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— And you want to a wedding anniversary any desire — I asked the wife. — Any? — maybe three? — Well anniversary the first — one. Sexual. What imaginations at you. — And you will execute it? — Yes. — Then... let's you castrate... — You че loony... — Isn't present? don't you want? And I told any... — Isn't present of course. Give some — any imagination but without traumatism. — Well you all the same won't want. — All right here to you a leaf, I sign, and you will write then that you will want. But without different there, without mutilations. Well and that nobody knew the girlfriend there, and so any sexual that you want. You can be trained on a blank sheet and then here rewrite. — and I signed. Also I came to kitchen. In ten minutes I entered the bedroom, Olya on the sheet A4 wrote the imaginations, I glanced through a shoulder — "That you took on a mouth", in the second line "that fucked me San"... and тд. — Go from here — че you zaglyadat? I didn't finish yet. Went hot me from imaginations of the wife... — I told one, but not ten. — Well I will choose then one... and can three? — No. — Давй in the advance payment for the next year and for the third anniversary... — Maybe you will read everything? She added one more and began: "That you took on a mouth. "that I fucked me San", "it would like to potrakhatsya with Vadik", "that you licked a pizda at Tanka... both at Katka and at Nadia", "that you licked a cum from my pizda"... everything came down to my humiliation... — Well as? I agree? Brought me that my favourite spouse wants to lower me, and any desire to see in me the macho, and in the head the thought flew — to agree to everything. — I would agree, but performance of desire one, and formally I have to execute it time. Just correctly write it. She thought looking at a leaf. — And how? — To help? — Yes. I took a leaf was run on it and dense paint filled in me. "Name of Desire: cleaning of the territory — then I crossed out — prevention to pollution of the territory! Essence: To prevent hit of a cum, on a pizda of the winner of the competition "The Most Tasty Pizda", from a dick desirable to the wife of the partner who is brought to an orgasm, by a bezgandonny ebaniye of this pizda. To prevent hit of a cum — by clothing of a mouth of my husband Kolya on a dick of the opponent. For acceleration of an orgasm, before the beginning and during sexual intercourse it is necessary to lick a clitoris of the winner and to kiss the dick fucking her a head and balls. The winner gets out of the girls provided by the wife, by licking of their perineum, blindfold. It is set off at full compliance and implementation of all points if the task isn't performed — it is necessary to repeat. date ____ Signature ____" — Cool — she told. — Rewrite in the form. — Sign it here, and that I will leave still clean. — All right — I signed. — Only once desire I carry out also everything and that nobody knew. — I don't know, it is so cool written. I am direct all began to flow. — she parted legs and shifted pants aside. — Lick to me. I dropped a mouth and began to kiss her. I wanted to enter her, but she told that now I will be able only its after performance. I continued to lick her so far she didn't terminate. — You won a competition! Winner! — Cool, means me now you will protect? — she started giggling. — Yes. From someone? — Someone will fuck me, and then will terminate to you on a mouth? San — my former. — All right — I reluctantly agreed — I Thought Vadik will be... But San so San, only once and all. — Well time means — she continued — give a little. — Yes? Do you want more? — I was on a platoon — Well. There if you want, well if to you there is not enough time, then it is possible that it to you terminated on a tummy, on a pubis, on писю from above, and you told me that I pinched. And then, when he will leave, you can (formally) tell that he didn't execute and to do the same with Vadik. — About! Darling! Yes I will look you WANT to suck away at Vadim? — No. Not I — you want, and I help you. — I want to San, and Vadim is wanted by you. All right — she took phone and called. In minutes ten I was San. He knew where to go, safely entered, and very much was surprised having seen me. I understood that he came to us earlier. It brought me even more. We drank a little, and Olya gave me a leaf that I read. I being burned with shame I read, he maliciously smiled. I showed him the signature — And what from me is required? — he asked. — translate... And че for a competition? — Tell him in words — Olya Told me. — A competition was held, one participant, Olya won. It is necessary to you, to fuck my wife and to terminate to me in a mouth. — Che it is serious? He at you loony. — Will be now, only Wow. — she laughed. Olya got up approached me, kissed on a mouth. — Give darling. I Took off from her a blouse, undid a skirt belt, pulled together from her. I