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Even I find it difficult to remember when all began. Perhaps in 6 years when I for some reason persuaded one girl to exchange jackets. But then I understood nothing yet, and it is possible to copy all on children's curiosity... I grew at the ordinary boy, constraining only too. But no deviations were noticeable, at least. Nobody, probably, could think someone I am was actually and what I was engaged in when wasn't at home parents. In the very first time I found in a mother's case stockings in a network. To me was years 9 – then, probably, all also began. Having pulled them on the thin legs, I kind of touched some other world, the world of girls about which before practically I knew nothing. At this age of the boy seldom communicate with an opposite sex but only joke on them and "pull braids". Frankly speaking, then even creepy somehow was to communicate with girls. But nevertheless I saw them as they lived life, absolutely not similar to mine. In her there was no place to soccer, a debt at swaying on the yards in the company of friends, but there was a set of other things which I could guess only though to me, frankly speaking, and business to all this then wasn't. So, I think that the banal curiosity induced me to put on then on itself those black stockings. I very much liked this new feeling. Excitement captured me everything, from legs to the head. I very much was surprised how some article of clothing can cause in me so many emotions moreover besides a women's clothing. All this then seemed very strange, but nevertheless hands instinctively understood what they should do, and I got the first orgasm. It wasn't comparable with anything from what I felt ever earlier, any emotion never before was such strong. I very well remember those first orgasms: legs gave away, grew turbid in eyes, and waves of pleasures just rode on all body. Besides it was forbidden, and not just it "is impossible" - I just couldn't imagine, than it could turn back if somebody learned about we wash a secret. Therefore adrenaline just read off scale. How could I not use such pleasure? Orgasms just carried away me on the seventh sky, and from it I any didn't see harm, didn't understand. Having put on tights and a dress, I represented myself the girl, I kind of took communion to this others attracting world, and it was incomparable. Also there was a wish to do it more often and longer, but presence of parents didn't allow. So I also lived: in public I was an ordinary boy, but once I remained in the apartment to one, I changed in the thin girl. What at them after all comfortable clothes! Easy and besides very beautiful; and why I couldn't carry such all the time? How it is possible to carry men's if you know that exist колго weave, dresses, skirts and a weight more of all beautiful and so remarkable? I wanted most to choose the clothes, but not to submit to the laws dictated by society. But from them you won't get to anywhere, and I had to hide. I knew that nobody will understand me, I couldn't understand myself and strongly condemned. Everyone has the demon. I think, everyone hides from the others something, some part of the life. It was my demon, he took control of me gradually: I matured, and with me also he developed. It was constant fight, and I consequently lost, nevertheless without allowing him to overstep certain limits. The matter is that in spite of the fact that I adored feeling like the girl, I never liked guys. I didn't consider them repellent, dirty or inaccurate, I just preferred girls as the normal heterosexual. Girls seemed to me much more perfect: such beautiful and sensual - they became for me an example for imitation. But to imitate them is opened I not I could: it would destroy my life, all that I tried to obtain day by day, what I, actually, was what I was seen by people around. Approximately in 19 I moved from parents to other city to study and lodge in an obezhitiya. Now I could though for days on end will like to go in what to me. I bought to myself own things, cosmetics, even two pairs of shoes. Of course, it was very a shame to buy from very young shop assistants in shops tights or skirts, but the Internet came to the rescue. Anything, it was possible to order and receive by mail, without reddening with shame. So I had the small clothes. I carried these things only of the house, having drawn curtains and having locked a door. From year to year I did it nearly an every day. On the personal front I was frankly not lucky: I broke off the relations, only till that time, having gone to study. And then several years without sex, only disguise and an onanirovaniye. I grew up very thin, on hands it was hardly possible to distinguish bicepses; besides I was too constraining, - probably, it also caused my loneliness. But I didn't despair and looked for the half, and itself in parallel with enviable regularity перевоплощася in the girl. By then I hated myself for this defect for a long time, several times tried even to throw. I didn't understand yet that for me it became some kind of necessity, dependence. After several days of abstention I caught myself on such homosexual imaginations and thoughts that disguise seemed just florets in comparison with it. I put on myself any female things, admired myself in a mirror, caressed myself. But it was not the only method to be got. Besides I read stories about sex with disguise, with