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May mother died in a car to accident a month ago. The stepfather and so nedolyubivat me, and here and in general vazninavidet. He began to beat me, to humiliate. So that I for hours walked on streets, and home came only to spend the night. I was afraid of him and almost completely obeyed to him. And if he fucked me, then I don't know would resist or not. But he didn't covet me. He brought the new woman soon into the house and that I didn't disturb, I was sent to the aunt to Kazan. The aunt herself arrived for me to our small town. It lived at us two days, not an uladl of formality yet. The aunt — this elder sister of the stepfather, the plump not really attractive, living alone, imperious, tough woman. I couldn't understand in any way why she issued home guardianship. We reached two days her apartment. And she behaved very lovely and politely until I got to the apartment. Here the aunt Oksana stood on the hind legs. The stepfather told it about me everything. As he humiliated, beat me and that I practically didn't resist. She ordered me to go to a bathtub at once. I entered and wanted to close a door but the latch wasn't. And I began to wash so. In minutes five the aunt came took my things and carried away. I got out of a bathtub, was wiped. — The aunt, give please my things — I asked. — All of them smell also dirty so I threw out them. Go here so, I will give you others. I covered the personal belongings with a small towel and entered the bedroom. — Here, dress! And the aunt gave me lingerie. — No, same women's, for girls. — I won't dress. To see the aunt Oksana expected such answer. It took the lash prepared specially from a shkf and began to beat me. I cried and asked to stop the aunt but it continued. In about five minutes it stopped. Then it opened a door on a balcony and a window on a balcony. On the street was the middle of November and in the room it became quickly cold. I began to freeze especially as only I left the bathroom. Both not to freeze and not to receive still blows I put on lingerie. It was just under me. — I specially bought things under you and for you so be not surprised that it to you during a time. From now on you will go in women's. I will teach you will obey, I will visit you as a horse. — You will become at me the obedient girl. — But I am a guy, I objected. And right there I received a lash. — From now on you are an obedient girl. — And by the way now you are called Alyona. I approached a mirror, the aunt made up me dressed to me a wig and I became similar to very beautiful girl. The aunt beat me every day within a week. I had to get used to dresses, thongs, tights, shirts, skirts etc... I slept in a shirt... Though I was also called on a woman's name now submitted aunts, I didn't consider myself the girl. And the aunt felt it. At the end of the week the aunt decided to break completely me and to make of me the girl. In the evening on Saturday she came to me to the bedroom. I already went to bed. The aunt approached and laid down nearby. In the room it was dark. I lie in a shirt and in thongs. The aunt began to caress me. I was removed to a wall, it drew near so drove me into the corner. She touched me as the man the girl. I unexpectedly felt that the aunt between legs has something. It was the dick, but was very healthy. — No, it isn't necessary. I began to resist. But the aunt was much stronger than me so by force I subordinated me to myself, in additives having given powerful slaps in the face. Than completely I beat out desire to resistance. — You will resist, I again you will flog. She put me a stomach down, tied to me hands to a bed and dressed a gag on a mouth. I greased a strap-on and to May buttocks with lubricant. Also I entered in May buttocks, thereby she raped me, and made of me the girl. And at that moment she me completely broke and made of me the girl, besides obedient. She raped me for a long time, and I as the girl lay under her as under the man. Now I understood for what she took away me to herself. She wanted to make of me long ago "girl" and when May mother died that the stepfather began to teach me will obey. And to arrival of the aunt I already half was already subordinated. The stepfather was glad will get rid of me, and the aunt was on the contrary glad to get the subdued girl. Now I am her girl and it was measured with I think that I am Alyona. Once to us there arrived the stepfather and fucked me as the girl. And I lay under him and felt like the girl. Much later I learned why the stepfather didn't rape me even before my departure, the aunt wanted to rape me the first and by that to show me the power over me. — But I want to fuck him. — Yes but after I sdeat from him the girl, come and fuck Alyona how many you want. — Someone such Alyona? — This his new, maiden name! So the aunt prepared everything both a strap-on and things, a lash, ropes for a long time. And sometimes I begin to think and whether there was a death of my mother accidental or it hands my new "mummies," who made of me to herself the obedient daughter. Author's E-mail: dating en espanol date calculation in excel site mapMain Page