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The society of London decorated with a luster and magnificence hides the real sinfulness and perversity under the nobility. Pious speeches about innocence and sanctity of marriage hide for themselves illegitimate children and mistresses. Prolog Twenty five years ago The man sat in a leather chair, strong squeezing a whisky glass in a hand. But even the drink of this burning drink couldn't erase bitterness, pain and burning hatred that today lodged in his soul. The voice of the doctor in which sympathy notes sounded was only an annoying sound. The man wasn't concerned by his manuals and support. Now concerned nothing him. The last hope for small happiness was destroyed into smithereens. Also the legal wife — the woman made it it that had to become the keeper of the family center and mother of his children. — The milord, I understand as to you it is heavy now. This great grief. But fortunately your wife is alive, and at you the healthy successor grows. The duke Rendol only hemmed in reply and took the next sip of alcoholic poison. Wife. This whore who dared as if a cuckoo to throw to him the bastard moreover and to make him the legitimate heir. Long five years he was an idiot who believed that it is his son. He raised him, loving and being proud. And only six months ago he learned the truth, accidentally having caught the precious wife fucking with the worthless groom on a mow as the ordinary serf maid. Devil take it, actually to him was all the same someone she accepts the vagina. The man had no feelings for her in any way and long ago itself didn't visit her bed. He wasn't even going to disturb them, didn't hear their postlove conversation yet. Then her words were destroyed by his world, destroying a veil in the eyes and causing unknown rage in soul. "Your son will become a duke, William. You imagine the groom's son — the duke — it is joyful and with a certain contempt the duchess laughed. — This only thing what it is necessary to thank your husband for. The only thing that allows me to endure a thought of his dick in you. — You know, it was necessary. He had to believe that it is his son. Fortunately I was too drunk to understand that I wasn't a virgin. And even if disturbing thoughts also visited his obscured mind, blood on a sheet was a strong evidence. — I understand Fiona, but nevertheless the jealousy reduces me to ashes! — You have nothing to be jealous. Now I only yours. I love you. It is more than life. You and our son". He wanted to rush into a touch minute to them and to kill the traitress and her lover. But he always was too judicious. He returned to the house, trained servants and began to wait for the whore the wife. When Fiona crept to the bedroom, she was expected by an unexpected surprise. — The milord, what you do here? He slowly approached her and, having brought a hand, strongly hit on a face. The head of the woman leaned back from blow. For fear and disbelief she took a step back, staring wide-eyed the at the angered husband. The hand right there nestled on the flaring red mark. — Potaskukh! To be pleasant to fuck with the groom? Thought that you will eternally deceive me? Will you palm off the offspring and you will make my successor? I would kill you right now. But it will ruin also my life, and I am not to go to prison with desire. — Milord, this lies! I don't know someone slandered me, but is bald lie! — the woman tried to justify herself and to calm down anger of the husband. — I still catch his nasty smell on you! You, the whore, fucked with it as the last whore. He seized her by a hand and sharply threw on a bed. — The milord, please, I ask you! — desperately the duchess tried to calm down the man. — From this point you are forbidden to leave the room. Protection will guard you day and night. You are forbidden to see the son. Servants won't help you, you can even not address. Now they execute only my orders, you for them not the hostess any more. — I ask, you, don't touch to Elijah — with horror she begged, understanding that the husband knows the truth and will revenge. — He isn't guilty. He loves you. You his hero, idol. The milord, I conjure you. — Bitch! You don't dare to ask me about anything. You will stay here until I am not sure that you didn't become pregnant from the lyubovnichk. Also pray to God that you didn't incur, differently I will provide an abortion to you. Because I won't calm down until you accept my seed and you will give birth to me to the real successor. — But Elijah... — Your son will never become a duke. Be sure, I will take care of it. There passed two weeks of the conclusion. All these days didn't let out the duchess from her bedchamber. She was eaten by alarm for life of the son, but servants were silent, and the duke hadn't an effect all these days. Yesterday there was the last day its monthly, and now the woman awfully was nervous, knowing that servants by all means will report on this fact to the husband. But she wasn't going to concede to him. The woman was sure that if she to allow him to take herself and she God forbid will become pregnant, then her son will be dead. The duke won't leave him in live. The door, adjacent between rooms, was opened, and the duke appeared before the woman. Dressed only in one dressing gown, he imposingly entered the room. In eyes I burned the same flame of rage and firmness of intention. — My husband, I ask you... — In time you remembered, the milady that you my wife, and now to repay to a zablagorassudta the conjugal duty — the man sarcastically said, sneering at her. — I can't, the milord, my state not important, I ask you, give me couple of days on