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I always loved massage. And now I love. But now I like to do it. Strictly to girls. Strictly incomplete. I give all the best all. It very much brings me. There is an expression "horse-radish smokes". And so it "really smokes" while I do massage to the girl. I studied on girlfriends, then on the wife. Then I had "a bit on the side" for the sake of massage. Now I will tell a story which happened to me. About 5 years ago I ripened to advertize on a dating site. I suggested to make massage to the girl, and the husband will be able to observe. More better imperceptibly. From me I promised massage and can be to kuna (at my desire). About continuation the speech wasn't. I didn't expect that so much people will respond. I filtered. I always filter people. Discussed with one adequate guy of a detail and agreed to meet in a sauna. This day came and I very much was nervous. The first time I will do massage by agreement, etc. Honestly I hesitated to tell the guy. Met, got acquainted alive. The girl was even more pleasant and more slender, than on a photo. It seems slowly got to talking. Took a steam bath and drank wine. Drank wine and took a steam bath. I slightly became tipsy (I grew bolder more true) and suggested to start massage. The girl (she was called Olya) agreed with pleasure. We went to the restroom, there was a couch for massage. The husband (Alexey) remained to take a steam bath and I winked at him that I imperceptibly made the way. Olya laid down on a stomach, and I undid her a bathing suit. I poured in hands slightly aromatic oil (I took different in Egypt) and began to do massage. I did it as well as was able. I properly warmed up her a back. I felt how Olya relaxes under my hands. I approached her on the right, at the left, from the head for massage of a back. She couldn't but notice and furthermore not to feel as my smoking dick rubbed about her. With the standing dick it isn't absolutely convenient to do massage if to try not to touch the girl. If to chuck in it and not to pay attention, then it very pleasant even. I unostentatiously passed to pleasant strokings, tinglings. Alexey already stood in the doorway and looked at us with the burning eyes. His it seems to me began to get. I caressed from a neck and to heels. From heels to a neck. I felt each movement and was ready to stop at any time when Olya lets know that she will be enough. When stroking a back I accidentally reached a breast. It seemed to me that Olya strained when I could already capture almost completely them hands, but occurred absolutely not that I expected. I expected negative reaction, but imperceptibly Olya even rose that I could stroke her breasts completely. I was very grateful her for it and at the same time I received a signal that it is possible to continue a full cycle of massage. I began to kiss a waist slightly. I alternated waist kisses to kisses of legs. I kissed legs from heels and up. To hip inside. I felt her shiver. I looked at Alexey, he stood behind and observed. He had a dick and he caressed him. I without words asked. He without words answered. I continued. Besides waist kisses I began to stroke to the girl of a hip. I caressed hip inside, one, another. I accidentally touched with hands it a perineum. I felt as she reacts to such touches. Uncertainly and cautiously. At following stroking I stopped a hand THERE. I slightly spread her legs and began to kiss legs from knees up, at the same time slightly massing her a perineum. I already heard easy postanyvaniye from the girl, but she still constantly tried to squeeze legs from constraint. Not strongly, but attempts constantly slipped. I decided to be more impudent. I spread her legs more widely and began to kiss her clitoris through swimming trunks. It seemed to me more true that it where I kiss. After several kisses I understood that nobody banishes me but only groans more often. I shifted edge of swimming trunks and licked her. She was hot and very damp. Long ago I didn't see such damp pussies. To my astonishment it was very nice to the taste. I did by language what could make in such situation. I caressed a bottom and a shchelochka and hardly I reached a clitoris. It seemed to me that passed all seconds 30 as I felt as she squeezed hips, slightly I began to shake and I moaned. She violently cumed and I couldn't continue. I made the work though at that moment I wanted absolutely another. Probably I would rush into her and would terminate at once, but plans were and arrangements were others. I looked at Alexey. He podrachivat the huge dick. I showed him gestures that tied with a scarf eyes to the wife. He puzzly looked at me, but took dressing gown belt and tied with a scarf her eyes. He explained nothing to the wife, and just told that so it is necessary. I showed him that he put a dick to the wife in a mouth. I wanted to see it. I wanted to see how she will suck this huge dick and to jerk off. I saw on eyes that it will like my invention. They at it burned. Even it seemed to me that it SO became overexcited for the first time in life. My calculation was true. It took the wife for the head and the dick thrust into a mouth to her. He came only half. She began to suck him slowly. It was a pleasant show. Probably at that moment from overexcitation and I wanted to help her. I caught myself on a thought that too would suck it. I looked and jerked off. I have absolutely small penis, in comparison with this cudgel. I don't know how many passed time (minute, two, three), but I podrachivat slowly, elongating pleasure, and Olya sucked already actively. I saw on the person that her husband can't suffer any