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Since the moment of writing of my last story "Excellent Tutor" passed even 3 (!) years! Ne I think that fans of my "creativity" appeared from behind two of my stories, but I as nobody another, I understand fans of this genre — stories in the last time leave very much a little. Naturally for these three years there were many events: it is a lot of new acquaintances, change of two works, love, quarrels, scandals, is a lot of girls not less men. So, there were several travel about one of which, I also will tell you. I am from Uzbekistan, from the city of Tashkent, but our family went from there to Moscow when I was 12 years old. Even those years Tashkent was quite crowded, tourist place, a now, almost all half of Europeans "60+" goes to heat bones and sand to solar Uzbekistan. 12 years — would seem, very conscious age, but, to a regret, nothing except the small yard and couple of neighbour's friends I remember nothing. In the end of May of this year, at work I received a holiday, even for the whole two weeks. To fly to foreign resorts of money wasn't, an on domestic — that more. And so it turned out that the last half of year I corresponded on the Internet with one man, he was called (and call) Alisher. He lives in Uzbekistan, in my native city. He is 38 years old, is quite nice, is athletically difficult and very isn't poor, in difference from the compatriots — local Moscow guest workers. We began to correspond how he read that my story "Excellent Tutor" a year ago. He wrote me that he works in IT sphere too, too recently trained one employee from regional branch and thought how to fuck that sugary youth. A after reading of my story, (according to him) he masturbated week, getting a grasp of each line and representing me. Of course, it was pleasant to me, but so or differently, hundreds of other messages he stood out nothing, and I answered just out of politeness. No when he told that he from Tashkent, me it became just curious how there mine, let and forgotten, but the native city. O the city that occurred for all these years that new what there now people as treat same-sex sex began to communicate on different subjects, on the beginning, of course. Further, naturally, began to communicate more closely on intimate subjects, a coma as it is pleasant more why he was fond of the boys who are dressing up in girls, well as an in rushes of passion and excitement, he wrote me as and in what poses, he would fuck me for day without a break. For all time of correspondence we very much approached, we shared the friend with the friend intimate photos, he sent me a photo of the brawny body, the photo of the very beautiful cut-off dick. I sent to the turn to him photos of the of a maiden figure in very beautiful lower linen, the photo and short videos of how I play so the buttocks, representing him in myself. The not less, we shared the friend with the friend not only platitudes, in a type of the fact that we very much approached, yes and the fact that there were we the friend from the friend far, we shared the friend with the friend and the vital problems, in the basic he. He is married and as it is accepted in Uzbekistan — he was married in 20 years, by t. e. his parents found to him the wife, and roughly speaking, he saw ee only at a wedding. He doesn't hide, in youth, his wife when she was 19 years old, was very beautiful, slender and well-groomed girl. It is natural how the boy of 20 years who wasn't seeing a female body yet and not knowing female caress, he here in her was loved. Sex at the beginning of family life was great, every day on several time, so and planed to themselves three children. No "se la ви" and as it often happens, the wife after the birth of three children very strongly grew fat, well as it is strong, to 130 kg. I ceased to watch myself, ee overcame various complexes and all implementation failure she broke on the husband, even she especially wasn't engaged in education of children. Well, an about sex couldn't be spoken. Naturally Alisher went on the left, but through several partners understood that traditional sex not absolutely suits him and it is necessary for him that-to "another". So he also contacted boys disguised as girls. I apologize for so long lyrical retreat. And here in the end of May when to me was given to have a rest to steam of weeks, in the correspondence course with Alisher, we came to opinion that I need to fly to Uzbekistan. He took on himself all expenses on flight and accommodation. I removed to me the apartment directly in the center of the city, I hammered the refrigerator with all necessary, a so (where without it) I bought to me very much a lot of women's linen which wildly made horney him. He met me at the airport, we the friend of the friend learned at once, was populous, and we just reaped each other hands, but it was visible that he is very glad me to see and that he understands that he waits for him in the next two weeks. We got to him into the car, and here turbidity of mind — we kiss as teenagers, without hesitating of passersby at all. His language brings together me from mind, the right hand gently caresses my hips, a left slightly smothers my neck (everything remembers that I love when I am smothered). A pedal in a floor and here we rush across night Tashkent, the city beautiful, clean and well-groomed, but now to me to spit, I think only of one... Turn on the left, to the right and I didn't notice turn how we appeared in the dark yard. He looks at me, beautiful Uzbek lines of his person force to fall in love with him on the tomatoes. All it was magnificent, mad also on all life. No it is somehow banal... everything was changed by the last