recovery. — And with smelly the groom you could? Unfortunately he shouldn't feel this pleasure any more, as well as all the rest. — About what you? — convulsively the woman asked, feeling as the body grows cold with horror. — Ah, you weren't told? Couple of days ago he tried to disappear from the estate with the stolen gold. He was killed during detention. — Neaaaat! — the duchess cried as mad and rushed with fists on the man. — It is not the truth, not the truth, not the truth — it threshed hands in his breast, but the duke only victoriously grinned. — I hate you! I hate! — Calm down, the whore! — the strong slap in the face rejected her back, and the woman was tumbled down on a bed. She began to escape when the duke was inclined over her and began to lift her nightgown. — Release me, you an animal! After her words he gave her slap in the face again and just broke off soft fabric. His eyes greedy walked on the wife's body. Though the woman also gave birth, but her body remained tightened and same attractive. Having thrown off the dressing gown on a floor, he opened to her look the eregirovanny dick that responded to a female body. Also the man was brought by her wild resistance. He liked sense of superiority of a male over a female, and her full helplessness before him. Having widely spread the woman's legs, he was located between them. Having strong pressed one hand of her hand to a bed over the duchess's head, he observed how the female body in attempt to escape from his capture coils. — Will be enough, the milord, I ask you! — the woman cried. — You can't treat the duchess so! — Now you aren't a duchess, and a usual potaskukha which deserves not the best address, than the port whore. In confirmation of these words, the duke spat the palm and the dick that sharply I rushed into a dry vagina moistened in saliva. The back of the duchess was curved from pain and loud sad shout escaped from her lips. Her unprepared walls contracted around the active piston, doing not pass it is deeper. Therefore, puffing, the man had to force the way strongly in her. Pain split her groin. Sounds of blow of flesh about flesh seemed to it the nastiest in the world. Tears began to flow from eyes of the poor woman, hands weakened, fight stopped. Having turned away the head aside, she silently shuddered under fast rigid breakthroughs of the man that selflessly I fucked her, deriving pleasure from the act of violence. — The whore, to what the riparian forest at you a pizd — the man as if the real seaman, but not the noble duke — really the smelly groom couldn't process properly you and a knot swore? — insults with aspiration of a voice escaped from the man, showing as hard he worked, cruelly rushing the dick into a hard perineum. — The bitch, gave him, and before me constantly closed a door. I that considered that it from noble education that with you it is necessary to be softer. And you are ordinary homeless worthless things, and now you will receive that you deserved! He accompanied each word with a powerful push. The disgusting sound of cottons of his massive eggs on a bend of her buttocks was carried about the room, accompanied with the puffing rattles and the man's mats. Planting again and again, it is unceasing almost in unconsciousness, he entered her so deeply that it pulled out sad sighs from the woman's lips. Never she was so filled, and didn't know that the husband can be such. As he also spoke, he behaved with her softly, quietly, always keeping the libido under control. I took her in the dark, slowly, carefully. And now before her the wild animal who just had a weak female appeared. His muscles strained, skin gleamed from sweat, hair leaned back back, and in eyes wild fire of lust blazed. He long continued to fuck her through shudders, strengthening an impact, holding apart her painful channel. And when his balls painfully contracted, and the dick strained, ready to release the seed in her, he made the last strong breakthrough and terminated. From rush of blood to the head of the man stuffed up ears, making the last slow pushes, he helped itself to vyprysnut all cum in the wife, and satisfied left her body. — Now you on the put place! With the spread legs and my cum exuding from your vagina! — mischievously with obvious pleasure he spoke. About a month the duke continued to rape the wife, I don't let out that from the room. And when monthly women didn't come in time, he left her alone, expecting when the doctor is able to confirm her state. As he was proud and glad when pregnancy was confirmed. Remembering it, the duke was covered by burning hatred and rage. He lost vigilance, decided that it will be useful for woman to breathe air, and didn't think that she will try in any way to lose the child. And when found her with suspicious some jar a muck in hands, I understood about intentions of the wife. Litter, scandal, shouts. She escaped from his hands and driven by fear and rage rushed down, running away from the house. He was also not surprised if he was told that she specially rushed under the carriage, the doctor approaching on survey though the driver spoke about accidentally combination of circumstances. The duke didn't blame either the man, or the charioteer. No, all his hatred was directed to the wife. The bitch who dared to get rid of his child. — Of course, I understand how it is heavy to transfer this loss. But now you are necessary to the wife. She not only lost the child, but also ability to move. Help her to endure this grief — the words of the doctor broke through memoirs of the duke, pulling out that from their fog. He slightly nodded to the doctor, kind of agreeing with his words, understanding