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This story from those that could occur so me. For those someone needs an order — let it will be the second. I will begin with the fact that I wanted to put on as the girl, to dress up in different clothes, beautiful and sexual, so, that at the man's view of me were made horney. I gave myself the report that I look ridiculously, but continued by that not less. Quite often I even dressed that-to from women's clothes so that it wasn't visible, we will tell pants, or tights, the whole day went then as didn't happen in anything, at all on a look, having chance to be found. It so brought me that, having retired, I so passion indulged in onanism. Surprisingly at is that mine "a men's part" in the end of the ends reconciled, and even approved such actions. And though I wished girls, understanding the strangenesses, didn't get a relationship with them. Gradually I began to realize that I can come much further that simple disguise to me becomes a little. And at last once, there was that what I unconsciously aspired to. Absolutely recently I returned to the parental apartment where there lived my senior sister. We were never really familiar with her, only when were absolutely small, but I early left and lived separately from family, and we almost didn't communicate. No in a result I had to return to the house of my childhood. Being here, I all memoirs of that time gushed at once — exactly here I for the first time began to dress up as the girl. Then, watching the sister, I wanted to look as the beautiful girl. Now I had again an opportunity to change clothes in women's clothes. Than I also used as there was only one. Also I began to do so constantly. I went on the house, I watched a porn, I was engaged in usual things. No pretending to be the girl. Even I began to call myself in a different way. When phone called, and there was someone-to to me not the acquaintance, I changed a voice, and tried to be as it is possible more convincingly. I liked to win back character of the character. I even created pages in social networks, and on the websites of acquaintances. There I was quite dissolute very young girl who though hesitated of a live meeting, but all burned with desire that the man seized her. So or differently my disguise couldn't take place unnoticed. I became negligent in sweeping of traces and itself understood it. That day everything was usually. The sister left for work, an I, having remained one, almost at once changed clothes in already favourite things. I came into the bathroom, I became it is painted, and here I heard as the entrance door began to open. I understood at once — it the sister for some reason returned. I began to panic, and instantly slammed a door. At me never and in thoughts was to tell someone - or o the strangenesses, but here I got. I began to look back in what-nibud search of clothes, but as to spite around there was nothing, than it would be possible to be covered. Only one front towel near a sink. A I was tights, pants, a short skirt, a jacket with long sleeves, a brassiere with linings. Still and a bigger part of a make-up on a face — lip lipstick, eyelashes and eyebrows, shadows under eyes. Even having undressed naked I couldn't take out imperceptibly all ee of a thing and remove them. Because of a door it was heard as the sister undresses, takes off footwear, rustles with packages. She passed to the room where I left the scattered things, open cases. I mentally contracted, being afraid even to present what now will be. Hey! What did you do in my room? You what took my things? Anton, what you did? Leave the bathroom! Anton! — she began to bang on a door, and I understood that there is no exit. I undertook the handle and opened a door. Having seen me, the sister became silent and lowered hands. She looked confused, obviously without expecting it. — Nothing to myself, I suspected that you take my things, but you thought just them you smell or like that, and you jerk off in the bathroom... I understood that the sister won't swear and began that-to to mumble, justify oneself, bear what-to nonsense about what-to performance that I just prepared, but quite quickly broke off, and, having lowered the head, stared at a floor. She kakoye-to time was silent, and just looked at me, a suddenly told then — If you so want to dress my things, then you can take them. No always luggage back. Na the business I don't mind, it is even cool. A you slept with men? — Neeeet, you what! — So to you that, just it is pleasant to put on as the girl. Хм, an I can help with the general-to to you with it. To pick up clothes, will make up. Precisely, you will be my doll now. Also don't think to argue. — L - it is fine. Will you tell A to nobody? — No, don't worry. No you should bring yourself into an order. — In what sense? — Well, for the beginning, you need precisely to shave yourself. Entirely. Legs, hands, between legs. Still, I think, we will replace to you a hairstyle. We will make a unisex, so it will be easier for you to change images there and back. Yes, I think nothing will turn out quite to itself. — Na ee the person appeared a smile as if she conceived that-to very interesting and amusing. — Well. A you definitely doesn't mind? — Well, on the business I don't think what in it is that-to awful. If you want to be a girl is your business. — Thanks) I even also didn't think that you so will apprehend it. I at all never represented that to someone-nibud I will really tell about all it. At that moment I felt huge simplification. I left the bathroom and followed the sister in ee the room. There she seated me on a bed and forced to tell everything since the beginning. At first I was nervous, but in a result laid out her everything. It became gradually so easy to speak. This improbable feeling when you open and you trust someone entirely and completely all intimate secrets. That more such. No then I didn't know yet that it is all only the beginning, and even approximately couldn't present in what all it will pour out. Continuation already is, and will be absolutely soon as I will only finish editorial changes. Send the responses and comments to the address — simply I will be So glad to communicate. dating etiquette paying for dinner date calculator duke site mapMain Page