undid a bra, having released her 3rd size, and slowly I pulled together panties. I was burned with shame, and it wildly made horney me. I undressed the wife for other guy. She turned to me a back and made a buttock helpless gesture. I for the first time dropped a mouth to her anus. I began to suck it and to lick. — Undress Sasha. — she told. He approached me, and I undid a belt on his trousers, a lightning, and lowered trousers, helping him to take off them. I wanted to touch his dick which is sticking out from pants, but Olya told me — don't touch. Mouth. I pulled together his pants. Before me up and forward the huge dick stuck out. Centimeters 18 in length and 5 in thickness, Balls were of the size of chicken. — It is pleasant? — Yes. Big such. — Well not to compare to yours, Go to him, a mouth... I obeyed the wife and began to approach him, remained couple more of cm and I stiffened I couldn't overcome myself and take the guy's dick. — I can't... — Well then lick to me — she pushed me on a bed and sat down on the person of pizdy. They kissed, he touched her for a breast to the priest, Parted with her buttocks and allowed to lick to me her ass. So it is also necessary to me — he kisses her lips and I an anus point. He implanted her in писю two fingers and began to move a hand. Then I allowed me to lick these fingers. He laid down near me, and she changed from my face on his stake. He moved apart her sponges and began to get into her bosom. At me put in ears and threw in heat. Here that moment of which all husbands are afraid — when other man fucks my wife. I began to cover her breast with kisses, a neck shoulders, we were weaved in a kiss. Then it was developed to his legs by the person, and caved in back, it parted legs too and I accommodated between them. Before me the big dick fucked the girl of my wife. I kissed her hips, a stomach, a pubis. I dropped to her clitoris a mouth, and began to suck and caress language. She terminated. Then she pressed my head a hand and lowered below — kissed my lips balls sledge. At me put in ears again and threw in heat. It was the second moment. I for the first time kissed men's body. I began to lick them and to take lips. I fell below, the place of the basis of the dick, between a bottom and balls. Also I began to lick there. He didn't sustain and began to cum. The first portions got to Olina писю, and then he took out from her and obkonchat outside, sponges, a pubis, a stomach. All as I wanted. She got down from him, I was inside already wanted to take from him and they wanted too, but... I dropped to her rosette and began to pinch all him I will terminate. It understood me, and a finger removed from it a droplet, and put to me on language. After all calmed down, Sasha wanted to put on, but Olya stopped him. — Wait — there is more to come. — How not all? — it is strummed I was indignant — We agreed once. — Read. — I read our form. — You see, you had to accept I will terminate, having clasped a head with lips, and you pinched from my girl. on Olya, she happy sat next, maliciously smiled, and caressed the girl. And I having made horney to a limit, I began, deeply swallowing, to suck it. It stood minutes twenty. I was already tired. But here he took my head hands drove into a throat and began to cum, then released me, and I acted from his dick having left a head floor in a mouth, he stood, and only the dick pulsed pouring out I will terminate to me on language. Concha was again much. he still drove several times to me into a mouth, then got and moved on the person, smearing me. Then I caught last straws in my open mouth. Olya glanced to me in a mouth and loudly maliciously laughed. — Well as? — Normally. — having taken a sip of everything I told. — All? — No. not all. — Well still? I made everything as you wanted, accepted a cum from the dick. — Well done! but again not all... You had to accept I will terminate from the dick fucking me. And not just to suck away. — Well and that? — It is necessary to remake. — Again? — Yes. San you as? — I for! But it is necessary to wait slightly. We sat down at a table, drank a little, and talking on different subjects passed away an hour and a half. On the third time made everything as it is necessary, before the beginning we held a competition again, then I "made horney" her and took a nap at him, She sat down astride him, a back to him, and I could lick her shameless person, kiss his balls, then she acted from him and I took the dick fucking my wife in a mouth, then kissed her clitoris again so far he fucked her. Then me put on a back, it became cancer over me, and it entered it behind, I dropped to her girl a mouth. Periodically he got from her, and allowed me to lick his device. He terminated to me in a mouth. Now everything was as it is necessary — according to the plan, but it didn't help, already most it was pleasant to me. — Well now everything is correct? — I asked. — Yes. Good