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On arrival home the driver of the wedding car, without having forgotten about that blowjob of my spouse, I decided to say goodbye also to her once again. He was quite impudent and having used availability of the pussy of the bride and her fatigue, dropped in to us in salon, seated her to himself on knees and pulled. Karina was any and almost didn't make upward movement to him, he fucked her as a doll. I could only look with an open mouth as in front of my eyes the impudent driver pulled my already zatrakhanny wife. Approaching an orgasm he obviously wanted more debauchery, removed Karina from the dick and began to jerk off in her party, having stood up on knees on sitting. - Do you want to terminate to me on a breast? - inertly Karina asked. - Yes, now we will decorate the bride for the husband, - the driver grinned. - Give here here on a tit, - Karina delayed a dress cup aside. - Oh! Wow! - he neatly cumed directly on the held-up breast, watering with streams of nipples. - There now, Andryushe of the house too an entertainment will be, - Karina filled a dress back and the obspuskanny nipple disappeared for a while under is white matter, in several seconds forming a wet spot. After this last wedding trick, we with the wife at last remained together. I brought her to the house and first of all lips dropped to a breast with a fresh cum. Having licked everything and having sucked a nipple, I put darling in a bed and began to undress. We decided to keep a dirty wedding dress with spots and stains of a cum in such view of memory. Having had a rest a few Karina went to a shower, and I gathered too. Having left and having made toilet, she called me... - So, let's remove your section now. - At last! - I thought, and on my face the smile appeared. Karina, having used a key, accurately I removed everything. - Poor, well as to you almost day in her? You have to get used, soon we with Artur will leave for few weeks, and it will be for you the real check. And now you have to at yourself everything there shave that гладенько, it was clean and to be washed. I made everything as she told, removal of hair took a lot of time, for that everything was clean and smooth. - And it will be impossible for me: - I noticed how Karina undertakes again a belt when showed her the performed work. - Well isn't present of course, I told, has to get used, - she after all put on a belt. It is necessary to tell, looked very beautifully, it was pleasant to both of us. When we went to bed, I felt really strange, the plastic piece didn't allow me to seize the lawful wife. I touched her, gently kissed. - Won't you to me lick before going to bed? - suddenly Karina asked. - I? And you want? - I asked a silly question. - It seems to me, you are afraid that at you will begin to get up. But you have to comply with all my requests and learn to give me pleasure, without worrying about the chlenik. I agreed and began to kiss a rastrakhanny vagina of the wife. After a while I felt that the corbel begins to reap, I corrected it a hand a little. - What is? - Karina tore off my head from the pussy, - the section presses or balls already swell? Give, my boy, work a uvula when we with Artur arrive, I will allow you to be discharged! This thought calmed me a little and brought the wife to an orgasm. We fell asleep at once. More precisely she at once, and I on the contrary long couldn't fall asleep. Next day to us Artur came to take away Karina in a honeymoon trip. It wasn't also without sex, besides took off a belt from me and I could be present. I had to behold pleasure as on a matrimonial bed the lover gets to my wife into a bottom. I couldn't even jerk off, forgot about everything on light, looking as the massive dick of Artur with a speed hollowed an anus of my whore. I as if itself participated in process, watching the baby, I felt as the lover cums her in a bottom, felt her pleasure from hot streams of a cum in an anus. - Lay down on a floor quickly, yet I didn't terminate! - suddenly Karina ordered. I laid down at a bed as it told and in a moment saw at himself over the person the wife's pussy. - Give jerk off! You can cum. Drink a cum and jerk off! - Karina parted the perineum and I needed to catch streams from her back hole. I never before did it - didn't drink the lover's cum from a bum of darling. From this madness also I terminated more than ever, the cum nearly got to me into a mouth, even Karina was surprised... - Now that's something like it! You see as it is healthy! What gift to you before our departure! Now you will always cum so if you are obedient. - Seldom but neatly! - Artur played a trick. - Everything, go be washed away and we went. - Karina got up from me and returned to embraces of the lover. Soon on my clean-shaven perineum placed a plastic belt of fidelity, Karina closed a lock, pulled the locked dick at parting and put a key to herself in a handbag. The wife in great mood went to carry out with the lover our honeymoon abroad. I was happy for her too, itself helped her to gather, to choose and fold bathing suits and other dresses, tried that she looked as it is possible more better for Artur and other men whom she will prefer to meet. Having remained one for the whole two weeks, I tried not to think of the wife or of sex, but thoughts of in what she is engaged in the evenings and haunted me at night. In the first days I couldn't bear, I wanted to take off this foolish belt and to jerk off, representing as the lover pulls my darling as they have together