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Everything began with the fact that we with the spouse decided to celebrate anniversary of our wedding with a campaign on a concert of Virtuosos of Moscow to Tchaikovsky's Hall especially as both of us are admirers of classical music and even got acquainted once in the Small Hall of Conservatory. Evening was strange and on the way home the wife suddenly remembered that the first time we became close at an entrance where we came here just as now, going from a concert. - Let's repeat? - fervently the wife whispered to me - You know, - I answered her laughing, - I thought we already passed this extreme stage of our relationship especially as we as at all normal people have for a long time an opportunity to be engaged in it in a bed. - Really you aren't made horney at all by romanticism of such appointment? - the spouse - Volod insisted, well don't allow me to be disappointed in you so quickly! It was necessary to concede to this emotional pressure of my Victoria. For the mad purposes we chose one of entrances of the neighbour's house where the staircase was separated from that part of the building in which apartments were located, thus we wanted to secure ourselves against undesirable meetings with residents. Having taken the place on the landing between floors we began to kiss violently, then I took off a raincoat from the wife and hung up him on a handrail. - Now turn! - I asked the wife. - What for? - she took an interest, satisfying my request. I silently unzipped her back and began to pull together a dress from her shoulders. - You went crazy! - Vika was indignant, crossing through the evening dress which fell to her legs, - And suddenly somebody will catch us! - And a razjva you aren't made horney by danger? - I objected, undoing her a brassiere, - You wanted it, isn't it? Instead of the answer of the spouse I faced me and again I awarded me with the hot kiss, and I without coming off her lips, I began to pull together from her tights together with panties. And here the moment when my wife stood at others entrance absolutely naked (in some shoes, with a pendant on a neck, and also for hours and a wedding ring on hands) came and I looked at me predatory eyes as write in fictions, literally "being burned with passion". - Now your turn to get rid of clothes, - she told with aspiration, - Let me help! I wanted her was to answer that I don't plan to be exposed completely, but didn't manage to open a mouth as the door which was located to a bottom from us and separating the elevator and apartments from a ladder suddenly creaked and began to be opened slowly. Without remembering itself for fear, I svatit Vikina things and, having shouted her: "We run!", I rushed upward, but having run several ladder flights I suddenly understood that there is no my darling nearby. My heart began to knock as at the scared rabbit. I carefully went down slightly below and having slightly bent through a handrail (the benefit at an entrance was rather dark and I couldn't be noticed) saw as my spouse having driven into the corner in dim light of the streetlight which is making the way through window glass on a staircase and covering myself with hands calls me the squeezed and shivering voice, and near her there are two some teenagers, a marginal look. - Bingo! - one of them, in a knitted hat on the head, - Here so a meeting gave a whistle! - Vova, Vova! Where are you? - the wife continued to call me. In principle, I had to throw her to the aid, but for some reason couldn't take and a step, silently watching the events. - Vova is someone? - the second guy took an interest. He was thinner and higher than the first, his head and the face was covered by the black hood which wasn't allowing to see faces. - This is my husband! - having collected the strength, Vika answered. - And you go the own way! - Well we that, generally, already came, - the guy with a knitted hat on the head, impudently razglyadovy quietly told those parts of a naked body of my spouse which she couldn't cover with hands, - and here where you will go in such prikid - it is a question. - Now my husband will return, he has all my clothes, - my wife in embarrassment said. - Hear, Vitek, - the first fellow addressed the friend, - fly upward, look, there is someone there? Small in a hood I ran upward, jumping чез a step, but I managed to recoil from a handrail and to disappear for дветью, conducting in the main part of an entrance. The guy of course glanced and there, but as I stood with lots of vikiny clothes behind a door, it wasn't noticed. When steps on a ladder abated, I hurried to return to the observation post. My spouse sat on steps by then, still covering with hands that probably and bitterly I roared. - There is nobody there, I ran all over three floors, - the one someone was called Vitk, to the first guy told. - Swine, stinker! - the wife sent unflattering epithets to my address. - Yes, - the guy in a knitted hat thoughtfully said, - there is he wanted to fuck you at an entrance, undressed, and then at the first chickie faded with all belongings. My wife answered nothing, and only continued to sob having hung the head. - Well, that you into us ran, but into someone else, - the guy continued the sayings, - we are always ready to help got into trouble. After these words, the guy fell near Vika and tried to embrace her. - Take away the paws! - the wife snapped. - Yes please! - the guy shrugged shoulders, being removed from her, - Only what you will do further? On apartments to call? The pier me was robbed, divide, wanted to rape, only all for some reason left trinkets. So you quickly will get to a mentovka or in the Turk. To a shame you won't be gathered! - Well, the young man, - suddenly unexpectedly strictly my spouse addressed him, - what your offers? Only it is serious, without nonsenses! Having told it, Vika removed a hand of the second guy who settled down to her on the other hand from the knee. - Well if without nonsenses, we came to smell glue here, - the guy in a knitted hat answered her, - If you keep us the company, we will help you: we will drag some belongings that you to the house could dopekhat without adventures. - I also didn't wait for more idiotic offer from you, - my wife said. - Your business, - again the guy shrugged shoulders, - we will go, Vitek! And when already both teenagers were going to retire, the wife suddenly stopped them: - Stand, all right, I agree, only bring me at first some clothes. - Well, we will bring, only you will be able only to put on after you nyukhnt "Moment", goes? - All right! The guy in a knitted hat called up the second and whispered something to him then that silently nodded and left. - Now everything will be! - he promised my wife. After leaving Vitka, some time my spouse and the remained guy were silent, but then Vika started talking the first: - I don't understand how it is possible to smell this muck? - And I here don't understand why it is necessary with the husband at an entrance to fuck? - the guy parried. - And you how you say, fucked already with somebody? - And what it is so interesting to you? - the guy was embarrassed, - well it is admissible I fucked. - Well and how? It was pleasant? Or it is more pleasant to smell glue? - my spouse continued to speak maliciously. - Watching it with someone to fuck, - without becoming flustered the teenager answered, - with you, for example, it would be more pleasant. - Thanks for a compliment! - Vika hemmed. - You in general, beautiful... - thoughtfully the fellow noticed. - Do you it what, wedges perhaps to me line? - the wife with a smile took an interest, - you didn't see me plainly, and you want to look at that probably? The guy nodded in agreement - By the way, and why it was required to you that I with you smelled glue? Do you think, the aunt nanyukhatsya and do with her everything that you will want? - my spouse continued the inquiries. - Like that, - the guy gloomy answered. - Give so, - Victoria offered, - I will show everything to you, in all details, you if you want, you can even jerk off on me, I don't mind, but only not to let loose a hands, and that at once on mordasa. Yes, and to the friend words. - And in replacements of what? - the fellow pricked up the ears. - And in replacements, you will give me clothes what your Vitek will drag and about joint shuffing of glue we will forget. Goes? - All right! - the teenager muttered in reply. - Only чур without deception! - my wife told, getting up and taking away hands from the body. At first she just faced him, slightly turning and watching his reaction, and then began to hop, wagging hips and stroking a breast. I stared in disbelief, never thought that my wife is capable of it. - Well as I to you? - asked Vick insinuatingly, licking lips, - it didn't rzocharovatsya? - Not yet, - the fellow answered, continuing to adhere to the teenage cynicism. My spouse grinned and frayed the guy for a cheek, having told at the same time: dating coach reviews dated and related bajor site mapMain Page