transsexuals and also watched a porn and represented myself on the place of these beauties who were so lucky because him it is allowed to get a female orgasm. Then I began to have a cybersex with guys on chats of acquaintances, being represented by the nice girl and showing, naturally, not the photos. But the people meeting in a chat sometimes struck me with the inferiority, some were and the truth are awful: are silly or hammered, or just boors. But and to you it isn't necessary to expect anything else why to the normal healthy person to sit for hours in a sex chat and to write things it seems: "Don't you want to swallow my dick more deeply?" But at all their nasty thing, I didn't forget that I with my entertainments much more urodlivy, than many of them. And with each disguise I went further and further along this disgusting voluptuous road. Worst of all there was the fact that this way couldn't bring me anywhere. I was horrified at one thought that I will be exposed. And then I will have more than neither friends, nor families. It seemed to me that all will turn away from me that I will lose the place in this world, I will lose the life. And to find the new place and new life where as it is difficult because well someone will perceive as the girl of the disguised guy? So much distinguished me from individuals of an opposite sex, so much would give me among women. And if over povedniy it was still possible to work, then changes of appearance were presented to me very difficult, painful and expensive. Yes besides I considered that this my small hobby is so wrong and shameful, so nasty as though I was nearly the most disgusting creation on Earth. Just as the addict, knowing about banefulness of the habit, all the same doesn't leave her, and I couldn't master the vicious addiction. Nevertheless I managed to designate for myself some borders further which I wasn't ready to go. I didn't consider myself the homosexual and was ready to use the best efforts if only not to become such. In particular it meant any anal caress and real acquaintances with me similar. My demon shouldn't have gained so much strength to be able to do much harm anyway to me! It was impossible to indulge him or to acquaint with other demons, I considered it necessary to block completely to him oxygen. I was convinced all the time that this delusion will pass, it is worth meeting the good girl and to get a relationship, to regularly have with her sex. But all this didn't occur, and each failure, whether it be love difficulties or another lost fight, forced me to be convinced that the man from me useless that it not mine once again. As though my vanity, my male pride every time received blow below the belt. And I went and changed clothes, ran away to this wonderful other world in which just it wasn't accepted to fight, in which not you had to win someone's heart, and you were subject to courtings and complements. There it was so more best what I, happened, in the days without a break I didn't leave own housing and I spent all the time in female shape. When to me was 22, there was something that strongly affected my further life: I had a serious quarrel with parents. There is no wish to go into details, but all ended with what I absolutely lost with them котакт. I was despair and for several days was locked in the room and didn't leave anywhere. In that dark hour I realized that parents were for me in fact the main barrier on the way to the world of women, and now when this barrier forever disappeared, I could do with the life all that I will wish. I awfully was afraid and ashamed then of the addiction therefore I didn't decide to come over to other side still. Instead just I lived, as before. My admiration of girls, of course, didn't get to anywhere, but I very well controlled myself. Despite all above, none of the people surrounding me suspected anything of my social life. I had a great number of acquaintances and also couple of friends. Once, literally in several months after the above-mentioned quarrel, one of friends organized a party on the occasion of the Birthday to which besides me still many of those someone I then didn't know were invited. It was quite cheerful and this evening I got acquainted with one couple. They were called by Yulya and Artur. Only recently having moved to our city, they, so to speak, looked for new friends. She was a photographer, and it worked in insurance company. Yulia was simply charming: on her there were fitted jeans and a black jacket with a superficial cut. Her magnificent black hair, her a little imperious look and an ideal figure involuntarily attracted to themselves attention. And from ostrenky eyebrows and pale red lips just blew as femininity. Artur was to podstat to the girlfriend: sports constitution, quite pleasant features and some unusually cheerful look. They as though just came from a competition of "ideal couples". Our acquaintance to them began with a small bottle of red wine. The couple was arranged on a sofa opposite to me and after we were presented, Artur began to tell with ecstasy how they went to ride last days off to mountains and as different amusing things constantly happened to them. He was very good story-teller, so plunged into the told story that against will I entrained also listeners. Yulya didn't keep silent too, but all the time was kind of a little abstract and disseminated. Thus we highly brightened up each other