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Sergey hoped to see the wife at last. At least, officially, she was registered that still so far. Of course, he wasn't going to forgive her. His vanity didn't forget her deception and treachery. He didn't consider himself the vindictive person, just wanted to look with her in eyes. A month ago their meeting would end with large scandal, now... to it was just interestingly her looks when she sees him. More than a month ago she left him. No, I stopped telling more precisely and I ran away. And till that fatal evening nothing portended a trouble. Everything occurred absolutely immediately and for no reason at all. He arrived home from work, and her things weren't any more. It was evident at once. On a coffee table the note small square lay: "Darling, Sergey! Sorry, please, if you are able... I leave, met other person. Please, don't try to find for me. I replaced number. I kiss you. Tanya. P. S. I assure you, it is hard for me, but there can be all this, to the best... for yours, the benefit. I am very strongly spoiled and you I don't deserve." Sergey literally became rooted to the spot in the sheer bewilderment. He re-read the short message not in forces again to believe. Yes, isn't present, it is precisely some silly joke. Only not in her habits to joke... The man began to measure the apartment by steps, having pressed to an ear phone with the dialed number of the wife. On that end of connection the robotic voice reported about inaccessibility of the subscriber. The soil under legs began to tremble and began to go down. To him, began to reach. To him as though cut under dy. He suddenly felt used and thrown out as superfluous — and it with him never before was! Before eyes there passed all their five-year living together. Quite happy. Sergey loved Tatyana, and it seemed to him, as her feelings to him not of smaller caliber. When he came into the apartment he there was still a person filled with life... and now it was absolutely broken. He awfully strongly wanted to return to the past — to wind off a life film back, to present all a bad dream which as always will dissipate in the morning, but it was necessary only to dream of it. In kitchen he poured to himself a big glass of vodka and drank off. Then unsteady steps I limped to the hall and, having fallen to a chair, I hid the face in a hand, not in forces to constrain rising I got down from bitterness and offense. It was some strange party in the unusual place — the closed club for devoted in the semibasement room. An imperceptible dark main entrance without any signs, only a heavy metal door under a peak. In a wall without plaster — the brick varnished. On the parties the set of the pasted black-and-white pornographic photos flaunted. Lack of windows and the muffled light. From the street I didn't pass a uniform sound here, creating the atmosphere out of time and out of space. Around everything was penetrated by the curling heavy gray waves of cigarette and hookah smoke. In a corner, on a table — binge for every taste. A chaotic small group of people in exotic clothes. Men in skin. Several had switches behind a belt. Girls and women generally dressed up as whores. At many collars on necks. To count normally looking people on fingers. The big group of men embraced and welcomed each other as old friends. How did Sergey notice, the age of attendees varied from the bony pimply fellow by sight years 18 — 20, is unclear as got to this obviously adult place — just by passed? To the elderly couple dressed elegantly, expensively and with taste, sitting on one of sofas. The last furtively with interest considered a young thin couple whose ears, nostrils, lips in a huge number were decorated with various metal rings, hairpins, gantelka, open parts of hands and a neck densely covered fancy tattoos and which hair had identical bright blue color. The crowd muttered and hooted. Also it was busy with alcohol drinking. Sergey not without effort oriented. He happened to read, of course, about it, to see something on the Internet, but to observe personally... Some sadomasochist party — the man puzzly thought. What could it mean? He with surprise and even fear looked around, examining public. Hardly I constrained myself, trying to be quiet. He felt like the stranger. How him only did manage to get here? All this invention seemed to him incredibly silly and ridiculous. However, history from the very beginning was strange. A week ago, when he already firmly made the decision to begin new life, and to cease to make the life of itself(himself) miserable former memoirs, (having made at the same time couple of vain attempts to get a new relationship), the past has an effect again. To him the letter suddenly came to e-mail, from there is nobody Nikolay, and the discouraging content of the letter was the following: "Darling, Sergey I think, it is more best to you to listen to me. It will be a question of your spouse. Do you, probably, want to learn where Tatyana? I will tell everything to you. Actually the bitch long time fooled you, and simply changed you. She is a whore. Yes, and it not insult, but ascertaining of the facts. The latest whore. Here tell how the woman who gives to the stranger is called... spreads legs before it is unknown someone? However, I hurry to add, she lives in absolutely other world — in captivity of lust and delusion. Also it is given to the addiction with such ecstasy about which I bet, you couldn't even dream. Of course, at heart, you had the right to hope that she was kidnapped, and the note is written under pressing. But, alas, for you, it not so! Her fetters in her... Of course, as well as always she had a choice. This time she had to refuse everything, lead former life or continue at the new radical