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Death of the wife of Alexey brought him a lot of pain and sufferings, he couldn't reconcile that his beloved wife disappeared and any more will never return and therefore he began to muffle this huge hole in the breast alcohol. At Alexey grew the daughter of which recently 18 years were executed, she arrived academy and resembled very much the mother, the same beautiful and voluminous dark hair, long eyelashes, fine blue eyes and a little pukhlovaty sponges, and skin was such clean and smooth, she had a tightened body as well as at the mother, a breast 3 sizes. When the daughter returned in the evening after study, she saw a familiar picture again. The father as always drank in the dark, he mixed vodka and whisky, washing down even with beer, he wasn't interested in life any more without the darling when the daughter turned on the light he raised the head - the Father, please, stop drinking - A. Ania, you returned … to me so badly … - I understand all, to me it is very bad too, you have me … don't forget At Ania flew a tear in the eyes, and she went to the room, her was difficult moreover and the father washed down, Ania laid down tired also began to fall asleep a little for a bed. Alexey got drunk and him began to drive for sleeping, he went to the bathroom to clean teeth and to wash, further went to the room when he undressed to pants and lay down on a bed, he felt loneliness, became cold to him that he remained one, but suddenly he remembered the daughter and having got up, went to her to the room. He came to her and saw as she lies shivering, having approached her he stroked her hair, a cheek, Ania woke up from touches of the father - What happened fathers? - Sorry, you won't be minds if I have a sleep with you - And. well, I will lay a bed only Ania got out of a bed and began to lay a bed, Alexey looked at her and noticed as she is strongly similar to the mother, he understood that it is necessary to give up alcohol, life isn't finished yet, he has a daughter for the sake of whom it is possible to continue to live. He turned off the light when Ania laid a bed, Ania undressed and was in panties and a brassiere, she was going to sleep so with the father and didn't think of something trite at all, it was her father - though even he was in a drunk state. History porn on Eromo.Org Alexey himself didn't think of anything it, he laid down on a bed, was driven into the corner, the daughter turned off the light and lay down on his hand, Alexey embraced the daughter and told - I love you, I promise that I won't drink more - I love you too, the father Noch was silent, exactly three hours of time was as Alexey woke up, he saw that near him lies his wife, at him were begun glitches and failures in a brain, he began to give smacking kiss to the daughter in lips, tired Ania tight slept and didn't want to wake up, having a good dream where all of them together, Alexey a hand stretched to a bottom of the daughter and began a little to squeeze her, then he moved to himself the daughter and got on her from above, having spread her legs he right there wanted again to feel feeling of merge to the beloved wife, the daughter began to wake up, at Alexey was the fat dick of average length, he took in a hand a dick and having shifted panties, groped a hole of the daughter. Sharp push and loud groan from the daughter, the virgin pleva of the daughter is torn, Ania felt pain and heat in a perineum, she didn't understand what occurs, but having recovered she saw from above the father who began to move - Fathers, what are you doing, isn't present, no … She tried to escape, but the father pulled hard on her and began to kiss, he didn't hear her voice, he heard nothing at all, and continued to fuck bleeding profusely the daughter's bosom, the daughter heard as he spoke illegibly and repeated a name of the wife, in boobies she had a strange feeling, she stared in disbelief - I am not mother, please stop, it isn't correct … - It isn't correct … – began to repeat the daughter Alexey accelerated, a narrow vagina of the daughter squeezed him, he made couple of fast pushes, and began to fill in with a cum the native daughter, Ania felt hot liquid that her filled, she moaned, and on her eyes tears poured down … Well, continuation? Whether not too sadly it turned out? I of course overtook for the atmosphere, or not?) Like if it was pleasant, your likes give motivation to write further) Huge gratitude to those someone supported me by R739880804546: 1: Devour of 50 rub is :) 2 Thanks: 3: dating apps that use linkedin date ideas for couples site mapMain Page