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/ Continuation of the cycle "Ginger devil" / I embraced the become soft brittle body near me. Lisa... it seems so her name is? She was quickly enough disconnected. Though, it isn't surprising after such long and wild marathon. I, contrary to fatigue, withdrawal pains in all body and to full relaxation, tried to analyse somehow the incident from the beginning and till this second. - Long you, - said the ryzhenky beauty when I entered. After that case in a strip bar this girl a prompt whirlwind rushed into my consciousness. She was presented by the Aria. Stormy nights with her, mind-blowing experiments turned my monotonous life into the real palette of passion and desire. Where we were only not engaged in it... I already twisted her waist at once to start the most interesting part of our meeting, but she enough dexterously escaped from my hands. - Wait a moment, today you should perform very interesting and important task. So keep forces, - in her voice there was a certain secret, an unsolved riddle. She liked to pull an intrigue and this her line by all means was great advantage. How she could tease me in a bed and force to howl literally from desire, it won't be compared on ability to one my mistress. - I have a girlfriend, - she began the story after we sat down on a sofa, - and her the small help is necessary. She is innocent. And it is a problem. It wants to find the skilled and checked partner. - Stand, stand, stand, - I right there tore off sounding of her velvet voice, - if you want that it was made by me, then has to disappoint you. I purely essentially don't sleep with virgins. - Hm, and that so? - obviously she was surprised, having turned the curious eye towards me. - Long and boring story, - I represented a certain similarity of a smile, but it turned out not really. History and the truth was not from pleasant. - Sorry, but it is worth looking for other candidates for this role. The aria kept silent and only continued to look thoughtfully at me the light eyes. Without having told words, it promptly appeared the room then returned with two glasses of wine. - Darling...-purring was said by the beauty, slowly approaching me. Now all her charms went to fight. Graceful gait, artfully thrown up eyebrow and this attracting smile. The smoothness of her movements always hypnotized me. It was specially inclined before me so that I with ease could make out all bends of her magnificent breast in a deep decollete. I won't hide that in me desire to bare her slender body began to waken. Oh this red maiden, knows how to lull into a false sense of security... The aria stretched me a glass and sat down nearby, showering a leg on a leg. My look right there walked on her long and moderately pumped up legs. - Think properly. Not every day an opportunity to receive the virgin who doesn't demand great and eternal love, promises of fidelity and other snotty features drops out. Just high-quality sex. - The aria, I ask, don't even persuade, - I cut off and took a wine sip. The attention noted quite strange smack, but I didn't begin to attach it significance. Each grade is individual, as well as girls. Therefore I just enjoyed this wine. On a face of the Aria the pleased smile and she played, keeping the eyes glued on me, just silently nadpit from the glass. Something cunning and strange was in her expression... - I won't persuade, you will want, - from her lips silent laughter escaped, - Lisa! Come and get acquainted with the guest! - loudly she then the room was entered by the unfamiliar girl said. This was the high and slender brunette. Big dark eyes, long hair and pleasant smile. I don't argue, this girl was very nice. The fitting black dress on was short so much that I could see rims of her black stockings. Probably, Arius perfectly I advised to use my passion to this part of clothes. Lisa sat down on other side from me. - Have well, a good time, - with laughter the red beauty said, winked at the girlfriend and right there left from the room. I even managed to tell nothing. Only I sighed, the glass finally drained wines and translated a view of the stranger. - You understand...-I was I began, but the gentle and brittle hand right there laid down on my lips, stopping the speech. - It isn't necessary to tell anything. Her fingers slipped from lips to a cheek. It should be noted that her look was very acute and deep. I even for a moment rolled in their chasm. I didn't think that so happens. She rose and the dexterous movement threw off from herself a dress. Under him nothing appeared. I swallowed and my look involuntarily walked on her body. Be not she a virgin, I wouldn't hesitate and right there started business. A beautiful and magnificent breast, an appetizing bend of a waist, wide hips, the shaved pubis and long legs in black stockings... I won't lie, but she was devilishly good. And here that there were I further I understood only then. Did you have an opportunity to suffer effect of aphrodisiac? And quite high dose? Well, now and I had such experience. The desire wave gushed. And it is just impossible to describe on how many wild and uncontrollable. My hands squeezed a bylets of a sofa and I promptly took a look aside. Devil, and this red maiden and truth still that feature. As I