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Elena turned on a bed what time is it, the excited consciousness didn't allow to fall asleep in any way. She remembered last day again and again and wasn't believed her that it could occur and furthermore to happen to her, the quiet, balanced woman of 38 years. Quiet in everything, and first of all in a bed, because of it a year ago it was thrown by the husband, having moved to the mistress and having left them with the son of some The hand slipped in the panties crude from her allocations, fingers ran on the burning chink and she returned to memoirs again … … Working hours came to an end, colleagues celebrated a birthday today, it is clean in a female circle, wine went to the head and Elena having relaxed for the first time for the last months felt easily and freely. The laughing girlfriends jumped in the taxi and dashed away in spring evening, to the husbands. And can lovers. From this thought some impulse ran from the woman's brain down a stomach and there below and remained the light aching sweet. A year she had no sex and recently she began to notice in herself changes. She began to be made horney easily, sometimes when it absolutely inopportunely, quite often I masturbated when wasn't at home the son, or in the bathroom when houses he nevertheless was. She spent evenings to beds with the laptop, looking through the pornwebsites and furtively stroking the accurate mink through silk panties. Reached that the conservative woman in intimate questions, shaved all hair around the vagina once. Elena was beautifully, and in principle never tested a lack of male attention. There were also specific proposals, but she was afraid to bring the lover, was afraid that the son learns and will misunderstand her. So gradually she was dissolved in the infinite self-satisfaction, and the pizda persistently asked the dick, a hot firm dick. Elena stood near the road having extended a hand, but the steam of cars as ill luck would have it rushing by would seem didn't notice the woman beginning to freeze. At last, good luck smiled to her, from a window of the stopped Ford'the man asked: - Where?. Having answered and having heard the price which satisfied it, the woman sat down in warm salon and closed a door. — Fasten a belt please — the voice speaking was low, but not rough. Elena was fastened, and examined the driver. By sight no more than 25 years, nice, but his handsome it was hardly possible to call, brown eyes, chestnut-colored hair, the outlined line of a jaw, an easy bristle on a face, a sports constitution. "Boy" — she thought. The guy drove the car surely, on the companion it would seem didn't pay attention. Elena was finally warmed, the drunk wine and pleasant music in salon worked rasslablyayushche and excitingly at the same time, the woman cast away the head on a chair and having stretched lips in a blissful smile decided to dream up a little. Recently she often thought of sex with the stranger, but common sense said that it can be dangerous both to her and to her health. The truth always represented itself with the man of solid age, tactful and skillful, well-groomed with the beautiful dick. Elena didn't love the big sizes because by nature her peshcherka was quite narrow that not strongly changed after the son's birth, and even the average sizes the dick of the ex-husband hurt her at sharp invasion without preliminary preparation. Now absolutely young guy sat next to her, and the woman understood that she at her takes the breath away, from only one thought of a young elastic dick. Her pizda with pleasure the zanyla, panties became wet and got off. Continuing to bring itself it presented how she takes off the skirt and having lowered pants begins to masturbate at him, looking at how the dick in his jeans strains. She walks fingers on the mink, touches a clitoris, immerses inside fingers, caresses the anal hole, and he already tensely drives the car, constantly darting glances at a mature lewd female. "Interestingly what his dick on taste." — Elena thought. The sound of the undone fly forced her to open eyes. — And you try — she heard the same deep voice of the satellite. — What are you doing? – eyes of the woman extended from a fright, blood without restraint began to knock in temples. In the head a round dance thoughts of maniacs, rapes, murders rushed. All hop took off as if it also wasn't at all. — It is interesting to you what on taste or not? – the voice of the young man was quiet and equal, and this quiet voice one intonation said that aren't going to force it. The wave of fear fell down though inside still everything shivered, and at this moment Elena understood that she said the last phrase aloud, the face was filled in with crimson paint, in eyes again everything floated, she wanted to fail on the place from shame. But that most of all surprised the woman, is that the vagina seemed now will burst from desire, the chink without restraint pulsing expired moisture and trembled. Lena looked at the man, he still watched for expensive, unperturbably, any muscle on a face didn't tremble, and for a second it seemed to it that nothing was. The look slipped below, there from unbuttoned jeans also unperturbably and is proud the dick which hardened from desire towered. His head became bare and seemed damp by sight, everything was accurately shaved. This dick was more, than at the ex-husband, but not huge. Elena's mink desperately asked the hostess to give in to temptation. The pride for itself, for the fact that she can cause desire in young men sweet nectar laid down on soul the lonely woman, hop returned to the head, and with him and think that that moment of which so long I dreamed came. Elena unfastened a seat belt. The shivering hand she gently ran over the dick, from top to down, having felt a slippery head. The crazy and shameless thought came to her mind, and she decided to execute her. Other hand she lifted up a skirt and got to herself into panties, having concerned a clitoris deeply exhaled from improbable pleasure, having collected enough lubricant on a palm she got a hand back and the dick of the stranger clasped. After several movements down-up, already was in her hands absolutely independent living being, slippery, elastic, pulsing from pleasure would seem. The woman panted, her clouded eyes languor, and the mouth was filled with saliva. The vagina already not just pined, she became seemed to one big pizdy which so wanted to feel already something warm and firm in itself. Ahead the branch of the road seemed and the driver directed the car to the wood. — Will you taste try that? – In his voice nothing was reflected, and in eyes Elena noticed hardly noticeable smile, and at the same moment understood that she completely within his power, not on coercion, and on call of the eager hole, and from feeling of the