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The company was selected motley, but interesting. There were two Nigerian Blacks found in a subsoil of Peoples' Friendship University. Sammy is black as pitch, high, brawny, flexible, with tattoos on hands and a hairless breast. At him the big, intertwined with veins dick. Mango, same ч§рный as well as his companion, is lower growth, dense, with designated, despite young years, a stomach. The dick at him is a match for him thick, with a pinkish large head. Guys talk on wild mix English, Russian and abusive, giving preference to abusive. To the pensioner Lev Borisovich 72. Lev Borisovich is the former therapist, the person intelligent and delicate, but infinitely dissolute. Lev Borisovich the man in a body, he has thick thighs, a thick hard stomach, the wide heavy back. A dick at him short and very thick, with a short stupid head. The pensioner wears glasses in a gold frame and, coming to sexual excitement, is accustomed to tousle a shock of a gray hair. Nikolay Sergeyevich is a big official. To him 64, he is absolutely bald, kruglolitsa, with a bulbous nose and carnivorous lips skilled ёбаря. He of average height, dense, the little conceding to a korpulentnost to Lev Borisovich. The bossy stomach is emphasized from below with dense thickets of pubic hair, massive thighs and calves, heavy shoulders and hands, thick fingers of hands and a bull neck give the former fighter. He the average size, good shape has a dick which is based upon large hairy balls. Nikolay Sergeyevich is bisexual, ебёт all that he moves, prefers women in a body, with an ass and boobs, loves foul language and rough еблю. The fifth participant of the forthcoming holiday Ashot, the real Armenian from Armenia. Swarty, stocky, with massive features, densely overgrown with breast, hands and legs hair, from hair density on a pubis the considerable dick which isn't conceding the size to Sammy's device is given. Ashot's dick dark, almost Black, colors, a head is much wider than a trunk, sits on is mute as a mushroom hat. Ashot is 35 years old, he loves the Russian women, but doesn't disdain also the Russian boys. Victor average man in every respect. Middle age — to it 40, average appearance — you will pass by — you won't remember, of average height, an average constitution, average hairiness, with a mean. He is heterosexual, but wishes to try also something new. Victor is married, but likes to splurge on the party, diversifying fresh family life. Never I participated in a group sex so slightly worries in an anticipation. And, at last, the most young member of the group — Yura. Yura is 18 years old, he just graduated from school. Yura the virgin though in imaginations I pereebat half-schools, including teachers, all fellow travelers in the bus to school and back, and at least a half of female relatives. Well and of course all actresses in movie theaters and female characters of video of games. The boy high and thin, very beautiful, with fluffy eyelashes and long silky hair up to shoulders which make him similar to the pretty girl. Yura stays in a condition of continuous sexual languor, sometimes he masturbates several times a day, but, having terminated, in 15 minutes he is ready to new feats. In the company of adult men, naked and podrachivayushchy the dicks, Yura is confused, alternately reddens and turns pale, but the imagined pictures of future action already provoked him, his dick sticks out and pulses itself most, without hands. It is time also to business what to weary the audience. Main course of today's festival of flesh — my wife. Here she also enters the room, comes to the middle, and sits down on a floor in a pose of humility, hips are divorced, the head is hung, hands are connected behind the back. On her only a white belt with elastic bands and the stockings of corporal color emphasizing mighty thighs. Heavy boobies with big light pink nipples, a massive ass, but at the same time the slender waist accenting all this magnificence cause the expected reaction. The general sigh of admiration was distributed. "To fuck to thresh, this a blyadina!" — Nikolay Sergeyevich exhaled. "Whore, look at her hairy cunt!" — Sammy shared the observation. "Yeah bro and huge tits, real cow," — supported it by Mongo. Victor earned by a hand even more diligently, Ashot hard began to breathe, Yura went red spots, intelligent Lev Borisovich told — "The lady even more best, than on a photo though where that was more best". "Well, we will begin, companions, and that the lady was tired of waiting" — Lev Borisovich told, tousled a head of hear and impatiently rubbed the naviagrenny dick. Sammy immediately followed an appeal. I collapsed on a wide sofa more conveniently, having leaned on elbows, I placed legs and the got-up dick squeezed in a fist. The fist closed the device well if on a third. "Give, give, come to daddy, the whore". The wife on all fours crept up to him, took seat on knees between his brawny hips and took a dick in a hand. Slightly I squeezed, I released, I ran fingers from top to down, from below up. The dick responded elastic rocking. Natasha clasped him with fingers, began to podrachivat, gently and slowly. Then I drew near closer and I licked a head language. Sammy hemmed