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This story about how I became a girl. It is a little about itself, my name is Andrey and to me there are 20 years, but look much more young, pretty slender and nice. There was a summer of 2013, I had at that time no constant relationship with girls and recently something pulled on boys, not that is some love relationship, and purely sex especially as I already for a long time played with the buttocks I, developing it various objects. It couldn't proceed long and soon there was a wish for something bigger, namely to feel in itself the real healthy penis. Often I was lost in contemplation video porn where one guy fucks another or a trance, and I represented myself on the place of those someone are fucked. It very strongly made horney me. Then and it appeared insufficiently, and I became envy on the websites the gay of acquaintances where created several questionnaires and placed a photo of the shaved buttocks and began to wait for reaction of men. There were many offers, but I didn't decide on something serious. But the farther, the worse and to suffer already it was intolerable, and I decided to be given the first someone will offer it to me. It was necessary to wait not for long, and in the same day to me the offer to meet at it on the apartment came. I decided not to hurry and learn about it more. It was called Evgeny, he was 35 years old. He lived one as he got divorced from wife recently and wanted to oaznoobrazit a little the sexual life therefore addressed on this website. And judging by a photo he was quite pleasant appearance and on communication it was pleasant, generally option, ideal for me. Also I asked his what sizes his dick as I didn't want that for the first time I was torn. He told that averages and what has to be pleasant to me. Still he asked what I have sexual fantasies. I wrote that I would like to change clothes in the girl, but yet there is no such opportunity and also to try with two guys at once. We agreed to meet next day at 6 in the evening, he just came back from work. Also I stated the wish that he met me already undressed, and with standing imchleny that so to speak, at once to start business. He answered that he will think, on that and said goodbye. The next day I began to prepare for a meeting, for an hour and a half prior to it, the-ism made couple of C, presented and warmed up buttocks a little, entering at first two, and then three fingers, was fond a little and when came round, prior to a meeting there was only a half an hour. Having quickly changed clothes, I ran on a meeting, to go wasn't far and in 15 minutes I was on the place. Here and his house, I rise by the fifth floor, I find the necessary apartment, having a little stood, not deciding to press a call. I once again thought I need it or not, but here is suddenly sweet заныло in buttocks, and without deliberating any more, I pressed the button. The door opened not at once, and here I already on a threshold. - Sorry, for what kept waiting, I was in the bathroom. He still told something, but I didn't listen to him. As I also asked, he was absolutely naked, with quite attractive driven body. His dick already stood a stake, and his big red head was sent to my party. About the sizes he obviously deceived me, his dick was simply huge, centimeters 25 in length and about 5 in the diameter, but it didn't frighten off me, on the contrary I began to make horney I. He still told something, probably inviting me to one of rooms, and I stood as driven, having stared at him chlenishche, is absolute him without listening. At me slobbers already began to flow, and without having sustained, I kneeled before him, in passing remembering, all porn of video with blowjob. I began to lick his huge head, then passed to a trunk, carrying out on it by language, plentifully moistening that it was simpler to slide and began to be stuck by a mouth on his dick, but at me it turned out to accept only a third of its length, to mails I began to move the head up down, at the same time caressing language a bridle, every time when got closer to her. I tried from all strong that it was pleasant to him and my efforts weren't in vain, I heard as he quietly began to moan, I raised eyes and saw his contented face. It pleased me, and I moved even more actively. He put a hand to me on the head, and began to set speed, trying to spread my head even more deeply. I otsranitsya, he didn't begin to insist and weakened a hand. - Well, you still will have time to be trained, he told and, having mysteriously smiled, winked at me. I understood that he conceived something, but to me was all the same, I tried to make pleasant to the first lover. He began to approach an orgasm soon, but didn't allow me to finish, having stopped me, ordered to get up and undo jeans. Having left me one, he went to one of rooms, and I began to look round. The apartment was issued is quite rich, I passed further and to the right of me there was a big mirror in all growth. I began to examine the person, happy from the first blowjob, with slightly reddened lips and a wild hair. Having been fond, I didn't notice as Zhenya appeared behind me. - Stand so, he told, and I began to pull together with one hand with me jeans and pants, I tried to help him, but interfered with me my own sticking-out dick. Having hardly pulled together belongings, I rejected them far away in depth of box Dora, having remained in one t-shirt. He