weakness and helplessness the new stream of heat rushed to her vagina. Having bent over the dick she inhaled his smell. And having carried out by language around a head, I shipped it in the mouth. Gradually accelerated movements of the head Elena tried to place him in herself completely. She remembered recently watched movie where women dicks entirely swallowed, accepting them in the throat and as she then was made horney, and now there was her chance to be influenced by all this, and wasn't going to miss him. Lena slowly passed a dick to itself in a throat, specially breathing a nose is deeper, testing small attacks of nausea, and having a fit of coughing sometimes, but at the same time felt inflow of improbable excitement from understanding that it does now. At last she touched by lips of his shaven pubis, and also slowly began to raise the head until at some point I lowered her again. Movements became surer, and she began to derive physical pleasure that the dick of this guy the insatiable throat actually fucks. In a few minutes he accurately raised the head of Lena and having taken her for a chin looked in eyes with traces of tears and full lusts. From his look began to shake the woman, it implanted two fingers to her into a mouth and began to fuck the woman who closed eyes from pleasure. Having come off the toy, he went out of the car and went towards Elena's door, having opened her he ordered to the woman to leave. She stood on the giving-away legs and looked at such desired absolutely others to her the person, and wanted only one. Having developed her face to the car he lifted up a skirt and one sharp movement lowered her white wet panties to ankles, Elena raised legs in turn, being exempted from linen which remained in hands of the young man, and the cool April breeze concerned her burning chink. One hand the man opened for it a mouth, and another placed her panties there. The woman was thrilled with this debauchery, she enjoyed every second and waited, what will be farther. The fellow traveler pressed to Elena between shovels and pushed her in a car interior, so, that it appeared knees on passenger, rested hands against driver's, and her bottom provocatively stuck out in the direction of the young man. Yet not absolutely darkened, and she presented how now looks before him, a round white bottom, wide hips, a shaven pizda and a defiant hole of an anus are elastic. Elena dissolutely smiled to herself and began to rock backwards-forward, slightly rotating buttocks until strong hands took her for hips. The woman watchfully strained in an anticipation, a firm dick hardly concerning walked on lips of her vagina, touching a clitoris and frankly teasing. She tried will be stuck on him, but it is vain, the young man strong held her and scoffed at the expiring mature woman. Some more attempts weren't crowned with success and between legs at Elena already everything reduced, the reason grew dim, and here having again felt a dick she moved back, with all the might, and unexpectedly without having felt resistance of his hands completely was strung on his heated dick. The head hit in a uterus and deep lingering groan of the yearned woman escaped from Elena's breast. Movements of the man were powerful and quiet, the same as his look, his hands, he methodically pumped up Elena, taking out a dick and again exhausting him completely. "My God, as painfully" — Lena, after the first blow thought. She felt as the dick moved back and having slipped out again strongly was pressed in her. "Oh, mother, more slowly, please". She couldn't tell, words, wet panties occupied a mouth, only loudly groaned. The young piston still was active in her hole, only pain was replaced by acute pleasure, the first orgasm came very quickly, having felt the stranger began to move quicker, forcing the woman to peep from the covering pleasure. Having a little reduced speed he took her large rolls in hand and began to part them in the parties, bringing new unknown feelings. Elena already herself was stuck on this weapon of satisfaction, bringing closer the second orgasm, and unexpected penetration of a finger into her back hole blew up everything in her. She fought as mad in spasms, but the guy strong held her. Now the dick and a finger on couple were active in her, the shivering hands gave away, she fell below and began to lick and suck the lever of switching of speeds, and completely filled, feeling dirty, dissolute and happy met the third orgasm at the same time with the torturer. The cum struck deeply inside, and Elena nestled the back as it is possible more densely. She loved very much this feeling, but the ex-husband had a paranoid fear of the second pregnancy. The man stood in her, Lena well felt the calming-down pulsation of the dick, and she very much liked the moments of this unification. At last the dick left her, and having given a ringing slap on a dairy bum right there of the screamed Elena he told her to put pants so far the cum didn't follow. The obedient woman executed the order and got into the car. The man wiped a dick about her skirt and moved away him in trousers. A minute later they continued driving. — Fasten a belt please — he told her, with a faint smile. She smiled too and having fastened turned away to a window. Thoughts randomly turned in the head, the pleasure spread on a body. The cum followed and was absorbed in pants. The car approached Elena's house, she stretched money. — Hussars from ladies of money don't take — he unperturbably told. Lena looked at him and didn't understand, jokes or not, waited, he wrote something on the leaf which is pulled out from a notebook then took it for a chin and implanted it a finger into a mouth, the woman licked him and drained in. He took a leaf on which I wrote and having got a finger from a mouth placed him there. — Leave. The woman rose without daring to get paper from a mouth, he at parting slapped her on a bum. In the elevator she pressed the STOP button and having got a leaf read: 8916 ******* Mikhail. … She remembered Mikhail's finger in the buttocks and the sweet shiver ran on a body. Elena removed panties which stored a cum of her stallion and inserted them to herself into a mouth, took a tube of mascara from a bedside table and having greased the anus laid down on a bed and having drawn in knees to a breast accurately inserted it into the buttocks. Having made several movements she turned over sideways, and continuing to fuck herself began to finger the clitoris didn't terminate with loud lingering groan yet. She smiled, thought well that the son remained with the friend today and completely zatrakhanny fell asleep. It is my first story, your responses, wishes, remarks send to the address, with pleasure I will communicate to girls, I will try to answer all. dating english hindi meaning yamaha launch date in india site mapMain Page