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Hello, I want to tell you one very interesting story. And so, I will begin with circumstances which led to what occurred. A few years ago I got acquainted with one interesting young woman on a dating site. Later an hour and a half communication she invited me to herself on a visit. I am familiar with her several years and we never met her out of her apartment. We wrote each other SMS approximately once a month or time in one and a half months and I came to it. It + — on years of n is more senior than me, at that moment about 40 were it. She had just super figure, not thin and not thick, with beautiful forms and looked very good for the years. Sex with her always was just super. Blowjob, kuna, classics, strap-on, different toys. In sex she liked to dominate and her fetish was that nearly immediately she forced me to the knees, showered to me one leg on a shoulder and I did by her to kuna, we had it instead of J hello. Something I strongly went deep into details. And so there was a usual weekday, hours 10 — 11 evenings and I wanted to arrive to her, I wrote her sms, she through half of hour answered that she waits for me. I took a shower and went to her. I arrived to her to 12 o'clock in the morning. Everything began as always — came, left alone, here we already in a bed, but everything is farther went not according to the plan, I already also won't remember why, but we squabbled with it and I put on and left. There was a weekday, was already very late someone to vyzvanivat, but I very much wanted sex. I went home the longest, but to too time a crowded route, passing the embankment, several night clubs and noisy institutions in hope to snatch out the jack pot on the road, I that evening had no other options. Having passed by the embankment and clubs, I nothing and nobody on the road found, the mood full zero, the dick smokes, there is a wish for sex, and there are no options everything, there was even a thought to remove the prostitute, but quickly this thought also passed as I never used their services. I stopped on the traffic light where there was already a car, the girl sat in the car, nothing in her special was, but I so wanted sex that for me she was at that moment just the goddess. I began to try to draw her attention to get acquainted, I not once already met girls on the road and on the street and it at me always well turned out. On the following traffic light we struck up a conversation, lit up green, and we still stood on the traffic light and communicated, but she was given a signal by the car behind and I suggested to stop and get acquainted, I stopped through 50 meters after the traffic light, she stopped for me, I left from the car, approached her and we got acquainted. She was called Vick, by sight she was 27 — 30 years old, she had black hair, the breast was small, and the figure was on 4 with big minus or even 3, but at that moment all this suited me. I suggested her to drink coffee, told that here Makdrayv and the convenient parking are near. In 10 minutes we already sat and had coffee in her car and spoke about anything. Vika asked from where I so late go, and I told the truth that I have an excellent acquaintance with whom occasionally we have a good time and that was at her and that quarreled and here with bad mood I go home and that I am glad that we got acquainted with her and that at me rose moods now. Remind we were familiar minutes 15 at most, about each other knew only that as our names are and what cars we drive as I saw her car, she saw my car. And so, I told her that I am glad what we got acquainted with her and that at me rose moods now what she answered "only mood"? Super, I thought, now everything will be, time she straight off begins such conversations then everything will be good at me that evening or night. I answered that "so far unfortunately only the mood was lightened, but very much would like that rose not only it" she asked "so in what a problem?" I - "a problem that I can't help myself with this plan that am necessary her help". She laughed, turned to me and told "and often you ask such help from unfamiliar girls?" I - "today the first time" she - "precisely the first time" and again laughed, she - "I don't even know than to help you" and smiles, I - "at you am such cool car, such convenient chairs in her, and behind the same convenient?" she - "oh you what bright and what to me will be for the fact that I will show you what comfort on rear seats?" I - "ask everything that you want, within limits" she "everything that I will want?" I - "yes, but within limits". She opened the door and left from the car, I without hesitation, too left to her. For the first time I normally could look at her figure, it is good that there was a summer and it was just in a dress, growth it had about 170 — 173 cm. Weight is