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Sergey I in which time gathered ee number — short beeps, then long, there is no answer... Everything is clear, it is with him. Precisely with him. I begin to descend from mind, the vacuum formed around me seems, will break off me on pieces soon. I came to a balcony to smoke, a decline raspolosoval the sky red patches of light, I throw a stub down and I observe how he is broken off on tens of small sparks. Ne I can sit on one place! I get into the car with a thought: "Both I will also kill Naidoo". The vacuum presses on whisky, I smoke one cigarette for another and I think: "I am young, beautiful what isn't enough for it?" I go on the Garden Ring, there is a girl and votes. I stop and I see the pretty she-devil: black hair, skirts it is almost not visible, a slender waist... The poured-out Carmen. "What devil I stopped? I should go, find, kill..." The girl sits down in salon and smiles. — To me in Biryukovo. I nod and I try not to look at leg ee. The foreign car rushes at night, I continue to think the o: "This fucking evening will never end. No, I won't call her more and I will kill nobody, let live. Tomorrow the man I or where will collect the belongings and adieu? The self-esteem has to be. No, I after all have to return ee! Otherwise in any way. Devil!" Carmen looks at my profile and doesn't take away eyes. Puts a hand on my knee and moves poblizhe, almost closely. I feel thin aroma of spirits, it seems they with pheromones. "Svetka had such... Again she intruded in my brain what line, my horns already cling to lines of electricity transmissions. Any time she comes home, shining with happiness. Na the person all is written to ee, in eyes. To revenge? Silly. Revenge weak, an I am strong. I will try to obtain ee, to clean footwear, to have a shave, preserve, tell touching words. I want to be with her, nesmotrya on deception, let only she will leave it... forever". I almost calmed down and found out that Carmen (it will be possible to call so I ee?) my dick through trousers caresses. The traitor strained here. Svetka all this time held me on a hungry ration. Prostitutes were, clear business, but this another, that this most what to jerk off. From memoirs, I start over again being nervous: "A can, after all revenge? To oversleep with ee the best girlfriend Lenkoy. Let knows how it is sick when you are deceived. A how then to live with it?" I didn't take away Carmen's hand, a made a look that nothing such occurs. Vulgarly already impudent, covered with nothing harassment. Here she begins to undo a lightning and exempts my friend from fetters. Then she bends and takes him in a mouth. I sharply press on a brake pedal, there grab ee hair and roughly pull on the dick. *** Light As to me it is good with him... I very much am afraid to admit that I drag on in this whirlpool with the head more and more. I come to it and we are engaged in love as abnormal, nearly an every day. I any time brought it to exhaustion, and couldn't stop any more, I wanted still and still... Today, he told me that he can't continue any more, I never wanted a him as earlier, I felt such excitement which swept away all barriers on the way... And here he told that business can be helped, but for this purpose it is necessary to kiss "lysenkogo"... It was always opposite to me even to think of it earlier, and once long ago I swore that it I will never do... I made a look that didn't hear, but it took me for a neck and inclined me there... I tried what-to to tell, but the mouth already was busy... It took my head (nearly for ears) and began to move it, I felt myself to a sheetrock there is no place as a rubber doll which even and wasn't asked just use... Felt sick me, I choked, it was already possible to continue by any of our favourite ways, but it didn't release my head and only accelerated speed... He moved my head quicker and quicker, I had nothing to breathe and suddenly... he stopped, I tried to sigh as to me in a mouth the warm stream struck, it got to me into lungs and I have a fit of coughing... He released me with a blissful smile, an I ran in a toilet and there me pulled out, I began to roar... Why? Why if he loves me, then conducts himself so roughly, the swine... He saw that it is unpleasant to me, he knew, cattle... I quickly put on and ran out from the apartment. He doesn't love me, just uses... Ne loves!... Ne loves! A Seryozha, he is not such. Seryozha loves me. He just ceased to watch himself, an I rage when my girlfriends say to me: "Tell Sergey, let will shave, we saw him crude and neprichesannym". Kakoe him put to a bristle of my husband? It I am guilty of everything, my love to Stas, to this monster. I hate. I call the husband and I shout in a tube: — I love you! — Light? — for some reason he asks again. — It you? I love you too, the darling... *** I cum in Carmen's mouth, phone calls, the display shines and asks help o. Light, my Svetochka. — Take away me — through tears she says, how she admitted love... For the first time in life she told that she loves, and let it was fitfully, let. From heart went away. Carmen wipes lips a damp napkin, hears a conversation and understands that at most what from me shines it - it is delivery to the house. No I, ee want to carry anywhere any more I want slomya to rush off the head for Svetka, to put ee the car, to embrace, console. I give her all money that at me were in a wallet and I say: — Reach itself, it by the taxi. Carmen nods and silently leaves my car. Before than to give on gases, I tastefully light a cigarette, then I release a smoke from lungs and I feel freedom. The bitch - love. I bring Svetka home and I seat in a chair. She all road sobbed and caressed my hand. ee is sorry for me, but the improbable rage drove to a throat, I suddenly felt that I want to make her painfully that her was so herovo as also to me. To strike? No, probably, OH already made with her that-to unpleasant, with my gentle, favourite girl. She looks at me big eyes and tries to begin an unpleasant conversation. I don't want to know what OH with her made, the anger boils in me so by terrible force. I pull out Svetka from a chair and I put a bottom on a huge window sill. The sharp movement I break panties from my wife and roughly I push the dick in ee a gentle bosom. And here the thought got into the head a knife: he fucked ee in this vagina an hour ago! I looked at the shameless person on ee and sharply the dick from it pulled out. Breakthrough I turned Sveta the back, the cheek of ee rested against cold glass. She stood, having widely moved apart legs, and waited when I enter her again. My wife conducted herself as an uncomplaining doll, without showing any emotions. I sharply thrust the dick in ee a shaven pussy (she even shaved a pubis for the sake of him! I knew that I love a little vegetation). I fucked the wife and looked at the reflection in glass, I thought: let all Moscow see that I have the wife. It seemed to me, I can fuck the whole night near a window sill the Svetka. No the next picture as OH has my wife, brings my body out of control. I sharply leave her and I water a gentle back with a cum. She turns ko to me the person and I see tears on cheeks. The pity, pierced with sharp force my heart, having nearly beaten out it out of operation, I press Svetka to myself and I caress on a head as small. dating coach in los angeles power bi date hierarchy wrong language site mapMain Page