that now he will appear before the world the unfortunate husband. And mentally I smiled to this fact, this circumstance suited it. Let I sympathize with him, let I consider the unfortunate husband, he will wait for hour of the revenge. That time when it is possible to strike the wife most painfully. For now he suffers also her bastard, and her, turning each their day into small hell. Chapter 1 — The father get acquainted, this is my spouse, Mrs. Regina Greydzher, the marchioness Uorborg. — The milord — the girl sat down before the duke, allowing that to enjoy her natural grace. The duke Rendol was pleasantly surprised with unprecedented beauty of this of the girl ordinary by origin. His skeptical look noted her bright blue eyes, light skin, soft blond curls and a snub-nosed nose. Real angel. And his "son" thought also because he looked at her with awe and admiration. At the same time he saw how the young man was intense. His eyes looked at the father cautiously, the vein on a neck nervously pulsed, and he hard swallowed. Of course I knew that to bring this young lady here, already was a call, but to declare secret marriage just suicide, and one could only be his reaction. To expose a young reptile of wons, having deprived of all means of livelihood. And he and was going to arrive, having found at last a worthy occasion to renounce a cuckoo gift. Here only nominally that all the same would remain his successor and mummy with the father-in-law wouldn't leave the son without means of support. And here the unexpected mischievous thought slipped in his head. That love and adoration to the girl of this bastard, at last, untied hard knot of hatred that squeezed the duke's throat all these years. Here it is the lever of his revenge. This is the innocent girl, the daughter of the ordinary priest as if it is sent by God to him. If he forces to suffer the sonny of this whore, then will force to suffer also her because she worshipped the child. As if every time specially showing it what his child could have and as she deprived of him it. The duke could undertake something to the bitch wife long ago, but any revenge seemed to him too weak before. No, he wanted to destroy completely her and her sonny, to crush, crush, reveling in their sufferings. And up to this point there was nothing that could help him with this thirst of revenge. So far he didn't bring her. The angel. An angel whom the duke with pleasure will use. The girl with curiosity considered the father-in-law. Now their destiny was in his hands. More than once Regina regretted that she agreed to arrangements of darling, understanding that the duke never recognizes their marriage. The man who appeared before her was in appearance very severe and imperious. The small wrinkles giving his age and gray hair layers only gave it to a type of a bigger severity. And still many girls her age would tell that it is good itself(himself). Tightened, high, self-assured, powerful and high-ranking. The main advantage to all young ladies there was a title, but not for her. Regina sincerely to madness loved Elijah, and agreed to live even in poverty if only with him. — Well that the son, you disappointed me, deeply disappointed — cruelly there began the duke, by force of the voice suppressing young people. In soul gloating over, seeing as the Adam's apple Elijah moved, and the girl looked down down — But you are my one and only successor, and to give the money to my second cousin, the drunk and the playboy, I don't gather! From hope with which "son" suddenly looked at him he wanted to burst out laughing loudly. As he still will regret that he brought the young wife into a native home, but the girl will most of all regret. In anything not guilty girl who knowledge of destiny married this bastard. — I will present you the forgiveness, and I will accept your wife, but under one condition. — Yes father? — From this day you implicitly obey me because I want that my successor was ideal. We will enter your spouse into society. Thanks to our situation and communications nobody and a word will dare to say. — Thanks, the father — tremblingly whispered the young man, without trusting in favor of the father. How many he remembered himself, this man was always too strict to him and is captious. It seemed, he hates the son, but probably it is all about his character, that he tried to make of him the duke, worthy this title. — There is more to come. To your wedding we will give a reception in honor in a week, till this time you will live as if not venchana. In different houses. We will give guardianship over Regina to this time of a skilled duenya. I already have such in mind. Everything that during this time you will be able to afford is short meetings at witnesses. Do you agree with my requirements? — Of course the father — rejoicing favor of the father, with enthusiasm the young man said. — Week abstention for the sake of your forgiveness and blessing, this smallest that I can promise you. And you won't regret that you accepted our marriage. — Here and well. Then now you should say goodbye to the newly married. I will bring her to the countess Uorford, she is my kind friend and won't deny to us the assistance. — Give us minute. The duke nodded and left from the living room. — Darling — the young man, having squeezed the wife's hands, brought her to a sofa and softly seated — you will be able to fulfill for the sake of me the requirements of the duke? Don't you object to them? — Of course, I will be able — she surely assured him — he gave us not month and not year, but only week. After your stories, I also was afraid to present what waits for us in your house, but here