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My car approached to the gate conducting in my possession. Ne I will be praised, describing all my mansion, I will tell only that from profnastila I made a fence very high, so as I don't love third-party observers, probably because of what very much I like to observe for in anything not suspecting people. Well yes it is fine, the speech not of o that. Oksanochka got out of the car, I corrected the sundress which all was strongly rumpled in the area of her smart buttocks, and with admiration I examined the area. — What beauty!!! — Delightfully the girl exclaimed. The look really was smart. I grabbed to myself and fenced with a fence a part of a ravine in which various trees beautifully grew, an on his bottom ran a streamlet, by the way, with very pure key water. Oksanochka I got acquainted with the territory a few, then I ran up ko to me and I asked: — A you have a daddy here what-nibud in what I could change clothes? That the sundress I will smear all with A how then home back I will go? — Yes nothing terrible, I directly will take you to an entrance. — I smiled. — There except grandmas on a shop nobody will see you. A so clothes that is, all clean stirannoye, I don't leave dirty linen, only here an ill luck here, it is all men's. The female leg never at all and you at as into went such beautiful leg this earth, an any more long ago. — I made a compliment to the daughter-in-law from which it reddened. — Thanks the daddy for a compliment, an of a t-shirt of the big sizes is here? That though covered my bum a little? — Sun, yes what bum at you!? You have buttocks! Besides very smart, just as orekh, so also asks on a sin! — I joked, and Oksanochka smiled to me. — T-shirts are of course, but I will give you her only with one condition... — And with what? — Playfully the daughter-in-law asked. — You will change clothes here and at me. The fence is high therefore don't worry, nobody naked except me of course will see you. — It is good if you so want, then I agree though what you didn't see there? — The girl smiled. I fast ran to the house, and brought Oksanochke the longest t-shirt from those which were. — Here, it is the longest. — I told. — Thanks, daddy. You only to look look, but don't stick. Well? — Well lovely, undress. — I answered, feeling as in trousers my "friend" strained when I said a word "undress". Oksana fast pulled together sundress shoulder-straps so the thin coat hanger having lowered it at first to a belt, having bared the young breast with the sticking-out pink nipples. I all can't quietly get used to behold this young girl in any way without clothes and therefore a type of her young beautiful breast, my dick a stake forced to get up. Then, without losing time Oksanochka fast I pulled together from myself a sundress completely, and I remained in some thongs with transparent laces. Because of them she seemed completely naked. I couldn't tear off a look from her rotundities, from its smart elastic popochki which looked very much appetitnenko. Her long slender legs just brought together me from mind, I already wanted to get standing a stake a dick to get rid of the desire which rolled on me, but the daughter-in-law very quickly got into a huge t-shirt from under which were visible, unless that her smooth young legs. Having changed clothes, Oksanochka accurately I folded the sundress and I put it on back seat of the car, allegedly that it wasn't rumpled, but where there, it and so already was crumpled. Here I noticed that the back wheel of my car lowered, somewhere punctured, not long thinking I replaced the punctured wheel with spare and having a shower bath then thought that we should visit probably a small twig which to be near the village. I protected from one party there sandy and therefore it is possible to tell that the real beach. My beauty all this time flitted from a flower to a flower as a butterfly. Young, fragile, gentle, madly beautiful she reminded me the magic fairy from children's animated cartoons. I involuntarily admired her, but the sweat which was flowing down to me on the person and corroding eyes reminded o my plans for the account of a pond. Yes, it is simply necessary to wash away from itself sweat during such heat, yes and there is no wish to be in the company of such charming girl when from you stinks of "horse" somehow. Naturally I couldn't but call with myself the beloved daughter-in-law. — Oksanochka, my girl, I here on a pond was going to bathe, you will go so me? — I offered the girl. — To go I will go, here I will only not bathe. — The daughter-in-law answered. — As you know it, I won't force. — I smiled. We were fast packed and jerked on a pond. The was road of course not akhti, but we reached by that a reservoir not less, having driven up to it exactly so sides of the beach. The road I remembered the benefit very well. Water in a pond was transparent and clean, it so