evening and decided to fix acquaintance by one more small bottle red moist in an arbor that was near the house. Whether Vina to that the twilight reigning in that arbor or the drunk wine, but a conversation I came to some more confidential course. We stirred so about two more hours until Yulya began to be sleepy any more. Then we decided that it is time on houses. Having given me the phone number of Artur, my couple, having lovely smiled, it was dissolved in the dark nights. And I started wandering home, thinking of how Yulia as Artur was lucky is beautiful, and, at last, that here, everything can be just good at people, and it isn't necessary to violate for this purpose any rules, to struggle with itself or with society. Perhaps and at me so it will turn out? Approximately under such mental melody I fell asleep in the bed. In several days I called Artur, and he invited me to go with them to hockey. I without thoughts agreed and spent one more unforgettable evening to the companies of this remarkable couple. There is such feeling when after the first evening spent with new acquaintances it is so fascinated that you understand that from this acquaintance friendship can turn out even. And then with big nervousness you come to the second meeting as though holding something fragile in hand and being afraid to break it. And all turns around quite so as you wanted whether it is not wonderful evening? After the game we spent time behind a mug of cold beer with Artur, Yulya left home as she couldn't take out a rumble of stadium more. To one mug, of course, it wasn't limited, and we great became friends with Artur for that evening. After that I became kind of "the third wing" of this couple. It completely suited me as I as though itself was filled with their harmony, besides we every weekend tried to be engaged in something interesting so it was never not boring. It is a pity only that Yulya very seldom was to us, I sometimes lacked her captivating beauty. For that period I for some reason practically ceased to communicate with other acquaintances and that the most surprising, even I frigged less often and changed clothes! I felt as if I take a course of some unclear treatment, and treatment though not far off, but suddenly представлось possible. But then I had one strange conversation with Yulya. Somehow on Friday evening I decided to glance without prevention to them on a visit. We already were in the warmest relationship so I even couldn't think that it could cause some inconveniences. I was met by Yulya and reported that Artur is late today, but I if I want, can wait for him and keep her the company behind a tea cup. I then thought that it is more best to spend time in their company, than in the sad room, in the power of my demon. - Of course, - I willingly agreed and we went to kitchen. While it boiled water and did tea, I couldn't restrain from several times not to look at her slender legs, and the outlines of her appetizing buttocks guessed through fabric of a light house dress. Having once again envied her, I mentally sighed and for some time thought of something. Meanwhile tea was ready and she sat down at a table opposite to me, having thrown a leg on a leg. Something cunning and acute was read in her eyes. And here I at last understood that she isn't made up. Has to admit, to me only at that moment it when she stretched a cup of tea and villages before me was evident. Besides, there was something painfully familiar in her face. I felt it earlier, but tried not to focus attention on such trifles. For certain she saw in my opinion some confusion and, having smiled, asked: - Well as I to you not made up? Not strongly terrible? - Well, not strongly, - I tried to laugh the matter off, - Only you remind someone to me and someone - I will can't understand, - I thoughtfully muttered. - What, seriously?! - she loudly laughed. Her thin eyebrows rose up, expressing sincere surprise, - You over me scoff? - she added, and in her voice the mistrust and even some call sounded. - Yes for the life of me, I don't know. Earlier I couldn't see you anywhere, but you are seriously similar to someone... - I stared in a table before myself, endeavoring though on her to remember somebody similar. And here she, probably, having convinced that I and the truth didn't joke, I jumped up and I called me with myself in state muddy. There she stopped before a huge pier glass which, most likely, served her as a cosmetic mirror because on him there was an incalculable set of any creams, hulk and other. Yulya asked me to get up about herself. I obediently made it and looked in a mirror. "Your mother!!!" - only rushed at me in the head: it was possible to think really that we the brother and the sister! I always considered the person a little bit not male because of a small chin, in a feminine way an accurate nose, enough big eyes; but here I just was dumbfounded. And first of all from the fact that still I didn't notice this similarity. Persons were, of course, not one in one: testosterone after all not for nothing worked 22 years on my appearance. And on a face he, in my opinion, nevertheless faked a little so Yulya really resembled me, especially now, without make-up. In addition she was also steam of centimeters lacked almost my height, to her to mine 179. And if to crown it all still to consider my thin constitution, then at special desire it was possible to carry out so substitution that