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As I the first time fooled around. With someone? But someone knows when treason and when still there are purely physiological requirements begins. Now to me already (or still) 35 years. In 22 I married. Not devstvennizzy. Prior to a wedding at me already was two музчин. But if with one of them we only few times fucked (with him I didn't receive an orgasm), then with the second we it were engaged for half a year. Here I had both orgasms and oral sex. In total. But having finished a normal school I on distribution to a popal to the village for 100 kilometers from the soy city. The teacher in the village always was in the public eye. I lived in the hostel. To me the derevensy fellow began to pokhazhivat. Well I thought just to potrakhatsya. And he began to speak about a wedding seriously. I even deliberated to agree or not. Well here, during the next arrival to the hometown, I got acquainted with him. With my future husband. Only I of course didn't know about it yet. Generally I began to fuck on two fronts. On weekdays in the village, and to output houses. This house offered in marriage too and I agreed. Being already consider the bride, returning to the village, I all the same fell asleep in embraces of another. There passed time. I married. But I needed to finish in the village year. Sitting at the wedding I idolized the husband. Myself I swore. In total. What unfaithfulness. On Sunday otgulyal the last wedding day. On Monday early уторм I to the village for work. And in the evening, the same day, I already again stood dog-fashion at the desk (a bed strongly creaking), with pleasures and along with contempt for myself received progress in the vagina. And so calming itself that I fuck so by inertia, I spent to this village three more months. I came back home. All these three months I fucked with another, being already married. But I again, again, calmed myself as could. That here I arrived to the hometown, to the husband and now @-@. There now only now, on my concept, I am the first time and I fooled around. When I returned to the city, places at school weren't. And I was sent the teacher to kindergarten. It was worked normally. In few months I noticed to myself special attention of our carpenter. We had in kindergarten such established post. I worked at it as the 55th summer a muzchina in the afternoon. For me 22 summer, he seemed very old. All called him Viktorovich. On a middle name and all. And here he to me otputit a compliment, on buttocks will slap, and even for a breast хватанёт. He had separately joiner's workshop where he at need repaired tables, stools children's, and so on. And once at me in group two stools were strongly loosened. During a quiet time I took them and went to Viktorovich to a workshop. As soon as I entered he at once got to embrace to me. I then in a jeans short skirt was slightly higher than a knee. Blouse. Well panties and brassiere. Viktorovich pritulitsya to me at once and having embraced for buttocks began to reap to himself. I thought nothing of that kind yet. I tried to laugh the matter off. But he appears everything did seriously. — - the Child, complied the old man - he whispered to me - I Paid a visit. — - Viktorovich, I on business. — - Yes, yes a swallow of course, on business. One hand he continued to touch my back, and another groped my nipple through a brassiere, slightly pinched from time to time him. Having listened to the feelings I to sovy shame understood that I want it. Well it is old. I tried to stop myself, but I couldn't. And itself to spread legs too was стыдновато. But Viktorovich already undid to me a blouse. — - Viktorovich what are you doing? — - I tried to stop him words and slightly resisting. — - Now a devonka, now. — - he muttered as quarrystone — that without hearing my question. He undid to me a blouse to a navel and began to lift up a brassiere up. — - Well Viktorovich - with pressing I told doing the involuntary movement by shoulders and my boobies jumped out of brassiere cups. — - Well and that? — - I asked having ceased to resist kind of saying: Were played and will be enough. Aha. Far from it. Viktorovich oblapat my boobs on which nipples foully bulked up. — - Yes, yes a devonk - he continued to mutter - Now. Viktorovich took me by hand and brought to a workbench. He put me about him, and itself began to bypass around me, kind of estimating. When he came behind, began to caress to me a back. His hand gently, slowly began to rise to my neck up. When his hand appeared at me on a neck, he suddenly began to push her in before. I involuntarily bent and not to fall rested hands against a workbench. And right there his second hand slipped to me under a skirt. I didn't manage to shift legs as his palm already covered my panties at me on a perineum. — - Well it already too. — - I was indignant. And that. Wasn't enough what this old man would grope that from his caress mine пися already the beginnings exudes. But Viktorovich proved to be the skilled lover also here. Without paying not the slightest attention to my indignations. His fingers already got to me under panties and having slipped already on wet sponges drowned vny precisely having groped my kliterok. In total. Here I got. A little more повозмущавшись I understood that to me any more not to get out. Yes I already also didn't want. I already wanted only one. This old man. I bent below spreading legs more widely. His hand removed my panties stronger and more freely began to caress me. Kliterok. Sponges. His finger began to dive to me into a vagina. Here it was a little discharged making some movements with the trousers. — - the sun is lower - he told - Bend below. I обпёрлась elbows about a workbench. Viktorovich one hand together with panties delayed a half of my buttocks, and another other half. I understood that he considers mine развервнувшееся in all beauty a vagina. I felt on in the course in a vagina SOMETHING. Naturally I understood that it. And here his head having slightly hooked for sponges of my vagina I entered me. And then after a sekndny pause he began to push it in me. On feelings his dick was happy impressive (as then it became clear I I wasn't mistaken). He entered me densely, filling all completely, concerning walls of a vagina and stopped only literally in several millimeters from a uterus. Viktorovich's hips nestled on my buttocks. And he began the love movements. During movements his head began to be stuck to me into a uterus. He had no fast, hurrying movements, he did everything dimensionally. After 5 — 6 of his movements I received small оргазмик. He understood it. He released my buttocks and continuing movements clasped my boobies began to finger nipples. — - Ah you my sweetheart - zavorkovat Viktorovich - little mine. I began to miss. I wanted. You love it is mine кыця. After these words I received the second small orgasm and almost at once Viktorovich took out from me the dick. I didn't look back, and continued to stand so. But Viktorovich behind me moaned and I understood that he just didn't begin to cum in me. In this garden I worked four years. And on shares to say that all four years Viktorovich was my lover. Then there were also others, and during him were, but he was VERY FIRST!!! dating events atlanta date ideas manhattan ks site mapMain Page