enough. Without stopping caressing, I took a head in a mouth, I licked, I sucked, and I began to take away all trunk in a mouth more and more deeply. Sammy moaned. "The professional, the whore, the whore," — Nikolay Sergeyevich was attached behind the wife on a carpet, one lapishchy squeezed a breast and rumpled a nipple, and started another to her between legs and without excess curtseys thrust a thick finger into a pizda and efficiently poshurovat him there. "Oho, and the blyadina that began to flow already!" — also I showed all it is wet a brilliant middle finger. Lev Borisovich settled down on a sofa to the left of Sammy, Mongo lay down on the right. Yura squated on a floor, and, continuously observing as Natasha sucks a chocolate dick, taking away him in a mouth to a throat, releasing to a head, the dick fingered. Ashot and Victor strenuously jerked off. "Look, the boy, and study," — the leading Nikolay Sergeyevich's vein haunted even in time a mouth. At the same time he with unambiguous interest looked at buttocks and a dick on Yurina. Natasha removed a hand from Sammy's device, and, continuing to suck with a smack his dick, the member Mongo, in another took in one hand the thick probe of Lev Borisovich, and I began to jerk off them. Nikolay Sergeyevich rumpled her breast, unscrewed the hardened nipples, and returned a finger on the former place to a hospitable pizda. The wife rose, the member Sammy released from a mouth, took Lev Borisovich's dick in a mouth, then was bent in other party and did the same with Mongo, at the same time a hand jerked off the pulsing Sammy's device. The initiative was shown again by Sammy. "C "mon bitch, I will fuck you, gimme your dirty cunt". He laid down more deeply on a sofa, pulled on himself the wife, quickly and skillfully entered her pizda expiring juice, and rhythmically moved. Nikolay Sergeyevich promptly for the constitution moved to a sofa, and was again attached at the monumental back of Natasha. "My God, what ass, what huge, juicy, elastic, whore, ass! Go here, the boy, помацай the real female ass" — called he Yura. I am brisk quickly I crept up and for the first time in life I touched the living naked woman! "More safely, the boy" — Sergey Nikolaevich moved up the boy to himself, embraced one hand. "Stroke, kiss," — he edified the silly little chap — "not often such bum you will see, rare beauty an ass". Telling it, he wetted with saliva a finger and pressured an anus Natashkin. The wife slightly moved from surprise, but right there shook back. The finger slightly entered in even densely compressed rosette. Natasha squealed and was stuck on a finger slightly more deeply. Delicate Lev Borisovich gave to the anal terrorist a lubricant tube. "Here so that is more best, thanks, Lyova". Sergey Nikolaevich inserted a tube neck into an anus and strongly pressed. The lubricant which is generously filled in in a treasured hole began to flow on a bum and hips of the wife who is vigorously jumping on the member Sammy. Meanwhile Mongo kneelt in the face of my whore and efficiently the dick to her inserted into a mouth. Natashka managed to jump on Sammy, to suck Mongo and to respond sensitively on what Sergey did with her anus. And Sergey implanted a finger into the greased opening and with might and main bashed out him, then added the second finger, and, having considered that he developed a hole enough, the dick inserted into it. At first a head, even not all, on the next muscleman the head with the squelching sound went to an anus entirely, then there was also all trunk. The Trinity of yobary worked well-coordinated, in a uniform rhythm as well debugged team. When Sammy almost left the wet champing pizda, Sergey deeply entered the squelching ass filled with lubricant, and Mongo drove a dick in a mouth of my darling. From outside it seemed that the wife is strung on a skewer which one end inserted into her mouth begins from a curly groin of Mongo, and another, filled in a thick bum, comes to an end Sergey Nikolaevich's pubis. Movements were followed by a squelch, champing and smacking. Ashot and Victor lay down picturesque group on each side, caressing the nipples which are made horney Natashina, stroking her extensive thighs, and continuing to caress himself. Yura from such show terminated, having shot a cum on the wife's hip. I was embarrassed, the dick fell down him, but already in a few minutes began to harden. "Go here, I will suck," — Ashot called him, and I Am brisk not began to object. Without releasing the wife's breast which is dangling from pushes from below, behind and in front, Ashot took Yura's dick and began to suck it unexpectedly gently. Yura was ready to sexual feats again soon. Victor and Lev Borisovich jerked off so far aside. Excitement reached peak. Sergey growled, very much thrusting a dick in already razjyobanny ass, Sammy on each jump of my whore cried out "whore" or "fuck", Mongo, all sweaty from excitement, seized the wife by the head and rigidly fucked her in a mouth. Natasha groaned, her movements accelerated. The coordination of team worked, all four at the same time terminated. Natasha was curved and cried, Sammy with groan poured out a seed in a pizda, Sergey with the last roar released a charge in an anus, Mongo with some animal