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There was a spring, there passed week since Alan was registered on the website "Madam and Slave" and at last having received the first message. — Hi the slave ready to serve Madam? — I am ready to execute any your order Madam. — Perfectly)) Tell me about yourself. — I love when I am fucked in buttocks, I like to be connected, it is ready to lick legs, the pussy and buttocks. — Toys what are? — I have a gag, a butt plug and latex stockings. — Stockings? Interestingly)) I want to meet you tomorrow, but before it I will give you a task))) — For you Madam, anything!!! — Hair between legs it isn't pleasant to me, to shave and make a photo. When to be photographed, put on the stockings. — I obey Madam. In twenty years, Alan shaved every week the person and to shave between legs it seemed to him a simple task. But shaving incredibly made horney the guy, it was the first step to the real slavery therefore he couldn't constrain in any way joy when there is no hair left and everything was clean. After that Alan greased legs with lubricant and put on latex stockings, straightening folds. Having become in front of the mirror, he made several pictures from different foreshortenings. Having received photos, Madam considered the thin guy with a long fair hair in stockings alone. "Fifteen centimeters. Not bad" — she thought. — The darling at you an attractive face)) And in additives with stockings you are similar to the girl)) — Thanks Madam. — I shaved well, I praise. Tomorrow I wait at home at twelve o'clock. There is an address. Not to be late!!! And to make an enema before an exit. — Well Madam. Without five eleven the guy already stood at a door. The girl, by sight twenty five years, with a good figure, a magnificent breast and long, black hair opened for him a door. She was to dress as the real Madam: a black corset, black lacy stockings and gloves, leather panties and shoes on a high heel. — Pass, undress — the girl ordered. - Completely. And on knees. Having made as ordered, the slave obediently kneeled. Heart knocked with stupendous strength. Madam approached and put on to it a neck a leather collar, a symbol of sexual slavery. — Here so, now you are my property. You will take off a collar only when you wash — after that, it lifted the guy and put on to the slave a dick a plastic, transparent belt of fidelity which was small on him, but and thought. — And you won't remove him any more. Your dick isn't required to us any more. — Never I will remove? — Yes, you can't jerk off. And now on knees, show what you are able to do by a uvula. Madam removed panties and became before the slave, stroking his hair. The guy shy licked the girl's clitoris. After several polizivan, he began to move language more surely, polizivy, getting into the pussy. Madam began to groan from excitement. She clasped his head with hands because felt that legs begin to shiver. The slave everything increased speed. He licked, bit, teased the pussy more and more intensively. Eventually the girl having loudly moaned, I terminated a rough orgasm. - Not badly, but is what to work on. Now we will be engaged your other hole. Madam got a strap-on and having put on it, went to the slave. The phallus rocked in a step to her slow steps. - Lick him properly the slave. At first he a tip of language licked a strap-on, and after that he took him in a mouth. Increasing speed, the slave pushed in himself a strap-on more and more deeply. His dick began to be made horney, but the cage didn't give him the chance to get up normally. From excitement saliva began to flow from a mouth. The guy began to lick vigorously a strap-on and when he completely appeared in his mouth, Madam stopped him. - Now we will prepare you — she ordered him to sit down on a bed and after that having got hands of the slave for a back, held down them handcuffs. Having put the slave on a stomach, Madam raised his unprotected buttocks. — And the last stroke — she put to it in a mouth a gag from what the slave could only low and slobber. — Gotov? — in reply there were only groans. Madam sent a strap-on, wet from saliva, to "pussy" of the slave. The sharp movement she stuck it into an anus of the slave and he moaned. - It is pleasant? She slowly pushed and pulled out a phallus, teasing a hole. Gradually Madam accelerated. The guy without stopping groaned from pleasure, saliva flew down through a gag. The slave shivered from excitement. He wanted to terminate, very much wanted to terminate. Twenty minutes Madam fucked "pussy", she accelerated, slowed down, dementing the slave. At last the orgasm covered the guy with an improbable force, the cum began to flow through a fidelity belt. - What buttocks, appetizing at you, your ringlet are so cool jerked during an orgasm, would fuck you all night long — the slave lowed. — You will sleep with me. And it that it wasn't boring for you at night. She pulled out a strap-on from "pussy" and at once put the small vibrator. Again there came the pleasant feeling of fullness. Having fixed the vibrator by thongs that he didn't get out, Madam included it in easy vibrations. Улегшись near the slave, the girl tied to him legs and turned on a back. — Good night the sun, waits for you a lot of new tomorrow — she smiled and kissed the slave on a gag. Having settled more conveniently, the girl put the head on a breast of the slave and fell asleep. But Alan couldn't fall asleep. Events which took place today and the vibrator which quietly buzzed made the slave conceited. Soon the dream got the best and the slave fell asleep. Strong excitement woke the guy. Madam increased vibration frequency from what the slave it is horney moaned. Having understood that the guy woke up, the girl removed from him the slobbered gag and set aside it. - How it was fallen down? - Perfectly Madam. - I am glad. Now it is time to work over your appearance. — Appearance? Madam released the slave, having removed handcuffs and the vibrator. After that she left the room, having left the guy to sit on a bed. When girls I returned, she held maiden clothes and cosmetics in hand. - You have such lovely face and such figure. I solved, I want to have not the slave, but the slave — is joyful Madam told. — Give try on everything, and then we will be engaged in your attractive face. The slave obediently began to put on a brassiere which increased his ores to the first and a half the size, stockings an overknee, short dress and shoes on a small heel. — There are no panties — the slave with astonishment told. - Why to the slave panties? Her pussy has to be ready