warning possible thoughts or the words of guys. – We will just have fun, we will win the first prize, and all! Also tell all where to get off, – and efficiently I added. - So, I in shop drive quickly, it is necessary to buy you linen. Belongings – jeans and dresses – you will take mine, by the size will be norms, - Inna stretched to Lisa an armful of the clothes and escaped. Lisa went to change clothes to Inna's room, on the run thinking as she will come true that she has a natural breast. "I will tell that it I stuffed socks in a brassiere …" 8) If the breast still could try to be justified that allegedly in a bra it enclosed something – though it was not so, and own natural breast of Lisa food got into Inna's brassiere, - that with female hips all was more difficult. The bottom of Lisa was ideally women's, and jeans стрейч only emphasized and enhanced her femininity and sexuality. Lisa wanted to throw and escape all. On a figure she too strongly Lisa, and at all not Lesh. She hardly managed to change clothes in stockings and a dress – thanks to breed, it seemed to her that on any, even men's figure (what Lisa didn't have any more), the dress would look is womanly, - as Inna rushed into the room. She threw to Lisa on a bed new lacy panties and panty hoses in packing and gave women's shoes: - These are mother's shuza. Mine to you will be small. Mother won't carry them so far. Just in case, I will tell her what I took. Put. - All right, Inna, thanks. Give shoes I at the mother will look, yours already in this business shouldn't be attracted, - Lisa because she, at Lisa at most, will have own fine shoes, by the size invented. - Yes? Precisely? Will you find? - Naidoo, I will find, - with grief from all events in a voice Lisa began to nod. - Well, look, and that if that … Well give at least walk, it is necessary to look how it will be … To the bedroom carefully – as though here and the truth of the girl changed clothes - Kostya and Max glanced. - To go nuts, - from delight Max again quietly swore. – What at you … The breast turned out … And well, walk. Lisa passed to the hall, on kitchen and again to the hall. She knew and was able to go in a feminine way. Now she even used the efforts that the bottom wagged not too frankly. But it seems that that all the same wagged. Because Lisa had her. Lisa saw how a Trinity stared at her fifth point. Max with Inna delightfully looked at Lisa. In eyes Kostya who didn't utter still a word, had a confusion and grief which tried to hide his passion and desire. Whether "It will manage to you to resist? Two nights, apart from this to be near the girl with whom to you it was very good …", - flashed in Lisa's head. - Guys, you know what isn't enough? – having blinked the eyes Inna told. – Hairstyles. Long hair – it is good, but … It is necessary to work with them. Let me call the acquaintance, she does astounding hairstyles. - So, stand. Give I … - Lisa stopped short, having thought that at her escaped "itself", but not itself", on a habit when she in image. – Give I descend to the hairdresser … - she Right there recovered. - "Itself" - it is good. And it is necessary. "Itself" - it is wrong. Get used, - Inna noticed and added. – Why you don't want with us? Everything together we will make an exit in people. At the same time we will take a detached view of you, an inspection by fight, so to speak, we will carry out. Everything is more best to correct now, than there, on a tournament, something will get out … Lisa didn't want to go with Inna – she is too talkative, isn't able to keep the mouth shut at all. Ideally would be to go to a hairstyle only with Kostya. - I don't want that someone else knew, - Lisa stubborn told. - So we will also not tell! – joyfully Inna told. "Well, of course! You won't tell. As. Your first words will be – very ah, look what I to you brought the boy just as the girl, you won't even tell that it is not the girl …" - the evil Lisa thought. - Here therefore I want … Itself … - Lisa tarried on the last word. - I swear to you that I am a grave! Why to me? – Inna continued to insist on the. Lisa deeply sighed. More best there is so much with Kostya to go, but it is similar, such option wasn't. "All right, I will refuse, only if Kostya doesn't want. Let the man solve …" 9) the Familiar hairdresser of Inna made everything ideally. But the most important - I didn't guess someone was before her - Lisa eavesdropped on their short conversation when the girlfriend hairdresser was whispered with Inna before leaving: - Such beautiful girl, it is even unclear why she so started the hair as though a year ago I have hair cut bare, and what grew, we also have … It was absolute precisely. Well unless few times for all this time Alexey asked to straighten in beauty shops, without touching length. It strongly flattered – that even such experienced hairdresser who was so close turning around Lisa fixedly considering her, - didn't guess anything. But same and scarecrow. There was a wish less that they went somewhere four together. Here only with Kostya! There would be fantastic! Eh, dreams … After hairdressing salon, four of them walked on the embankment, came into cafe. Max with Inna periodically lagged behind or departed on distance to look how Lisa from outside looks. Lisa with Kostya. - Well that, we go? – Lisa asked the guy when during walk Max with Inna appeared in inaccessibility. - I don't know … - Kostya murmured. – You as? - You solve. - I can't solve for myself and for you. - Solve for yourself. I will support you anyway … Kostya didn't answer, only shook the head. At him jammed heart – "devilishly cool little girl Lisa. Such to look. It is a pity that she the guy …" 10) - It is just astounding. Everything is faultless. Truth children? – on the way home Inna couldn't be extolled on the new girlfriend. - Yes. You won't carp. A hint, at all suspicions that something not so … - Max. Kostya and Lisa agreed were silent unless it reddened all the time. They both perfectly knew earlier that Lisa is a faultless girl. Lisa thoughtfully looked out of the car window, on the flashing landscape, but didn't see him. It was disturbing concerning coming quest tournament. There were unpleasant thoughts that eccentrical Inna will spoil everything. And still were a thought that it, Lisa, objectively every day more and more real girl, than the guy … - All. Give on houses. Tomorrow at half past five departure. It is necessary to get enough sleep, - I ordered Kostya when they arrived to an entrance. – All we will wake up? - Yes, yes, it is necessary to be devilishly fresh and vigorous tomorrow, - Inna quickly agreed. Lisa kept silent, only stared in eyes to Kostya. He withstood her glance. 11) Kostya in clothes lay on a bed in the room and suffered. He was tormented by conscience. But he knew that the conscience will be ignored – his passion and desire to go to Lech are too strong. Lech definitely I didn't throw hormones. He became even more womanly. He … She, Lisa, so looked at him today … Kostya waited when in the room Inna calmed down and fell asleep, sent a sms to Alexey "Lisa, I will come to you now" and, without having waited for the answer from her, carefully left the apartment. Was already the half-twelfth. Having trampled before Leahy's door, Kostya pressed a doorbell, feeling that he worries how the tenth-grader for the first time going on a date to the seventh-grader. Passed seconds fifteen-twenty which seemed to Kostya tens of minutes, the door lock didn't click yet. But the door wasn't opened. "The devil, what I so worry?" - Kostya thought, slightly I waited, pressed the handle and entered. In the hall light burned, but nobody met it. It was undressed – it didn't take outerwear – and passed to the room, without switching off lighting. Lisa lay on a bed on one side, facing a wall, a blanket to a chin. Even I didn't turn to him the head, I didn't even stir. He carefully passed, sat down on edge of a bed and put a hand to it on a hip over a blanket. Even I didn't shudder. "Is angry with me … But doesn't banish …" - You look great. This hairstyle to you very much goes, - Kostya told undressing, thinking that something needs to be told. He climbed to it under a blanket and carefully touched her back. Lisa was naked. And I didn't react in any way. He stroked her on a back, on a hand, reached a breast. "Devil take it! As the breast grew! Oho what nipples …" He slipped to it on a bottom and again swore from delight – the bottom precisely became more, than he remembered her. He enjoyed her line of transition from a waist to hips, buttocks – everything was incredibly womanly, - accurately fingers ran between hemispheres – everything ideally smoothly, a hint on hairiness. "Oh, Lech that you with yourself do! You absolutely the woman became …" Lisa bent a back, Kostya shuddered that she at last reacts to him, reacts correctly, and he could reach her anus. It was the virgin anus. It was just the same as for the first time. It undoubtedly was another three months ago when they had a regular sex. Kostya licked a finger and again returned him to a small entrance. Lisa cast away a blanket