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The seventh day of rest They returned to a breakfast. I from restaurant saw how Dasha on the braided legs uncertain gait goes to us to a bungalow. Having left a breakfast, I went behind her afterwards. When entered number, she lay on a bed, having closed eyes, but didn't sleep yet. - Dasha, you as? She answered with a sleepy voice: - Everything is good... I want to sleep... Then we will talk... - and practically at once I breathed heavily. I came into a bathtub and saw her dirty panties on a shelf: "I left for me that I washed them as agreed", - I thought, being made horney. I took panties, and they were through wet. I brought to the person, I smelled: Dashin aroma was complemented with a cum smell. From it I was made horney even more: "Means, everything happened". There was a strong wish to pomasturbirovat, but I restrained. I washed panties, I hung up them to dry and quietly I approached Dasha. I was held apart by curiosity: in number she didn't take a shower, maybe, and on the yacht wasn't washed away after sex, I can I will be able to try for the first time in life Dashina a pussy which was just fucked by another. The wife slept like a log. I rejected a blanket aside. Dasha lay on one side in an embryo pose, having stuck out the appetizing buttocks in my party. I gradually came nearer facing her perineum and saw the semi-dried-up cum streams from her hole. Having inhaled this magic smell of treason, I came nearer still, yet didn't rest lips against her pussy. Left me into a shiver from excitement when I tried to realize that my wife changed me, and I shamefully secretly climb to her only for one - to taste her whorish pizdenka. I licked at first very accurately, hardly concerning, but not in forces to restrain, increased a pressure and the pace until Dasha muttered on me something by a sleepy voice, having turned over on other party and having pulled on itself a blanket. Everything, the attraction of pleasures was closed on a quiet time. And I went to Mikhail to get voyage more information. Mikhail met me absolutely naked. He was drunk and strongly tired after sleepless night. Perhaps because of it he behaved somehow too freely: - And, it you... And I gathered in a shower and to sleep. Dashka, probably, sleeps sluggishly and immoderately? - Yes, she fell asleep at once. Mikhail grinned: - The girl fucked enough. Though it seems to me that she could more and more, I seized upon a dick. Even I was exhausted, you see, I am on the last legs? - I see... Well and as... how it was?... - felt feverish me from excitement. - How? The whore tasted a forbidden fruit and lost the head, here is how. I had such feeling that to me she in general had no men so you in this plan for her in general by. By the way, thank you for it, you to me facilitated a task. And here before her I: with me and skilled women go crazy, and here yours - innocence. Eblivy she at you - horror simply! And itself it obkonchatsya, and I raped me, I only repeated: "I want more, I want more...". - Even it isn't believed that you speak about Dasha... - You don't know her absolutely. You with her had even no anal sex, and you don't know that there she has an erogenous zone too. - And you from where know? - She told me about it and showed, and gave. Says that you deprived of virginity to her pizd, and it stored buttocks for great love, for this purpose, someone will be able to understand her with someone to her it will be really good. - Do you lie? - No, I don't lie. You how many she to me the words of love told as she fawned as she looked to me in eyes when she licked my balls would know... - He licked your balls?! - I licked. And I kissed my legs, and standing I sucked round fingers. - Precisely you lie, Dasha never... - And if I prove, you will make what I will tell you? - he interrupted my doubts. I thought: "And how he can prove to me? On a confrontation with Dasha? Well, nonsense". Therefore answered: - Agreed. Than you will prove? And Mikhail silently got the mobile phone and began to thumb through photos. At me intercepted breath from what I saw: here naked Dasha on a bed, here she moves apart in front of the cam a bottom, here implants a finger into the pussy, here sucks, here... licks balls, kisses hairy legs of Mikhail, thrusts his foot into the mouth... At the same time it does all this with such pleasure on a face as though it is more pleasant than nothing for him and can't be. - Well, it was convinced? - Mikhail took away from me the phone. - But as... Same compromising evidence on her... She agreed? - Certainly: you see, shooting not hidden, she posed for me. - But of what she thought?... Dasha such careful... - She thought pizdy, and a pizda - the best adviser for whores, believe me. It wanted to be from me dependent, it at that moment wouldn't be stopped even with if her parents are near. It is frightened only that it with her will never repeat. I speak, tasted a forbidden fruit, now she knows what disappeared from her that in life is unknown to her before pleasure. She became the addict, my addict. Also it is ready to be ready to do anything if only this dose wasn't the last. If on-chestnaku, then it suggested me to leave you, for the sake of continuation of a relationship with me. - To leave me?... - I swallowed. - Yes, and you have to know it as you expect, so to say, modernization of a relationship. As the sexual partner you will become less and less interesting to her. And not only sexual, you understand that she opened for me not only the pizda, but also heart. It is full, maximum treason as you also wanted. Further only a divorce with you and as a gift from me the child to her under heart. Having seen my dumbfounded person, Mikhail clapped me it can do: - Not a ssa why to me to take away it from you? The girl, of course, super, but me is much more pleasant to combine business with pleasure: I will be her both to fuck and to earn from her, - he began to smile, - I am a villain, and women love villains, but marry decent, type, you. - But