also attracted to plunge into her cool waters. I got out of the car, Oksanochka followed me. I quickly took off from myself a t-shirt, then pulled together trousers and remained in some swimming trunks. Then I thought a little, well not to wet to me them, everything is equal except Oksana of nobody here isn't present, yes and almost never happens, unless that rural boys will come to bathe, yes and that a rarity. She is the most often on other pond run where a here a little someone brings a great number of vacationers and where it is possible to look at half-naked city girls. I pulled together swimming trunks and remained in what mother gave rise. I noticed how I Oksanochka looked at my dick, a told then: — A suddenly someone will come, you don't hesitate at all? — Someone to me to hesitate of A? — With astonishment I asked. — Here nobody drops in, a you saw all my good, and not time. — I smiled. — And not only I saw. — I smiled in answer Oksanochka. We amicably burst out laughing, and I got into water. Water was warm as pair milk. Oksanochka took off the open sandals, so as they were on the high platform, and it was extremely inconvenient to go to them on sand. It approached water and touched by her fingers of the suntanned leg. Then she entered water which reached her slightly below than knees. I looked at her and understood that she doesn't mind too to bathe, but for some reason doesn't bathe. Interestingly why? I decided to learn. — Oksanochka, well as to you water? — Just amazing! So there is also a wish to throw off from itself clothes and to plunge. — The daughter-in-law answered me. — Well, so in what business? Undress and dive ko to me. — I called. — I can't. I left the bathing suit at home. — With grief in a voice Oksana answered. — Yes throw you! What I there at you didn't see. — I joked. — Did you that see everything, a suddenly someone-to will come to bathe what then? — Yes nobody goes here, don't worry, take off clothes and we will go ko to me. — Again I called the daughter-in-law. — No, the daddy, I won't risk more better, give bathe and went. — The girl rested. — My bunny, be not such stubborn, well I speak to you, nobody goes here. A well, quickly undressed and to bathe! — Playfully I ordered. — You are sure by A? Precisely here nobody will come? — All Oksana still doubted, but I was already going to undress. — It is sure! Of course it is sure! We will go ko to me! — I shouted leaving on depth that water reached to me a breast. Oksanochka quickly I pulled together from myself my t-shirt and I remained in some thongs which it so quickly lowered and covering with hands the young breast the daughter-in-law ran in water, having left on sand a t-shirt, an on her the panties. When she ran to water, I managed to notice her absolutely shaven писю which was so beautiful that at me saliva from a type of her "girl" just began to flow. Her sexual sponges were densely pressed to each other and the entrance to a vagina can be seen only then when this charming young creation moves apart the slender legs. She ran in water, and flopped in her having lifted thus a column of splashes. Oksanochka lapped as the little girl, I splashed and being filled in with laughter when I began to splash with her in the answer. We bathed, ran out on the coast, ran on the beach, then again ran in water and flopped in it. And here I noticed that from bushes someone-to watches us. It strongly disturbed me, but I decided to tell to Oksana nothing yet excessively not to frighten the girl. Can do it all only what-nibud rural boy who now with ecstasy frigs, looking at a delightful body of my daughter-in-law. So also it appeared, the observer for a second put out the head from the shelter, and I saw that it is the fellow of years of eighteen. All fears disappeared here, a here excitement on the contrary increased. I purposely tried to make so that Oksanochka I got out of water more often, showing to the observer all maiden delights. Ne I know why, but I was wildly made horney by understanding that someone-to looks at Oksana. Then I noticed one more guy, it even more me provoked, and I having turned Oksanochku to them a back waved him inviting to join us. Children didn't force to ask themselves twice and with cheerful laughter and shouts ran out on the beach, and began to pull down from themselves t-shirts and shorts. Them it appeared five, all I think about one age. One of them stopped near Oksaninoy clothes and having looked at her panties with the sharp movement removed from himself swimming trunks, having thrown out on I pull down a stake the sticking-out dick of approximately average size. boobies with the cherries of nipples which are sticking out from excitement. — Pancake, here a fiasco, didn't manage even to see enough plainly. — I was upset Sanyok. — Alexander Petrovich, can you will try to persuade the daughter to show us the boobs longer? — With hope in a voice Lyokha asked. — From