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It occurred three months ago. I was on vacation, had a rest houses when in one day the husband called and warned me that in a couple of minutes Serega (the husband of my best friend) has to approach and to take away some there documents. It was necessary to throw with an easy topic and shorts as usually at home I go naked. I pinned up moist hair a hairpin, I made a bed and I turned on the TV set. I didn't forget as well about coffee as knew that Serega just adores it and as soon as comes to us, at once demands it. In about ten minutes the persistent call to a door was distributed. — Hi — I told and allowed Seregu into the apartment — coffee already waits for you! — Super, and you? — What I?! — Do you wait for me? — with irony he asked. — Well …, it seems, … Darling I called and I told that you have to take away some papers. So, we will go we will smoke, and then and you will take away them. On a balcony it was cool as glasses were stuck with the foil protecting from sunshine. I dragged on, with pleasure involving cigarette smoke, feeling tart taste in a mouth. We silently stood the friend near the friend, everyone thought of something special. Suddenly Serega turned out behind so that I was clamped between his hands. — I want you. — simply and without any zakrutas he spoke, embracing me for a waist and pressing to the breast. — You what went crazy?! — I tried to laugh the matter off, but one hand he squeezed my left breast, slowly caressing a nipple through light fabric of a topic. His second hand pulled a hairpin so that hair were scattered on shoulders. — I hate the pinned-up hair … — he whispered to me on an ear and bit a lobe teeth. I was shocked with such behavior of Seryoga, usually quiet and indifferent to everything, but in too time felt some awe from his rough and persistent sticking to me. Having developed me facing itself, he stuck on my mouth rough we will kiss while his hands touched my body. He squeezed my boobies, pulled nipples, hurting, but at some point I realized that this pain is pleasant to me, his lips stuck into mine as if he tried to bite off them. I felt pressure of his horney dick ready to escape from captivity of jeans. The head was turned, I tried to grasp still edge of consciousness of what happens to me understanding of all absurdity of a situation: I am a decent girl, I am married, I love the husband and suddenly now in own apartment I kiss the husband of the best friend! — Seryozha … isn't present … stop … — I whispered, trying to push away him from myself. Heart as if the wild bird ground in a cage fought in boobies. I panted, still feeling his taste on the lips burning with fire. He only crookedly grinned and put me on a window sill so that itself it appeared between my legs. I felt as a back a cool of glass and began to tremble as if an aspen leaf. Sergey pushed a hand in a topic and groped the hardened nipple, pulled, rubbed it a little, then squeezed all breast and again the nipple began to torment. At the same time, he continuously looked to me in the face and I read in them the sentence: he won't stop. — Isn't present … isn't present … — I heard the hoarse whisper, understanding that I am slowly dissolved in a whirlpool of his black eyes. Having sharply pushed him and having come off a window sill, I rushed to the room, itself without knowing that it will give me. He caught up with me during an instant and having grabbed by hair, overturned on a bed (the balcony was in the bedroom). Having pressed down me all over, Seryozha became roughly and with an impact to caress me, a knee spreading my close legs while his mouth looked for my lips. — Calm down — he hissed in rage which earlier in him I didn't notice. I even stiffened under him. — I want you for a long time, but all the case didn't drop out in any way … Now I will fuck you, my sweet … Your hare told what you are a Fury in a bed if properly to kindle you … He with a force pulled a topic and I heard a crash of the torn fabric. He stared at my hardened nipples and boobies which reddened from his pinches, then inclined the head and involved one nipples in a mouth, having bitten him teeth. I screamed from pain and right there understood that it is pleasant to me. — Did you dream that you were raped? I know that I dreamed, you itself about it asked the husband! I asked that he fucked you so that you couldn't get out of a bed! — What? He told you? — I felt how cheeks flared from confusion. It was one of my secret sexual fantasies which I tried to carry out in a bed with the husband, but he at me strongly gentle also loves long caress from which I just quickly fuse. Seryozha began to kiss me again, his rough language as if a flame scorched my mouth, he with a force squeezed him so that I couldn't make a breath and felt how air gradually