ordered to place to me legs more widely, having slightly bent. I exposed buttocks to him towards and felt as he began to grease my excited hole with some cold cream, having pushed at first one finger, began to move him to and fro. Already from one it it became so pleasant that at me legs gave away. Following the second finger, then the third went. In spite of the fact that they were quite healthy, all three entered with ease. Probably it suited it and he pulled out fingers, and I felt as something heated approached my hole. - Prepare, now it will be sore. I tried to relax as far as possible, and already the head of his dick was thrust in my hole, it slowly pushed a dick inside, and all my body was pierced by such sharp pain that I nearly shouted at all house. But I asked him not to stop though pain was intolerable, I even began to help a subject, moving buttocks towards. Having sharply moved back, I was stuck on all his 25 centimeters. Having a little allowed to get used, he again sharply left and slowly entered. Here so I for the first time lost anal virginity. Pain quickly ceased, after all I long prepared for such day. It slowly moved forward backwards, I made upward movement to it buttocks and even began to moan. I was literally on top of the world from pleasure. My lover began to slow down, promptly approaching an orgasm. After all for the first time the hole was quite narrow. Soon it moaned, and I felt as it streams the hot cum which was pleasantly filling my interiors. It proceeded long enough, I was even surprised from where in it there is so much liquid. For a second without stopping, it continued to fuck me, and his dick was still stone, the cum already flowed a stream and flew down on my leg on a floor. I pushed a hand between legs, and having taken fingers a little liquid, thrust them into a mouth, sucking and groaning from pleasure. The taste of his cum was extraordinary pleasant. Through some time I any more not in forces was myself to control, hardly stood on the feet, and groans were replaced with shouts and I didn't constrain emotion any more. - Give, fuck me stretch my narrow back, quicker, fill with the tasty cum, I want to be your girl, two, fuck, quicker! These words it seems worked on him, and he increased speed, at the same time навлившись by me and having pressed to a mirror, and my own dick rubbed about this mirror, smearing on him lubricant and too brought some pleasure. The look which I observed in a mirror was extremely exciting, and I already almost reached the highest point of pleasure as suddenly it sharply left me, turned facing myself and by force bent down to the dick. I already prepared and opened a mouth, and it stood over me and nadrachivat the huge trunk, in a couple of minutes to me in a face the first stream scattered, I shipped his head to myself in a mouth and he already clogged with a cum my throat, her was very much that I didn't manage to swallow of and it flew down on mouth corners on a floor and on a t-shirt which I didn't manage to take off. At last the stream ran low and it pulled out a dick from a mouth, I swallowed remained and began to lick a head, then a trunk which was all in a cum and mine of allocation. When I finished, he told: - I went to the bathroom, made toilet, you are waited there by your first surprise. I went to the bathroom, even without representing that for a surprise he prepared for me. Leaving, I looked at myself in a mirror, I was all in a cum and she continued to punish from my hole. On the way to the bathroom, I took the belongings from a floor. His bathroom was huge, such I never before saw, and a half of space occupied a jacuzzi. In the middle of the room some package lay. I opened it and pleasantly was surprised, female things lay there. Having thrown out contents on a floor, I began to consider. There were white lacy stockings and the same lace lingerie of bluish color panties and a brassiere with the inflatable inserts imitating a breast. Also there was white, almost transparent blouse, and the checkered skirt of red color extending to a bottom. - Directly the schoolgirl's suit, I thought. Still there was a wig of black color, and to the left of a door there were shoes on hairpins more than 10 cm long. I stood up and found a big set of cosmetics to which likely any girl would envy on the shelf, various shaving accessories lay at the left. Having removed things back vpakt, I got into a jacuzzi and before taking a shower, I fell on hunkers, applied a palm to a hole and squeezed out from myself the cum remains. Then sent all this to himself to a mouth. - There now I have also supper, I spoke. Having hastily taken a shower, I began to shave off all hair unnecessary me. I had quite slender legs and in a shaved look looked quite sexually. Having shaved, I began to put on the clothes prepared for me. At first I put on panties, then I began to pull stockings. Then I was accepted to a brassiere, having learned with a foolish fastener. Later I put on a skirt, a blouse and at last I applied a wig, hair turned out long, below shoulders, and in front there was a bang. Then I pulled out eyebrows. Naturally I didn't know as it is correctly necessary to do a make-up. I got phone from trousers, went online and looked as it becomes. Left quite not bad as it seemed to me. It was necessary only to direct lips, I took brightly red, and already in a couple of minutes was not to recognize me. From a mirror the sexy gateway