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I grew at the ordinary weak child, in school I was clamped, humiliated, sometimes even seniors beat. When I studied in 11 m a class, thus to me already was 18, I began to communicate with one guy from a parallel class, he as also I remained twice for the second year — we gathered at him after school, played the computer in play stationili, smoked on a balcony. With him there were his schoolmates, they belonged ko to me differently, than he, they didn't want that I with them spent time, but Zhenya, stood on the — his apartment and to him to choose someone to call in guests. the 10th class ended and summer vacation began. Wife's mother worked all day, it had no father — we carried out on the apartment everything days on flight, except days off. Among us there was his friend Maxim. He was more senior than us for a year and already graduated from school. Once I left to smoke through the hall than-to upset, a Max sat in the hall on a sofa with phone. He suggested to sit down and tell that he happened. I sat down, but didn't want to tell. Maxim was always pleasant to me — the thin blonde, sports. I began to refuse from the story, Max began to press that I conduct myself as the little girl. Suddenly he attacked on me and began to twist, having laid on a stomach. All others were in other room and with enthusiasm played, Max having put a me climbed on a stomach from above in a shirt and camouflage trousers and began to do a look that fucks me without having taken off clothes, sentencing that so happens so all timid girls. Other my friend came into this moment and pulled down from me Maxim... Dimka — he was always pleasant to me, he was more senior than me for a year, such break boshka, strong, beefy, he though periodically also scoffed it is necessary me, but never gave me in offense and I was always grateful to him. In this time too. I escaped from under Max and went to a loggia to smoke, an of Dimka returned to the room. When I almost finished smoking on a loggia Max quickly came suited ko to me and kissed on lips. I could make nothing, so as just I didn't expect it. Ne having allowed me to come round, he pressed to me on shoulders, having put me on knees and having quickly lowered a little trousers drove poluvstavshy a dick in a mouth. Having made couple of frictions he got him and removed back, having told me: "Now you will tell nothing to nobody... ". Upset finally I gathered and left home. Na lips there was a taste of his dick, an in the head pulsed a thought — I was lowered and zavaflili. It is a shame. I didn't leave to steam of days the house. I didn't use special popularity therefore ko to me nobody came. Na the third day I decided to go to take a walk and come to the friend Lech. Leahy of the house wasn't, I went down on a ladder and absolutely forgot that at this entrance in couple of floors below veins Max. I fell into a stupor when saw it in shorts and an undershirt opening his door to the apartment. Max oriented instantly: "Hello, the beauty" — made a purring sound it and jostled me to the apartment, having slammed a door. We remained in darkness of the hot and dark hall of his apartment. He clamped me in a corner and began to touch and kiss, keeping saying that I am a good girl. Then he dragged me to the room. The apartment was big. Max lived with mother and the senior sister. He threw me on a bed and began to pull out the sister's clothes from a case: skirt, tights, panties, bodice and t-shirt. — I put on all it, quickly — he told me what I began to wind desperately the head on and to be hammered into a bed corner. — You equally in it will dress everything, I will make you the girl — he told, having closed up me two deafening slaps in the face. I understood that there is no choice and asked him to leave for a minute. The person burned, Max left, I began to put on. I put on without problems when the room was entered by Maxim with a cream tube in a hand, in the second he squeezed the got-up dick. Very considerable sizes and very thick. — I laid down on a stomach, I gave legs from a bed — the team, I was heard, being in shock from the sizes of his dick it is silent I made. At first I felt his hands on a bottom, then he got under a skirt and began to touch a bottom through tights, having saddled me behind that I had no place to escape. Periodically he nestled ko to me, at these moments I felt his hot dick through tights. — Well here now we will also unpack you — sounded to me in an ear. He lowered a little tights, but on the trifle — so to open access to a bottom, but to hold down my movements. Afterwards panties went after what on an anus ringlet I felt cold cream. Later couple of seconds to me the hot dick rested against an anus. Maxim clamped to me a mouth one hand, an another began to enter sharply. oooochen it was sore, in half-minute Maxim entered completely and without having allowed me to come round, began the return movements. My mouth was clamped strong by his hand. I published only lows, from eyes tears slid. Max fucked me keeping saying on an ear that here so do of boys girls who without dick can't live then. He didn't hurry, fucked thoroughly, the bottom was narrow, to the dick was hard free to go, yes and he was very fat. In about 15 minutes he terminated in me, having sharply accelerated. After it I left, an I so and remained to lie. From a bottom the cum mixed with blood flowed. He podter it also put on to me panties and tights back, having seated on a bed. Then I kissed on lips, long and it is very juicy. At this my moment chlenik got up, to my surprise. — Change clothes, tomorrow we will meet — he told. So my life changed in extremely striking way. Max fucked me nearly an every day. So I ceased to be ill time of the priest and even it began it to be pleasant to me. As that time I walked and got under a rain. All wetted through and ran in a high-rise building entrance. Later couple of minutes I came into it Lera — the girl who already graduated from school and studying in college. — You are all wet, we will go ko to me — she told. We rose to her. — Undress — she told — I will give you dry clothes, excuse of course, but maiden. My protest was broken therefore later couple of minutes on me there was ee thongs, a bodice, tights, a jeans skirt in covering and a jacket. — So that is more best. — she told. — Now my guy will come, you know him — Sasha, don't worry, we know volume from Maxim's sister of o, than you be engaged every day. I sat without having stirred — someone knows that, pulsed at me in the head. Sasha came. He was sex a symbol of our school, on him all maids flowed. He was on the first course of institute. Ne greeting so me, but having given smacking kiss Leru he went ko to me nakhodu pulling together shorts down. That now there will be I understood at once. His dick was less member Max and probably experience of communication with Maxim affected — I very quickly rested a nose against his pubis. At the left villages Lera also I began to encourage me. That a pier everything is good, it will be pleasant to you. I sucked a dick, Lera at this moment undressed and laid down on a back. Having beckoned me. I distracted from the dick and having got up on knees began to lick her the pussy. I did it the first time in life, a Sasha having lowered a little tights and having shifted thongs in the party having greased with me with what that point began to enter. He fucked me at fast speed, I heard slaps of his eggs o the buttocks. Lera replaced a pose and we appeared in a pose 69, it removed thongs in front in the party and began to suck to me. At this moment I understood what in the bottom of a stomach arose and quickly grows kakoe that new feeling. Through couple of minutes I without having understood the feelings strongly I terminated at Sashinom acceleration when that began to cum in me. The orgasm was terrible. I fell to Leru — my legs gave away. When I regained consciousness on me there were only thongs — Sashiny the t-shirt and shorts lay nearby. Having pulled them I went home. Poputi home I met Max on the children's platform. Having clamped me in a children's lodge he began to touch me and started a hand in shorts behind. His fingers got into my bottom. Na the person mix of surprise, irritation, hatred and excitement appeared. — Where you were, the whore... — the question sounded... Continuation follows... If there is desire of readers. dating events for singles near me date calculator app for windows site mapMain Page