not at once could notice! At least, so it seemed to me. Yulya noticed my dumbfounded look and again burst out laughing. I didn't find anything more best as too it is absent-minded to smile in reply. So she with the words "if I sometime need the double, will know someone to address" led me back on kitchen. After that we just began to stir and have tea. She very much became cheerful and began to tell me any nonsense which would never interest me. I periodically nodded and "ugukat", and itself looked at her and understood that the woman's world for me is absolutely not so lost as I thought. After a while there was Artur. He was delighted to my visit and suggested me to stay for a dinner. I referred to the fact that to me tomorrow to get up early, and went home. Houses, having closed behind itself an entrance door, I threw off from myself all things, tried to make up, and it at me then badly turned out, put on a black combination, the favourite tights of color of "shock" and also the light dress similar to in what I that day was met by Yulya. And though my useless cheap wig also spoiled the picture which is reflected in a mirror I was again dumbfounded by our similarity, more precisely existence of similarity me, "the guy in panty hoses", with such beautiful woman. I was delighted to it before that I began to sing and turn quietly in front of the mirror. My imaginations carried away me away, I was a girl, and I knew, I was sure that this imagination can be turned into reality! In this intoxicated state I was found by a rough orgasm, it is similar to those first orgasms depriving of balance about which I already also forgot, in which I already even didn't trust! In an iznemozhdeniye I went to bed directly in women's. At first I lay and dreamed, and just quietly about myself smiled. Then, lying and feeling as the cum spreads on my groin, I with grief and joy at the same time thought:" Well hi, my demon, with return." Ah, what wonderful there was after all a state of mind! Literally in few weeks after the tea drinking described above with Yulya, in the evening I was called by Artur. By phone it sounded, as from a next world. He asked whether I am busy, and whether he can still come to me on a visit. There was a little rather late, but how I could refuse to the person at whom it was wiped the most part of free time in addition and to the best friend? I told: "Of course, without problems, drive!" It would be worth describing the last two weeks before it here. After I noticed similarity to Yulya, I masturbated regularly and intensively so by the end of the second week I already mentally began to name myself Yulia. She so inspired me that I began to shave to myself legs and other regions of the body, hairy legs in stockings look so ridiculously and ugly! I for these two weeks had some disgust for the machismo which I tried as it is possible to turn more better in a female wrapper. I very strongly wanted to grow hair because wigs which I was able to afford looked so artificially that all meaning in diligence was lost to hide "courage". And expensive good wigs just it were too expensive for me. After that conversation with Yulya I as though on a step approached the decision to exchange. Sometimes I even forgot to hide the female things back in a case and they just rolled about the room. I stored all the "clothes" in a case which wasn't even closed on the lock. Guests in my student's room were the phenomenon very rare and almost never came without prevention: so I brought up them. And that evening I bethought to remove everything in "secret storage", there didn't arrive Artur yet. Only that was required all minutes fifteen. Artur had a car, and, judging by a voice, something happened so he very soon had to arrive. And it is valid, in twenty minutes he was on my threshold. Having greeted, he came into a room where from furniture were: table, chair, bed and above-mentioned case. He sat down on a chair and got a vodka bottle from a jacket. I understood that evening will be long... - And so, so as you live, young students, - he abstractedly told. - You are welcome to all we have, - I smiled, - At you something happened? Something at work? - At work that all is beautiful... - absent-mindedly looking at me he said, - Yulka... Bitch... There is such business... Give can we will roll at first on one? - in his voice his cracked state was felt. Perhaps the cause is there was a bad lighting in my room, but it seemed to me that it has under eyes circles. I got disposable plastic glasses, descended on obshchazhny kitchen and got apple juice. I was very much excited by his state: of all people I wished well to this couple only. I sat down opposite to him and was going to listen carefully. - Let's drink at first on one, and there I will tell history to you, - he said, pouring. I never before saw him in such strange state. Always such cheerful and full of strength, he was simply broken, crushed now and caused already one look feeling of pity. We drank, and he began the story. - And I am a fool!. And year together we live! I filled up her with flowers... I loved her, you understand? I loved! - Yes why "loved" that? What happened? - in impatience I interrupted. - the Bitch she appeared!!! - he cried out, then I took breath and continued: - I come from work today – on a table the letter... Even in eyes I didn't find time to tell! - maliciously Artur added, pouring on the second circle, - Like, to