schoolgirl with a lewd look looked at me. Having admired itself, I began to get on shoes and tried to walk. Of course I fell at once, it was necessary to get used to it. At this moment the knock at a door sounded, and without having waited for the answer he entered. I just stood having bent down, buttocks to a door to pick up the belongings from a floor. - You are already ready, Anyuta? he asked me, having managed to give a new name. - Of course the road as you see. At the same time he approached me and I felt as he rested the stone dick to me against buttocks. Even through a skirt it seemed hot. Having risen, I somehow faced it, this time I was nearly one with it growth. My appearance struck him, he even opened a mouth from surprise, and I suddenly had a desire to kiss him on a mouth. I pressed one hand to his breast, his dick took in another and I stuck into his lips, getting a uvula inside. He reciprocated to me, at the same time having squeezed my rolls two hands. Having come off, at last he spoke, - You are very beautiful, Anyuta, there would be no you the guy, I would marry you. - But I can always be your mistress, I told. - We will go more better to the bedroom, I want you, the road. Only I want to take off shoes, otherwise I won't reach. Without having told words, he took me on hands and incurred to the bedroom, having gently put across a huge bed. - Well, Anyuta, you are ready to become a woman now? - Of course the road, I also dream only of it, make me the woman, fuck already the little whore, and fuck all night long without stopping! Having moved me to edge of a bed he took away to me a short skirt and pulled together panties. I moved apart legs as it is possible more widely and hands helped to move apart rolls. My buttocks already flowed in itself and no lubricant was required. To me it wasn't suffered any more. - Well give, fuck the girl, the small huyesosochka. And he only teases me, driving the dick between rolls. At last I didn't sustain, itself seized him a trunk and sent to a hole. - This time you can act more roughly, I told. - Then shut up, the whore juvenile, now I will tear your point, and I advise you not to shout, at the same time he picked up my panties and pushed them at first to me in buttocks, and then stopped up with them my mouth, sharply entered me and began to fuck roughly. - Well the bitch, is pleasant to be a davalka? I could answer nothing, only groaned from pleasure and squeezed the artificial breast. After a while he decided to replace a pose, itself laid down on a bed now, and I climbed up his trunk astride. - Now you work, the whore! In this pose very much it was pleasant to me, new feelings took my body, I jumped on his trunk as got, my lover began to moan and ordered to accelerate, I felt in myself the first burning stream, and here suddenly I got such most powerful orgasm what never in life I got. He a wave swept from the hole and went to the head a pleasure wave. My fallen-down dick the river poured out some colourless liquid on a stomach of the lover. Probably this image so overexcited me that I achieved such result. His dick also didn't think to fall down. I flat-out fell on his breast, he pulled out panties at me from a mouth, and I began to kiss him again. So we also lay, my lover and I on is mute from above, and his dick still was in my buttocks. Having a little had a rest, I began to slip from him, having felt as the cum flows on my legs. He continued to lie, and I kneeled before him and began to pinch to a last straw the cum remains from his trunk. Having thrown a cursory glance on a bed, I just now noticed that at a headboard the dildo, by the sizes passing on Zhenya's trunk was done to a wall. - And it what for? - That you could train while I am busy with your buttocks, you can practise deep to a coin, you know as to me it is pleasant. - Well the road, I will try. I got on a bed and on knees spread towards a phallus, at the same time wagging the sexual buttocks, teasing the трахаря and inviting to enter me. I was engaged in an artificial dick, and Zhenya already approached my hole, at the same time I was stuck by a mouth on a phallus, trying as it is possible to thrust more deeply him, but it was impossible to me. Having pulled out him from a mouth, I was sharply stuck on Zhenya's dick. So I also moved between two dicks, quietly groaning from pleasure. Soon to me bothered to train and I decided to exchange holes. Having stuck by the daddy on a phallus, I looked with a look of the innocent schoolgirl in eyes Zhenya, and slightly opens the sponges which slightly swelled up a little from work, kept saying. - Your spermoglotochka got hungry. I swallowed a head, a little podrachivy a trunk hands. Zhenya moved back and forth, I tried to enjoy glubzhe now could take a half of its length, further couldn't any more, began to choke and from eyes tears began to flow, breaking off ink on the person. It made horney him only even more, he began to move more often, in five minutes of similar actions, he began to fill in my mouth with a hot cum, it still was much. I took a trunk a hand and began to drive it on the person, filling in it. Now I precisely resembled the real whore. The lovely face which is filled in with a cum, the smeared ink, all clothes in white spots. Also you know, it was pleasant to me. My new life began with it. - You need to make toilet, ahead one more surprise... dating daze podcast date today tagalog site mapMain Page