and villages, looking at Kostya. In light falling from a corridor Kostya noticed that her beautiful big eyes and eyelashes were made up. Her full breast with large nipples forced him to swallow saliva. She bent to him as for a kiss, I climbed a hand under a pillow and got a tube with lubricant from there. He transferred a look to the region of her groin - her dick stood. She waited for him. She is glad to him. Lisa looked at the erection too, then on Kostya and was developed on all fours to him by a bottom. "It is divine. What ass at her! Eh, Lech, well you give!." - Only don't hurry, please, - Lisa asked. - There already all … Lisa couldn't pick up a word – whether "grew", but is too rough, whether "weaned", but not that seemed too. Kostya made everything correctly. He carefully and slowly pressed and made a pause, listening to her reaction. Lisa gasped and rested a hand against his hip. Having allowed itself to get used, she lowered a hand, and itself moved a bottom towards. He felt how the thin gentle ring of an anus slowly slides on his head, strongly contracting, relaxing. Again her hand, again "ah!" and again stop. Slightly on an exit. And again forward. Each time the ring contracted more and more weakly. Also it is already absolutely weakened. And already her ah because to her it is good. It slowly moved in her, she began to make upward movement habitually to it, itself setting speed, hinting him that it is possible to accelerate. How long she had no sex! Literally through several movements Lisa strongly terminated, having plentifully splashed a sheet under herself. - How, you are already? – Kostya was surprised, without changing speed. - Aha, - Lisa quietly answered. She didn't expect such speed of arrival of the orgasm too. – I just very much missed. – I so like to watch when you cum … - Give, I will lay down on a back, I will make it once again, and you will look at everything, - Lisa offered, having turned the head, not stopping the movements. "Everything, she doesn't pout at me any more. What Lech cool!" - Yes … Now … Then … - Kostya confusedly muttered, I zapykhtet and felt as from him an uncontrollable stream the cum in her bottom poured down. Lisa felt magic pleasure. From, that his fat dick against the stop in her. As he stretched her hole now. As well as how many I terminated in it. As his dick pulsed in it as splashed out, it was pleasant to feel filled with his seed. Her bottom literally shouted: "As long I waited for it! Still! I want also much!" "It is interesting how people manage long without sex? Or it I am such insatiable … But I have even not enough once a week …" - she thought. Is angry there was no wish any more. On the contrary, it is necessary to enjoy in plenty most. It is necessary to please and satisfy the man so that … That he didn't want to leave her any more. Though it was at the same time and terribly. "As to me it is good now!" - both had identical thoughts though they also didn't say them aloud. Kostya left, Lisa squeezed an anus and villages – there was no wish to produce from itself his warm viscous liquid, there was inexplicable and exciting desire everything to absorb in itself. As it is done by a vagina. But Kostya wanted a show: - Push out her. Lisa didn't begin to oppose, again took a position and began to break wind shamelessly his cum. "It seems that nothing someone shows it to you …" - she thought. - It is simple to be stunned! – Kostya was delighted. For the second time – she on a back – Lisa met Kostino desire and showed how her dick cums without hands. Though at Lisa it turned out already much less, but drops reached her face. She burst out laughing, defiantly dissolutely collected from herself a cum by a finger and erotically licked it. Looking at it, Kostya wanted that she sucked off to him what Lisa with pleasure at once started, diligently exhausting the remains from his dick, feeling also delicate and juicy taste of own bottom … 12) They fell asleep in the dark, face to face, he couldn't play enough her breast in any way. - She became more, a cool breast … - he commented. - Well, of course, I am your girl, - Lisa provorkovat, and I shipped the nipple to him in a mouth, rejoicing that his homophobic principles not against it. It were new strong feelings – the man kisses her breast. Lisa zatrepykhatsya literally from pleasure, began to seem to her that she will be able and to terminate so, only from sucking of her nipples, even without anal stimulation. But I wasn't in time. Kostya natselovatsya, played enough, turned away and fell asleep … 13) Lisa slowly woke up from easy stroking of the buttocks. She lay on one side, a back to Kostya who was very close behind. Both were naked also without blanket which got off in the bottom of a bed and even half moved down on a floor. There were five mornings, there was a strong wish to sleep. - It is necessary for me home, - Kostya whispered. - Yes, - Lisa lowed, thinking "it is interesting how you will justify before Inkaya if she finds out that you didn't spend the night at home". - I still a little will have a sleep. But right there I understood that right now she won't manage to take a nap – Kostya's palm with cool lubricant on fingers already moved apart her buttocks. Lisa obediently and was even willingly given, providing to Kostya the bottom in the full order. "As quickly he entered! At all not as yesterday." - Mrrr, - Lisa from pleasure made a purring sound, having attracted his hand to herself on a breast. - As it is pleasant to wake up so … - You just astounding, - Kostya said in low tones. "And I already cum", - Lisa thought. – "Hm. As quickly it at me began to turn out … Already also I don't know, to rejoice to it or to be upset …" 14) Day began according to the schedule. Lisa with a big suitcase – here were not so much Inna's things which are kindly lent to her for three days, how many Lysines own beautiful linen and dresses (especially Inna's brassiere was small to Lisa even on depth, and Lisa wouldn't sustain such torture for the whole day), – in a coat allegedly of mother, having hidden the head in a hood, quickly came downstairs at home and BMW whisked in Kostin. Here she was already waited by three fellow travelers and colleagues on participation in quest a tournament, and all together went to a way, trying to stick out as little as possible in front of the house in the middle of the yard under views potentially early of the woken-up neighbors. Some time they went silently. Everything, except the driver, slept, periodically giving a snore. Lisa didn't want that it was noticeable that she didn't get enough sleep, but I couldn't cope with a sleepiness. On the other hand, it is more best though these to add a couple of hours of a trip to the short dream at night. At gas station Lisa with Inna descended in a ladies' room, guys filled a bekha, and four of them had a rest and gained strength before the last breakthrough, asked the price of any small things in little shop of Rosneft. Lisa caught on herself Inna's eye again. Again unfriendly. In reflection of a show-window it was visible how Inna standing behind considered a figure of Lisa which jumped out without coat, and very bad was in this look. It began to guard. "Oh, shit! It was necessary to throw with a coat. What concerns her and disturbs?. My forms? What am I more beautiful and sexier than her? Yes, indeed. But she offered everything and began … The bitch …" Having sat down four together at the table to have a bite – Lisa was limited to coffee because it is necessary to be more careful with food that digestion didn't bring in the forthcoming "honey" three days, – Inna didn't sustain and quite angrily said: - You though don't fuck there! And that … - So, - Lisa instantly flashed and sharply interrupted the girlfriend, her fears came true on full. - We agreed. Words about it. I thought up everything! – and, having grown hysterical stronger and having raised the voice, I added. - Let's be developed back! Or, all right, go without me. I by electric train will get home … The best protection is an attack. Abrupt and prompt reply of Lisa besieged Inna. That right there calmed down as if received slap in the face. And, however, it was her idea about Kostya and Lisa. And she delivered to a taboo on this "subject". After this short incident to Lisa it became disturbing and it is terrible to look in the face to Kostya – the words of the sister could return him back to clan of militant heteros what he was … I was and most likely would remain if didn't forget at Alexey a cap two months ago … The appeared feeling that Kostya "will turn away" from it, amplified. No, he remained ordinary - cool, sure and laconic. But he absolutely ceased to pay attention to Lisa. Probably, he began to condemn and regret that he continues with her. But, probably, he just didn't want to give himself and Lisa before Inna with Max. Lisa very much wanted that there was a personalized second assumption. 