reaches a limit, the head is turned, before spark eyes. And here he went over to my stomach, and I as if the fish cast ashore with greed swallowed of air, having felt saltish smack on a lip. He means strongly bit her. It as if happens not to me, Seryozha can't do it! But he already did it and to admit, to the shame, all this more and was pleasant to me more, despite reproaches of reason which whispered more and more weakly that the tyrant needs to be stopped. The body became covered by a perspiration, in the bottom of a stomach the aching pain the pulsing pushes spread on a bosom, forcing my sponges to contract. Seryozha got my hands for the head and squeezed them one hand, and pressed the second hand between my legs, massing and pressing it. In the head thousands of sparks blew up and I moaned, recognizing the checkmate, being sent to his power. The whole world began to spin around his rough movements and caress tormenting my seminude body now. I didn't notice at what moment began to look for his lips, demanding that he kissed me. Having a little discharged Seryozha jerked shorts and already I lie on a bed before him absolutely nude, wet, reddened and shameless. — Well, a pussycat, you want me? — he asked, pushing a thumb to me in a vagina which already pined. I moved as if from blow, tried to be removed, make the last desperate attempt to stop this madness, but it only put a finger more deeply and having pulled me hair, pressing my head to the breast. His second finger began to stroke my second hole meanwhile, slightly pressing on it and rubbing. He slightly slapped me on my pipisochka and repeated the question. I could only nod, but he pulled hair, demanding the answer: — D-da … — exhaled I and heard a sound unzipped. Even a moment and suddenly I felt the energetic pressure of his dick interfering in my bosom. It was a little sick and unpleasant as his dick appeared much more dick of my husband and I screamed when he a sharp push plunged completely into me. I tried to be removed, feelings were as if I lost virginity again, but Sergey squeezed my legs and threw them to himself on shoulders, having raised my hips so that I as if developed in half. It was terribly inconvenient and sick, but he continued by sharp pushes to enter me. His jeans grated gentle skin, and inside began to bake, I felt that I almost dried and his dick irritated me. — Enough! — I moaned, trying to reduce his pressure, but he stuck on a mouth we will kiss, accelerating. Having pushed a hand under my buttocks, he began a forefinger to caress my chocolate hole every time thrusting him more deeply. I fainted, the body grew dumb with the gushed pain, the feeling of sweat made sick. And while I already thought that I won't sustain this torture, Sergey sharply put out the dick. Suddenly I turned me on a stomach, I jerked to myself and it began to be stuck with the tool into my buttocks. I protestuyushche cried, but it with a force slapped on my back and began to drive a dickhead between my buttocks while his finger in all was active in me. — Seryozha … is present never before … please … I … so … — I didn't manage to finish speaking as he began to squeeze into my bunghole which is previously moistened with his saliva persistently. I began to squeeze buttocks, tried to escape, but against his force couldn't argue. I blinked, having felt an excruciating pain when his head at last squeezed into a narrow opening and I slid there, expanding it. — Here so, babe, clear head … Don't twitch … … more deeply now … still slightly suffer … — he began to wheeze over my ear and even more deeply I pushed the spear. Seryozha forced me to the knees, having pressed me to the breast, and his hands began to rumple my nipples, I threw back the head to him on a shoulder, trying to be released from the felt buttocks pain which he continued to torment. Here his hands went down to my pussy and he fingers of one hand opened my sexual sponges and fingers of the second began to caress a clitoris. I had a feeling as if it will never end, as if time stopped and stiffened. Sergey moaned, sharply moved and I felt moisture inside which began to flow down on my hips, to drip down on a bed. He violently terminated in my buttocks, and then pushed away on a bed and I failed, being afraid to move. Lungs flared from the shortage of air, the body burned, and his lower part in general grew dumb. I heard his faltering breath at myself behind the back, he embraced me and pressed to himself, having developed so that I saw his face: — You are charm, the baby! — he spoke, kissing me on a nose tip. And here I talked nonsense the first that came to my mind: — You didn't even undress … — Yes? Well well, next time I will surely undress. And he loudly burst out laughing, kissing me and embracing … dating at 50 reddit date ideas nyc summer 2022 site mapMain Page