fortunately the duke showed to us mercy and didn't become on the way of our happiness. And this week not punishment, and it is rather a preparation to which I even am glad. You know that I am rather afraid of secular society, and I fear to dishonor you. — You can't just make it — he objected, kissing her fingers gently. — The love zaslepit to you eyes, the road. But nevertheless we recognize that I lack education. Therefore I will absorb everything what I will be taught by the countess to, and I will surely appear before secular society. You will be able to be proud of the wife. — I am already proud of you. She softly laughed, sure that he so will tell. Having lovingly looked at him in the eyes flaring the same reciprocal feeling, the girl joyfully smiled. — Thanks expensive — he whispered, and, having bent, imprinted an easy kiss on lips of the innocent wife. ***** Regina lay down on a bed when the door was closed behind the servant. Soft light of several candles lit up the room, but it didn't want to extinguish them. She was nervous, having appeared in others house, but for the sake of darling was ready to be ready to do anything. The girl never also thought that the love is such all-consuming, didn't represent that it possibly and I hoped to meet her in the life. But here she felt it as all fibers of the soul. She loved Elijah more than the life. He became for her the center of existence, and it was mutual. And though she was frightened by the future with him which included the status of the marchioness and visit of society, she was ready to go to it. Earlier she thought that she will marry the ordinary squire, will live with him in the small house, raising their children. But unexpectedly I rose so highly. Money never attracted the girl, on the contrary frightened off rather. Money gave the power, and the power enslaved, changing an essence of the person. The door creaked, and Regina moved, without understanding someone can come to her when she already prepared for sleeping. "Really the servant returned?" — at first the girl, but when light fell to a silhouette thought and before her the man appeared, the girl was simply dumbfounded. — Your Grace, what you do here? — Regina screamed and, having grabbed a cover, tried to be covered. It was to come extremely not decently to the woman into the bedroom, and from it Regina's cheeks reddened. A thought were confused, and eyes watched approaching it to the man. Barefaced confusion was reflected in expression of her face. — And again hi, my dear — he smiled, and from this smile the fear a chill ran on a back. He smoothly approached her, ideal in the male grace that corresponded to his high position. On the course having taken off a jacket and having left him on a chair, it stopped near a bed. The girl was pressed in a back, without knowing what to do how to be, looking at him the big frightened eyes, as at an innocent fallow deer. More unexpectedly the fear held down her body when she looked in his dark ominous eyes, having understood that she is expected by something awful. — Leave or I will cry! — Regina tried to threaten, itself understanding as her threat silly sounds. — You and so will cry soon — he so said it as if he anticipated. — At that moment then I will enter you the body, taking away the virginity belonging to your husband. In a voice of the duke the anticipation and lust sounded. He watched how the girl's eyes when the sense of words reached her extended. And the man realized one thing — he is even more made horney for her fear. Such innocent frightened eyes that looked at him in mute horror and disbelief, attracted to confirm all fears and to show his power over her. — I will shout and resist! Please, the milord leave! — the girl zaprichitat, unconsciously taking a step back. — You don't understand the new situation yet, but I will tell you — the duke as if condescending to her patiently explained. — You married not my son, and the bastard of my wife. She killed my child in a belly, having been hit by the carriage as I guess specially. She took away my successor, and was punished by the Lord when he took away from her ability to go. But it isn't enough. Her bastard is alive and lives in clover, hoping to receive my money. And I can't make anything. He is the only heir. I didn't even try to bring bastards. There was no sense. They are all the same not recognized, and the title will leave my blood line. — My God... — And here with what there were I having married the noble bitch? With her bastard and without an opportunity to obtain the child. I would like to kill it and here only then it is necessary and to kill her sonny, and it will cause a lot of unnecessary suspicion. Two are impossible at once. And too it is easy for her. Death would be only rescue. And I want that this creature, my wife, suffered in an agony and knew someone brought her to her. Therefore I was at the deadlock. So far her sonny didn't marry. On love, mad and sincere. I am happy more than ever. He is happy, his mother is happy, one I suffer. And the wife young, beautiful, capable to give birth to him to dozen of children. And then I understand that here he chance to have the lineal heir. With pure Rendelov blood. True duke. You will give birth to him to me. My son. And let in the light of him I will consider my grandson, we will know the truth that he my flesh and blood. — My God, you madman — Regina whispered, having rolled up the head as if renouncing the mad words of the man. The horror which captured her was so strong that pushed her to senseless flight. But once she pulled, the duke made sharp attack forward and seized her by a hand, with a force having