more. And occurred. He began to cum her in a mouth, holding the head. Probably, they practice blowjob constantly because at all the cum didn't spill by. She actively swallowed of all and licked. Ridiculous such, blindly. At Alexey the dick almost fell, and she all continued to lick him and to suck round. Alexey looked on me as I jerk off and told Olya: make, please, it for me. Also I showed gesture to give her in a mouth. I slightly was taken aback, but excitement at this moment suggested to hurry until nobody changed the mind. I leaned the dick against her lips and she understood all. She is slowly. being tried on I swallowed him. From her it turned out to take in a mouth him almost entirely. She sucked it slowly as though tasting. I then remembered the multiplication table, and the difficult equations. I thought of everything, except sex which I had at that moment. I was very pleasant. It was so pleasant that I had to terminate in the first 10 seconds. I played for time as could. I didn't want that it came to an end. I opened eyes (probably I had too happy ugly face at that moment) and looked at Alexey. He without coming off I watched how the dick enters and leaves a mouth of his beloved wife. There passed not enough time, and his dick already stood. The cudgel huge and probably was more right than strong. Now there was my turn to make the offer in non-standard continuation of massage. I gesture asked him to enter her. He winked and climbed on her from above. He is sensitive raised her bottom and entered. Olya moaned and for a while stopped. She painfully squeezed to me a penis. I was afraid that she will bite off it. Olya remembered that she has in a mouth a dick and with the doubled force drained in him. More I couldn't suffer. I began to cum, and she to swallow him him more deeply. My legs even a spasm reduced. It was something. The husband fucked her, she groaned and still licked me. Probably I waited for this moment long ago. It I was so unusually and at the same time it is unreal. Olya licked to me a dick. She didn't leave at all. I stroked her on the head, kind of thanks to. I departed away, to look as it at them occurs. I looked as he changes a rhythm as his wife groans. I stood so close that heard this champing sound. I wanted to see as this cudgel enters such small hole, also at such speed. I probably absolutely was become impudent, but I gesture showed that they traded places. Judging by a look, Alexey slightly was surprised to such request, but raised the wife and laid down on a back. And her, with a bandage in the eyes, I put in the equestrian's pose. Now I at them in legs could see how he sticks her on the cudgel. Her hole didn't seem such small, as at kuna any more. From her flowed. It was visible that sex gives her unearthly pleasure. I stroked her bottom. I stroked her breasts. I unostentatiously did that wanted. My dick already stood from such show. I was overexcited again. I stroked her bottom. I for some reason stroked his balls. By the way this very unusual feeling. To stroke someone else's eggs. Intense someone else's eggs. Alexey didn't kick me, and I didn't see his face. To me was already all the same at that moment. I caressed Ole's clitoris, and the dick caressed, a part which didn't get into a vagina is more right than him. At some moment Olya jumped up very highly, and came off the dick. My person was near her bottom and therefore it turned out so that I licked him. Probably it surprised all at that moment, but I wanted to taste this cudgel. I zaglotnut a head and licked it. The first time was felt in a mouth by the dick. Foreign dick. Penis, pancake. I liked him on taste at that moment. It was the familiar taste. Taste of Oliny juice. I licked him how many was located in a mouth. I choked and gave. Just I directed Olya to him. As it is pleasant to look close at how enters-leaves. No porno will replace live contact. Slightly passed time, but Olya jumped out from the dick again. I waited and again drained in as far as a smog. I am sensitive I sucked and I returned. After a while again I jumped out and again here. This frequency already intended seemed to me. In increasing frequency. And I probably sucked longer and longer. I liked to do it. I returned Olya on a dick again, and she began to jump on it quicker and quicker. Yes indeed. She stopped at some moment and loudly moaned. I terminated. I felt as began to flow on the dick of her husband. Violently I terminated. It was time to finish also to us. The objectives to give pleasure to Olya were achieved and are even exceeded. Alexey raised Olya so that the dick jumped out. He kind of hinted at what I already did at such moments. I began to suck. He held on even seconds 20 and began to vibrate. I felt that he cums. It not just vibrated, and twitched at me in a mouth as though trying to escape and threw up the burning lava. There was not many cum. She wasn't pleasant to me on taste. I swallowed her only because in a mouth physically the place wasn't for her. And the dick all vibrated and vibrated. At last it ceased to cum. I pulled out it from a mouth and quickly got up and went to a shower. In soul I slightly jerked off and at once terminated. To me it was good, but now excitement fell down and I didn't want to meet Alexey and Olay views. I don't know that they tested at that moment, but to me there were enough impressions. I fulfilled a dream, and even BI became sensitive. Whether I will want to repeat it once again? Most likely, but with new people. With those people with whom it is possible to experiment, but 1 time and without consequences... dating exclusively vs relationship reddit date ideas virginia site mapMain Page