level. Unfortunately, having come to be before need of the choice, it fluctuated not for long and made it not in your advantage. I know how she treated you and it is simply disgusting. It was more expensive to her new emotions, her current pizda in an anticipation of new adventures. My purpose to open to you eyes on her essence, on her sexual requirements. You were too naive and didn't know someone faced behind a mask of the respectable woman. There is such opportunity what all of you would see. To the stupid jealous man and the owner and just primitive savage, I wouldn't decide to make such proposal, but as far as I know according to stories of your supruzhnitsa, you the intelligent, creative, thinking person, and think very soberly. It seems to me, you are capable to apprehend something new, absolutely unusual to you — it is very correct. I invite you to another meeting of our club. What the club is you will see. It perfect any a trap and not a trap. Simply friendly offer and male solidarity. You will be able, to become the member of our club and you will have an opportunity to recoup over the wife, for the humiliation as want. Hotly I recommend to you and to make. You won't regret. You have time to think. If you give the consent, I will report about time and the place in the following letter. Well tell Sergey?" And here he here. Swallowed a bait of the full stranger, possibly perverted lover of his wife, consumed by desire to find out what became from them with Tatyana life why she turned back full breakdown. Come what may — Sergey solved, again and again plunging into the gloomy thoughts. All last month he was in confusion and confusion. About much I changed the mind for these days. It was tormented with questions. At first Tanya's note. And she as it became clear, I was only florets. Nikolay's letter was real dynamite. It finally and irrevocably confused and confused. His contents intertwined and got stuck at it in the head, one big question mark, and all this infinitely turned in a brain, literally dementing. As though drilling a brain. So just about in the head to appear the hole. And here chance to find answers. It is torture — not to know. Of course, even before virtual Nikolay's appearance, he tried to contact the wife to speak, but she was off and away. Tannin number indifferently muttered all the time muttered the: "the subscriber's station is switched off or is out of an area of coverage of network". Tatyana had several friends, but when it checked, it turned out that she didn't see all for a long time and didn't communicate. In hope to obtain new information, it went to the spouse's mother, but that was as far as, is unfriendly so wasn't aware of private life of the daughter. She had no slightest concept someone could be her new guy. Besides the woman herself didn't cause a stir in constancy — the door for Sergey was opened by new young "husband" of the mother-in-law. The woman, despite 52 years, still kept the remains of former appeal and was often let in free floating. And even first their lives with Tanya, I showed keen interest in his person not of related character. Namely — I behaved as the real secret admirer. When their young couple paid a visit, tempted the daughter's man with short skirts and deep cuts of a decollete. However, I put on though it isn't modest, but is very elegant. Often languidly I sighed. As soon as remained together, I courted around — I rubbed as required the sticking-out breast or a wide bottom. She just couldn't pass by not to concern him! Sergey understood that sex obviously played the same important role in lives of this elderly divorced woman as before. And even moreover — it seemed, desire pursued her day and night. Once, after Tanya left them, alone in the hall, having volunteered to watch an oven where roast just about reached standard, the mother-in-law on the present gave vent to the feelings. Being in playful mood, having sat down near on a sofa, at first invitingly I bent to him, showing a beautiful magnificent breast, then suddenly I gave a hand, and resolutely I put a palm on his perineum! Enjoying his state of shock, she gently began to rub the dick through trousers and with slightly obscured look quietly intimately whispered to him directly in an ear, hardly moving lips: — Tomorrow the young man drop in here during the lunchtime. In every sense this word. I will be one. You will arrive, you will stay an hour, you will make business and you will leave. You such young and attractive... and there robust fellow... just what is necessary. — Эээ... mm... what sort the help is necessary to you? — I want that you... I fucked me as the whore on this sofa! Sergey absolutely lost a speech power, and at this moment the woman happy with the had effect snatched on him, stuck into his lips with a heat and greed, the hungry nymphomaniac. He couldn't protest because he was held down by catalepsy — her shamelessness struck him. "To see, this woman went balmy!" — rushed at him in the head. From kitchen the ring of ware of his wife and daughter of that which this second is more shameless reached I caressed his language the. Meanwhile the free hand of the mother-in-law found his brush and directed her to the full breast. And the woman moaned from pleasure when he automatically squeezed her... Here she sharply and unexpectedly with a force squeezed his men's advantage, so, that Sergey nearly screamed. Their lips were separated, and the mother-in-law quickly, but insinuatingly whispered adjusted by the moment: — It is pleasant? It is pleasant to me when so. I love more rigidly... well, undertake boobs as it is necessary, remember as be! And Tanka, it seems, and to fuck plainly isn't able? And I am able and I love. Yes be not afraid you the silly fellow... she there