pulled to himself. The girl began to twitch, fight, be scratched, in senseless attempt to escape from his steel capture, but the man held her so strong as if held down chains. — How strongly you love the husband? Do you value his life? — asking, he strongly shook it, and the girl stood, panting. — What are you ready to pay for his life? The virginity? The womb? — What do you mean? — Below there are three men. These are terrible people. Bandits. Only money is important for them. And I am ready to pay them a lot of money, Elijah is a lot of money for death. His life now in your hands. I all the same will take you, and you will incur from me. And this child to be born his son. But he can be born at the living father who will be sure of the paternity, I will take care of it, don't worry expensive, or he to be born at the widow of my son. He spoke it enjoying each word as if only one thought of it gave him a clean orgasm. In several years the dream of the successor was so close to implementation. Here she! Faces him, overflowed with fear and hopelessness. Young, innocent. Ideal for performance of the female role, to the birth of his child. — Please not, don't touch Elijah! — Do you love him? — the sarcasm and exuded in this question. — It is more than life — the girl began to cry. — Then undress! — the order of the duke was heard accurately and cruelly. He released her hands, having pushed her on a bed, and began to wait. The girl from his push sharply sat down on edge of a bed and began to tremble, not in forces to move a little. She looked at him from below up, without trusting in all events. Even in the morning she was happy newly married, trusting in their bright future, and now she was lowered from the sky to hell. — I don't see your actions. Means, you chose the second option. That I don't mind, long ago dreamed to finish off this bastard — the duke spoke and I went to a door. — Stop! — Regina jumped up. — You forgot to add, your Excellency — with a grin he told, turning to Regina. — Yours... The Excellency, stand, I... it agrees — with an anguish in a voice the girl told. Tears slowly swept on her cheeks, and hands were raised to a nightgown collar. — Tell completely, I want to hear from you: "Your Excellency, I agree to give you the virginity and the belly". — Yours... Excellency, I... it agrees... to give you the virginity and... the belly. — Well, very well. Repeat further: "I will obey any your order" — he made a bias on the word of any. — I... will be... to obey any... yours... order. — Get up and take off all clothes. I want to consider your young body. Regina slowly got down from a bed, flashing and shivering. On cheeks tears swept. Fingers nervously untied ties night, and later pulled together fabric from shoulders. The duke with satisfaction monitored her actions. He could break off an unnecessary barrier during moments of an eye, but wished that the girl herself took off clothes, offering himself. Fabric fell to legs and Regina appeared before him in the great untouched nakedness. Hands her right there covered a breast and a hillock of kucheryavenky hair. — Take away hands! — the imperious voice filled with force and power didn't give the chance to disobey. — Immediately! And never dare to be closed from me! The girl contracted, but gave hands on each side. She hung the head, being burned with shame and a shame. Still any man didn't see her without clothes, and she assumed that the body will give to a gift to the lawful husband. And now she betrayed Elijah, being given in a charge to the father-in-law who clearly let know that he is ready to profane her gift. The duke approached the girl. His strong rough hands roughly covered white and dairy hillocks, squeezing them in the big palms. And very young breasts were located there ideally as if were created for his hands. Desire a hot lava ran on his veins, blood arrived to a groin, and on his trousers was formed big camber. Having clamped light pink peas between fingers, he rolled them, pulled, pressed. The girl only flashed from this rough caress, but didn't move. He rumpled her young flesh, knowing that it causes it small pain, and dispersed from this knowledge from even big enthusiasm. The duke loved rough sex. But each his mistress perfectly knew about his addictions, and received for it a decent payment. Unfortunately, the awareness of women is always a little ostuzhival a men's heat. And now in his hands purity and innocence which is eager for tenderness and caress and to get only pain and humiliations. Yes, but all in his hands. He will begin with these feelings, will mix them with pleasure, will accustom her to the addictions, and she will wish him. Soon itself will come to his hands, asking about his cruel caress. He didn't doubt it. — How old are you? — Eighteen milord — Regina whispered. — Ideal age for the child's birth. His hands left her breast and went down below, led round her flat stomach and touched short hair. Fingers went down below, looking for women's flesh and, moving apart vulvar lips, began to slide slowly on it. — Please, it isn't necessary, I ask you — the girl bashfully prayed for forgiveness, having turned away the head aside not to see the face of the tyrant. — It will be sick. The first time always painfully you were told about it? — Д... and... — But it will be sore also because, I am a large man, and I am not going to nezhnichat with you — his fingers became more rigid to compress her flesh, pressing on a clitoris and getting a finger-tip into it so the girl twitched from unpleasant feelings. And here the duke sharply conducted in her the forefinger, Regina screamed from discomfort. He rested against her