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Even at the time of reorganization I arrived after training at agrarian institute to the village. To lift the village, so to speak. In the head the grandiose ideas, but when arrived to the place turned, all dreams and plans with a crash failed as the cut tree. Their embodiment in such conditions was just impossible. Men all drink. The equipment nalady breathes. Around mess. Horror. I differently imagined everything … Generally, I flopped in this shit with the head. Gradually my idealism was gone. I became friends with men. Saws together with them moonshine. I swept. In few weeks I became, almost as the aboriginal. Once during the booze at us the conversation about women came. And here I learned from men that the wife of the chairman of collective farm the real whore and, behind the back of the husband, gives all. At her already visited half of the village, and it isn't aware (or pretends?). In general about him the rumor not as about a powerful male so, most likely, he knows about the wife's adventures goes, but doesn't decide to interfere. At that time I didn't fuck about a month, and, literally, reduced balls. After this conversation with men, I precisely for myself decided that I somehow will visit on a visit this potaskukha. I wasn't even confused by the fact that it is more senior than me twice. Balls needed to be devastated urgently, and such nuances didn't disturb me. And it is good that it was necessary to wait not long. Next day the chairman went to the regional center with the report, and usually after such actions he comes back late at night. It was my chance. In advance I learned from men how to make up to the wife of the chairman and, having bought a port wine bottle, I went to a meeting to adventures. The Chairman's wife, Galina Sergeyevna, met me as native. At once I called to the house. I fed. Even I ban an istopil. Miracles. I took a steam bath much and already moonshine which was brought by Galina Sergeyevna sat in the waiting room at a table of saws. I sit, I enjoy life, and it suddenly comes. As soon as the wife of the chairman came into a bath, she closed behind herself a door on a bolt and threw off from herself a sundress. I from surprise nearly choked. "Well, of what you so were frightened?" - Galina Sergeyevna spoke with a smile, - "Unless you not came for it?" She stood near an exit and rumpled hands the healthy boobs. I examined her not young, but yet not old body, and my dick moved. Under folds of her stomach, I saw the red curly hairs growing on her pizda. I at once wanted to fuck it is direct on the place. Galina Sergeyevna approached a table and one powerful the movement removed him towards (a daaa, the woman though where!). She sat down by me and, having put a hand under a towel, groped my sticking-out dick. Knowing the business, she strongly squeezed it and began to nadrachivat it slowly. The towel slipped on a floor, and she saw my dick in all beauty. Galina Sergeyevna's eyes lit up. She slowly continued to pull together skin down, baring my head. She obviously derived from it esthetic pleasure, it was visible on a look. After that she took a dick in a mouth and began to procrastinate it. Her lips very skillfully squeezed a trunk, I language quickly spun around a dickhead, tickling it. I grabbed a back of a bench and just went bananas from fantastic feelings. Galina Sergeyevna ceased to humour me the mouth and decided to start major activity. She climbed seized me by a dick, climbed astride and drove with the skillful movement him to herself into a pizda. He instantly went to depth of her smashed hole. She seized me by shoulders and began to jump up on mine to a dick publishing joyful povizgivaniye. The dick freely dangled in her pizda, but it to the age had good experience and managed to bring me a high even the bucket. I caught it by a thick ass and began her to help quicker to terminate. Suddenly the wife of the chairman stopped me. - Not so quickly, and you will fall short that of the most interesting. She got down from me, got up dog-fashion on a bench and told: "Give fuck me in an ass!" The statement was unexpected, but the dick hooted from an overstrain and I obeyed. She thrust several fingers to herself into a pizda and, having got them, plentifully greased a hole of the bum. I with scope set a dick with her in a bum. The chairman's wife only sighed, and I already in all was active in her gut. There it appeared much already, than in her pizda and I, having taken out a dick, I began to pour cum streams over her thick buttocks. - There is what good fellow, - Galina Sergeyevna told and smeared a hand all cums to herself on an ass. After that she sent me for work. I happy left. Then a lot more time at her I was, and she pleased me with the bath and the holes. dating deal breakers date gettime site mapMain Page