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I, high brunette, brown eyes, average length hair. I play sports, the dick of the average size (16 cm). I don't consider myself by beauty standard, but despite it, I had many girls. I study at the first year University, 18 were executed recently. Now to history. There was all a week ago. All course was forced to go for medical examination. And of course, the choice wasn't. On May 14 all of us came to hospital. Some doctors we passed quickly, and to others long sat in turn. Generally, girls went to the last gynecologist, and guys, respectively — to the urologist. The first my best friend entered an office. In about 5 minutes he left. I followed his example and went the following. — Hello. — I told, closing behind myself a door. — Hello, you pass, sit down. — the stately young man with attractive features told. I passed, stretched the medical card and sat down on a chair near a table. The doctor began to ask questions, writing down all answers. — Whether there are complaints? — no. — There were injuries, diseases? — no. — I repeated. — Operations? — Too wasn't. — It is good, get up, take off trousers and pants. — the man asked. Without excess questions I got up and undid a belt. Having slowly lowered trousers, I understood that my dick began to get up foully. And, above all that to it there was no reason. I began to panic. — Quicker. — by more rough voice the doctor told. I understood that already there's nothing to be done. The sharp movement I took off pants to knees. The doctor still looked in my medical record and wrote something. In several seconds he turned the head and saw my unit standing a stake. But in my opinion it didn't surprise him. — Don't worry, you not the first, approach closer, I need to perform inspection. I uncertainly satisfied a request. On hands of the doctor there were gloves which he touched the ends of other guys. It made horney me even more. He turned a chair to me. His head was directly opposite to my dick. It began to prominat my shaved pubis two fingers. I looked at it from above. After that he shifted my bolt to the left, then to the right. From these touches the dick began to pulse. The doctor obviously noticed it, but didn't betray to it value. Further he began to rumple my balls slightly. Asking at the same time "painfully?". I, heaving from pleasure a deep sigh I answered that I am not present. In my head there were many thoughts, and one izvrashchenny another. The doctor stopped examining balls and accurately opened a head. I didn't expect it and it seemed that I will terminate now. — I can unintentionally eyakulirovat. — in a whisper I that the doctor finished survey quicker told. — Then can at once and you will hand over a cum on the analysis? — Well if it is necessary … The doctor got from under a table an empty jar from drugstore, opened her and gave me. — Give more better you, at me long ago so I didn't stand. — I asked. The man captured my end a palm, strong squeezed and began to nadrachivat quickly. I hadn't to wait long, and in couple of seconds the cum shot from my end at a jar which I held near a head. Then the second shot, and here, jar almost full. — The good fellow, that decided, you have a lot of cum moreover and such dense. — the doctor told. He got up and put my analyses in a glass case on a piece of paper with my name and a surname. I noticed that there are many analyses. In each jar different quantity of a cum. — What thought? And naked you will consider others cum? — the doctor asked. — Ah yes … — I quickly put on. The doctor gave me the medical card and gave the business card in case I will want to repeat. I checked that on me there is no cum, said goodbye and left. The following guy went. One didn't want to go to halls therefore I began to wait for the others. After me the fourth fellow student already came. When all passed we went to halls and had a rest. I wrote on the phone number from the business card and made an appointment for May 17. Meanwhile all … But it is not the end, 100 marks will be gathered it "is pleasant", I will lay out a proda. dating culture usa dateline peacock site mapMain Page