fellow. — Good fellows suck the ends — San began to laugh. — So. You forget about it, you speak to nobody. It was time, and won't be any more. It is Ole's gift. — Yes just? I counted three times... — he laughed. — Sash... — Olya put on a shoulder to him a hand — all. Forget. And speak to nobody. Well? — You won't forget you — he ran her a hand over a pussy, and kissed on a mouth — is fine. Well. He left. — Well as you are happy? — I asked her. — Daaaa! And you? — I want you. She sat down from above, and in five minutes I was discharged in her. After I terminated to me it became very a shame and is offensive. I enclosed the wife under its former, and also served him. But I told nothing to her and we fell asleep. ************ it became easier for me in the morning Next day. Well and that, once not the pederast, tried. Diversified... And so happy Olya flits, pays compliments... — Well how are you? — started a conversation at breakfast? — Normally... and You? — I? in a fantastic way! Maybe we will repeat? — No! — I nearly choked. — We agreed time and all. — And you spoke if to me time is a little, then it is possible still. — Well it if from Sledge once then, and so yesterday all spent attempts. — Well darling... Well you wanted with Vapdim... — No. — And you there according to the scenario made everything? — Yes. — threw me in heat. — Bring... — I brought, and she began to read. — About! and you to him kissed balls before the beginning? — Yes. I Took on a mouth from him before the beginning and when he was in you I kissed. — And I had to kiss balls before the beginning. Here read. It isn't included. It is necessary to correct. — Well same so trifle. — No. Everything has to be precisely. The mistake is formally made. I agree? — Yes, it is fine. With someone? Sledge, or...? Olya laughed, and didn't answer. To 11 o'clock in the afternoon Vadim and her girlfriend came. Sat down at a table drank, and Olya asked me to read "The leaflet with desire". At her request I held a competition. I laid down and to me girls, Olya and Nadia in turn sat down on the person I licked them. Then according to the yesterday's scenario for three approaches. In the 1st part, I "couldn't" serve Vadik, then Vadim seized the winner Nadia, I licked her hairy obkonchany chink. Then Olya pointed to me to inaccuracy, and I in the presence of maids, sucked away to Vadim, and accepted the second portion relying me terminate. And again Olya specified that all not so. And again a competition, Olya already won! And here I kiss her писю, I make horney Vadik, I lick to him balls, I take a dick in a mouth. I send him to a bosom of my innocent wife, during the act I lick and I suck. Then at the end I take on a mouth and I accept a portion of tart dense liquid. When all agree about correctness of performance, I burn this leaf. Again sat down at a table. When drank still was already about nine in the evening. Passed to a sofa, Nadia got up, removed panties became on a seat legs and her chink turned out before me. I looked at Olya, both she nodded, and I began to kiss her писю. Olya approached lowered my pants, And Nadia fell, and put on on my dick. I for the first time after the wedding fucked other woman. We with Nadia were weaved in a kiss. She took off a brassiere, she had 1 size, but nipples were strained and stuck out in different directions, it was new, and very much brought me, I began to kiss her breast. I looked at Olya — she on a chair astride jumped on Vadim's dick. Then she approached us, and whispered something to Nadia. That got up and allowed me to lick the girl, and I greedy stuck into her, and Olya walked all on me. I felt that I not so, and having discharged of Nadia saw something that Vadik was attached to Olya and fucks her in buttocks. She in buttocks didn't give me. Nadia was developed on the contrary, and I continued to lick Nadina buttocks, and Olya was accepted to her писю. Then girls exchanged and I already kissed Olina the girl, and Nadia accepted two dicks. When Vadim reached a limit, Olya got down from me and sat down nearby, he removed a condom, and the dick to us brought. — Take. — Olya whispered to me — I took and several times took a nap, he began to cum to me in a mouth, the dick pressed then, the dick implanted a mouth into Olin and released, the stream rushed her in a mouth, and the remains got Nadia. I took a sip of the, and we were weaved with Olya in a kiss, she gave the portion to me. Nadia joined us and we kissed three together, it blew up me and I began to cum a pizda to Nadina. Then she got up and brought to me, but I licked two times, and all Then she sat down on Olya's face, and my wife licked mine I will terminate from the girlfriend. After that — we agreed about silence and that it was once, and the Video player left. Nadia remained to spend the night with us, but when I woke up her in the morning wasn't any more. dating bio tips html date format w3schools site mapMain Page