15) They long were registered at first in hotel, then on a tournament – the crowd of participants and "ill" was huge. Kostya all this time all was also cold with Lisa – that was possible also excessive. Inna Inna, but for participants and organizers they – couple. It was possible to be slightly closer also more attention to the girl … At last, they rose in number. Lisa went to a bathtub toilet, to change clothes, be tinted, correct a hairstyle, to refresh herself with spirits. Already in jeans – to hell Inna, Lisa stopped not to jumping on "stations" in a skirt or a dress - and a t-shirt (under which own, by the size, the bra pleasantly and harmoniously emphasized her beautiful breast without any inserts and linings) with ink and long eyelashes when to her Kostya came. Lisa shuddered and strained. What does he think of? In a day they almost didn't speak among themselves. Kostya bypassed her behind and embraced. His hands carried out on her stomach and rose by a breast over a brassiere. He nestled a groin on the Liziny bottom, and she felt an erection in his jeans. She accompanied his flirting, bent a back and was rubbed by a bottom about his hardness. He quickly undid the and her jeans and the dick between her buttocks put. - It is necessary to take lubricant … - Lisa offered. He already had lubricant in hands. As that's great! He came here not just to hasten her or to look how it is painted. He came here to fuck it. Inna means turned nothing in his head, didn't manage to spoil anything yet. In any case it isn't final. - You very beautiful and very sexy, - he told, having easily entered her. - I am glad that it am pleasant to you … - Lisa answered and pushed a bottom, in a mirror observing as the beautiful girl when costing her behind looks the prominent big guy fucks. Lisa found reflection in a mirror magnificent. She hardly managed to curtail toilet paper into several layers and to palm off on itself in front – her dick got up at once and frighteningly quickly terminated. Panties remained dry, they shouldn't be changed. Kostya not far lagged behind the girlfriend in rate of fire, and, despite stormy night, youthfully quickly and lowered in her bottom much. He quickly left her, the dick wiped a towel and I went to an exit from the bathroom, giving the to the girl an opportunity to make toilet after fast sex. Lisa just refueled and left together with him. - You … Won't you be washed away? – Kostya was surprised. - I was washed away already, - having shrugged a shoulder, Lisa answered. - Yes, but after … - Anything terrible. It will be absorbed. Even it is useful. "To be washed away … Хм … You don't represent how it is pleasant to me when my "vagina" absorbs your cum. It is such high. Rather purely moral high, but what!." Kostya bewildered raised eyebrows. - Well that? Don't be afraid. I won't leak. Also I think, chance to become pregnant today at me minimum, - she rigidly made witticisms. Kostya hushed language, shook the head, but responded nothing to this impudence. And they left number. In fight. To win hundred thousand. 16) The first day of competitions exhausted not so much physically or intellectually how many morally. Max with Inna it is expected took off from a tournament quickly enough. Kostya with Lisa on a result of day appeared on the ninth place. It would be quite good. If the motto was – "the main participation". This motto would be if Kostya with Lisa were together here. But the victory and money was important for Max with Inna – especially for Inna –. It appeared, they were excessively self-confident. Some couples were simply stunning – are too fast and clever. Kostya was very fast, quick and dexterous too. Lisa to whom the important part of "couple brain" was assigned, perhaps, braked a little. No, she solved all problems on sharpness correctly, unlike the lion's share of participants, but time of the decision took away from her a lot of time. And in comparison with the first three couples – there is too much time. At the end of the day Max, Inna, Kostya and Lisa sat in bar of hotel and had supper. Lisa was limited to beer which without snack began to turn the head quickly. Kostya was obviously disappointed. Probably, results of day. Though most likely from about what Inna constantly whispered something to it on an ear. It, agreeing with the sister, I nodded, and I became even more sad and indifferent. It defiantly ceased to pay to Lisa attention absolutely. It pleased Inna. Also oppressed Lisa. It was absolutely clear that Inna in every way tried to prevent a possible relationship of her brother with her – to Lisa with Kostya to spend the night in one number. To the beauty Lisa. Together with Kostya. "Inna will finally shit all over everything now." "And at us so all could be remarkable three days! And it is fine with a victory and money – just would enjoy everything with two of them the whole three days. And tournament. And sex. And nobody would blow up to Kostya a brain – I am a girl, one of the most beautiful and sexual here." "As everything would be in a different way and great if not Inna with Max." "If …" In the Evening such possible and close fairy tale for Lisa began to turn into full hell. And when Kostya, having approached bar a drain to add the order, began to flirt frankly with some blonde, Lisa didn't sustain and went to number. 17) "All. It is necessary to bring down from here. Let have fun further without me. I don't know how to behave in such situation. No, I am not jealous, at all. It doesn't make sense. But it the fan for three days was simply assumed", - winding himself, Lisa became hysterical. "And let Kostya remains then hetero. Also he shouldn't "change the shoes" in Goma. Let he will find to himself the worthy girl, marries her, will get to himself a lot of children. And I will never remind him about us. Just we could have delightful three days and three nights. I am a girl, he is a guy. And sea of a high. And nobody ever would learn. And everything would return then as was." "It is so indecent to behave so from his party. And it is suspicious for others – what we to hell couple. In general it is indecent at all … Govnyuchka Inka. Why was all this to start?" "And not to win to us. Such these children strong. It was silly to dream of a victory, All is naive …" ". It is necessary to go home. All of them went …" "But how? On what? At night, without tickets, in a female image with the men's passport? No to leave at night right now it is self-destructive. The taxi will ruin …" "And can do he so for Inna behaves? That she ceased to ache and suspect? There is so much passion in him. Can't sustain minute without sex with me when we alone." "I don't know, what should I do! Some silly trap." "All right, tomorrow I will get up early in the morning and I will get away. It is necessary to learn where here electric trains stop or buses." In plenty намучившись and having suffered much from thoughts, Lisa prepared herself to probably (after all probably!) pleasant night, I put on beautiful transparent panties – which Kostya sees on her no more than a minute, but they are very important, - stockings and a light dress without brassiere. Reflection in a mirror was very sexual. The deep low neck juicy only partially covered hillocks of a natural breast … And if with a brassiere? So it turned out not less effectively – lacy edges of a bra looked out of a decollete, attracted and tempted. - Fie, pancake! – in a voice Lisa swore to herself. – For certain with Kostya Inka in our number will become hollow. Will arrange a hysterics … Definitely won't allow us to remain together … But what to me to dress if at me a female ass and a breast! – Lisa painfully punched a wall from hopelessness. - I will go to bed. Also I won't get out from under a blanket even if Inka will come. Though I shouldn't shake boobs before Inna and to finish her. And let Kostya spends the night where he wants. And tomorrow – since morning on the electric train … 18) Torments and Lisa's doubts were interrupted by phone call. Number was unfamiliar. - Hallo, - with nervousness She answered. - Hello. You Lisa Korkina? – I asked a male voice in a tube. - Yes … - My name is Denis Nikolaevich Samsonov. I am one of founders of the company and this tournament. You well played today. - Thanks … - you could approach in a lobby on the sixth floor right now? It is necessary to discuss some details. - Yes, of course. I now. I will only call Konstantin. - No, not necessarily. - Well I leave … Lisa's heart was ready to jump out of a breast. What to discuss? What else details? It is necessary to call Kostya urgently. Some attention … Lisa dialed Kostin number, but his phone was switched off. She heaved a deep sigh and one went. 19) Denis Nikolaevich – Lisa saw him among organizers of a tournament – was a pleasant man of years of thirty five. He one (as it is good!) I sat in a chair of the hall and, having seen suitable Lisa, without smile and efficiently (that too pleased) gesture I invited her in a chair opposite. Lisa sat down, modestly having in a feminine way shifted knees. - Give to business at once, - Denis Nikolaevich seriously told. - Yes, - Lisa nodded, having coquettishly corrected a bang. - I have to you an offer. Began to release Lisa a little – with her "on formal terms", any grins, everything