virgin pleva, hemmed enough and receded. After again few times I repeated these movements, I didn't add one more finger yet. Stretching her hard vagina now two thick fingers, the man imitated progress of the dick, sticking them is sharp in the girl and leaving her. — Please, painfully... — Regina, vtsepivshiya in his hand the fingers begged, wishing to stop this violation. But Jason Straurt, the duke Rendol, her entreaty only urged on stronger. He raised the second hand and strongly squeezed her face in cheeks, forcing to look at him in eyes. — What you sensitive, and are not pain, so light preparation of your body yet. Present how instead of my fingers really something thick will enter there and firm. — I ask you, it isn't necessary... — You will ask me about another soon. He sharply pushed away her from himself, and the girl fell to the bed standing behind her back. The duke began to break hasty from himself clothes, rejecting it aside, and soon appeared before it in all the mature beauty. Despite age, the man was well tightened and rolled. By the form it was impossible to tell that he burns the life behind binge and debaucheries all the time. No, this body of the man who was well familiar with physical training, will power and the tempered character, supporting itself in peak form. Regina blinked, without wishing to look at men's body, but the imperious voice intruded in her consciousness. — Open eyes! Quickly! She couldn't but obey to the rough power of his voice from which skin became covered by goosebumps, and heart freezed for fear. — Look at me! — she focused a look on his face that it seemed a dark mask in a reflection of the muffled light. — Not in eyes, and on my dick! Her eyes were obediently dropped down, looking at long thick body with the pulsing veins which the duke squeezed in the rough palm. He began to drive methodically on him a hand, and the girl watched how the top flesh under these movements moves. — Holy Christ — Regina whispered, for the first time seeing so close naked male body. Her cheeks mind will became covered by a bashful flush, and soul was filled by a new wave of contempt for this man. But kind of it wasn't a shame to her, Regina couldn't look away from a men's shoot. When it released hands, his firm dick a curved arch surely stuck out up. To the girl it became intolerable hot and stuffy, the body held down from tension, and in the bottom of a stomach as if the hard snake was curtailed, forcing a bosom to contract and be unclenched in the unknown by her to thirst hitherto. She felt such helpless as if a weak-willed doll, and dirty. Never to wash away dishonor to which her duke subjected. He already made of her the fallen woman. Regina hardly held back tears, understanding that it only began her falling. — Now you will become the woman, my woman — the man hoarsely moaned, devouring with eyes a gentle maiden body. Having widely spread her legs, he went in between them, having nestled the loins on her flesh. The girl in horror tried to be removed, but his strong hands strong held her on the place. — It isn't necessary, it isn't necessary, it isn't necessary — she rolled up the head when felt how the tip of his firm dick rested against her crack. Regine in life was never so terrible. Tears rolled down cheeks, hair were swept on sheet while the girl hands tried to push away this high-ranking tyrant from herself. But all her attempts were vain. Then in a panic attack she began to kick, be scratched and bite. The duke brought a hand and strongly hit the girl on a face. This blow amazed and stopped Regina. The cheek burned from pain that blew up in the head, having squeezed whisky in the networks. She stood under it, feeling full hopelessness. Too weak, she couldn't escape from strong paws of the man who was so seeking to outrage upon her. Having squeezed the dick a hand, he went himself to her perineum. The fat head hardly got into the hard virgin canal. But the duke didn't give up, and, having given effort, pushed himself inside, right there resting against her virginity. Jason stood, looking down on a female body. Sweat acted on his gray-haired temple, and the droplet rolled down down. Regina felt wild discomfort and burning, feeling in herself foreign body. The truth it was not that pain by which pious old women intimidated maidens, naming on sinfulness of copulation. The girl didn't know yet that it is not the end but only the beginning. Having strongly squeezed her basin so for the morning from his capture on gentle skin bruises are formed, the duke was sharply pushed in the girl, stretching her hard vagina and breaking off a virgin pleva. His hardness even under push force with huge work was completely included into her gentle canal. — The Aaaaaaaaa — stridently began to yell Regina, curving a back and twitching in his hands. Bol exploded in her body, dementing and blinding. Instinctively she began to try to push out from herself a subject that brought her so many sufferings, but strong compression of his hands didn't allow the girl to move even on millimeter. — Pull out him, please, pull out — as if she delirious begged, having seized his shoulders and trying to push away from itself. Inside everything burned and burned down. The mouth opened in thirst to make a sigh and deeply gasped, trying to endure this pain. Muscles clenched around the firm piston, wishing to push out it, but the duke only mischievously grinned on her sufferings, on the contrary reveling in them. — Devil take it, as well in you! — the duke began to wheeze. — Such hard, narrow. You squeeze my dick in a vice as if a glove. As long ago I had no virgin! To be in her was magically. He already