a rest as Karina gets acquainted and flirts with other unfamiliar men. I somehow even began to look for the second spare key on the house to open a section, but then remembered that Karina most likely lodged it to the darling ёбарю and besides she wouldn't like my such fraud. It became a little easier on the second week, already not so often I thought of the wife. Tortures were resumed when darling at the end of the travel sent me photos, with the text that I suffered still a little bit. It was obvious mockery, in pictures it was visible how Karina hangs out in some club, the unfamiliar man holds her by almost naked bum, having lifted up a dress, and she kisses him standing high-heeled. Then there was one more news - Karina didn't arrive in time, and reported that she will be late with Artur for couple of days in different places. Couple of days extended for the whole week. When after all this "holiday" ended, I went to meet them. I just didn't recognize the wife. I was faced by the suntanned blonde, with big eyelashes, chubby lips and a big breast. And it is clear that it were silicone boobies. My jaw drooped from shock. It looked, of course, superseksualno as a pornstar, but it was too, I would never go to it though my dick thought differently. - Well, it is pleasant how I look? - Karina also specially asked me. I couldn't answer nothing, and she without having begun to wait added... - However your opinion isn't so important, the main thing that to me and others is pleasant, besides Arturchik so wanted. As you see, I didn't begin him to refuse. In a combination with revealing and thoughtless dresses, passersby men where she wouldn't go stared at Karina now all the time. - Well as there your friend? - there was one of the first questions of Karina on arrival home. She considered my swelled balls and smiled, seeing that I bore all this time. Having got a key, tender hands of Karina removed from me a lock, it was improbable, even somehow strange felt, likely already got used to this plastic feature with a lock. - So, so far resemble without section, and you will be able to trifle the kid in the evening, you deserved it. I obediently waited evenings and Karina on having forgotten about me, itself suggested to relax at last... - I had a sea of sex and orgasms therefore I too won't limit today in anything you. Here to you a flash card, turn on the computer, insert and you can look at our photos there, jerk off and, apparently, still video is, I didn't look. And I will go to gather to a bed so far. By the way in a bag still my things aren't chosen, there was unwashed linen, we didn't keep up, you can take. Only then don't forget to wash. I in a trice began to include a computer, anticipating as my wife in pictures will look, but here Karina braked me... - And on the other hand, Andryusha, I can show you my new breast, on photos you won't see it. But to touch, of course it will be impossible, only to look, and another time you will look at pictures and video. Well what you choose? However, looking at my tits, you only once will terminate. My dick stood for a long time and was ready to terminate from one touch and I without thinking chose a live breast of the wife. She was bared and stupidly looking at her spheres, I in only a few seconds splashed myself with a cum, pulling a dick. - Ha-ha! Wow! It Obkonchatsya from silicone boobs of the wife! Well, you give, darling! - Karina laughed. She selected a flash card and told... - Everything, go to a bathtub, wash, have a shave, make toilet, don't forget to wash panties. Only don't jerk off, you will be obedient, tomorrow I will allow to look at photos since our honeymoon and to play with the kid. In the morning Karina on me put on a belt again and new life began. My wife spent a lot of time, caring for the appearance. Few times in a week to me I allowed to jerk off, generally in the photo or video. Bared the wife I saw seldom and often asked her to prove to be, in such cases when she agreed, I had more to call Artur and to ask permissions. I spent all the free time with Karina, helped her with everything, brought, brought to meetings with girlfriends, Artur, however, I usually wasn't present at meetings with lovers. It is interesting that lovers also came to us home, and in one of such cases Karina asked me to rise to the room on the attic and to sit there quietly so far she will have sex with the new man. I agreed, it was interesting to me also the fact that I will be able to overhear behind groans of darling what she perfectly knew about pleased. - In total! It approaches, go upward and don't lean out. When I finish I will call you! - Karina jostled me on a ladder and closed a door. The unfamiliar man came and I went down to the closed door to listen about what they say also that is done. Long it wasn't necessary to wait, were heard to a kiss, a smack. - Mm: what at you beautiful and big, - my wife obviously held in hand a dick of it ёбаря. Actually and was, in the room there was what I couldn't see, and I shouldn't see... - Suck, the babe, take in a mouth! - the male ordered the whore. - Yes, give, my sweet, I at you will suck, - Karina obediently accepted a dick in a mouth. He pulled her on the penis, holding by the head as if fucking in a mouth. - You will insert to me into a hole, huh? - my wife already turned to the man a back and they together approached our bed, - give, take me as you want! - Shit, the bitch, now I to you will insert! - Yes! Have the bitch! Vyeb me! dating by numbers series dated and related winner site mapMain Page