is nothing doesn't learn. He didn't move, having obeyed to her hand threateningly measured at him around a fly, to her persistent compression. It as if teased him, and Sergey felt as on coals: something outstanding is created! Of course, he also couldn't present that all will take such turn. The mother-in-law was anxious, vicious to the core, to him all her essence appeared. And she is obviously capable of all! The woman looked a roving glance and continued to speak, confirming his guesses: — I am able to do a lot of things... I am skillful in throat blowjob, but in general... you will fuck there where you will want. You will tear off and forward and to the back. I am ready to everything and is capable of all. Do you hear? He hardly learned her voice. The mother-in-law voice was so strongly changed by wild desire and irrepressible lust. Sergey opened a mouth from surprise when she, looking to him directly in eyes, thrust his middle finger into the mouth, having closed eyes began to suck round slowly it as a small penis, plunging into some delightful istoma. — Everything is ready, goes to kitchen. Didn't miss? — So... chatted about that, about seven — as in anything, happened, the woman answered the daughter, correcting a hairstyle. Sergey absent-mindedly examined some magazine about fashion. If Tatyana came into the hall several seconds earlier, then she would be waited by an interesting show. But when her steps began to come nearer, they managed to rearrange. Tanya noticed nothing at all. But from that case the rejected woman sharply grew cold to it, to the once favourite desired zyatk. To myself I didn't invite him any more. So it seemed, he more for her didn't exist. And here five years later he arrived to her without Tanya. Having seen him, the woman all changed countenance. She was obviously puzzled and surprised with his inquiries. But at the same time with a call I said that her daughter at all not the silly woman also is free to arrive as finds necessary and in general she is free as a bird. Sergey politely said goodbye to the woman and left, having inhibited strong desire to say directly to her: "you, silly woman lewd!" The man very much tried not to think about that proverb which is remembered in that case — with an apple-tree and apples. And only the charming sister of Thani Inna whom he visited later, rushing like mad to and fro, I confirmed that Tatyana really lives with some new man, it seems, the age-mate, but she doesn't know any other details. To her arrived only couple of calls from Tatyana, she reported that she's fine and she had very happy voice and happy — it is unlikely that she would get into nasty situation. According to Inna the sister very much worried about Sergey, felt guilty, but wasn't ready to a conversation with him. From this information became him at the same time easier and heavier. Thinks of him. What there was — I am happy. Inna the owner of the same nice attractive face as at all female of their family, in turn expressed a regret that them with Sergey such good marriage broke up. She encouragingly put the hand on his hand. Inna's husband who was all this time nearby joined the words of the wife and made the appropriate person feeling full sympathy and support. Sergey sighed and thoughtfully nodded to Inna. Yes. To him was oh what a pity too. Though if to understand, they saw Tatyana extremely seldom. He vanished the whole day at work, running around like a squirrel in a cage, and they were connected by only late evenings and the days off. In other off-duty time the wife was provided to herself. He always trusted her, was registered for her any offenses, but now was tormented with thoughts what she was involved in what perverted game played? The man couldn't believe that such beautiful and clever girl who fascinated him at once as soon as he for the first time saw her at mutual friends is capable of transformation into the lewd female conducted by primitive passion. She also was given him not so easily. He great worked, having won her favor and having arranged crowd of her admirers and admirers. And available it there was nothing surprising, even on the street men on it turned around. But good luck smiled to him. And flattered him that such beautiful girl who definitely had no habit is near, to sleep with anyone. She wasn't a whore. But here only if to assume that... he didn't know her? Really in her there could be what he couldn't make out, but that was seen by Nikolay. Of course when business concerns other person there is a share unforeseen, but what so... And suddenly Sergey presented how to Tan, his fragile, graceful woman involved in some game was forced, to have sex with the dirty stranger — the imagination drew to him the apartment where they lived also the nude Tanya with a dense black bandage closing eyes, spread on that coffee table where he found a note, and her furiously snuffling, some uprevshy ugly man hollows. His dick with a jackhammer frequency with the champing sound is driven in into her smooth married vagina. In chairs and on a sofa some dressed people with faceless faces, under domination of her mysterious lover Nikolay sit, drink wine from glasses, occasionally exchange smiles and grease comments: — I think, she likes men of other type. At the end it is necessary to remove a bandage. It will be one more our surprise! — Lyubov is blind. — Well, she anyway couldn't refuse to him, it would be inhospitable! The more naked hostess who is kneeling in the hall of the apartment will bring anyone! — Just imagine, what we today kind — we not only free of charge gave a ride to the poor fellow, but also allowed him to fuck our whore! At this moment in the face of the greedy audience of Tan groans, coils and frenziedly gives a frenzied scream: — Yes, yes, yes! Still, stronger, more deeply! Break off me! Sergey shuddered and waved away from improbable vision. He in embarrassment looked round. It seems that none of attendees especially inquired in him in club. All went about the own business. Nobody paid attention to the lonely column sipping cocktail in a corner. Sergey sharply drank off a glass, became cheerful a little and felt more vigorously. 