about 55 kg and a small breast. Vika opened a back door and told me to settle more conveniently, I told that only after her, so she had a jeep and there was a footboard and I wanted to look at her bottom at that moment as she will climb, I passed its the first, checked out her bottom and got behind her. Frankly speaking when I told that she can ask everything that will want if shows me a back row, I was sure that she will ask to kuna, and for me it only in a high as I love very much to do to kuna. I told "give, ask that you will wish, I want to execute the contract" she "I want that you undressed and closed eyes". I quickly took off from myself a t-shirt, footwear, shorts and closed eyes, she told that she so isn't considered and that I took off pants, I quickly took off pants and my friend in a fighting state opened in all beauty. She told to close eyes, I closed eyes and heard that she to spin on a seat and undresses and then calmed down. I - "it is possible to open eyes?" she - "well try". I opened eyes she sat sideways and covered with one hand a breast, and other hand the perineum. I embraced her and kissed on a mouth, began to kiss a neck, took away her hand from her breast and stuck in lips into her breast and Vick moaned. I began to kiss her neck, to stroke-oar a breast and to caress nipples and began to fall down to her pussy, I wanted to feel her smell and taste, but when I fell to the treasured purpose of Vick already two hands covered the hole and didn't allow me to take away hands, I asked "you what? It will be pleasant to you, you will like" her - "the main thing that it was pleasant to you" and took away hands. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKK!!! I just was shocked, ofigiget it yashche is very softly told. Vika was not absolutely Vika. Wicky had a dick! Real clean-shaven dick!!! I had an experience of sex with men, I liked sex with men, I liked to suck a dick, to me cumed in a mouth, I held up the buttocks and it was always pleasant to me when I am fucked by the man, and I just dreamed of a trance, it was my very big dream! But I couldn't dare to attack on her dick at once. I am a man who hides the bisexual communication. I just sat and looked at her dick and Vick told "I understood that you will have a reaction to what you saw now, I didn't know as it will be, good or bad, but the fact that you will keep silent I wasn't expected at all" by me "yes, I even don't know what to tell, I knew that I such people exist, but never could even the predst to twist that I will meet such girl" Though actually I dreamed of it. She "but I see that you are confused, can put on to me?" I - "let's pass couple of kilometers to water, there to us it will be quieter" - "if you so want, then went" We slipped on clothes, I left the car there on the parking and we went by her car as her car was more suitable for departure on the dirt road to water and places in her was more (on everyone sluchayj). In 10 minutes we were on the river bank and went out of the car. We stood near a cowl and smoked, in 15 — 20 meters from us there was a beach and I suggested to be bought. Vika told that the idea good, but she without bathing suit and a towel and her it will be cool. I told that I too without bathing suit, and it is apropos cool, we will think up something. We slowly finished smoking and began to undress, in a minute we already stood in water and I said that I couldn't imagine more than an hour ago that I will bathe with the unfamiliar, naked, attractive girl at night. Vika told that too about it I couldn't think and we stood looking at each other, Vika she a step to me, turned a back and drew near closely that I heated her the body, and that to her was cool. End-to-end to my dick her buttocks rested, I embraced it for shoulders and kissed on a neck. My dick for couple of seconds became a stake. In my head different thoughts on a subject precisely turned that a trance of which I always dreamed at my order. Vika felt that my dick rested against her buttocks suggested to leave water and to continue ashore. We left, she got a plaid from a luggage carrier, at first she was wiped by him to turn out dry and to freeze not so, and then was wrapped up in a half of this plaid, and she sat down on other half and invited me to continue to warm her. I approached her so that my dick appeared directly before her mouth and began to stroke-oar her face, she stretched to stroke-oar my balls, put out tongue and began to lick my head. And then on all length of the dick. I one stroke-oared her breast, put the second hand on a nape and helped her to be stuck by a mouth on my dick. I fucked her mouth, caressed a breast and didn't know what I want to fuck more it in buttocks or that she fucked me in buttocks. With girls I love an anal, I like to fuck them in buttocks, but with men all on the contrary, I love that