vskhrapy terminated in a mouth. The wife it is weakened Mongo as a full animal fell on Sammy's breast, I crawled away aside, Sergey Nikolaevich embraced Natashkina a bum, not in forces to leave such beauty. Ashot interrupted this idyll — "Men, have conscience, let's others fuck already, huh? And that the dick will burst now". Sergey unwillingly crawled away from a treasured ass, Sammy rolled Natasha on a sofa and, podrachivy, sat down near Mongo waiting for return of an erection. Natashka in languor after a mouth and an orgasm lay on a back. On a face the detached smile wandered. Bothered my blyadina three ёбаря, but someone will allow to have a rest when four sufferers wait for the following won't wait to seize upon her delights. "Let's the boy be played," — Sergey showed care. Ashot pushed Yura to the moved apart wife's thighs. From the opened tired-out pizda the dense white cum of Sammy flew down, from the developed anus Sergey Nikolaevich's cum exuded. "Well, give, vyeb the fat bitch," — Sergey encouraged. Ashot and Victor already worked on the wife's boobies, sucking nipples, fingering them fingers, slightly biting them. Lev Borisovich, with envy glancing at Yura, all not deciding to start business in any way, having sat down near the face of the wife, I thrust a thick dick to her into a mouth. Natasha came to life, already moaned under Ashot and Victor's ruthless fingers, and Lev Borisovich's dick began to suck. Yura at last decided, stroked curls on the wife's pubis, implanted fingers into her pizda. "The good fellow, I Am brisk, vyeb to a blyadin. When in life such woman gets. And whether will get in general. "Yura was attached between magnificent thighs, poyorzat ineptly, without finding an entrance to wet warm depth. Natasha took his dick in a hand and sent to herself. The boy trembled, nearly terminated, but waited a critical moment. Then I began to move quickly and ineptly. The wife put hands on his buttocks and stopped fast rolling. "Don't hurry, the kid," — her voice was hoarse and low from excitement — "I will help you". And she moved to him towards, set a rhythm. on pillows, having languidly stretched hands and legs. However the opened fleshy thighs, the cum following from the crowded pizda, heavy boobies with horney nipples obviously didn't adjust the men who surrounded her on rest. "Of course, Natashenka, to the sun, needs rest," — Lev Borisovich began to fuss. "Yes, men, bothered a blyadishcha," — Sergey supported him. Meanwhile Lev Borisovich lay down between the wife's hips, stroking a curly hillock. "What, at you, Natashenka, a lyazhechka what breasts, what holes sweet," — he kept saying — "so all and I obtselovat you". Having told it, the vigorous pensioner began to cover with kisses the wife's hips, gradually all are closer moving to her razjyobanny pizda. At last he reached her and began to suck her clitoris. "Lyova, well you are a bug, to have a rest, rest, and very first at a pizda," — Sergey Nikolaevich laid down sideways from the horney woman who again began to breathe hard and falteringly and was engaged in her breast. Yura, already again with completely eregirovanny dick, was attached from other side. Natasha embraced him, attracted to herself and stuck into his lips. To the boy she is obviously not indifferent. After a long kiss I pushed the boy's head to a nipple. Yura Zachmokal lips. Mungo and Sammy took seat on both sides from the Natashkiny person, Sammy slapped a dick in lips of the wife and inconsiderately thrust him to her into a mouth. Natasha right there began to suck it. Mungo followed his example. Two shining chocolate heads rubbed the friend about the friend, plunged into a mouth together and in turn, left, and then the wife licked them while they didn't disappear in her greedy mouth again. Ashot lay down for Yura, nestled on him and his dick began to caress. He did it was able also with pleasure, obviously not for the first time. Victor settled down near Lev Borisovich and shared with the pensioner wet Natashina the pussy. All appeared at business. A lot of time that from caress of hands, languages and dicks the wife began to moan through two dicks in a mouth wasn't required. "Well, everything," — Sergey Nikolaevich kneelt — "all have a rest, it is time and to be fucked. "He easily raised the excited woman, turned her on a stomach and bended over. Natasha laid down the person on pillows and stuck out a bum. "Eh, zhopishcha what, not a sight for the faint of heart. Well, someone didn't fuck a pizda or an ass yet? It seems you, a snowball, a dick only of companies ебёшь," — he told Mongo. The Nigerian got up behind, drove a dickhead on the opened vagina and the developed anus, kind of choosing where to enter, and stopped on a pizda. The large head easily got into a wet crack, and the Black earned strongly and rhythmically, on balls driving in a dick into pliable flesh and slapping a stomach in the wife's buttocks. Mango was replaced by Lev Borisovich. He didn't deliberate, was at once screwed in in an anus. His fat dick without effort got into the prepared hole. Then there was Victor. Then Sammy visited a vagina. "We change a disposition, holes stand idle, and the people in turn wait, the disorder" — Sergey directed process again. Mungo laid down on a