me with you it was very good, but met love of all the life, and you kind of and непричём. I leave for ever, don't even look for, all the same you won't find. I let's call at once – doesn't take. On sms too no word, - here it stopped, expressively looked at me, and such infinite melancholy was seen in his eyes that I, without having withstood such heavy look, suggested him to drink. "Here to you and Yulya," - I thought about myself, - "probably, however, the more beautifully, the stervozny." The fact that she preferred to leave in such cruel way Artur already characterized her not from the best side. And it was presented to me how she now somewhere in a jacuzzi with some wealthy banker kisses, smiles and drinks cocktails, burningly beautiful and happy with himself, can even without understanding that did. And he sits before me here, destroyed and already almost cries after the second fifty grams. And before she to me in a moment for some reason became loathsome that even there was no wish to resemble her any more. Meanwhile Artur told everything how he cared for her and cherished as he looked after her after the first appointment and as as a result I was disappointed. I listened to him and itself couldn't leave this state of shock, but with each his word plunged into his difficult situation more and more, understanding his offense more and more deeply. He much that evening told, and vodka only exuded from a glass on a throat. I tried to encourage somehow him, completely supported him and accused this bitch. Probably, alcohol already dimmed my mind, but it seemed to me, I would crush her the hands if she suddenly somehow appeared before me now. And at me even it began to turn out to support Artur, he distracted already a little. Remaining nevertheless same gloomy, he ceased to feel sorry for himself and even already without horror looked forward, in the future in which she won't be any more. Male pride didn't allow him even to allow thoughts of forgiving Yulya if she suddenly decides to return to him. And I for some reason didn't think that it can occur still. As far as I recognized her, she was not a thoughtless girl so if made the decision, the decision had to be verified and well weighed. And then there was what happens always in the drinking company, and always, strangely enough, it occurs at the most inappropriate moment – vodka came to an end. And now it was so inopportunely! Neither I nor Artur drank often so at us after the first bottle languages began to be braided, but all the same there was a little. As though some instinct induced us to get by all means still alcohol. And here I remembered that I few times saw different strong drinks in our obshchazhny refrigerator earlier. I asked Artur to wait, and itself moved off in searches. As a result my enterprise was crowned with success, and I returned back with a new untouched bottle soon. I with pleasure showed to Artur a find, but he looked at me with such drunk foggy eyes and asked what at me in a case is done by all those female things. I froze. Me just for the first time in rabozlachila life, my best friend also made it. With the dried-up throat I tried to tell lies something about a theatrical circle. But what theatrical circle?! He found both my wig, and a cosmetics bag, and my favourite shoes of 41 size there. I understood that I can already think up nothing to save the situation, both only stood and silently looked to him in the face, expecting him a verdict. Everything that I was afraid suddenly of made a stand directly before my nose, directly in my own room. Pedik, "pervert", "cockerel" and so forth I was ready to hear from the best friend now. I don't know why, but Artur too silently looked at dumbfounded me and as if hardly considerably I smiled. - Well, in my opinion, I even should tell nothing, so everything is clear. A word now for you, Artur, - at last having gathered, I resolutely said. He now obviously smiled to me: - do You think that I you will condemn and scoff at you now? - And you won't be? - I very much tried not to give the hope, telling these words. - It is your choice and it doesn't concern me. You are my friend, I am not going to lose you because of it. Though I admit that I find it strange... You are a homosexual? - carefully he asked and made such apologizing look as though he just offended me. - I never before liked guys... - frankly I answered, - But it is actually very long story... - I very much would like to hear it if you, of course, trust me enough. I the truth very much want to understand you, - Artur told and put fingers in the lock before himself, kind of asking me. I was in the total confusion, I didn't know whether it is possible to trust in this person so: I was afraid that he will cause then me terrible pain. I sat down on a bed and gave him a bottle. While he poured, I feverishly rushed about between banal "yes" and "no". The most crucial decisions are made and take shape in the head of the person in often absolutely incomprehensible ways, kind of at random. As though the brain just says: "For me it too, throw a coin." And I, having swallowed the next portion, I began to tell Artur a story of the falling confusedly. Of course, I didn't begin to mention Yul and about the last two weeks. But however I tried to release nothing from the narration that my listener could understand me most well. For me it had huge value because I for the first time so