also forgot how it to drive the dick in a young innocent vagina to understand that he will develop him, will force muscles to stretch and adapt to his size. — Pain... but, it is so sick... — the girl lowed, gritting teeth not to cry from shout next painfully that was torn from her lips. The duke didn't hear maiden plaints. He completely reveled in the lust. Powerfully rotating the dick in her, he made the way more and more deeply, yet didn't rest against a neck of the uterus. And then making upward movement hips, the man of the beginnings sharply drove in the victim, setting a mad rhythm. Intense balls slapped on a joint of her buttocks, carrying about the room the most opposite for it a sound. The duke puffed, responding inarticulate sounds. The gritted teeth began to grind from efforts when he planted with her again and again, is unceasing, almost in unconsciousness working hips at wild speed. — Ummmmm — Regina painfully ached, crumpling a sheet in hands and fighting back tears. Feeling what won't hold on any more, too long ago he experienced so strong ecstasy, the duke moved the hands under maiden buttocks and, having strongly squeezed, sticking fingers into gentle skin, raised them up. Having changed a tilt angle he a sharp push entered a little more deeply and at last he stiffened there. Quarreling, the man terminated in her. The stream of a dense seed struck in a neck of the uterus of the girl. Her vagina spasmodic clenched and Regina was filled by new feelings, unclear for her. Nevertheless to her it was still sick and opposite, nasty to feel to himself something similar inside on slime which surplus began to follow from her as soon as the dick of the duke became soft and I slipped out her crack. — I congratulate, lady Regina, now you became the real woman! — You be damned! — quietly she whispered, turning away the head aside, fixing the eyes on the wall subdug by expensive wall-paper. — Well, well unless it is possible to speak so to the father of the child — with a sneer the duke spoke. — It is possible only that we conceived my successor. Regina only sadly moaned from these words, having bitten a lip. Having tried to turn sideways to disappear from a penetrating glance of dark eyes, she moved from it, but the man didn't allow her it. — Take your time. It is a pity, of course, that I am not so young again quickly to harden, but it doesn't mean that I with you finished. I want to consider properly your perineum decorated with blood of your virginity and my seed. — Will be enough, please, release me. But the duke as though didn't hear her words. He grabbed from a floor a small pillow which during fight Regina dumped from a bed, and enclosed to her under buttocks. Again having widely parted her knees, he stared at her crack expiring their mixed liquids. — You are so beautiful now. The real woman such also has to be. Torn off in a sweet, impregnated with men's juice, hot and sweaty. From his rough words stirred up the girl. She never also thought that such noble person can be expressed and be the cruel tyrant so dirty. Dukes were considered brought closer to the king. Almost top of their nation. But now before her there was a mean tyrant who ruthlessly crushed her maiden dreams and hopes. The thought that she betrayed darling filled the girl with burning sense of guilt and shame. Regine seemed that she dirty and all became permeated with the smell of the man, and once you meet Elaydzh, that will understand — what fallen woman she became. Hands and itched from desire to erase a smell of this man, traces of his touches and his seed from the skin. But all her desires which didn't matter now and remained unrealized. — Well-well that for slezki Mrs. Regina, really remembered this bastard. The poor thing, hoped to present to him herself, and you you lie here and you shine with the shame before me and you flow as if the whore. — Stop, please, don't speak so. I am not a whore, no, not the whore who — is morally exhausted, she began to flash, being ashamed of sinful nakedness. — Akhakhakh — he laughed from his words — only whores lie with widely divorced hips and the flowing-down seed from the perineum. Whores, as can't live minutes without cum. And you will understand soon that there was such. His fingers touched her crack, and scooped viscous liquid, and after he brought them to a sweet maiden mouth. The spicy smell struck to the girl in a nose, her nostrils were inflated, and her nearly threw up from this aroma. Having roughly squeezed her cheeks, the duke forced her to open a mouth and pushed the fingers inside. — Try what we with you on taste. Enjoy it. The Slizky saltish cum forced her to be twisted from disgust. His fingers played with her language and after it extended them, covered her lips with the in a cruel kiss. Tormenting her a mouth, he rummaged hands on a maiden body. Painfully pinching from time to time her roundish tops, he sharply pulled their top, swallowing of her painful groan by the mouth. Rumpling soft flesh, the man felt as his phallus repeatedly comes to life, responds to feeling of a young body under him. The man had no such fast reaction long ago, and he was glad that found the personal medicine of youth. Having greedy attacked with rough kisses on her body, he put bright dark red hickeys, branding her these marks, right there intensively licking them. The man perfectly understood that for the morning her gentle body will be covered with bruises and hickeys — the certificate of their adultery. This fact made horney him even stronger. It is a pity only that the little son won't see them. Regine felt completely covered in his saliva, between legs was wet and is