what did you take A what Oksanochka my daughter? — I took an interest. — Well she calls you the daddy... — In embarrassment Lyokha answered. — She is a wife of my son, my daughter-in-law, it is possible to tell the daughter therefore she calls me the daddy. — I explained to children. — A as your son? He allows you to run the friend before the friend stark naked? — I was surprised Sanyok. — Of course not, just we have with Oksana other view of life. It is clear? — Bothered to answer me such frank questions of youths. — Of course it is clear, you are probably nudists, there is no he. Correctly? — Nikita made conclusions. — Well like that. — I muttered in the answer. — Well so that, Alexander Petrovich, you will help us? — Lyokha repeated the request. — I will try to persuade her to show you the delights, but you then fast devastate the balls and you are taken up, well? — I asked children on what they amicably began to nod. I went to the coast with the dick which is sticking out from overexcitation. Boys silently waited in water quietly of o what for that whispering. I approached the daughter-in-law sitting in the car, and noticed how she quietly masturbates. Having noticed me, she fast removed handles from the inguinal area, and looked at me. In her eyes wild excitement was read. I took her for the handle which was damp from her juice and helped her to go out of the car, then I silently undertook a bottom of her t-shirt and pulled up. She resisted from the last forces. — Oksanochka, well you want it, you like all events. Ne refuse to yourself pleasure, it can not be presented to such opportunity any more. — Ne by the voice from excitement I spoke. The daughter-in-law ceased to resist and allowed me to take off from itself a t-shirt. — What do you want, the daddy? — She looked to me in eyes with what-to call. — My girl, I want that you helped boys to terminate. — She interrogatively looked at me. I understood her mute question and answered: — Well, simply handles, be not frightened. — I calmed the daughter-in-law. — Only tell why to you all it? Do you want to look how I jerk off dicks to these boys? — Oksana asked me. — If it is honest, then yes, wildly makes horney me when these boys look at you, but most I want to see as they cum on your madly beautiful breast. I want to see your melons which are filled in with a cum. — From excitement I didn't choose a word any more and said all that thought. — Well, I will make it for you the daddy, but you will help me after that too as they will leave. I just too very much want to terminate today. — Oksana admitted. — Do you want sex so me? — Ne I believed the happiness. — Yes, the daddy, only oral. Can you do to kuna? — The daughter-in-law smiled and again I reddened, whether from excitement, whether from confusion. — I with huge pleasure will lick yours butonchik, I will pinch all your young maiden juice without the rest. — With pleasure I answered. Happy that to me good luck писю to such very young beauty will have to lick. — Well, here also agreed. — Tenderly the daughter-in-law smiled. — Then, the darling, give get up on knees and let children cum on your fine young body. — The girl obediently fell by knees. — Well children, someone the first? — I addressed boys who didn't expect such turn of events at all. Sergey came round with the first. — It is possible I the first? — He asked. — Yes, of course, go ko to me. — By the shivering voice the daughter-in-law told. The boy fast ran up to the very young girl with the sticking-out dick. Oksanochka Sergey's dick took in the small palm and began to move her on the guy's trunk, baring, hiding skin a head of a young dick. Less than a minute Sergey held on and with wild shout I terminated. — A-a-a-a-a-a — Shouted the boy cuming. The stream of his cum struck with a thick stream to the girl in a neck and began to flow down on her elastic tits smoothly. I was quickly thrown to the car behind the video camera. I just couldn't, had no right, to miss such smart video. Sergey departed in the party so all still a standing dick, but already beginning to fall down smoothly. Ne managed Oksanochka to come round as before her lovely face the member Sanka in expectation of the portion of pleasure already stuck out. Here Oksanochke in general it was almost not necessary to strain, after couple of movements of her gentle maiden handles on the horney member Sanka he shot a powerful dense stream of the cum on roundish hemispheres of the daughter-in-law. Cum Sanka also slowly flew down on her charming young breast a viscous thread hanging down from a pink nipple of the left breast. The third was Lyokha with whom Oksanochka coped for couple of minutes, and his cum got to the girl on the right breast. Oksana specially directed the guy's dick to the clean site soy of elastic skin that all her young breast was covered with a cum of children as we also agreed. Afterwards for Lyokha the dick of Vadim