they fucked me and couldn't draw for himself further actions. Vika deviated my dick and began to lick to me balls, she soaked up them on one and a hand jerked off my dick, and caressed the second I sing a bottom and pressed me to herself. Several minutes later Vika went further, Vika fell slightly below and began to lick to me buttocks, she drove the language around a hole, I hands strongly rumpled my rolls, then she began to try to enter language my hole and I moaned on this moment, as always understood J Vick as to me it is pleasant and went further she implanted in me into buttocks the finger and my camps became even louder. She told that she is very glad that the actions gives me such pleasure. I answered that I too very much am glad to it and that very much I want her. Vika got up and began to kiss me. We embraced, she put the hands to me on shoulders, and I caressed her buttocks and her dick decided to touch, she had a dick of the average size, approximately as at me, only without a uniform hair. I took in a hand of her egg and began to caress them, it very much was pleasant to Vika and I decided to stroke her dick, I ran over him a hand, and then clasped and began to nadrachivat him. We laid down on a plaid I kissed her breast, bit it for nipples and her dick jerked off, I began to fall below her breast and kissed her a stomach, then a stomach bottom, then I opened a mouth and her dick swallowed. My hands caressed her legs and buttocks, and my mouth worked with her dick and both of us were madly horney and I wanted her to fuck rigidly, I don't love hard sex, I love tenderness more, but at that moment wanted her to fuck rigidly. I turned her so that she became cancer and turned to me the buttocks. I went to her hole and began her to lick attentively that my dick quicker and easier got into her. I quickly moistened her hole and the dick sent it to a hole. After small effort the head of my dick was already in her hole, I entered a little more, to a half, waited several seconds, caressed her buttocks, and then began to enter further away. In a minute I entered at all length and began to hollow her back. Sex in my understanding it was heavy to call it, I just in all hollowed her back and naturally so long couldn't proceed, on the fact that the girl with the dick was my dream and I fucked the dream to the back, so quickly and rigidly as soon as could. Vika felt that I will terminate now and a nachla "let still speak, fuck me, give, terminate in me" in several seconds I moaned and began to fill her hole with the cum. We fell to a plaid, I was still in her, I embraced her and we silently lay several minutes. Then she told "it is possible a question?" I "give", she - "seemed to me that you liked the fact that I am an unusual girl?", I — "I always wanted to get acquainted with such girl", she prokhikhikat, faced me and began to kiss me and to stroke-oar the my dick. At us the new wave of passion flashed and she lowered the hand to my hole and entered her the finger. She kissed to me a neck and ears and asked "you don't want to try something still?" I understood about what she at once and I wanted that precisely not less than she, but didn't admit it, but it was necessary to work. I told "give, it is only accurate". Vika fell to my hole and began to lick her and to enter me language. Then the finger went, the second hand she to me jerked off, then entered already two fingers and began to suck my dick. I was horney for 200%. Vika became on knees, drew near closer me, the dick took in a hand and began to insert into my hole, the second hand she continued to jerk off my dick. She did everything slowly and very accurately. I felt as her dick enters more and more deeply me, I began to move on a meeting to her dick. As it was fine, summer night, the beach, fucks me the girl with the dick someone could think that this night will be such fine. Vika put everything very gently and accurately, it was my best sex when I was fucked in buttocks. I didn't want that this night came to an end, I lay and moved on a meeting to her dick, and her dick got on the balls into my hole and the moment of her orgasm came. Vika began to jerk off my dick quicker and her movements became frequent and became more rigid. Vika very loudly moaned and lowered the hot cum in my hole and settled on me from above and began to kiss me, we kissed several minutes, and my dick stood a stake and I wanted continuation. Vika sat down from above on me, inserted my dick into the hole and I terminated only from the fact that it appeared in her warm hole. She smiled, it was visible that it surprised her a little, me too it surprised that I terminated only from the fact that it appeared in her hole. We провалялись ashore till the dawn. It was probably the best night in my sexual life. dating apps paradox of choice date today alteryx site mapMain Page