confessed. It was the first contact of my internal woman or my demon with the person from the outside, on it depended so much. "And besides, if my best friend, then someone then isn't able to understand me?" - I thought. Artur very much listened carefully, sometimes even for some reason nodded. When I finished, he in some confusion, carefully choosing words, asked: - So leaves you yet never had a same-sex sexual contact? - No, - I honestly answered. - But you it is simple more comfortably in a women's clothing, you are more best in it you feel, I correctly understood you? - Well almost yes, - I answered, - I very much want to be a woman. From the childhood... - more I didn't know what to add and became silent, having looked down in a floor. - Andrey, I want that you knew that I absolutely don't condemn you, - Artur penetrating said, - you have to decide that for you it is more best and if you so solved, I will respect your decision it, - he for a while thought. In his eyes the indecision when he continued was read: - By the way, you know, personally for a long time it seems to me that you something are similar to Yulka. Fie you, remembered this infection again!!! - and he it is angry I punched about a table. But then I specified: - Thank God, not character, but only externally. At you even figures are a little similar, and about the person I am silent. As though your sister! - Yes, I know, Artur, - I internally was delighted what one more person confirmed this similarity, - So, you the truth don't condemn me? - Yes throw you!!! You are a good person, unless matters, the man or the woman? You are my friend what you on yourself dressed. If you want though now put on as the woman, and all the same we will sit further to drink. "OOOOOOO, don't play with fire!" - I thought. I noticed that he absolutely distracted from the huge problem and perklyuchitsya completely on me. But I began to assure him that he doesn't know what he speaks about and that having even reincarnated, I look not as the girl and as something not similar to anything and that it will be just unpleasant to him such to communicate with me. He began to assure me that opposite, all this has for him no value so I have to feel freely, especially it he at me on a visit, and not vice versa. I Prizatsya, I was strongly provoked then by his words. And I provocatively told: - Well, you have only yourself to blame! Then leave for ten minutes - I will change clothes. He smiled and obediently left. I decided to approach an objective as it is possible more carefully though the drunk head thought chaotically. First of all I found dense black panties in a case and I dressed them as it is possible more better having hidden the advantage between legs. Then I found a black bra, I pushed in it two paralonovy linings, the first razmerchik turned out. Having looked in a mirror, I once again with pleasure noticed, is how more womanly my body in a combination when all these opposite hairs were carefully removed looked. Make-up time has come. As with him at me it was always not got on, I decided not to bother strongly and to do as it will turn out, the main thing that it wasn't ugly. Having imposed a basis, the nose, a chin, nadbrovny arches and a forehead foundation showed up, I made cheeks more dark. Accurately I led round eyes a pencil, I put dark blue shadows, I designated eyelashes by Mascara. Pale red lipstick finished my portrait. As I all - like to do by sponges in front of the mirror that lipstick was more better distributed, it seems to me, I look so sexually at this moment! But to admire itself there was no time: Artur waited outside. Then I shrouded myself in a soft grid of the favourite chocolate tights. They pleasantly fitted all lower part of my body, is so careful and gentle that I even felt a little more surely. And in blood adrenaline still read off scale, and I chuvtvovat as my cheeks under a thin layer of a make-up burned. But heat of tights "supported" me during this difficult moment, and I could continue the transformation. Here at a door Artur impatiently knocked. "Now-now," - I only shouted in reply. The dark blue knitted dress with short sleeves seemed to me then optimum. It reached to me slightly over the knee and had on a back quite interesting cut approximately to the middle of shovels, in front opened quite a little so my paralonovy boobies weren't visible. Having well attached a wig, and having put on on legs the black shoes on ostrenky heels, I looked at myself in a mirror and was happy with myself. Yulya was ready in rather short terms. Not that she shone, but also didn't turn to stone those someone will look at her. And here the moment of truth came: I widely opened the door and called Artur. He immediately appeared on a threshold and stared at me the struck dumb eyes. "Yes come already!" - I ordered, hurrying to close behind him a door. He obediently passed to the room and fell by a chair, all also without taking eyes with me rounded from surprises. - Well what you will tell? - and I defiantly made before him a turn by 360 degrees. On his eyes it was visible that he was struck dumb. Only it was pleasant to him or not I couldn't sort in any way. Before guys never gave me similar views.