is similar indeed on business. - I will tell honestly, - the founder continued quest company. – To win against you there isn't a lot of chances. Rivals, very strong at you. But you want to win? - Yes, of course, two more days. Everything can change. I hope, I will begin to think quicker, - having slightly made a helpless gesture as a dvoyechnitsa the student in dean's office, Lisa answered. - And so. Alexey. Offer my following … As if poured over Lisa from legs to the head ice water. "He told, Alexey … Everything, came … Got to the core … Well, of course, it was naive to think differently …" But nevertheless she well coped with blow - on her face any muscle didn't tremble. - Alexey, - Denis Nikolaevich repeated, and with a pause I added. – Lisa. You just improbable girl! Nobody, any live soul didn't understand that you are Alexey. Lisa stared in one point on a wall, she resembled a dummy now - neither emotions, nor movements. - Alexey, even I didn't understand someone you are, - Denis continued the narration. – It became interesting to me someone is such beautiful and devilishly clever girl? I took your photo … - he imperceptibly passed "on first-name terms". – I googled on coincidence. And about a miracle! Here she on Facebook and in VKontakte. Alexey Korkin … Lisa didn't change either a pose, or a look. She thought now, kind of without scandal to dump it from here somewhat quicker … - I have an offer. We with you will go to me to the room. It will take hour. No more. And then you will return to yourself. Lisa with an invariable stone look translated a view of Denis which quietly continued: - We with you will be hour together, and I will give you hints to tomorrow's tasks. Lisa silently continuously looked the head of quest in the face. - Your Kostya kadrit the blonde all the same now, I think still a couple of hours he will definitely not return. Asshole, truth? And you will be with me now. Hour. We will be in time. And any suspicions. Do you understand about what I? Of course, everything was clear to Lisa about what he, but all this was very unexpected and suspicious. She isn't ready to it. She is wanted as the woman. No, not so. She is wanted to be used as the whore. As prostitute. It Doprygatsya. As it is terrible, all this can be come very to a bad end. It is necessary to call Kostya. I left me, the swine, at such important point I left one, I switched off phone and fucks don't understand with someone. It is necessary to run. To apologize and leave. And to tell that we don't play … any more - And what guarantees? – by the shivering voice Lisa asked. – Why I have to trust you? "At all I tell not that …" - Give on first-name terms, - at last he offered. – Just Denis. Guarantees? I pledge the word - you will be able to leave at any time when you want. Lisa began to clap long eyelashes of big beautiful eyes. - Here the answer to the first test of tomorrow … - and he issued to Lisa the hint on a piece of paper. – Only don't show anybody. Lisa suddenly felt as butterflies at her in a stomach strongly zaporkhat. Denis bribed the decency. It understood that he tempted and persuaded her as the girl. Beautifully I tempted. She could present herself with him. Denis as the man, is quite good. It is visible what behaves to a form. But it will be the new man in it "female life". One business - her this juicy secret and Kostya, sex between them. Kostya already kind of the, she got used to him. With Denis – it is some other, new level. New world … Which frightened. Whether there can be this person decent? As all this … It is unclear … Eh, you, Kostya. I left me … Lisa examined Denis and couldn't anything decide and answer. Some trap … - we Will go, - Denis rose and took a hand for Lisa. – All of us will be in time. Everything will be well and decently. Lisa obediently followed for him, hypnotized by his words and actions, hoping that the person with such kind eyes can't be a villain … 20) In number Denis at once gently, but surely attracted to himself Lisa for a waist and … I kissed her on a mouth. Lisa closed eyes and didn't answer a kiss. She didn't know how to behave. In vain she came. It is necessary just to be given because there is no other option. It is simple to suffer as a log. As there is a wish that it really there was only one hour. And then everything to forget never and to admit to anybody. As though it nothing was. He caressed her hands on a back, hips from within, to a bottom and continued to kiss a face, lips, a neck. Lisa melted from his kisses and embraces. Kisses disarmed. They gained, they assumed that everything will be decently and any violence or humiliation. "The man kissing on the lips beautiful … the beautiful girl with a penis, knowing someone is she, can't hurt her and do harm …" Lisa opened lips and answered his kiss. He had a weak smell of cigarettes and beer. Real men's smell. And she felt a delicate hint of the making the way bristle on his cheeks after morning shaving. She found all this very pleasant. It turned her into the woman to the latest section of an organism. "As it is pleasant to be the woman … Desired sexy woman … And to be given to such man. Eh, Kostya …" He pulled together from Lisa a dress through the head and dexterously undid a brassiere. - Oh, - he enthusiastically said. – What beautiful breast. You accept something … - Yes … Ah … - from herself Lisa confusedly squeezed out the answer, very much hiding a sigh of nervousness and at the same time pleasure from how skillfully and strongly he kissed her nipple from what the wave of pleasure ran on all body. Without coming off Lisa's breast lips, he began to take off with himself trousers and pants. She unintentionally touched his dick by the hand. There was a wish to take to caress, jerk off, take it in a hand in a mouth. But it seemed to it that early that it is too dissolute and inappropriate directly at once, and she kept. Lisa here not for pleasure! But because circumstances! And at all, can be at her never before and was nobody, and all this just forced masquerade!. Though it, of course, was ridiculous to present so itself – with such breast and a bottom, with such beautiful woman's face - which appeared at her obviously not in one day, - living with Kostya together in one room, and very never? Denis took away Lisa on a bed, on the run throwing off from himself the last clothes, having remained completely naked. Lisa laid down on a stomach, hesitating of the erection, and shifted legs. She allowed to pull together from herself panties and felt his kisses on a back, a waist and – oh, a miracle, it is simply improbable – at itself on buttocks and between them. Finally disarmed by his lips, Lisa relaxed, she was put right there on all fours, and she bent a back. She knew that her bulged bottom – perfection. Lisa didn't begin to try to squeeze the anus. Yes, she guessed what her bottom so looks slightly rastrakhany – what is already time in the last twenty four hours her fuck? The seventh, seems? It is unlikely you will strongly hide something how be not clamped. Especially he licked her there what Kostya and close never did! Perhaps, all is possible for Denis now … Her anus was greased, edges are treated kindly by fingers. She opened an entrance to herself and easily Denis's dick let in. It slowly moved in her and stretched to her dick. But she took away his hand from there and directed to herself to a breast. So by the way near on a pillow Lisa quickly laid the been towel before herself and began to make upward movement. Having hung the head, she looked at herself, admiring as her breast which Denis refused to caress in such pose beautifully jumps, having preferred to intercept for a waist. Having put hands under itself, she hardly touched the chubby nipples as her dick right there scattered, and her anus began to contract feverishly. - Did you terminate? You are able to cum so? – Denis was stunned. – So quickly? Lisa didn't answer. She silently acted from his dick and the village near a towel, giving to Denis the chance to consider the drops and to be convinced that she outright is pleasant to her when she is fucked in a bottom. While he examined her dense spots on a towel, she bent to him. Her lips at first hid in themselves a dickhead of Denis, and then beautifully slid almost in all length. Long false nails slightly she scratched his balls and even risked to tickle slightly further. How far it was allowed to it to come a finger - probably very far, - Lisa didn't find out because Denis impressed with all events began to cum her a mouth, and it was necessary to focus on swallowing. It turned out not accurately – though can do it was also to the best, – she didn't cope with a pressure and began to release his cum from a mouth. The whitish dense streamlet began to flow on her chin and dug on a breast. It turned out even more effective than if she swallowed everything. - It is simply magnificent, - Denis commented on the state. – I want that you still terminated without hands, it will turn out? - I don't know, - Lisa coquettishly answered, laid down on a back and attracted legs to herself, keeping them under