2. About twelve in the night there was a burning brunette in a black leather skirt, a corset and high leather boots, having thrown group of people, seductively smiled. The woman seemed to Sergey of the acquaintance. Slim figure, suntanned skin, long dark hair, craggy face. No, he couldn't remember. She gave the sign invited to follow her. Group slowly and evenly moved forward, having proceeded behind it, Sergey kept in back rows of a procession. People left the hall and went along a close corridor didn't reach the main hall which was small improvised театрик yet. The twilight reigned in the most part, the scene only curtained, was pulled out from darkness by the lamps directed to her. There were thirty-forty chairs, and guests began to take seats. All places were almost filled. Sergey sat down in the last fourth row, with edge and began to wait, what will be farther. At the same time continuing to ask a question where could see the brunette whom it wasn't visible now anywhere. And this gold bracelet on her wrist... After all mudflows and in the hall there came relative calm, decayed red curtains of a scene began to part and Sergey held breath expecting succession of events. Before all audience the stocky, thickset brunette, years of 45 who was easily descending for thick with the narrow accurate black moustaches and an arrow of a small beard which are given up by a bunch on a nape a slick hair appeared. Odette was in a leather prikid, as well as his "colleagues". When the thunder of an applause ceased, the deeply put eyes the man fixedly inspected the hall, greeted the audience easy bow and began the speech: — Welcome friends! Thanks to all that you gathered here! — solemnly he told — I am touched. In this place in the ninetieth we with group of supporters organized different arthouse performances, performances, expositions. It was the club of inspiration, an experiment and sacrament. And I was a creator, the director, the director, the actor and though it already was very long time ago — these nice days still are always on my mind. Incredibly, but it seems to me that it was only yesterday! And now I revived this place, with the new program! And I have something for all of you! It hope to be pleasant to you my representation, and waits for you a lot of interesting after it. I believe, all want to be delayed? Amicable "yes" from the hall was the answer. The leader favored the audience a wide smile and continued: — Perfectly! Sometimes I am asked how I find to myself bitches, ready to help and ready for all, who execute any whims of the owner? For certain, there are some tricks? They are absent. I am not sexual giant, not the hypnotist, I don't allure money, I don't render financial protection. I don't do anything violently someone I blackmail. But I give them something. Allowing to be with me voluntarily and with pleasure. (Especially for) And I think, it something — an opportunity to serve and to completely give myself. It is that drug what my little girls so passionately wish and receive, and the main thing received completely suits them. Wait, and you will see all. The man for a while broke off, and Sergey thought that at the man I was peculiar, extremely an instructive manner to speak. He kept very surely, the wide experience of public statements was felt behind shoulders. — Now prick up ears — beginners — Nikolay continued, and his look became more rigid, than earlier. — We have strict rules here. And it seemed to Sergey that Nikolay looked directly at him with the not blinking eyes beads and that their views met. — We have enough to get phone or the cam, it is a precautionary measure not to allow emergence of any pictures, video! I want to remind you that and we have many of you including my rabynk, live at the same time in two measurements at all every time, actually takes the breath away from the coming true their wonderful transformation, but, nevertheless, there is no need to devote ignorant husbands and wives in our small pranks. Well, apparently, everything, are ready? — Are ready! — the hall responded. — Then, I announce the beginning of the game first for today, we begin! The man turned and went behind the scenes where some subsidiary room was guessed. Sergey felt around revival and understood that he will feel ill at ease. Events began to be developed. Couple more of moments — and he has to be, learns about everything. He so sought to get into this secret, and now came very close to a solution. He began to fidget nervously on the place. — Sorry, you aren't aware someone this man? — having turned the head, Sergey addressed the neighbor on the right. — It is Main. He plays the first violin here — the neighbor answered him. — I see, you here for the first time? Sergey friendly smiled, but the smile left unconvincing and pale. — Aha. But you don't know how Main thing call in life? Just I was invited here by somebody Nikolay, and I never saw him. — Well, he is also Nikolay. Sergey shortly nodded and turned away. Lips by itself were twisted in the painful distorted grimace, giving rage. But unexpectedly he remembered discrepancy to the words of the sister Tanya, Inna, with what he saw — to this guy, judging by a look, obviously passed for forty and he by itself, couldn't be 28-year-old Tanya's age-mate. Nikolay returned, and Sergey gasped dating chat format write up html date selector site mapMain Page