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I ask readers to forgive me, for involuntary deception with the first part. The first part of the story belongs to me, Marat Bumagatel. Nin.ch2 aunt. And everything appeared simply. Next day, I came into ZhEU, to talk to the local electrician. He swore and swore that didn't tell what similar. And how he can doubt qualification of the brother by profession? And if with him everything became clear, then with the aunt Nina isn't present. Well and! Probably to snivels offensively that to you for a cheek some dumbass piled. But, for her language no someone pulled. Itself offered. Here bag old! What would I still make something by it? To nothing! Well if only... I presented how the aunt Nina, in an easy penyuar, stockings in a network by candlelight caresses my dick. She licks him, sucks. And then I import the trunk to her into a vagina. Under voluptuous groan and... My palms caress cellulitis. "Orange peel. "Faugh, muck what! Let will be in a dress. I lift up a hem, I lower pants from Nina's aunts... No, it won't be more best than them just. And so I lift up a hem... Something my imagination doesn't work today. Without having thought up anything acceptable, I went home. I was met requirements by the aunt Nina. It's cool! Now I will please her. Probably everything was written on my face as she drooped a little. "Aunts Nin! Fie, you! Nina Pavlovna, it as you to understand? I spent day helping you. And, you? For language you no someone pulled were offered. It that for nonsense? I that, some boy?" - I began the arrival. "That's OK, a sosedushka don't brawl! Well I was mistaken. To someone doesn't happen?" - without any complexes she answered. "What I once again for you..." - I tried to continue. "And if for blowjob?" - the aunt Nina quietly asked. I was taken aback again. She what, is kidding? "All right, forgive, Sasha! So there was a wish something that once again somebody frayed my makhor! And you are, it seems, the." - the aunt Nina began to come true. "It when I became the?" - I didn't understand. "And that's when I became. It is heavy to forget such beauty. Maybe you will come somehow? We will drink a tea!" - she continued. It was obvious that to the aunt Nina it became so lonely that it is ready to be with anyone if only not one. Probably my imaginations can be realized. And yes it is fine! "What not to come neighborly?" - I sbravirovat - "Today and I will glance on a tea. And it is possible to tea and to buy something." It was visible how the aunt Nina was frightened. One business to dream and to realize another the dreams. "So, I will come? On a tea stick?" - I asked, enjoying her confusion. The aunt Nina was solved: "Come! A watch in nine." "Really will suggest to spend the night?" - the thought flew. To tell the truth, I wouldn't refuse. By nine o'clock I was ready. The bottle of sparkling wine, "Raffaello", is a little chocolates. Of course I was clean, flavored with perfume and dressed more decently. At nine o'clock I called a door of the neighbor. Long didn't open for me. I began to doubt. Maybe at me glitches began, from long abstention? Now the aunt Nina with the sleepy person will open and will ask: "To you, what?" Here zvizdets will be! But the door opened. I am not Casanova and to pretend that and everything has to be, couldn't. The aunt Nina looked confused too. Both of us knew why I to it came. The truth it wasn't easier from that knowledge. "Pass, Sasha." - the aunt Nina told, stepping aside. I passed to the apartment. In the house smelled, something tasty. And the neighbor looked, so, that you will admire. She took away hair back, having recorded them some clip. Her ears were small and slightly bulged. Before her, I when I didn't see such. It gave to her face some defenseless expression. On a face at least only. Only lips are made up provocatively by red lipstick. There is a wish to drain in them directly immediately. It is a little ink on eyelashes, so the trifle. She was dressed in a light sundress. Standing slippers. What it, everything is simple also on house. My dreams of an easy penyuar, dark stockings, a high heel broke in ashes. "Didn't wait for it?" - the aunt Nina smugly grinned. I shook the head: "Definitely I didn't wait for it. You, Ning Pavlovna, now and aren't forty years old. I feel like the old man." She smiled enough. This easy conversation relieved the tension. I at once passed on kitchen. I put an entertainment on a table. The aunt Nina zakhlopotat around me. On a table Russian cabbage soup, the fried pork ribs, mashed potatoes and several types of salad were exposed. At some moment, I forgot that long ago раведен. That washing when that, family idyll continues. Here now my boys will run... I involuntarily blinked. "I lack it too." - I heard the aunt Nina's voice. "Witch!" - I joked. "Yes, Sash is absent. Not the witch. Just on your face everything is read. Don't you mind if I, for you I will flirt?" - she asked. I was doesn't mind. We sat at a table. Ate. Champagne was decided to leave for later. After a meal, passed to the room. While the aunt Nina washed the dishes, I drove the TV. On channels there was a continuous crap and I imperceptibly fell asleep. "The guest is good! Sleeps sluggishly and immoderately already!" - the aunt Nina's voice woke me. "Sorry, Nina Pavlovna! Well at you, comfortably. Here also I