disgusting, and the feeling of rough language forced to shudder. But the duke was unshakable in the lust and madness. — You are more best than any aphrodisiac — the man when his dick was again filled with life moaned and I rested the hardness against her flat stomach. Suddenly he rose with her and sharply turned the girl. Regina didn't manage and to recover as it was is pressed facing a sheet with the back exposed up. A strong push it at all length was included into her angry canal again. — Аааааай — the girl cried and I began to kick, but the big male palm strongly pressed her head to a bed, pressing it into a sheet, almost depriving of an opportunity to breathe. The man energetically moved to and fro, tormenting her a wounded perineum. Because of abundance of his cum sounds were about the room carried squelch. His pubis loudly hit against her buttocks. Such smooth and attracting hemispheres that the man licked lips from their look. The hand and itched also them to note. — Will be enough, the milord, to an uuu, will be enough, I won't transfer it! You will kill me! — No, expensive, just properly a vyeba — the duke answered with a self-satisfied intense voice to it, and having moved to desire properly slapped it in a buttock, leaving on that a reddish mark from the palm. — Stop to resist, the bitch, differently it will be even worse. Your body now completely mine, and I don't love when I am contradicted! — he ordered, and again I hit from all force on a bottom, at this moment strongly driving a dick in her vagina. — Aummmm — Regina began to whimper, fighting back the tears. The men's back quickly moved backwards-forward, planting the dick in fierce uncontrolled pushes. As if gone crazy he fucked the daughter-in-law, bringing closer the discharge. Powerfully rotating the core inside, warming up a bottom in hands, he rattled an inarticulate sound. Having gritted teeth from rolled desire that squeezed to it balls and deprived of a speech power, the duke from the last forces tried to prolong pleasure. But when her perineum squeezed his body the muscles, it gutturally moaned and splashed out a dense stream of a cum, the second time in a night being thrown up in her. Tired and out of breath he got down from the girl and wiped a dirty dick in their juice about her hip. Having thrown with a dressing gown, the duke once again walked a look on an izmuchanny body. He was overflowed by pride and satisfaction from a type of the swelled crack from which his seed on a snow-white sheet plentifully followed. — Good whore! — he softly clapped shocked and застывшею in the same pose the girl. — I am sure that after today's fucking you will become pregnant. It is so much cum how many I went down in your dissolute crack, can't be raskhodovano in empty, some kernel also will sprout. After these words still few times I rumpled her appetizing buttocks the rough palms, having bent I imprinted a sweet kiss on her top and at last I left it. Regina also didn't notice when there was one. She lay and looked in one point, without a uniform coherent thought in the head. Tears streams went down from eyes, and the body turned into one painful lump. Profaned, tormented, raped, she lay on expensive sheet the stood doll. Soon exhaustion prevailed, and the girl was tumbled down in such darkness, favorable for her. And Regina hard woke up. Her intimate place was covered with a zasokhsheykorka and unpleasantly itched. In the bottom of a stomach everything stretched from the aching pain, and once the girl moved, she felt all wounded muscles. The loud painful groan broke from her lips, and the girl again bitterly and lingeringly began to sob. How her farther to be? How to live? What to wait from this monster disappearing behind a mask of high nobility for? To tell Elijah about that, what has happened? No, she won't be able. To recognize that she was raped by his father and to tell the terrible secret of their family to deprive of happiness and darling. She just couldn't act this way. To see contempt in his eyes, to hear as he calls her the whore and renounces her. To risk his life? And if she and the truth becomes pregnant after this night? It is so much questions on which the girl just has no answer. No, she has to keep the mouth shut, the girl resolved. Not for the sake of, and for the sake of darling. The duke said that that learns nothing. Everything that it was necessary for him, it only the birth of his child. Probably, if it to be carried out, then the man will leave her alone. And loved, without knowing about treachery, will love this child with all the heart. It was a shame to the girl with such thoughts, and she understood that choosing this way, she will be forced to live with sense of shame and infinite fault. To pretend that the son is dear to her, to smile to the duke, remembering every time his violence. But the girl had no other exit. Long Regina wiped a body a bast until water in a tub became cold, but I could wash away from myself his smell, appear, it impregnated all her skin. The girl wanted to be closed in the room and never to leave, but soon the countess called her on an after-dinner meal. Cautiously Regina came into the dining room, expecting that the countess knows everything about her shame and to accuse right there of defect. But the woman didn't give any in view of and behaved quite courteous, telling about the schedule of their time and training in manners and etiquette. The girl with horror waited for approach of the next night, and long lay not in forces to close eyes, but when the duke so didn't come, she at last wearily fell asleep. dating different than relationship date ideas for introverts site mapMain Page