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Hardly Oksana knocked at a door as it right there swung open, as if Ruslan stood and waited for her on a threshold. Having entered the apartment, Oksana understood that he really waited for her. He was in stockings, his nails were is made up brightly red, and on the head there was the Snow Maiden's wig from brilliant silvery hair. But the main thing, his dick stood, he even shone from tension. Without a word, Ruslan put her a hand on a nape and inclined her head to him. Oksana wanted to be indignant from such impudence and impudence, but the head of his dick rested her against sponges and she right there clasped her with a mouth and the dick completely swallowed. She began to suck it, loudly champing. But I released it, having heard a noisy sigh of Ruslan. — Hi — Ruslan told. — Hi, Olya, you perfectly look today why didn't make up a sponge? Oksana asked. — I wanted that you made it — Ruslan told and embraced Oksana. She twisted with hands his neck too and they kissed. While they kissed, Ruslan lifted up her a skirt and lowered from her panties, and began to squeeze gently her buttocks. — Your dick rests to me against a stomach — Oksana told. — And what? — Ruslan asked, continuing to rummage hands on Oksana's body. — I want that he rested to me against a throat — Oksana whispered. Ruslan lifted her on hands and incurred to a bed. I put it on a back and I pulled down all clothes from Oksana. She watched him through the half-closed eyelids and smiled. Ruslan bent over her and again kissed on a mouth. Then I began to fall below on her body, covering with kisses each millimeter of her skin. He sucked her nipples, tickled to language tips her navel and, at last touched by lips of her pussy. I nestled on it the person, and I began to drive slowly on it language. He bit her sponges, saw off to language tips on inside of hips from what Oksana shuddered and began to breathe more slowly and more loudly. Ruslan put one palm to it on a stomach, gently stroking him, and put the second on Oksana's pussy. Having carried out by language on a shchelochka between lips, Ruslan clasped with lips skin around a clitoris and began her to suck rhythmically. Oksana moaned, clasped Ruslan's head with hands pressed her to the body and began to rub about his face. Ruslan tried to lick her pussy, but Oksana moved so quickly that he got language to the bottom of a stomach, to the opened shchelochka, directly to lips. At last he was attached to a rhythm of her movements, again grasped lips her clitoris and began to suck it. Oksana loudly groaned, she rushed about on a bed, trying to push away Ruslan from herself, again pressed to herself. But Ruslan having clasped with hands her buttocks strong I held it, and without coming off I licked her pussy. At last Oksana screamed, and pressed Ruslan's head to the pussy stronger, he got nervous in convulsions, strongly squeezed hips his head and relaxed. Ruslan still a little bit caressed her a pussy, and then laid down on her from above and buried the dick directly in wet sponges of Oksana now. She pushed a hand between their bodies, took him for a dick and sent directly to the pussy. Her hot pussy just burned his dick. He moaned and easily entered it on the balls. — Give, the kid, fuck me — Oksana clasped with hands his buttocks, attracting him to herself. Ruslan was strongly overexcited and, having made two-three movements, the dick sharply pulled out, seized him with a hand and Oksana saw the cum stream which struck from his head. For a moment they stood, considering results of the work. — Oho and you and the truth missed me — Oksana told, considering cum drops on the body. — Me I obkonchat all — she playfully told, dipped a finger-tip in a cum droplet on the stomach and licked her. Ruslan pounded palms the rest on her body and, happy, laid down on her again. Having slightly recovered the breath, Oksana began to get rid of him from herself. a porn stories Ruslan unwillingly slipped from her, and having turned to her a back, laid down sideways. Oksana embraced him, nestled on him all over, twisted with legs and his dick took in a hand. — Well, bitch, now I from above — she whispered and gently I bit Ruslan for an ear. — I am all yours, Oksana — Ruslan whispered. The dick him started over again straining from playful caress of Oksana. — Bring