to accept at any time everything that Madam will push in her, and panties will only disturb. It is clear? — the guy nodded. — Now sit down. The girl began to direct to the slave to an eyelash, to draw shadows. The slave schuffled on a chair and having reddened, smiled. — Pleasantly?? — Unusual feeling Madam. - A sponge — it caused light gloss. — Now we will comb you hair — braiding braids, the girl frowned. — You will release still hair, it is necessary to me the beautiful slave. Having finished, she brought Alan to a mirror. On him the beautiful girl without any hint looked at similarity to the guy. The collar delicately covered an Adam's apple, and the dress well hid a dick. - It I? - Yes expensive. Even you won't tell that I was born the guy — Madam laughed. — And now we will think up to you a name. How as about, the whore? — Fine name, Madam. - Here and remarkably. And now we go you will have breakfast in cafe. To go along the street in such look, confused the slave, but at the same time incredibly made horney. It was still heavy to wear heels for her therefore Madam supported her by a hand. When they came into cafe, Madam chose a table from the edge. Before sitting down, she led the slave in a toilet. — Lean on a sink and vipn buttocks — Madam ordered and pulled out from a handbag a tube and an anal chain from balls. Having greased them, she began to push balls in the slave's "pussy". On one balls disappeared in buttocks and lower quietly I moaned. The chain hinted about itself only a small ringlet, sticking out at the entrance to an anus now. - You see, panties if only slowed down this process. - It is clear Madam. Having returned for a table, they sat down. The chain reminded of itself pleasant discomfort at once. In a couple of minutes the waiter approached. - Good afternoon ladies, forgive that so long, I didn't notice you in this dark corner. What will you order? - I will be this salad and a cup of a kava, and my friend on a diet therefore to her only tea — Madam told. - I thank you, will bring soon — the waiter left the hall. - Now the whore, I want that you satisfied me. - Here? Now? - Names — Madam seriously told, having inclined the head sideways. Being confused, the slave got under a table. The small cloth covered a small part of a body. Creeping up, she slightly parted legs of Madam and delayed panties aside. - Give a pussycat, you know what to do. The slave began to lick a clitoris slow movements, teasing Madam. Having shipped a uvula in a vagina, Madam moaned from what people began to look back. Having thrust fingers into the pussy, Madam curved a back, pushing hips towards to fingers. - There is your order — the waiter approached. - Your girlfriend will return? - Yes, she nearby, will return soon — Madam heatedly told. Two fingers the slave began to get quicker into a vagina, and a uvula licked a clitoris. In a few minutes Madam terminated directly on the face of the slave. - The good fellow the whore — panting the girl told. The slave wiped a face and was going to get out. - Where you the sun — she grabbed lower by a collar. - Lick. That everything was clean there and that to a drop I swallowed everything. It will also be your breakfast. The slave began to lick properly the pussy and when she already was clean, lower delayed panties back into place. Having licked sticky fingers which lower I masturbated, the slave got out with under a table. — Tasty? — I asked smiling to Madam. - Very much. Thanks Madam — smiled the slave having detained a look on salad. Having seen it, Madam shook the head. - Open a mouth — Madam ordered and put a salad spoon in the slave's mouth. - Do you want more? - Yes. - A mouth — the slave opened a mouth and chewed the received salad. - I thank Madam. Having stopped having breakfast, couple left cafe. Walking in the park, they communicated on different subjects. All took them for girlfriends who came for walk on solar Sunday. On Gospozha Road came into shop the sex shop. Together they considered various sex of a toy and linen. - Than I can help? — the seller told. - Wait please, my friend still chooses. - I? - Yes, I want that you chose for yourself a toy. The slave bypassed shelves with various sex by toys of various sizes and forms. I stopped before an inflatable butt plug. - Do you want this? — Madam was surprised. - I want to stretch somewhat quicker the … "pussy" that it was more pleasant to you than her … to fuck — the slave shy told. - Well, well — she stroked the slave and paid purchase. Having come home, Madam undressed the slave, having left only stockings and a collar. She stretched her spandeksovy gloves above an elbow and ordered to put on. They were brilliant and smooth to the touch from what the slave was made horney. - How is your friend in a cage? - A little closely and painfully, but I got used. - Well. We go we will test your purchase. She led the slave to the room and ordered to lay down and lift up buttocks. Madam stroked her on buttocks and slapped few times. Blows burned skin and left behind pleasant heat, forcing the slave to be made horney above any limits. - The kitty as you became wet from couple of blows is wet. Madam took for a ringlet that stuck out from the slave's buttocks. The sharp breakthrough and all balls with a silent squelch took off from "pussy", having forced lower to scream quietly. And again balls slowly, on one returned in "pussy". After ten such manipulations, the slave already felt approach of an improbable orgasm, but Madam decided that it is enough. She took an inflatable stopper and thrust into the reddened and wet buttocks of the slave. Pressing pear, the stopper began to increase. The low moan escaped from the slave. - Now I want to watch the movie. But Madam was only fated to watch the movie. She sat on a sofa having put legs on a back of the slave who was on all fours blindfold and a gag in a mouth. From time to time Madam pressed pear from what she lower began to shiver and groan, slobbering. When day came to an end, Alan stood in the hall in the clothes. - I wait for you in a week. You will write me every evening — Madam ordered. - You will carry every day a butt plug and latex stockings, and for the night to put on a gag. — I obey Madam. - I will visit, from time to time, to you in the university therefore don't even think to deceive me. - I will never dare to make it. - It pleases me. All run. So his slavery as the slave began. Everyone became week unforgettable for both of them and both couldn't wait for days off again to play the roles. dating etiquette for guys dateline under the desert sky site mapMain Page