with which the girl coped for couple of movements too got to handles to the daughter-in-law having sent a stream of his cum now already to itself between boobs. Vadim okasalos has enough cum much and it a slow stream flew down on her trained tummy filling in a navel hole. I all it is natural I removed on video, the daughter-in-law noticed it. — For history. — She smiled and quickly Nikita's dick shipped in the smart mouth. The guy moaned almost at once cuming in a mouth to my young daughter-in-law. Oksanochka spat out the guy's cum which flew down together with her saliva from a chin. I was in delight, my beauty, naked costs on knees all filled in with a cum and heatedly smiles. — Children, it was pleasant to you? — I asked boys. — O yes, it was just super! — Nikita answered. — A you with Oksana will come here? — I asked Sanyok. — It hardly. — Modestly the daughter-in-law smiled. — Good little by little. — To me kazhetsya I fell in love with you. — Sadly Vadim admitted. — It very much flatters me Vadim, but I am already married. Now give A on houses as promised. — Oksana told and guys unwillingly put on and abandoned us. What to do, the arrangement is an arrangement. As only they passed out of sight, I tumbled down the daughter-in-law on sand and began to carry out a part of the arrangement. My brain was obscured by what was seen, an also delightful smell of her allocations. I at first easily kissed Oksanin the pubis which is absolutely shaved and smooth as at the little girl, then all are stronger and stronger, then began to lick a clitoris, fingering him language and lips, licking so that the daughter-in-law began to be curved from pleasure. I pinched her wonderful nectar exuding from her magnificent bud. Oksanochka moved apart the smooth legs more widely that it was easier for me to investigate her pussy. I licked soft folds of a vagina of the daughter-in-law, kissing her pink sexual lips, feeling ee lubricant in a mouth. I passed povyshe and the clitoris began to suck ee. I went down to ee of an opening and covered him with language. It was such sweet and juicy! I wanted to enter ee the center, and pressed language as far as I could. Na this time I used the fingers to move apart ee of a lip widely and conveniently to lick and suck ee a moist vagina. I widely opened ee a vagina, and thrust the ​​ language so far as I could, and licked ee language inside, bringing the girl into wild delight. I carefully put a finger in her as far as I could, and began to fuck a finger of ee a hard young vagina in that time as language I sucked a pink firm clitoris. I felt that Oksana will terminate now and decided on a desperate step. — The daddy, darling, don't stop, continue, I will terminate now! Well give! Continue the daddy! — I begged Oksanochka when I took away the person from her pisa and having quickly advanced the body forward and the tip of my dick plunged into it. Ee a soft warm pussy was very hard and was stuck on my dick as a glove. — There is no daddy, it isn't necessary, please! You shouldn't fuck me, I am a wife of your son! — Scaredly the daughter-in-law cried, but to stop me isn't possible any more. — To spit native! To spit on all! I so long dreamed of it! I want you Oksana! — I cried in the answer, feeling that I will terminate now. She wildly moaned when suddenly, I grabbed with ee by hips and the dick in ee pushed with a force the pussy. My dick completely entered ee a vagina. Ee the pussy milked me, and I knew that it was done by each sweet section of ee of a young pisa, she began to move hips and to shout uncontrollably. — O yes, daddy, I kochaaaaayu! Give don't stop, fuck me stronger. — I shouted Oksanochka, and I felt as began to contract her and without that riparian forest пися. It was impossible to restrain, and I pushed the dick pining desire deeply in my daughter-in-law where he began to throw up powerful pushes a cum, filling with my seed young bosom Oksanochki. — Yes, here so, receive the whore! I will fill you with the cum of a knot! A-a-a-a! — I shouted cuming, and bringing in a passion rush any roughnesses to the daughter-in-law address. — I am not a whore. — Quietly I told Oksanochka. — Forgive, the darling, it I in a passion rush. — Choking I told. — We shouldn't have done it. — Thoughtfully the girl said. — We to it went long ago, and it would occur early or late, so that now all sides between us are erased. — And it is very bad, so shouldn't be. — The daughter-in-law whispered. — Ne worry the darling, nobody learns, an everything that between us will occur, only with your permission. — I calmed the girl. — All right, I will go I will be washed from your cum and it is already necessary to go. I was happy, now I was sure that I will be able to fuck this young creation of unearthly beauty when I will want. Yes and it won't be able to refuse to me any more, it knows kakoe video we shot today. dating events cambridge date lady site mapMain Page