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The seventeenth of April, Monday. Hi the diary, today to me the strange idea came to mind … But we will begin in stages. Sitting at one forum, I saw one curious post. At cut off, sexual intercourse lasts much longer, because of less sensitive head. And on poll, such look seems to girls more esthetic. Also will melt a question, to cut off for the sake of it a lace curtain? Yes well on nothing. But I arose thinking and if it is possible to do without operation. Long I thought and here passing by a sideboard, I noticed the sister's elastic band for hair. The most usual small, green color. Whether she will notice loss her? So not especially valuable she also all the same carries another. It was locked in a toilet. Having delayed a lace curtain one hand, the second plot an elastic band, closely to a head. It seems doesn't slip. The experiment began. Through half of hour I checked, you never know an allergy to material. So far everything is all right, I don't feel discomfort. The second thought is banal. Gadding on the Internet, I got on the website of sales pass video cameras. The size a small cube in a ruble coin. There is enough saved-up money and without hesitation decide to order. But here other problem appears, suddenly someone another will receive the receipt on a parcel when he doesn't awake me the house. Having called the acquaintance, I decided to order to his address. It was necessary only to wait. *** The twenty third of April, Sunday. In the morning at last the call from the friend sounded. Washing pass the cam I arrived to mail. In an anticipation to test it today. Having taken the passport and the receipt from the friend, I went behind it. Having come home, I already knew as I will use her. In a bathtub most that it to be. Where still? Meanwhile … The bathroom at us not strongly big. As you come, a sink with a mirror, the washing machine, well and of course in front a bathtub at the left on the right. I didn't begin to look for the place long, the sister will come soon and of course will go to a shower. Just I put among linen in the washing machine. I included, works through Wi-Fi so I see everything on a computer, in real time and no wires to it are necessary. The key in the doorway was heard. The sister without suspecting anything, as usual, I greeted and I went to myself. And here twenty minutes, a show later begins! I took cream with napkins in advance … I included the program on a computer and video went. The sister stood a back to the machine. There was also a problem, a viewing angle allows to see only from knees to about a half of a breast. Khm, though I not choosy and it will descend. She turned to the cam and there came the moment for which I so long waited. She slowly began to throw off from herself clothes. Here having taken off a bra, the view of her snow-white breast opened. Accurate pink nipples as if cherries on festive cake, stuck out in different torona. Surrounded with small auras. From such show, my kid got up on standing at attention at once. Having removed an elastic band from him, I squeezed out a little cream and began to bare against the stop the stallion. Veins seemed on is mute, slowly I moved a hand, plunging into ecstasy. As after all it is pleasant to caress the head, but not as usual on a dry drochka. Here her hands began to pull together her black panties. Now I know, she shaves the gates of Heaven. It is surprising how it can be beautiful, a type of her smooth pussy. The pink shchelochka was seen between her vulvar lips. The drop of lubricant seemed from my bolt. But here having put all things on the washing machine, she got into the bathroom. I am such successful? She didn't push a blind for a shower and I perfectly see all! I watched how she touches with soap the body. There was a wish to touch to me her. Passing him on boobies, I see as they rock from time to time. Her hands fall below, passing on a slender tummy. My hand begins to move quicker, sliding on a trunk. Sometimes I move a brush as if I turn off and I twist a stopper. Fingers slide because of cream, on a head and a bridle. And meanwhile Veronika, already reached the chink. Her soap fingers slid on a clitoris, back and forth. Slightly delaying a thin skin from it. Then her fingers plunged between vulvar lips. From such look I was strongly made horney. And the orgasm didn't keep itself waiting, delivering ahead of a napkin. My sausage, began to shoot on it. Only five minutes later, I understood that I didn't record this video. Still I reproach myself with this nonsense. *** The twenty seventh of April, Thursday. Diary, it again I. There is good and bad news. I will begin with good, the elastic band works, holds a lace curtain. Already even removing her, the lace curtain falls not at once. So far I remove her, only when I go to a shower. All rest of the time she is put on on me. I think, she isn't required to me soon at all. And here bad … The head is very pliable to changes. The head if to look down the advantage, then at the edges of had more angular edges. And here on the center it turned out smoother transition as the hill. I am afraid to present if all night long the elastic band isn't correctly located. The new extreme sport is thought up. Though there is one more minus, but only mine. It isn't convenient to sleep on a stomach with the uncovered head. Now I sleep on one side or a back, unusually. But there was a wish to tell about other day. About April twenty sixth. Everything passed, as usual, SMS from mother didn't come yet. Will go for a walk with girlfriends in the evening, today the house won't be. Not it surprised me, the sister having learned. I decided to spend by cinema evening with me. Long ago last time it was. Approximately at ten in the evening, we include the movie and together we look. But now we any more not children and she offered, during viewing to drink wine. Not long decided what to look at. Stopped on the cartoon Zveropoy. Laughed together to exhaustion. So cheerfully spent evening. Having drunk up a bottle chatted a little and went on rooms. Memoirs gushed over me then for all evening, not one perverted thought wasn't. The tipsy sister dressed in jeans shorts and in a white women's shirt. I looked sexually. And then there was it. I slept at myself on a bed and sharply felt weight, my eyelids with such work rose. Though eyes still stuck together, but I saw as on me the sister sat. Only in one unbuttoned shirt! Her beautiful long hair slipped up to a breast, closing her pink nipples. I don't know why, but I couldn't move. Only my friend, violently tried to break through tissue of cowards. The most interesting, the sister sat on is mute and felt all his speed. I felt heat of her body and saw her charming pussy. Only in the head there was fog, didn't think that it so strongly got drunk. Her hands stretched to my pants, the sister pulled together a little them and stopped, the smile lit up her face. — There are I already you banded — Veronika looked at an elastic band on we wash a penis. Her face I bent over my sausage, she tenderly kissed it. Holding with both hands for the basis of my penis, she began to lick my balls. And then at all her saliva already completely covered my cucumber. But here for some reason she pulled pants back. If I could, would already shout "I ask continue". But forces weren't. She took seat exactly on my end so it appeared between her vulvar lips. Veronika slowly began to move the basin, forward and back. Her pussy rubbed about me. I saw as her juice, left marks on my pants. Hands of the sister leaned on my breast, and the basin continued to move. On her face it was visible that she takes from it pleasure. But here my eyelids everything grew heavy and here I covered them slightly, at all not on long. Having woken up there was already a morning, I lay on a back under a blanket, sisters naturally wasn't near. Same there was a dream? Not, it is definitely not possible, just all this dreamed me. A good dream because of which it was necessary to replace pants no more in the morning. dating apps over 50 uk dateline unraveled site mapMain Page