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Chapter 2. Communication in the house She led me to the room and we sat down on a sofa - My name is Zulfia, but Mister calls Zuli, you can call me so too. Tell about yourself - I told me Zuli I in detail told as as well as as I appeared here - Yes, too here long ago, if you could notice we with Gospodin of one age, but it doesn't prevent him to rule over me. I became the concubine Gospodina when was still absolutely young girl, I was only 18 years old. I threw future career, institute and followed my Gospodin in uncertainty, but now I am not sorry about it at all because I have now everything that I want and I don't refuse to myself anything. But I had to pay for it the freedom and the body. I am engaged all in economic activity in the house, I humour Gospodin and I do many other things. Did you likely fuck with Gospodin how to you? - Perfectly, he has a beautiful dick, I such didn't see. - It yes, you are right, but at his friend Ashot the dick is much bigger. You likely it was pleasant to Gospodin, time he decided to leave you because all the laying he threw out right after a fucking. But you it is visible to him something I attracted. Send I you I will change clothes for normal clothes, and that yours already all was crumpled also in a cum, and likely you need to take a shower now, you don't object? - Well, I with pleasure if to consider that the cum followed from buttocks and slowly I flew down down the poem to a stocking. I led by Sule me to the bathroom and I helped to undress what her surprise when she saw that I am not a girl, and the disguised young man was. - Yes, I also didn't think that you are a guy, but you strongly look like the girl. Well, anything happens, give полезай in a shower and be washed away, and I will depart on affairs so far. I was washed up and gathered, was to leave a shower, but didn't find the clothes, but found a short silk dressing gown which hung on a hanger, it was necessary to use, than is. Also I was waited by slippers, and somehow strange everything appeared to me during a time. Having dressed all this I left the bathroom, and passed to the living room, there I was already waited by Zuli. - Well as to you the shower was pleasant? I look and things to you during a time appeared, well now it is necessary to do of you the girl, and normal and without any condoms in a brassiere. I hope, you will be doesn't mind? - No, of course, I dreamed of it long ago, but how to carry out it didn't guess yet. - Put on my raincoat so far and went, we need to go to one town. We put on and having got into the car went. Having arrived to a small lodge, we went not through a main entrance, and having stopped by in the yard, went through black the course. At an entrance to the house we were met by the low man and spent in inside at home. Inside the building was similar to clinic. Iuzhchina gave me some tablet with I showed that it needs to be drunk. I looked at Zuli she approvingly nodded. I swallowed a tablet. The man and Zuli send in a corridor, and I sat down to wait from in a chair. There was an awful wish to sleep... Chapter 3. Mister is happy I regained consciousness in a bed of the house of Mister where he for the first time fucked me. I felt a little uncomfortablly because there was some weight in a breast. I threw off a blanket a little and saw that my boobies increased on several sizes. - Katka is your new breast, it is completely natural so you can for her aren't afraid. It is the 3rd size so it is quite quite good, - I noticed Zuli. - From now on you are a girl though defective as everything, i.e. you have no vagina, but you have a breast, and hormones which will give you the womanly form are entered into your body, namely to round hips, will increase buttocks, will make your voice is thinner and is more womanly, stimulate growth of hair on the head, and will lower vegetation on a body. You can look that all your body ideally and almost without indumentum, as at the real woman. These hormones will affect also your erection, it won't be certain time so your chlenik isn't very much a big barrier now. Tomorrow there will arrive Mister and therefore we still have time to pick up to you corresponding clothes. Put on and went to choose to you things. She threw to me a dressing gown and a raincoat, and on dale legs boots. I quickly put on and we moved a trip on shops passed very successfully, and Zuli bought me a lot of beautiful linen, a stocking, panties, bodices, clothes and footwear and also cosmetics. We long were engaged in fitting, laid on a make-up eventually when everything ended the charming girl, with an elastic breast which was supported by a corset, with magnificent dark hair looked at me from a mirror, in panties with a belt which held chulki9khotya stockings were about silicone an elastic band I preferred to put on also a belt), all this disappeared under a skirt which was almost to a floor and was a little pyshnovaty. So the girl from me turned out very successful, but Zuli suddenly remembered that she forgot to give me shoes, and, having put on them, it was a little inconvenient to go on 8 to a centimetric hairpin, but Zuli insisted on it. That now everything, I very much was pleasant to myself. - Katka, now you will speak of yourself only in a feminine gender, forget someone you were before, now you are a woman. Tomorrow there will arrive Mister, I think you him you nerazocherut at least don't take in head to make it. And now send I you I will prepare for arrival of Mister. She led me to the room where in the middle there was only a gynecologic chair and told that I sat down in it and put legs on the thongs tied to crossbeams. Then she took cream pressed it a little on my anal hole and began to push it inside and massed to me a hole. Then I felt as something firm gets into me. - I inserted to you the anal vibrator which to expand your buttocks and will help to get used to you to firm in your buttocks. I will fix it that you couldn't pull out him, and tomorrow morning I will make everything. Good night. All night the vibrator was in my buttocks, and I already got used to it and practically didn't pay attention. Glava4. Mister arrived In the morning Zuli lifted me very much early and told that I quickly put on as well as I and forgot yesterday nothing. I put on also as well as yesterday with Zuli and left the room. Having gone down to the hall, I saw that there arrived my master and rushed to him towards. - That the bitch missed Mister. About I see Zuli over you I worked and I changed you cardinally. That got up, on knees, vividly, I am a whore your Mister here and meet me as it is necessary. I fell on knees припринялась to caress about his legs. - This is already more best, today you with Mister will go to one place and you will be my entertainment on all night long, the bitch understood me? - Da Gospodin, I understood - And someone you are for Gosopdin you understood? - Yes I am your thing which you can use at discretion. - It is correct for now I go I will have a rest. He took me for collars led to the room. I already prepared that Mister before rest otdalbat me in buttocks, but was mistaken. Because having come into the room mister sat down in a chair and ordered me to undress him. Then he took my head and moved up to the dick. His dick rested against my made-up sponges so erotically that I couldn't restrain not to satisfy him. I took his dick in a hand and began to drive on a trunk a hand at the same time caressing a head a uvula. Then I began to swallow his dick in myself and already lips to caress the member Gospodina. so proceeded not for long because a body Gospodina shook a shiver and it слен shot to me at a mouth a cum in a huge kolichestveya his dick licked and there was on knees the room Gospodina. Having met by Sule me in a bottom, I took me by hand and I led to myself. What could it mean? Having come into the room, I put Sule me on a bed, itself having lifted up me a skirt and having delayed panties sideways, I began to mass my hole two fingers. Then I saw as she lifted up the dress and under it there was a strap-on, the big size. I felt as this large object fucks my buttocks, and frankly speaking not it, it gave pleasure. I terminated mad number of times of Zuli so far fucked my buttocks and when it at last reached an orgasm he fell, panting. I decided to take the initiative and having turned it sat down on hunkers before it and began to caress her clitoris the uvula which was humoured recently by the member Gospodina. It very much it was pleasant to Sule and it began to groan a little. I took a strap-on and began to fuck already Zuli that faded her so that orgasms rushed through her and juice of her vagina made wet a sheet, under her. I had already no forces, and I laid down near her. Having a little had a rest I having corrected panties and a dress I got up and I left the room. dating detox rules dateline game night site mapMain Page