Dasha if learns that you use her, then... - Not ssa I say to you yes! If I behaved with her as with the young lady, then she also was a young lady, and I with her treated as the whore. And she with such adoration in eyes right there turned into the whore: saw with what pleasure she licked to me balls, kissed legs? She likes my game if I stop it, then she will beg me to continue it. I told her that all her last life - full shit! That she is engaged at all not in the fact that she has to promote to herself pizdy because she is a born whore. - And what she answered? - I moaned. I terminated on my dick so that it seemed to me that she fainted. I am happy? - Even I don't know... - Not pizd, I see as your trousers puff up. So you are very happy, simply you are afraid. - And of what to me to be afraid, you told that Dasha will remain with me. - But it will be other Dasha, that which you don't know yet. Besides I can take and deceive you: I will take away from you the wife what you will make? - But you promised... - Yes, I promised, and I am faithful to the word, but suddenly you will want to throw me on bucks tomorrow, and I as the idiot will keep your family. I need guarantees. - What else guarantees? - You lost me desire: I hope photos of your wife in my mobile you were convinced. And desire at me it is kneel and take my dick in a mouth, he still smells of your wife. - What?... - Don't pose as the virgin, I so much time killed on the analysis of a psychological session with you that perfectly I know your secret desires. The same to me, wants to become kukoldy, and is afraid of a dick... Kneel, I told! - he pretty sharply and strongly pressed both hands to me shoulders that I involuntarily kneelt, having been the person directly about him the relaxed dick rocking here and there long. From him really smelled of my wife. But Mikhail didn't allow me to enjoy Dashiny aroma and, without having allowed me to come round, one hand ran the weighty dick to me over a nose, then leaned him against my lips, and other hand pressed my nape, and at this moment, to my shame, I opened a mouth and carried out by language on a head of his penis. - Raise eyes, - I heard Mikhail's team and automatically raised on him the head with the dick in a mouth. And he within a minute shot video on the mobile phone: - Everything, I am free, - Mikhail slightly pushed away me from the penis, - Now I have a guarantee. You don't want that I uploaded this video in the Internet therefore you will decently behave. Correctly? - Yes, - I answered also thought that several seconds ago before Mikhail's dick visited my mouth, I felt much more surely. And now I felt below - and on the status, and even on growth. I depended on this person. And though ours with him the contract proceeded, and, it seems, I am a boss, and Mikhail is a hired expert, but the situation changed irrevocably. I left for a supporting part not for the sake of a contractual game any more, and in principle because just Mikhail fucked me in a mouth as criminals would tell, "lowered". And now I - "lowered", and my "tyrant" has a video evidence of my falling. And this fact made horney to a shiver: now nothing depended on me, I was in the power of the lover of the wife. Probably, I wanted it, would only never decide to sound the desire. At parting Mikhail told: - When Dasha wakes up, the buttocks will hurt her for want of habit, I strongly razjebat her. And pizda, probably, too. So don't ask it silly questions about it. The wife woke up only for dinner. I tried to stick to her, but she somehow cold discharged me: - Stop with the nonsenses, I will go to a bathtub. It was closed in the bathroom what I didn't do before. And when left, with Mikhail answered my questions of rest evasively, somehow unwillingly, and diligently without looking to me in eyes, all the time I transferred a conversation to neutral subjects: - We will go to a dinner, I got hungry. When at restaurant she sat down on a chair, I saw as her face from discomfortable feelings after anal sex was bent. I understood that her bottom ached, and Dasha couldn't accept a convenient pose in any way. When Mikhail approached us, my wife lit up at once as though her pain disappeared. He shook hands with me, and gently kissed Dasha on a cheek, and whispered to her on an ear (but it isn't too silent so I heard everything): - What, does the pussy hurt? - Misses, you were seen and again by wet... - And bottom? - So, nonsense... - I said that it is impossible so long for the first time. - No, just there was too little. The bottom aches so that there is a wish that she was filled... That you filled her with the dick... Mikhail went to gather products, and I asked Dasha: - You are secretive? - Well, any nonsenses, forget... When we laid down with the wife in a bed late at night, I, remembering her whispering with Mikhail, at once began to stick to her. But she recoiled from me again: - No, not today... I don't want, I was tired... - But I very much want, - I reminded myself the kid persuading mother to buy candy. - Well, jerk off, only don't prevent me to sleep, - Dasha was cold and didn't even try to show sympathy. And it is the polite, well-mannered girl and the careful wife whom I knew? - Well, let's lick at least... - I continued to poor-mouth - All right, - my wife took pity and I spread the legs. I tremblingly dropped to her pussy, and she... she was such wet and such is hotter! That is, Dasha was horney too, but... but she wanted sex not with me, and with another. Her lover was so more best than me that it was easier for it not to give me, than to try to relax with me. From this humiliation by rejection I, having opened a mouth and with the tongue hanging out, with greed I attacked on her tasty, juicy pizda, and a hand the dick began to jerk off and... right there I terminated, having confirmed before the wife the image of the loser in a bed. Dasha patted me on hair and shifted the legs: - Everything, good night... dating apps used in france dated and related filming time site mapMain Page