knees. Her anus widely revealed. Denis strongly swore a mat from delight, it seems, staring in disbelief, and began to fuck Lisa in a classical pose, helping to support her legs in the bent situation. It was very long. He terminated two more times without taking out. She managed only one, but her shot turned out distant - though it and was only couple of drops, but they beautifully landed her on the person. It collected by a palm her cum from her breast, a chin, the person, and gave everything to her – she with pleasure erotically, with a posasyvaniye, licked his fingers. "It seems that I dement him. As it is devilishly disturbing. Oh, he won't be able to leave me as the disposable whore. Something is prompted to me, by me at him not on once … I am a whore … Indeed. I – damn! As it is pleasant to feel such … Eh, Kostya …" 21) Sex with Denis took much more hour. All shook Lisa from the forthcoming showdown with Kostya. She quickly feverishly washed, in a hurry put on. - All this was just stunning, - Denis tried not to get under feet the fussing Lisa, following her. - Yes, - she murmured in reply, thinking absolutely of another. - You are an improbable girl. - Yes. - I think, you will win this tournament. In any case, I am simply confident in it! – Denis hinted. - Yes … - it is indifferent Lisa answered, about herself having thought "if I am not chetvertut now". - To you it was good? – carefully Denis took an interest. "Silly question. Unless SO cum when it is bad?." "Now the main thing – Kostya to pass a face control. More precisely эссконтроль, жопконтроль …" Denis caught her by a hand at an entrance door and kissed. Lisa answered it with a fast kiss of the winner, is dissolute also with language, without closing eyes. - Till tomorrow, - he told. - So far … Lisa rushed off along the corridor in the number. "In my bum the sea of a cum of Denis alternately with a day cum of Kostya … And in a mouth my spermatozoa, probably, already made friends with Denis's spermatozoa … Well … The rare whore can brag of it …" "Now I am executed. Though wouldn't beat out teeth …" - and Lisa was included into the number. 22) - Here and so! – loudly she told, having turned on the light. The bone wasn't. "Early to rejoice. Yet isn't present or any more not? As it is important to learn it now! If not yet, then probability that I will remain with the whole nose and teeth sharply increases." The sms peeped. It was Denis. "Lisa, you the miracle is simple! I already missed you!" And further hints ten tasks of quest of tomorrow were ready to do anything. The answer to the first task was such as Denis her I transferred at once. Even before their sex. When she didn't agree to go with it yet. "Hm. And he is a decent uncle. Honest. Denis Nikolaevich …" Lisa quickly undressed to panties, turned off the light and laid down, shaking with fear, thinking whether not to take her a shower, she became permeated with the smell of other man, sex, a cum. The door in number opened, Kostya came and, not including society, literally whisked in a shower. "Bingo! He didn't turn on society! Not to awake me! I came before him!" "Pipets, some minutes divided me from …" She stretched to a bedside table, got body cream, and quickly inaccurately smeared with him armpits, a neck, a breast – there was a wish to believe that it will beat off a treason smell. "A smell from a mouth? He isn't kissed on the lips." Lisa with relief exhaled – the situation, it seems, was control. Kostya took a shower, is careful – what happiness! – I crept on the half of a bed and I climbed under a blanket. - Do you sleep? – in a whisper Kostya asked. - Yes, - not at once, Lisa half asleep answered and felt as his palm moved to her to a breast and began to play with a nipple. - What is her name? – by a sleepy voice Lisa asked, without turning to it. - Yulya. - Yes, - Lisa lowed. "Thank you, Yulenka that you appeared in the right place in due time." - With condom though? - Yes. You are jealous? - No, of course. His hand moved on Lisa's back down, and climbed to her under panties on buttocks. "Stop!" - Lisa was frightened. "Now in a bottom it is impossible! It is necessary to ask for leave urgently in a shower …" She faced it, but managed to tell nothing because she right there rolled in his embraces, the supported kisses in nipples. His hand at the same time persistently reached for her bottom. Lisa was developed across to him, hiding the back as it is possible further from him, thinking that it would be more best to get away and be washed away, but instead was accepted to blowjob. Kostin the dick obviously was tired. The smell and taste of the woman wasn't – he was washed, - but already by the experience Lisa could understand that this dick had a sex recently. Kostin a penis long came to life. Lisa and lips tried, and swallowed completely – the sluggish dick to place the benefit in a mouth entirely it appeared easily, - and fingers helped, and licked balls – blood to Kostiny body arrived slowly. He found her breast and nipples and lost interest in her anus. At last, Kostin the dick took an appropriate form. Lisa right there squeezed out nearly a lubricant half-tube to herself between buttocks and quickly sat down from above. 23) Lisa rose and fell on the member Kosti, finding it is inconvenient – perhaps when the man conducts, fucks itself, it somehow more best turns out. She gave a hand for a back, on his balls, at the same time having checked an entrance to herself. Her suspicions weren't vain – she fingers felt a sticky cum of Denis which exuded from her bottom. It turned out very long. Kostya couldn't terminate in any way - probably the blonde decently exhausted juice from him, - Lisa's knees were tired of a trip astride, but she finished business – was simply vital that Kostya lowered in her now, otherwise emergence of a cum on his balls would be inexplicable. Lisa felt a pulsation of his dick in herself, and, having given it the chance to complete business fully, having hidden a simplification sigh, in the end emaciated, was filled up sideways and relaxed. Perhaps, even too I relaxed because her bottom involuntarily broke wind, having thrown out from myself a decent portion of dense liquid. Lisa burst out laughing. From what breaks wind and doesn't hesitate of it is even on the contrary, Kostya loves when she so does. But actually simplification from what now carried by it was the main cause of her laughter - she didn't get. - Oho, how there is a lot of? – with easy suspicion Kostya said. – I even didn't think what will be … so much - Means you me very much wanted, - Lisa prompted, without being afraid of any groundless suspicions at all. - Well... – Kostya shook the head. - Here so! – with an easy celebration of a victory of Lisa over the blonde she told. Kostya thought second, told nothing and, it seems, already absolutely flat-out fell down the head a pillow. In three minutes they slept tight, without having found time neither to be washed away, nor to try to make something with a pool of a cum of Denis and Kosti on a sheet. 24) Stickings and the sex which followed them half-asleep on one side slowly I woke Lisa in the morning, as well as in previous day. "Hm. And I like to wake up so. To be given practically in a dream. I begin to get used to it as ridiculously it sounds. Here we will arrive home, he what, to me will come in the mornings and to awake me so?." "In general a riddle that will be when we come back home. However it is unlikely life will remain the same …" - Lisa thought, waking up and enjoying sliding of the Kostiny dick on a prostate at itself in a bottom, waiting for his and orgasms. 25) Upon termination of the second day Kostya and Lisa rose to the second place in a tournament. Lisa shone with mind and ingenuity. Kostya didn't lag behind where it from him was required. The audience and participants admired them. Denis Nikolaevich crafty smiled, but everything was within – that here it if the organizer admires too beautiful couple which made impressive breakthrough in a competition. In the evening Lisa furtively, very carefully, corresponded with him on WhatsApp - without prefaces and excess explanations it was clear to both that they need to manage to retire, have sex and to transfer answers to the most difficult tasks of the last day. However to organize sex with Denis it was very difficult. Even rather impossible. At supper Kostya was inspired, he felt taste of a victory, today it seemed is already possible and is even inevitable – with such clever partner though on the World Cup! Inna whispered nothing to the brother too any more – both a prize anticipation, and the yesterday's blonde, (which, the she-devil, disappeared this day), and the fact what Kostya naplet that didn't spend the night in number with Lisa because the blonde – calmed Inna, or at least her fears and suspicions into the account of intimate relations of Kostya with Lisa muffled. Lisa strongly was nervous. Without Denis Nikolaevich, without his hints – in general in any way! And Kostya wasn't going to kadrit anybody. Everything was gone. Lisa already began to lose precautionary measures