didn't catch this strange smack in wine at once and didn't calculate his origin. Oh Arius, only get to me now, you won't get out from a bed! I will organize you the real running under a horse dose of aphrodisiac. - Lisa, listen... - continuing to look somewhere aside I hardly began, but again just didn't allow to finish speaking to me. Lisa covered me with the body and a hand turned my person to herself. Our lips were closed in a kiss. I still coped with the emotions and feelings through the rolling desire and passion. Fabric of my trousers was already fairly pulled by the horney dick. But the devil, my principles, I promised... With the thoughts I didn't even notice how she we are dexterous undid my trousers, without coming off my lips and as soon as her hand touched my horney flesh I finally lost control. Turbidity came. As if the wild animal I seized her and pushed to the floor, covering all over. The lips I mercilessly stuck into her gentle sponges, slipped to a neck, leaving painful hickeys. I couldn't constrain myself. The reason solemnly gave way to lust and animal passion. The stomach bottom violently ached from tension. My God, as I am ready to break off her! Having quickly finished with trousers, I to a crunch squeezed her brittle wrists. Lisa only quietly moaned, but continued to obey my movements obediently. - Make it quickly. - quietly she whispered, but I didn't hear these words, they were killed by wild heartbeat in ears. I literally drove the dick in her virgin body. My hoarse sigh from such narrow space and her groan intertwined in the uniform symphony. She contracted, tried to release hands, but I strong squeezed them, depriving of any opportunity to move. Immediately the following push, followed it the third, fourth... I took at once quite fast rhythm as my body demanded a discharge. Now I was an egoist, first of all I wished to satisfy the lust. But me was to spit. Her narrow vagina just demented me. This friction stimulated my dick from all directions, caused a number of inexpressible feelings. Usually I am silent during sex, but now hoarse as if animal roar, groans escaped from my lips. In the movement in the girl's body I didn't feel barriers any more. As for her, the first opposition ceased. She began to relax muscles considerably. Her legs clasped my torso, and hands after I exempt them from the death grip, dived into hair. Here only it lasted long not. Time to deprive of innocence - so completely. I left it and quite roughly forced to turn over on a stomach then to get up dog-fashion. Yes, I was once again convinced that her wide hips and the truth are just ideally intended for anal sex. She perfectly understood that she waits for her and was skillfully curved in a back. Probably, Arius led not one discussion with her on a subject of all cunnings of sex. I didn't hesitate and right there the dick put to a chocolate opening of her anus. Nevertheless trying to pacify somehow the heat, I entered moderately. But pain all the same forced a ringlet to contract. Only unless now something will stop me? I began to move in her. Hey yeah....! As it is narrow as hot and wildly pleasantly. Quickly enough I began to increase speed. Even I don't know, the girl from pain or from pleasure groaned. but I precisely sank in waves of incredible pleasure. Each entrance to her anus to all length of my dick was rolled by a wave of heat on a body, forced muscles to contract and increase speed convulsively. Here I already violently just hollow, I hollow her hole. My hands strongly squeezed her waist. I am sure that tomorrow it will find the mass of bruises on the body. Her groans of steel becomes louder, more loudly. It became an additional exciting factor for me and I, having grasped it by hair and forcing to be curved stronger to me, hissed directly to it on an ear: - Cum, the baby, cum. As if повинуясь to my words (or my such course finally broke all locks), after couple of sharp movements her groan broke on shout and all her body contracted, clogged in convulsions under me. Her hands convulsively tried seize a floor. All this picture of her orgasm and the movement brought also me to an extreme point of passionate action inside. Having hoarsely moaned I as much as possible spread it on the dick and began to cum inside. Temporary turbidity, peak of violent pleasure and the rolled fatigue. When I recovered, saw that the girl and continued to lie on a floor. She panted. Her body, as well as mine, was wet from sweat. Just now I saw trails of blood. I tried to collect all remains of the forces and, having raised a brittle maiden body from a floor, went towards a bed. It didn't open an eye. I understood that this marathon was given very heavy for it and now she just falls asleep. Having laid her, I laid down nearby, embracing her for a waist. Just now my mind began to function and to somehow analyze all situation. Lisa... Whether you knew that you will fall into clutches such wild animal? And Arius... this girl destroyed one of my principles today. I overslept with the virgin though I promised never to do to myself it. How many still my locks will she ruthlessly break? Will show only time... And now I was just sent to the power to a dream which covered me with the networks. dating bases defined date ideas boston site mapMain Page