day of my stay in Tashkent. One day prior to flying away Alisher decided to take me in one more local "sight" — to mountains. We collected a few things: dressing gowns, towels, bathing suit. The road took not more than one and a half hours, all this time it held with one one hand a wheel, a second caressed my legs. We arrived to one of resort complexes which here a dime a dozen and became populated in one of numbers. All this time I naturally was in men's clothes, so the parties it seemed that just two friends decided to have a rest and bathe. We spent the whole day near the pool, sunbathed, drank cocktails and enjoyed the friend the friend. Day passed perfectly, a night... even more better. We with Alisher waited for deep night, in an hour 3 when already all lodgers of hotel slept, we secretly left to the pool. I at last put on the bathing suit in which I dreamed to bathe already to steam of years, made up, put on a black bracelet very fashionable now a neck (a black belt on throat blowjob), put on shlyukhovatye shoes on a very tall hairpin and we with Alisher went to the pool. Was stashno that someone-nibud will see us, but excitement was through чур strong. Having come to the pool, Alisher removed swimming trunks here and jumped in water. I was frightened that we will be heard and asked to be potishe. Na that he just pulled me by a hand and I fell in water. It is good that on me waterproof cosmetics, and not a wig, my an otroshchennye to shoulders hair, but I didn't even manage to take off shoes. Alisher swam up ko to me with a malicious smile, looked in my eyes and I understood that now I will have the most romantic sex in my life. We began to kiss, his language outraged upon my mouth already much for these two weeks, but now he was never gentle as. It was the kiss from the most sweet melodrama, so even in the movie don't kiss. I began to flow... I terminated, I swear, I terminated from a kiss, it wasn't yet and hardly still will be, the cum from my small chlenika streamed just from understanding of all events! I shivered, but my male strong kept me in the embraces. I understood that I have to, no, is obliged to make so that he remembered this night on all life. He leaned the elbows a back on a wall of the pool and I dived under water to make to him blowjob. It was heavy, but underwater blowjob, I think a little to which of us did such. It was pleasant to him, he held both hands me by the head, without allowing to come up and breathe. Then Alisher told that he doesn't want to do it in water and we went to hotel, to a sauna. On the road to us two employees of a complex met, they looked at my man with such envy, an on me with such desire and lust that I was afraid that they it is fucked me directly here. Yes, Uzbeks "hungry", but it in them is also pleasant to me. Alisher took on a reception keys from number with a sauna. While I stood and waited for him on the street, I felt on myself views of those children, they hid in bushes and looked at me, thus that-to they very actively said on-uzbekski. I gave them a little food for imagination since I was to them a back, I as accidentally would bend down to correct shoes, thus as much as possible bent a back and bulged the buttocks so that bared nearly a half of a bum. The groan because of bushes was heard, I stood so a few, a got up then on all fours as as if that-to I look for on a floor, thus actively wagging a bottom. No there was Alisher here, I sharply got up and we left. In a sauna it was warm, I lacked it the last 15 minutes. And here, we kiss again, already not so excitingly, but is more passionate, I feel that it is simple ublazh that then as it is necessary to fuck me. He removes from me panties from a bathing suit, puts on all fours, parts with hands my rolls and tastefully spits directly in an anus. And it is even not opposite therefore that it is more best not to find lubricants. His dick costs already long ago, he the sharp movement inserts into me the dick, takes out it, a then several more time spits to me directly in a hole. And here, fuck I began. He hollows me so that slaps are heard probably on all mountains, his dick enters at all length. To me it is good, to me it is healthy, I thank God for the fact that he thought up sex and for the fact that he allocated mine trakhalya with such dick... Alisher lays down on a back, I sit down from above, circular movements by hips, as he loves all; up-down, up-down, I jump on him as one his mistress and that more wife jumped. I do it that I didn't do one real whore in this dirty filthy sauna. We get up, I rest hands against a wall, I curve the back, I bulge magnificent buttocks that Alisher as follows fucked ee. He hollows me as the madman, he holds one hand me by a breast, strong squeezing, gently stroking, a he holds the second hand me by a neck, smothers me as the guilty bitch, there isn't enough oxygen, he goes to far, he is a good fellow, I love it, I lose consciousness a little and again I come back to myself. Groans, shouts, slaps of his body my o — nothing it was, there were an animal roar, almost opera howls in all voice and a sound otboynogo the hammer hollowing my young elastic maiden body. To me it was so good, I didn't cum any more therefore that couldn't, the cum flew down from the dick in time of all sexual act. I don't remember how many times were terminated by him, I remember woke up at dawn, on a sofa about a window. I woke him, we returned to number while was nobody, a then returned to the city... Here so I spent the Uzbek summer. There will last sex for a year. I promise to return in a year, well or as again I will want rigidly potrakhatsya so the Alisher. dating etiquette china date calculator minutes site mapMain Page