corresponded with Denis more and more frankly. She: "Kostya doesn't leave and doesn't gather. To me not to escape." He: "Can podpoit him?" She: "I tried, but he almost nothing drinks." He: "Can add to him to beer?" She: "How? And he ordered only one bottle. Says that it is necessary to be in shape tomorrow." He: "It is necessary to think up something." She: "So think up rather! And that he already hints that it is time to go to number." Denis became silent. But in five minutes the sms with answers to tomorrow's tasks arrived from him. And the short text from at the end: "You only don't disappear after the tournament when you come back home." Lisa answered: "Thanks! I won't disappear." Here it! Yes, quite so - Lisa won't disappear the day after tomorrow. In general it is unclear that there will be with Lisa houses. But precisely and definitely one – Lisa will be! Denis after all sank down on her, and already made plans on "after the tournament". She suddenly felt pleasant nervousness and even simplification. She can remain in an image of the girl. She will NEED to remain a girl!. At Lisa the head from a pleasant presentiment and dreams began to spin that with her will be farther. To be with Denis, to be his girl! To sleep with him. Probably, somewhere to go … And to Denis it is unimportant that exactly today he breaks sex with Lisa. What it is cool. She furtively looked at Denis, making eyes at him. And he suddenly became very business, vain, emotionally communicated with some colleague, from organizers too, and called by telephone much. Lisa as could delayed the moment of return to number. She didn't want that Denis saw how they with Kostya leave together, and I understood, than they will be engaged there. 26) Lisa occupied with dreams and correspondence with Denis noticed emergence in bar of hotel of the bright brunette not at once. She was definitely not neither yesterday, nor today. She was beautiful and slender, in the fitting leather taytsa shading a tremendous figure, a bottom, safely and the vulvar lips which are defiantly excreting her - all it seemed in her literally breathed sexuality – manners, movements, a mimicry, clothes. Some inexplicably the brunette appeared near Kostya, once the volume approached a bar counter. Between them the conversation was struck up. They long stirred, she coquettishly giggled, periodically put the hand on Kostina. To him it was obvious not to come off her. Lisa looked at Denis, that with a crafty smile quickly winked at her. Kostya, at last, escaped from the brunette's captivity, approached Lisa and whispered to her on an ear: - Don't you mind if I leave wons that girl near a bar counter? - No, of course, - hardly hiding the gushed joy, Lisa answered. – We have with you purely business relations. Only not in our number, please. - Aha, - Kostya nodded. - And with condom. - Хм, - Kostya grinned, I shook the head and left to the beauty. They left together. Lisa quickly said goodbye to Inna and Max and almost run went to the number – to be washed away, cleaned where it is necessary, to direct maraft, to put on beautiful linen. "I wait for you in number" - the message from Denis arrived. "To run!" - with pleasure Lisa answered. She felt that she runs now not because it is necessary to fulfill answers to quest tasks but because she, Lisa, Denis's girl, very much wants to have somewhat quicker with him sex. 27) In ten minutes Lisa, having convinced that nobody sees, I whisked in Denis's number, I passed to the room and I shuddered. Denis was not one. With him there was one more of organizers of a tournament. That with which Denis constantly discussed something during a dinner in bar. Lisa carefully approached a table with the TV. She strongly became puzzled. Denis to her seemed clear and clear. And this … What is it?. They have to her some really business conversation? - Dmitry, - the stranger greeting nodded. - Lisa, - she quietly murmured and ridiculously I shrugged shoulders, without knowing what to expect. - Lisa, - Denis entered. – You don't need to be afraid of anything or to be careful. We are decent, decent people. Lisa turned to him the head, trying to read in his face that at him for thoughts. - Unless you have doubts into the account me? Lisa negatively shook the head. "Well, you aren't going to offer me sex three together … I hope, after all not … I don't know whether I am ready to it …" Denis approached Lisa and kissed her on a mouth. Lisa didn't answer a kiss, as well as exactly day ago. She caught a stupor. From the fact that it occurs when Dmitry looks at them. And for certain, now will join. It already turned out too somehow gallop on her ladder sexually of liberation. But it didn't begin to resist. "All right, I hope, Denis knows that he does. There is a wish to believe that decent people – yesterday Denis for a second wasn't neither rude, nor indifferent – on the contrary, he was ready to take and give that to both him, and me it was good. He even licked my bottom …" "Let do that want, it seems there is no purpose to offend me or to humiliate … Maybe everything very well will turn out … Denis can be trusted..." Denis undid her brassiere. "As his fingers and lips on nipples are pleasant. What at me turned out a supersensitive breast … I will sometime learn to cum a breast … It is necessary just to relax and be given them now …" Lisa closed eyes and began to bathe in pleasure from hands, lips and Denis's language. Denis pulled together from her a thin jacket through the head, and her beautiful breast with big nipples upright up erotically began to jump, rejoicing to freedom. - Oh! – delighted Dmitry said, having seen it. Lisa helped Denis to pull together from herself the fitting jeans together with lacy panties – from clothes on her there were only stockings. 28) She wasn't invited to a bed. Leaning a hand on a table, she allowed to incline herself, and the greased Denis's dick tickled her between buttocks. She looked at Dmitry, expecting when he joins, but that didn't hurry, examining as his friend caresses and already just about will have sex with the beautiful transgender with faultlessly female figure. Lisa's dick got up. The thin skin on him slowly stretched and bared a head. Still nothing in occurred, didn't enter her bottom yet, and it has already such erection in a presentiment … Lisa looked at the dick, without knowing, whether to her to rejoice, whether to be upset that it is very obvious that she wants sex with both of them, not less than they are with her. She lifted up eyes on Dmitry – his eyes expressed absolute delight. Denis carefully entered Lisa behind, and she began to make upward movement. She always made upward movement. If it not in the morning on one side. She was even able to do it lying on a back. To her so most it was more best and, already it seemed that it is much more difficult not to make upward movement during sex. Denis fucked her behind, attracting for a waist. She looked at herself and understood that her breast visually seems more when her body is inclined. And very beautifully jumps up in a step. "As I want even more to myself a breast. That very absolutely in a feminine way. It is good that I didn't throw hormones …" - Lisa thought, and quietly I moaned from pleasure, without wishing to constrain the emotions. Dmitry at last approached her, slightly raised her head and kissed on a mouth. It something special – one man fucks behind, and another kisses in front. What high. Lisa hard began to breathe. - Only don't touch her dick, - Denis told him. "Hm. Why it?" - Lisa thought. – "He wants that I as yesterday?. Without hands?. And if it doesn't turn out?." Dmitry threw off from himself trousers, and Lisa, continuing to lean against a table, supported for a waist and fucked by Denis behind, bent and accepted to blowjob to Dmitry. Four hands, two dicks – it very much, so well, it is madly pleasant. "After all everything at me will turn out …" - Lisa thought and felt approach of own orgasm. She interrupted blowjob to the man in front and, slowly touching hands him on a body, became straight, having only left behind a bottom in Denis's orders and not stopping podmakhivaniye. Dmitry with surprise looked at her. - Something not so? – he asked. Lisa closed eyes, quietly moaned and began to coil literally on Denis's dick. She looked at herself down and removed Dmitry's hand aside: - Carefully … Her dick pushes shot a cum, leaving whitish puddles on a floor. Far, but it is a little. - To be stunned, - to Dmitry's admiration there was no limit. – I want too that you and from me so. Lisa felt that her orgasm turned out not full, though I led to the rough delight of Dmitry. From inconvenient standing, she was captured by weakness in all body, especially in legs. - Go to a bed. Something I was tired, - she asked. They passed to a big bed of Denis, Lisa accepted a favourite pose on a lap and elbows, strongly sticking out the female round bottom. In her Denis directed again. Dmitry's dick which appeared near Lisa's face was treated kindly by her lips and language here. Denis was strongly discharged in Lizina to the priest at once. At