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My attempts to argue logically again and again failed - everything that me I could give me my brain it the next erotic scene in which some brawny man inserted deeply into me firm as the rock a dick. The only thought which to me managed to squeeze out of the brain besides these erotic pictures it appeared: "It is necessary to put on urgently in something". And it is valid, those clothes which were at me in the dwelling were absolutely inconvenient: trousers are tight in hips, t-shirts and shirts were torn on a breast, footwear was big and somehow plainly - I felt the sharp physiological need of an organism to get up on heels. As a result, somehow I will pull old jeans on the round buttocks and having thrown from above with a jacket, I carefully went outside - I needed to find some women's clothing. Having got into the car, I left the yard and went down the street, looking out on the parties for shops in which it was possible to pick up something, but nothing from this that I saw didn't attract my interest. And suddenly my attention was drawn by the sign "Goods for adults. SM new collection of attributes and clothes". "And why not?!" I thought and slowed down. Besides, in this shop I was pushed next m by a lewd drizzle that there I will be able to pick up couple of huge rubber dildoes and to satisfy the, started over again reminding of myself the concerning hole itch. Yes, I became the lewd whore and could do nothing with it - this immense lust was much stronger than sober mind and completely operated me. My holes and nipples were so sensitive that even the touch of clothes made horney them - probably quietly I could feel only standing bared, having widely placed legs and having parted hands in the parties. So, I went out of the car, having paid at the same time attention that I left behind a big damp spot on sitting. Having entered into shop, I delightfully sighed and for an instant measurement - light getting inside from windows allowed to see an internal situation of shop. Along one of walls the show-windows and regiments filled with any erotic toys lasted. There were also a dildoe of the most different extent of colors and forms, rubber vaginas, anal stimulators, lashes and there is a lot of still what. On an opposite wall very sexual dummies tightened in products from leather and latex were built. In the center of the hall racks on which various leather, rubber and latex corsets were hanged out, baud, ketsyyuita, trousers, tops, underwear and other objects of clothes with cuts and fasteners on the most unexpected places, capable to satisfy needs of the most perverted fetishist were located. Slightly farther, behind ranks with clothes racks with footwear where the huge choice of leather boots, shoes and sandals on high and very high heels and platforms was presented were located. From such range at me breath and the only thought which fought in my head intercepted: "I want, I want, I WANT!". With stood breath I stepped in depth of shop and moved along ranks with the sparkling, creaking and sharply smelling skin and latex, clothes. The choice on was big so much that the first minutes I became puzzled, but after a while, having accustomed, one began to take behind one on this world the clothes objects which were pleasant to me. On fitting I chose: to steam of latex corsets which are coming to an end below a breast; latex ketsyyuit which lightning began in inguinal area and passing through a perineum passed on all back to top; And, remembering the sensitive nipples, I picked up a suit with cuts around nipples. Having fastidiously thrown off from itself the grown hateful men's wear, I directly here in the middle of the trading floor began to try on the clothes chosen by me. I decided to begin with the black brilliant ketsyyuit, and having accurately covered his internal part with talc, I the hands shivering from desire began to pull it on myself. And suddenly in my head the thought flashed: "Stop! You are a man, and you are going to put on as the prostitute! Don't do it!". However in a moment this thought was erased erotic images as if specially sent from the outside to muffle my inner voice, and I quietly continued to pull a suit. Chosen ketsyyuit I rendered very hard and despite talc it was succeeded to pull it only with great difficulty. Such feeling was created that the suit to me is small and will never fit, but I decided not to stop halfway, and the centimeter behind centimeter, with great difficulty began to zip. Feelings which I felt when eventually I was zipped to express difficult in words - the breast was held so down that it was necessary to breathe small short sighs, each section of my body was pulled densely together with latex and as stirano, it gave me incredible pleasure - I felt as my pussy becomes wet more and more. Only the opened nipples were blown by an easy breeze. I was very horney and decided to put on over a suit also a corset - here the extreme flexibility of my new body just helped. Having put a corset to a stomach, I with ease reached hands laces on a back, and slowly, centimeter behind centimeter, began to pull together them. I don't know what on me found, but I pulled and pulled and couldn't force myself will stop. And only when didn't remain in hands of forces any more, and it was possible to breathe very small sighs and that every other time, I stopped. I stood and listened to the feelings - it was madly pleasant to feel this excessive tightness, but everything so picked up something. Having thought a little, I understood what - the corresponding footwear was necessary for me. Having approached a rack with footwear, I saw at once that it was necessary for me - it were black boots