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I was the convinced bachelor and lived happily enjoying life, especially in the beginning training at medical institute having a good time with boys at breakfast threw up in food to girls sex the activator of a weak dosage insufficiently for to snatch on guys but just right that slightly horney girls exhaled love fluids attracting guys and becoming the most attractive in comparison with the same but grumbling girl before intake of exciting medicine. Paid attention to brand new nice Ksyusha having thrown also to her a weak dosage of exciting., she stopped the choice on me having invited to see off her, and then I called I agreed to come to her home on a birthday celebration and, she charged to me to put a table and to cover exposing meat dishes from the refrigerator and itself cooked for me drink after which I was disconnected and regained consciousness and having sneezed from sal ammoniac, trying to scratch a nose found that is stretched extensively and strongly attached on hands and legs lie naked, under the head and a back are paved pillows that I saw the body, and itself began dance of a partial striptease quickly showing intimate parts of a body and before full undressing passed hour two, in that drink cut down me was still a set of exciting medicines and stimulating development of a cum from the sialis series, from all this the dick shuddered, balls hurt and razperat from surplus of a cum, and she trying not to touch to the dick did squat over him facing me, a back bending down as much as possible forward exposing to me on a review the charming perineum, a breast near the dick drives - generally to raznoobraziya wasn't a limit, and when having widely opened a mouth and imitating blowjob concerned by the sky and a root of language - heads I didn't sustain and gave powerful streams of a cum - she choked and having recoiled back and other streams splashed eyes and a face, Ksyush trying to wipe eyes - smeared shadows on the person - a look very ridiculous, she stark naked went to the bathroom to wash away everything and I tried to escape - but far from it, am attached reliably. Having returned Ksyusha having noticed that from all those medicines and my excitement the erection doesn't pass both getting closer to me and climbing from above - I began the story - parents died long ago, the grandmother who was severe her and forbidding to meet guys and that she is still a virgin and now as few months didn't become grandmothers decided to have a really good time, - sitting down the dense hot vagina on sticking out my dick added - and I will become pregnant from you and the DNA test will confirm brought up her now that you raped me also are a father of my future child., having felt as the dick overcomes a barrier of a virgin pleva I instead of joy felt shock - the end of my barchelor magnificent life - now or a floor of the remained life - alimony, or a marriage or it is worse than everything - term for rape and prove that you didn't rape her., I was torn apart by dual feelings, on the one hand there was an uncontrollable wish to fuck this super sexy beauty and to terminate in her, - but with an arch of the party understanding all nightmare of consequences and crash of free life - there was no awful wish to cum in her, but won't evade in any way and not to pull out from her a dick not to terminate in her, Ksyusha enjoying a high of sex I squatted on my dick swinging a fine breast before my eyes, behind that without getting up from the dick and densely squeezing him a vagina it began to be developed by a back to me, during a turn - circular me brought friction of the dick to ecstasy and still I managed to constrain emission, and she continued squat bending forward and showing me all the delights., - to excitement there was no side-altar, but all my efforts and thoughts are directed to that not to terminate in her - my life depended on it, I wasn't skorostrelny, owned the equipment - to delay approach of an orgasm and besides only terminated but Ksyusha was too good and annoying striving for the goal and being strongly horney - terminated twice and all the same continued to jump on the dick densely squeezing him a vagina. Under the influence of some sialis of one of one hundred types - stimulating the increased development of a cum - it collected so much that she escaped the powerful fountain completely having filled a vagina and having broken between walls of the dick and the vagina which was densely pressing out his walls - the handful of a cum was splashed out to me on a pubis. Ksyushe long didn't want to get up from my dick but through time nevertheless I got up, having looked at me I went to the bathroom I gathered I took a towel in the capacity of warm water and I began to wipe carefully me with a wet towel and considering everything and everywhere, a variable balls, delaying a skin of the dick, it became insufferably a shame to me and besides from touches of a warm water strongly became a wish arose "pi pi" I asks to release me a pier is very necessary, meanwhile thinking to run away. Absolutely without ceremony - and you likely want to write Ksyush so I will help you now, with such shame I became absolutely red, and she - we just studied catheters here on you I now and I will practise, unpacked a disposable catheter and began to enter carefully into an urethra of the dick and placed other end in a plastic bottle from under drink, I strongly twitched trying to be covered but legs are widely stretched and also hands of a hand are attached in the parties at a headboard didn't give the chance to be covered and as I wasn't clamped - a catheter got into a bladder and a dzyurch a thin stream from a catheter began to fill a plastic bottle, my sense of shame just read off scale, and Ksyusha still floutingly was kidding - here the clever boy peed are tied to bed legs, and. Behind that she remembered that I didn't eat long ago both having dragged a krovatny table and having set on it jelly, cutlets and other meat products and drinks and began to feed, but I flatly refused to eat then Ksyusha got the big rectal syringe with a thick tip and showing him told - now the blender I crush this food and I will enter through a bottom - having stuck at the same time with a thick tip of the syringe into an anus, - and won't be able to interfere, and food is equally acquired also through intestines. Being afraid for the bum I right there agreed to feeding, after a meal and drinks with a new force there was insuperable desires of sex, feeling of heat in the field of a basin an extended on all body and small pricking as if thousands of sharp needles touch, - again applied some medicine I thought., she for a start sucked off and through time arranged jumps on the dick again but seeing my gloomy scared face - calmed don't worry about pregnancy, yesterday those days so now the safe period only ended, in me as if the stone fell down and began to enjoy completely pleasure especially as Ksyusha very beautiful and I very much liked to limit only the freedom to a marriage even wasn't in my plans in any way. Ksyusha kept me in captivity almost day and having tried a lot of things, even anal sex. Strongly tired Ksyusha during a day of the experiments with sex fell asleep nearby without having deigned to untie me, likely hoped for rough continuation, but I for all attempts to escape stretched (fetters) and a smog will reach one hand a little and teeth succeeded to untie knot, behind that was released completely, having grabbed clothes and ran away so far Ksyusha with pleasure slept. dating coach dubai date ideas katy site mapMain Page