him it turned out much more, than at Kostya. Though, most likely, it just seemed that Kostya has less. "For two days Kostya only to me blew ten times not less and still it is unknown how many with the blonde … At least he an infection from this forgive - I didn't pick up the brunette … Though it is fine, it is necessary to return thoughts here, Dmitry already in me …" To Lisa didn't allow to change a position. Now she was fucked by Dmitry, with a noisy squelch from a cum in her bottom, and she was accepted to blowjob to Denis. "In a mouth right after a bottom. I feel a cum, I feel lubricant. And very delicate taste from my bottom. Very dissolutely … As it is pleasant …" Dmitry strongly pulled Lisa on himself as though from it he could get into her bottom more deeply. From such diligence she felt some time how strongly I dangled, describing intricate circles, her dick, but gradually that started over again hardening. Lisa stopped podmakhivaniye and interrupted blowjob. - Maybe we will change a pose? – she offered. - To you it is so inconvenient? – Dmitry took an interest. – I already soon. - Not in it business. You wanted to see … - with hints Lisa told, from herself Dmitry's dick carefully took out and laid down sideways. – You need to suffer and not to cum quickly … - Ou … It is difficult … - Dmitry shook the head. - It will be necessary to try … - Lisa insisted on the, having begun to direct process. 29) Lisa wanted to impress the partners. She understood that it already turned out and so, but felt that the decent portion of own cum remained in her balls after the semi-orgasm for the first time standing, and was ready to please Dmitry as for certain nobody ever pleased him. She didn't want to think of feigned decency or to be an indifferent egoist. To her it was very good. Let and everything it will be good. Time Dmitry wanted to look at her wonderful orgasm without hands from an anal with him, let will look and will enjoy it. Especially … What there will be for life "after the tournament"?. Lisa settled more conveniently on one side, and Dmitry entered behind. - So it is visible to you? – Lisa took an interest. - Yes, it is good. And not to you, but you. - I understood. Dmitry almost didn't move, his dick just was in her bottom. So he constrained the orgasm. Lisa kissed Denis in front, he caressed her nipples, and she jerked off his dick. Her orgasm stood somewhere halfway – without Diminy frictions it was difficult to bring closer it only from Denis's kisses … 30) it was impossible To Lisa. Dmitry couldn't but move and was discharged in Lisa's bottom before her. She laid down on a back, and Dmitry continued from above, without respite coming on the second time, and she took in a mouth from Denis again. Dmitry and Denis were too horney from the events and from it are fussy. And her orgasm couldn't concentrate, went obstinate and didn't want to come. Denis so dispersed that it was developed to Lisa in sixty nine – at first only to look how Dmitry's dick moves in the Liziny bottom and on an entrance shakes up a cum from both of them in foam, then only to caress Lysines balls fingers and to help her to terminate, and then … Denis didn't keep, and itself Lisa's dick took in a mouth. It was divine. Lisa closed eyes and moaned – a cunnilingus from one man when another fucks her behind. It is divinely pleasant! It as drug. Probably, as drug because Lisa, and Alexey in her antecedents, never used it, but guessed that if to try it, then it will be impossible to refuse then. Just about, and she will terminate now!. But her dick, ringing from an erection, it refused to be discharged again – her men were too bustling and changeable in caress. Also are too fast. Denis terminated her in a mouth. Knowing as far as it is erotic, Lisa didn't begin to swallow everything, having released a stream from lips. Looking at it, Dmitry right there terminated her in a bottom the second time. Lisa wasn't in time again … They were interchanged the position, they twirled by Lisa as could – and dog-fashion, and on a back, and she from above, - Dmitry condescended before blowjob too to her (she for herself called it a cunnilingus because she is a girl Lisa, and oral caress to the girl and her clitoris is called a cunnilingus), both of them terminated on time – Dmitry to her in a mouth, and Denis in a bottom. But at Lisa it didn't turn out any more … 31) there Passed more than two hours. Dicks of men finally withered – on three times. Lisa's dick continued to stand, but didn't cum. All. Will be enough. Shower. It is more than two hours … Accident … - You paid it? – she heard Denis's question to Dmitry when she after a short shower switched off water and began to be wiped. - Well and, all as well as agreed. - And, I look at me four passed a call from her, - again Denis. Lisa, correcting a make-up in the bathroom, strained – about someone it they? - Well, call back to her. That she still wants. Can her this boxer a knee under the back gave? - Dmitry told. - Alyokhin isn't a boxer, and the kernel pusher, - Denis answered. - Well, what difference. "Oops! Alyokhin - same Kostya. Pipets. It means they about the burning prostitute brunette. Probably at Kostya something didn't grow together with her … In any case, he precisely was ahead of me today. I really butted in. It is necessary to think up something …" Lisa plainly not вытершись, having hastily put on itself the dresses, I went to a door. - So far, Lisa. Don't vanish. I will call you, - Denis told. - Yes, - Lisa gloomy answered. "Probably, I am after all Denis's girl, but not Dmitry. Though it isn't important now. Now it is important that to me the nose wasn't broken. It is necessary to think up something." Lisa was sharply developed, literally thrown to small to the refrigerator of the hotel room and snatched out two bottles of beer from there. - Lisa? – Denis noticed her concern. – If there are problems, right there call. Understood? - I understood. When was the first call from the prostitute? - I didn't understand … - Well, you told that she called you four times. When the first time? - Ah, it … Half an hour ago. - So far … - strongly frowning, Lisa answered and left. 32) Kostya remained is very dissatisfied with sex with Katya. I am very dissatisfied. What was on a show-window didn't correspond to what appeared in shop. "Most likely the bitch was junked. Cocaine or still something. Yes, the body is smart. But are so unnatural and her okh and akh aren't appropriate. Why so to shout, representing an orgasm? Obviously postanovochno. At what very bad statement. It isn't necessary to be Stanislavsky not to trust. The second time slightly terminated. Fie. Shit. Seldom so happens in a disgusting way after sex. And for the sake of it I left Lisa …" Angry Kostya came back to number, feeling that he burns with shame, thinking and hoping that Lisa as always won't take offense and will forgive him. As always … 33) - Here and so! – loudly he told, having turned on the light. Lisa wasn't. The powerful wave of jealousy quickly mixed up with feeling of alarm – something occurred? Suddenly Lisa has problems? He turned on the smartphone and right there messages about the missed calls from her fell down. He dialed her number, but now Lisa's phone was switched-off. There passed ten minutes of expectation. Fucks with someone? Nonsense. Something happened? Probably. He went down on a reception, but the polite staff of hotel could help nothing. Lisa couldn't be written out because wasn't registered. And to see - nobody saw anything. In bar? It is unlikely. Kostya heard noise of a disco and went down to the cellar. In dense puffs of cigarettes and shmal nothing was visible. He spent fifteen minutes in search of Lisa. It is difficult to look for a black cat in the dark room. When she isn't there. Kostya wanted to fight, exhaust. He was ready to carry this foul place and to porazbivat the drunk heads dancing and having fun. But he here not for this purpose. It was necessary to find Lisa. He returned to number. Anybody. He sat down on a bed and started dialing her phone number over again. "Communication with the subscriber is absent. Try …" After all it is necessary to try to look in bar. The door of number opened and Lisa entered. 