from patent leather on very high heel, and the heel is so high that the sock of a boot rested against a floor practical at right angle. I accurately took the boot standing on a rack and, with bated breath, began to pull it on the leg tightened in latex. Having overcome some resistance my leg slipped in a boot, and I felt that the boot is ideal for me - the foot was located in a boot so as if he was to sew for me. Having rummaged under a rack, I found the second boot and pulled it on other leg. And here I, absolutely until recently possessing the dick and a hairy breast, sit tightened in latex, in a corset over which the magnificent breast sticks out, in boots which to put on, not each prostitute would decide. I sat and was never afraid to get up, I, even for fun, didn't wear heels, especially such high. However жаждя activity also I forced me to rise inside, holding hands a bench, got up and took careful steps. To my greatest surprise to wear heels for me it appeared very easily, it is even natural, and I moved through all hall to the mirrors located in a corner already more safely. At the same time with each step I begin to wag buttocks more and more, my back is curved, a breast is proud was pushed forward and already by beautiful female gait as if on a podium I walk on the hall. At this moment in me as if something clicked - I up to the depth of soul felt as the woman! By that moment when I approached mirrors I already became other person, more precisely another. My male essence hid somewhere very deeply in me and already without ulterior motives, without looking back at moral standards, I thought of with what pleasure I will be given in a strong male charge at the first opportunity. Having looked in a mirror, I with a pleased smile examined the reflection: the magnificent woman, with a fine figure a big elastic breast, round appetizing buttocks, tightened in black brilliant ketsyyuit to finger-tips, compressed a corset so that! the waist was narrowed almost twice, put in boots on very tall heels coming to an end overknee. "Hi my sexy baby. You are ready to take a fun? There it is outside the window full of the males ready to satisfy your hot insatiable holes" - I made a purring sound to the reflection. And as though in reply I felt as contracted and be lit by fire mine the pussy and the daddy. "Wait my sweet, you receive soon that you deserve" - I thought. Having moved towards an exit, I paid attention to very interesting bagatelle lying on one of shelves. It were two metal clothespegs connected among themselves by a short chain. Having taken this bagatelle I unclenched one of clothespegs, brought to a nipple and squeezed it. At the very same time my body as if jolt of electricity pierced the strongest, the breast was lit by intolerable fire. I moaned and having reeled grasped a wall not to fall. The acute pain quickly left, having left only indescribable pleasant feeling from the compressed nipple. And here the interesting thought came to my mind. I bent the head threw a chain through a neck and having taken a sip of air clamped a clothespeg the second nipple. One more jolt of electricity, the shrill but quickly abating pain, fire in boobies and here both of my nipples in captivity. And at last the last stroke - I was sharply unbent, the chain stretched and my sweet nipples directed up and stiffened in the hitched-up state. "There now now I became the real whore" - I with satisfaction thought and I left shop, looked on the parties, deeply sighed from what fire in nipples flashed with a new force and got into the car. I went slowly, fixedly depending on the parties. There passed about forty minutes and at last my patience was rewarded. In one of lanes I saw the group of my old acquaintances consisting of five individuals. The beings reminding yetis dug in some lot of garbage without paying any attention to the world around. I slowed down quietly went out of the car and carefully went to their party. When I overcame about a half of the distance dividing us one of beings unexpectedly stood, looked in my party and became straight and something growled. At the very same time all group started moving and having in a flash overcome the distance dividing us surrounded me. In bliz these beings appeared even more than I thought since the beginning - even standing high-heeled I rested a nose only against their breast. The fear paralyzed me, I already began to doubt correctness of the invention, but once I dropped the eyes and to examine them below as the delight and lust in me lit up with a new force - all beings appeared to males moreover with what. Their hoses dangled between legs and even in a quiet state length was them about 20 centimeters, and diameter - not less than 6 centimeters. Having surrounded me, males began to sniff diligently at me, falling below and below while the largest of them approached mine a wet through perineum of his nostril for a long time extended and he began to involve air with noise. I fixedly watched all this time his dick and saw how having trembled it began to be inflated, gradually rising above and above. I stood and about admiration looked at this action - nothing finer and fascinating I never saw. During this instant the male who sat down before me sharply was straightened and published a uterine roar, other males became agitated and rustled, powerful paws picked up me and transferred to a lot of garbage, put on the boxes rolling there in such a way that my legs were given on the one hand, providing unlimited access to my holes, and the head appeared with another. One of beings strong held exchanges! I for a neck, letting know that here nothing depends on me. dating dos and don'ts after divorce dateline gavin smith site mapMain Page