me my handbag, the whore — Oksana ordered and slapped Ruslan on buttocks. He right there got up and went for a handbag. I returned and gave it to Oksana. — Watch how many I brought to you, Oksana told and threw out bag contents on a bed. From there several rubber dicks, lipstick, butt plugs and some more not absolutely clear toys got enough sleep. — Give, Olechka what we will try at first? — stroking Ruslan on buttocks Oksana asked. — Give this — he chose a toy with three dicks of different length and thickness. — Give the thickest to me put — and he stretched it to Oksana. — Well look, the bitch, don't whine that is sick, I will fuck you you won't terminate yet — Oksana took a tube, with lubricant, squeezed out to herself on a palm and covered with her the longest dick. — Give in a position — she ordered and Ruslan went down on a floor on all fours, having bulged buttocks. — Good girl Olya — Oksana whispered, greasing a hole. — Now Oksana will fuck Olya, Olya of it wants? — she asked and Ruslan began to nod the head. — And Olya will take in a mouth? — again Oksana asked. — Yes, yes — Ruslan answered and I tried to get up, but Oksana strongly slapped the dick in buttocks. — You will get up when I tell — Oksana strictly told. She slowly went around Ruslan, considering him and teasing with expectation. She gently stroked him, strongly slapped a palm, touched by a finger-tip of his hole from what Ruslan was curved and squeezed buttocks. — What timid girl Olya — gently massing Ruslan's buttocks Oksana told. And suddenly she sharply stuck into him a rubber dick. Ruslan screamed from pain and surprise and tried to be protected from deeper penetration. He fell on a stomach, but Oksana bent, without allowing to put out him a dick from buttocks. — What Olechka, painfully? — she asked. — It was necessary to listen to seniors and not to rush on the healthiest dick as the last skank, understood, the bitch headless — Oksana pulled out the dick from buttocks Ruslana, that even exhaled from simplification, and the dick took less. — Give the girl Olya, in a knee - elbow fast — and Ruslan went down on all fours again. This time Oksana at first tried it a finger, and then began to put in him a rubber dick. Ruslan moaned, and Oksana slowly fucked him the dick. — It is pleasant, Olya? — Oksana asked Ruslan and his dick clasped with a hand. — Yes the kid, you are a dream of my life, a vyeba me as and terminate the whore to me in a mouth — groaning Ruslan answered. — In a mouth? Ah you are a little rascal — Oksana put a dick in his buttocks stronger and more deeply, and Ruslan began to move her towards. — Good buttocks at the girl Olya, well you give — the podrachivy dick a hand whispered Oksana. — I will already terminate — Ruslan whispered. — Cum, cum the bitch, I want to see yours a cum again, the whore — heatedly whispered Oksana. — No, give me in a mouth — Ruslan told, and I leaned a waist on a sofa, his head and shoulders lay on a floor, and he planted the feet about a wall. Now the member Ruslana was sent from top to down directly to him to a mouth. Oksana took a dick in a hand and began to nadrachivat it. She put a toy in his buttocks again and continued to fuck it. — Itself, give itself — Oksana put a hand Ruslana on the rubber dick which is sticking out of his buttocks, and itself continued to jerk off his real. Ruslan began to fuck himself a rubber dick much quicker and more rigidly, than did it Oksana. He was already almost ready to terminate, he all shivered and whined. Having opened a mouth he waited when the cum scatters in him. — You will share, the bitch — Oksana asked and too it was inclined to his face and I kissed it on a mouth, continuing to nadrachivat his dick. She slightly opened a mouth too and turned facing the dick. As soon as she made the cum right there scattered on them. Hot drops got to Ruslan on a breast, on the person and of course into a mouth. To Oksana got too, slightly in a mouth and the rest on lips. They stood again for a moment, and then vslitsya in a long and wet kiss. They gave a cum each other to a mouth, Oksana pinched drops from Ruslan's breast, and then spitted out to him in a mouth, and he again I let out her from a mouth and it flew down on his cheek, Oksana caught droplets again and again spitted out to it in a mouth, dating apps seattle date calculator between site mapMain Page