34) Kostya made over himself remarkable effort that he somehow will calm down. - Well and where you were? – minting each word, sitting on beds, hands on a lap, Kostya asked. - It I where was? It is simple to go nuts! – Lisa turned into counterattack. – We are with you here – couple, we participate both we almost win, and YOU at the same time at all on a look fuck with everyone. "Hm, Lisa always turns into attack when she is caught on fried. As she then at gas station of an otkhlestal to Ink …" - I was searched you. I there slightly didn't carry a half-disco, - without changing tone, struggling with anger Kostya continued. Though now he already felt great relief – nothing happened to Lisa, here she, is whole and safe. - Yes, of course! All right yesterday the blonde, it is all the same, yesterday nothing shone us. But today! Our victory almost in hands, and you can everything is simple to shit all over! – Lisa continued the powerful attack. - Where I was? I went to look for you. Here beer I bought us, - and Lisa showed bottles. – Pipets, about what the people are whispered in bar … "I didn't reach bar" - Kostya thought. - Well and about what? - this not so evil from his party. - "They bloody anything not couple. They are in general casual people. He on himself kadrit everyone, she on herself, goes one or stays in the room. At them, probably, and numbers separate. It is necessary to condemn them, it is necessary to complain to organizers". Here about what they are whispered, - Lisa forged iron still hotly. - Yes, it is fine, all it is all the same … - Here to you and it is fine. All it is all the same, except hundred thousand … - But you so long were, - it was already coming true intonation. - Yes though hour! At least two! – Lisa looked at the watch. – I didn't sustain forty minutes ago any more and left to look for you. "Meets …" - Kostya thought. Rigidly incurred Lisa. - In general, what I your way here can do? To fuck? As do you imagine it? – she angrily frowned. - The dude removes the beautiful girl Lisa, bring into number, and at her between legs – опля! You so think of me? What did I, such as I am, easily and just with someone go also to someone попадя was given? Thank you! I in general with anybody can't present myself!. Lisa made a pause and quietly added: - Except you … - it is fine, don't storm already so … - Kostya was defeated and crushed by her logic. Already not so angrily Lisa made at Kostya eyes, quickly grabbed the bag and was closed in the bathroom. Without undressing and without being undressed, Kostya laid down on a bed, threw one hand for the head, with the panel from the TV in another, began to jump with the channel on the canal. "It is good that nothing happened to her. Devil take it, as strongly I worried that nobody offended her. Хм. Even it is more, than when Lech I studied at school. Well …" 35) Lisa lapped and dug in the bathroom long enough. She left in a dressing gown, but not wrapped up in it tightly. Decolletes to a belt, a breast of a poluobnazhen, are only partially covered nipples. Eyes at Lisa were tinted. She took a bath, and then paid attention to eyes and eyelashes – for it, for Kostya. - Will you be dressed and in footwear to sleep? – slightly playful tone Lisa asked, coquettishly looking at Kostya and having shaken moist hair. – Go to a shower. Kostya was thrown to the bathroom, thinking: "Damn it, what it is cool. As quickly nullifies the conflicts …" He quickly returned, clean and naked. Lisa for a moment darted a glance at him and continued to caress the iron the dress. - Tomorrow in it I will get with you on a pedestal. To get gold medals. Kostya answered nothing. He couldn't tell anything now. He melted as driven. The belt of the Liziny dressing gown fell down a floor, and the dressing gown hardly covered Lizino a body. Between his floors Lysines slender legs, a stomach and everything that below it flashed. But below … Below a stomach nothing was! She finished ironing, switched off the iron and finally threw off from herself a dressing gown: - How to you am I such? – quietly completely naked Lisa asked, soblaznyayushche looking at Kostya frowningly beautiful eyes. Kostya made efforts not to open companies from amazement. Before him there was a girl. Ninety-sixty-ninety, or it is very close to it. The girl was the most real, with the most real female pisy – with big vulvar lips in which the clitoris erotically ran away and hid. And Lisa was this girl. - How to you am I such? – Lisa whispered, approached Kostya, twisted with hands around his neck and kissed on a mouth. It were soft hot female lips. Kostya closed eyes and answered her kiss, having given a hand to her groin, to her vagina which was partially stuck with a transparent adhesive tape. Lisa pulled hard on Kostya a body, he didn't begin to resist, and they fell down a bed, without tearing off lips from each other. In her kisses there was a sea of passion, she bit and sucked his lips, got to it into a mouth language. He caressed her buttocks, between them, but most of all his hand interested it пися, the tiny clitoris which is especially making the way through an adhesive tape. It was developed and his dick swallowed. Now her vagina was directly before his eyes. - Repeat after me my kisses, - having come off his dick, she whispered. She licked his balls – he answered with the language on her vulvar lips where there was no adhesive tape. She fell to him by a perineum, he repeated. She began to lick his anus point, it made her also unless her anus resembled rather its the second писю – the swelled up a little edges opened and let in themselves his language in all length. She started blowjob, he answered with a cunnilingus to the tiny button of a clitoris which was immured by a transparent tape. She entirely swallowed his thick penis, it managed to exhaust lips from captivity a head of her dick. And Kostya he stopped a moment. "She anyone, but not the man. Probably not for hundred percent the woman, but it is very close. And it at her anything, but not the dick. And in a mouth I take, not from the man and not a penis at all at all …" Having persuaded myself that everything that he does, isn't reprehensible at all, Kostya tore off an adhesive tape and began to caress Lisa orally. 36) Her clitoris was not so big. Kostya didn't know what he was earlier. But effect of women's hormones couldn't take place for the member Lisa completely. Her clitoris was in a full erection now, but couldn't brag already of the size – no more than nine centimeters. Lisa stopped the blowjob, began to breathe, strained and held with a hand Kostya's head – everything, it isn't necessary to repeat after her any more. He needs to continue most … It was its the first dependent, not personal - and when she has with someone sex - not an anal orgasm. It was her first clitoris orgasm. Her balls at last were completely released - what they so wished to make all evening, but couldn't nearly two hours ago. Lisa was long tormented by a spasm of a new orgasm. Having calmed down, she wanted to thank the man for what he made by her now. She laid down on Kostya from above and tried to enjoy the cum from his mouth. And then as the cat began to lick him all – cheeks, a chin, a neck, his breast … And his tiny nipples – it can be unpleasant to nobody. He stretched to her a hand, but she jumped aside on edge of a bed, began to rummage in the bag and to do something at itself between legs. When she returned to Kostya, at her was women's пися again. - I want to be your most-presamoy real girl today. She sat down on him from above and his dick filled to herself in a bottom. - And lubricant? – it is disturbing Kostya asked. - Give so. It seems to me, I there already have the, - Lisa began to smile. And was. From infinite sex the last three days and three nights, protective reaction of her bottom together with a constant high of her prostate gland learned to produce own lubricant. - So absolutely really … - Lisa whispered and cast away a body back. She slowly moved on it, sitting from above, wishing that it turned out long, trying to control also it, and the orgasm, giving the pair opportunity to take both physical pleasure of her skillful anus, and visual from a type of her female pisa. Pis with an adhesive tape. But it is almost imperceptible …. 37) Kostya in dzhinska and a t-shirt which emphasized his powerful and slender body magnificent Lisa in a smart dress embraced each other for a waist and radiantly smiled. They on necks had medals and the improvised wreaths of winners, in hands treasured envelopes with prize-winning. She kissed him on a mouth – to spit already on Inka, let then understand as want, let suffers, she had with Kostya something for three nights or wasn't. Denis will worry too. And if doesn't worry then and not on the cards. Lisa yet decided nothing that she will be then. They were applauded. Though it is possible and not all this was done sincerely - but their expectations, their problems. On the way home Lisa sat on a back seat in a car corner, Inna slept nearby that was good. As it appeared, Kostya told her that he never spent the night in number with Lisa. Lovely. But on the other hand, Inna – an infinite problem for Lisa with Kostya. Especially Kostya again - at Inna with Max - turned into the cold laid-back person who doesn't care about Lisa. Denis wasn't jealous. On the contrary, he infinitely scribbled sms, planning to take away at once Lisa as soon as she comes back home. Kostya's behavior killed. Denis was incredibly persistent, courteous, provident – he already has an apartment for Lisa, is ready to help her money and all necessary. It was sad. At half past six she was at home. In eight, she switched off phone, collected a big bag, jumped out of an entrance and jumped on a back seat of the jeep. Denis's driver greeted and didn't tell words any more. "Some uniform prostitution turns out …" - Lisa who is taken away by the jeep in uncertainty thought. dating facebook delete date site mapMain Page