-... I just don't know what to say... - after a long pause he began, - to You very much there is this... shape... - It meant what was pleasant to him!!! I was so happy that I couldn't hide the smile any more. And he, besides, also so funny looked with widely open eyes and a half-open mouth, deprived of a speech power that I laughed. - Well be not silent what you? - through laughter I told, sitting down on a bed. - Andrukha... you just looney look. I just didn't expect... and here!. - still my guest couldn't recover. He examined me all from legs to the head, and in his eyes as though something sparkled. - Artur, well unless I am similar to any Andrukha now? - I even slightly inflated sponges, - name me Yulya, it will be so more pleasant to me. - Yes, sorry, - it was straightened out, - I seriously didn't even think... I imagined that you somehow... not really... but that so! And that so to Yulka it is similar! Same it is unimaginably simple! - I mistrustfully looked at him, but his dumbfounded physiognomy didn't leave doubts in sincerity of his statements. To me was very pleasant, there was even a wish to embrace him, he involuntarily so supported by the reaction me on my hard way! Gradually the speech power returned to him, and it was scattered in complements. I very much tried not to give a look, but after all was often forced to hide a look in confusion and, reddening, to smile quietly. And all evening he addressed me only as to the Spinning top, appear, even couldn't come to his mind to tell about me something in a masculine gender. I was flattered, but all the time it seemed to me that he deceives me and only makes up to me. I should have mentioned, however, it as he just totally destroyed my doubts by the ardent speeches and the sincere blue eyes fine childly. And I in affection gave up. I just melted from all events, not to mention what feelings brought me dressed on me. Sometimes even I changed a pose in which I sat, only in order that imperceptibly from Artur to luxuriate touches of skin of legs and buttocks about my favourite tights. The bra helped me not to forget about a bearing, and panties constrained being torn outside of ready any minute to go mad a racer. The last, however, was so передавлен that, in my opinion, just I didn't receive enough blood to come to combat readiness. Ah, pleasant taste of lipstick on lips, the eyelashes which were beautifully framing my eyes, heels giving some feeling of flight, weightless, and after all the tights caressing me at everyone even the slightest movement, the dress which is smoothly laying down on nylon – all this was such calming and gentle background of our conversation with Artur that evening. And alcohol served as a stimulator. Artur really was very impressed by me, but also I knew that the more he drinks, the more nice I to him seem. I was given a great pleasure of his admiration. It seemed, he already absolutely forgot about the tragedy, and we just lovely stirred. The second bottle lasted the whole eternity, but I was dissolved in pleasant luxury of this evening; and alcohol didn't cut this time on the spot, and slowly weakened. Artur began to ask me on my "hobby", appear, he wanted to know everything. But it was a little bit a shame to me to tell him about it therefore I transferred a subject to his work. At him today with me, probably, it was loosened tongue, and he, having changed to me on a bed, I told me at first about what his role in the company and what specifically he is engaged there in, and I listened carefully to him and I thought that he as though was created to tell something to people, to offer them something or to persuade them. At least, I was just bewitched by his stories. Then he began to remember to a sma shny cases from the practice, to us was so cheerful that even the neighbors hearing, most likely, our continuous laughter, two times have an effect, having knocked in a wall. Having told the next joke, Artur stopped and stared to me in eyes. I thought: "Really my eyes look now is also obscured and is scattered?" It was presented to me how it now persistently tries to be focused on my face and can't in any way, and was already I wanted to laugh. But Artur began to approach me, gently applied the hot palm to my cheek and stroked her. I still thought then with disappointment that he to me, will erase pancake, foundation. But it was worth thinking of another. Wasn't in time I and eyelashes to wave as mine had his face, and his lips already tenderly gave heat and love to mine. I was so drunk, and Artur so took me unawares that I only in about two seconds in general understood what occurs. It was the fantastic kiss: any languages, only smooth movements by the lips which are slowly sliding on his lips, on rough skin of his chin and the same incomparable taste of my lipstick on our lips, slightly caramel, oil some perhaps. His rough palm repeating the movements contours of my person, getting into my hair as though tried to hold me on the place. All that caress which was given to my body, all that careful attitude to my person with which Artur kissed me was complemented with feelings of my clothes, and together they made for me at that moment the burning word "woman" which hung over me and heated me the careful beams. I began to whirl the head, his eyes directly before mine, they looked at me and obediently waited for the answer, were ready to give pleasure in tons. But in me then wasn't located any more. All outlines began to be greased, all colors got some vanilla shade, all contrasts were softened while everything simply didn't go out. dating apps uk hinge date today power bi site mapMain Page