back, Natasha sat down on him to him a back and sent his vertically standing dick to herself to an anus. I bent a little back, Mongo supported her back, and let in Sergey's pizda. Through a thin gentle wall Sergey's dick rubbed about Mongo's dick. The left hand the wife caressed Ashot's dick, right Yura. Sammy habitually put Natashke's dick in a mouth, the pensioner, hanging a stomach over the face of the wife, joined him. Victor jerked off, a free hand caressing the wife's breast. "Ah you, the bitch fucking, the skank station, give to all men, well, tell someone you are?!" — Sergey furiously hollowed the wife's pizda — "well, tell!" Natasha exempted a mouth from dicks — "I am a fucking whore" "Well, still, a huyesoska mokropizdy!" "I am a whore, a davalka lewd, all men can fuck me in all holes" "Daaaa, well!" — Sergey flew into a passion — "your pizdishcha doesn't dry, the bitch thick is open for all! Well!!!" "Yes, I am a whore, a laying cheap, all fuck my pizda!" "Daaaa!!!" — Sergey Nikolaevich got nervous and pushes lowered a dense seed in Natashka. His place was taken right there by Ashot, his fungus densely entered a crack, svezhesmazanny Sergey's cum. Mungo constantly fucked Natashkino a point. Ashot not for long could bear double friction about walls of a vagina and about Mongo's dick, having shot a plentiful charge at an insatiable pizda. Ashot was replaced by Victor. Continuing to unscrew Natashina nipples, Victor, accelerating speed, slowing down, I fucked the wife with taste and inspiration. Having approached the highest point, the dick pulled out at the last minute and terminated on a hairy pubis. To Mongo's endurance the end came too, he several times set Natashke's dick in an ass on the balls and having cried out "Fucking slut, you white trash!" — I terminated. His cum became a last straw and for my dissolute whore, Natasha was killed in the sixth orgasm. Mungo got out from under my darling, giving way to Lev Borisovich. The tireless pensioner — glory to you, great Viagra! — conveniently I arranged Natasha on the stomach, I groped her back hole and I filled in her the robust fellow. The dick easily entered a point on Mongo's cum following from him. Sammy got up facing Natasha, put her legs to himself on shoulders, opened fingers her wet crack and roughly put in her the considerable elda at all length. Natasha embraced Sammy for a neck and the Trinity moved in unison. "oh you dirty fat whore, I "is good a pizda, ll fuck your wet cunt good, the whore," — Sammy kept saying. "Fuck a mare," — Sergey set on — "Lyov, елдошь to a blyadin in an ass!" Lev Borisovich felt how Sammy's dick rubs about him again ready to stream a seed the dick as Natashkina nipples which he unscrewed and I squeezed more and more harden. I unscrewed painfully, but pain only increased pleasure which was felt by the wife. "Go to me," — Natasha called the sitting next and desperately jerking off Yura. She took in a mouth of his handsome man and began to suck, at the same time caressing a hand. grand finale came nearer, it was felt by all in the room. The men who aren't occupied in a mouth drew near closer. Mungo was almost restored, his dick though didn't stand parallel to a floor, but quite hardened. Sergey Nikolaevich who is squeezed out as a lemon, unsuccessfully tried to bring round the friend, and laid all hopes on wonderful touch of my charming woman. Victor and Ashot who are in a condition of relative hardness caressed each other, hoping that it will make horney them rather and more true. The first, oddly enough, I didn't stand Sammy. He utrobno began to roar, to bruises seized Natashiny shoulders, and lowered the next portion of a cum in her tired-out pizda. Tut and Yura peeped and terminated to the libertine in a mouth. In what already time in an evening? Lev Borisovich with the next kiss left the Natashiny anus, removed her from himself and hung over her face, having clamped a dick in a fist. Men drew near closely. "The mouth, a mouth are wider," — Lev Borisovich asked. Natasha took in a mouth the fallen-down Sergey's tool, and, about a miracle, he really began to come to life. A hand I caressed Mongo's dick. I put other hand on the solid back of the pensioner. Ashot Nadrachival is near, and Victor aimed at the shaggy pussy. "Aaaa, bitch, whore!!!" — Sergey, though without having reached hardness, I terminated to the wife in a mouth. Ashot right there thrust into the released hole the dick with the words "Suck, the Skank!". Natasha groped Lev Borisovich's anus meanwhile, moved on him a finger, and then sharply implanted a finger inside. Lev Borisovich sighed and immediately spilled in a mouth and on the person to my inventor. It became a signal for Ashot, the saltish cum poured down in the seductress's throat. Artful Victor was engaged in the Natashkiny clitoris. Several touches to the heated flesh that Natasha was curved by an arch were enough and was hammered in an orgasm. Victor hasty terminated on the stomach raised in air, and Mongo with pleasure lowered on the face of the white girl and rubbed off a dick about her inflamed lips. Seven orgasms of my darling. On an orgasm on each man, it is fair. Good evening turned out. It is necessary to repeat. dating definition archaeology dateline site mapMain Page