didn't master! It was cut down!" - I answered, without raising the head from a pillow. "What then didn't come earlier?" - she asked, looking to me in eyes. She sat down at a sofa. "It was terrible. You what. And I... Not putevy one word." - I tried to laugh the matter off. "And you will lie?" - the aunt Nina didn't lag behind. "Isn't present! I will move." - I threw a stone I, without hoping for anything. I had to lay down sideways, having released a part of a sofa. The aunt Nina laid down nearby, a back to me. I put the hand to her on a stomach, conveniently nestling on her back and a bottom. We watched a few TV. "There is nothing to look." - the aunt Nina sighed. It turned to me. Her eyes burned with some magical light. I raked up her in an armful and crushed under myself. Her body trembled with my touches. Probably, I was too rude. My hand fell it by a pubis. The aunt Nina shuddered. My fingers caressed her vagina. Her hand fell to my dick. She undid a belt, then trousers. Her fingers clasped my trunk and squeezed it. From it it became stiff. We didn't kiss. I lifted up her a sundress. Pants under it and the truth weren't. The aunt Nina spread legs, showing me the treasure. I didn't begin to hesitate and entered her vagina. In a vagina there was few lubricant. And though mine it was even excessive, the full act didn't turn out. Having entered a little, my dick slowed down because of strong friction. The face of the aunt Nina was twisted from pain. I left her. The aunt Nina just it was necessary to lie blindly. My hand carefully touched her vagina. If it didn't turn out to fuck the neighbor then I will ruffle a makhor as she also wanted. My finger slid along vulvar lips of the aunt Nina. Here I concern a clitoris, accurately I caress and I mass it. I fall down, to an entrance to a vagina. Again up to a kliter. The aunt Nina begins to show signs of excitement. My hand continues to caress her vagina. In the beginning one, and then two of my fingers enter inside aunts Nina. I feel how her vagina to become slippery from lubricant. I spread legs to the neighbor. Now it has to turn out! My dick enters her a vagina again. Carefully I import him in inside. With great reserve, he after all enters against the stop. I fade enjoying feeling of squeezing. The aunt Nina slightly moves up. Means and to it it is good. My body begins not hasty movements. The aunt Nina begins to sigh and groan slowly. Listening to it, I wanted to give it such pleasure what she would forget about the sorrows though for this time. The groan and okh become louder. Unexpectedly on her body there passes the spasm. Time, another. And I, on the darkness thought that fifty-year-old don't cum. Having stood, I allow her to enjoy an orgasm. A little later, I start movements over again. And again the body of the aunt Nina reduces an orgasm. The truth this time together with groans it whispers:" Yes, Sasha! Yes! Still! Still!" Her groan is so exciting that I without having restrained I cum. My hand caresses her hip. Skin at the aunt Nina gentle and smooth. I get up her to a mazhd of legs. From the vagina injured by me the cum follows. The aunt Nina sighs and having clamped a vagina a palm, runs to the bathroom. She returned in about ten minutes. "Maybe we will repeat later?" - I asked stretching. "Gather, a sosedushka and from here." - there was her answer. From such words, I was taken aback. Why? For what? The look of the aunt Nina was severe. "Your mother! Yes she's crazy!" - the thought flashed - "This I was stuck! And if she begins to prattle? At best will just neigh over me." But to argue, I didn't become. Eventually I had the woman and it is good. Having once again cursed itself a self-confident donkey, I put on and I left. Closing a door, I saw the aunt Nina sitting on a sofa which looked directly before itself. "Precisely! The roof went at the woman!" - I consoled myself. The door clicked. In a week during which, I didn't see the aunt Nina to me my ex-wife met. We sometimes stir, generally about children. But this time she asked me:" Did you pass to old women? Young people don't make horney?" "You about what? Again you want to swear?" - I answered, hinting at a semi-annual quarrel during which we didn't notice each other. "In general that, me to a lamp someone you fuck! Just I don't love when I about you am asked. Especially about your economy. It was lucky you, I became famous! All women crack what handsome in trousers, at the new admirer of Nina Pavlovna. You at least think of children, a dog!" - my former broadcast. "Yes, you envy in any way?" - escaped at me. My former flashed: "If to your trunk and the head it is smarter, can be and I envied. And so..." After this conversation, I regretted that I was born. All right women! Men maliciously glanced at me. Saliva let on the aunt Nina! And now you laugh? Condoms!!! After short thoughts, I was adjusted on a resolute conversation with the aunt Nina. I ring a door to the neighbor. The door opens. In a corridor there is an aunt Nina. Standing slippers. Light sundress. Hair are taken away back and taken by some clip. Brightly red lips into which there is a wish to stick directly immediately. And cosmetics minimum. From kitchen pulls something tasty. "Thank God! I remembered! And that, I decided that mine forgot me любовничек!" I stood stunned. 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