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Yulya, Semyon and San were engaged several years in a stalking, that is wandered about any abandoned buildings, looked for something interesting. At first all this wasn't serious, they were still children, and all from "expedition" were limited to a research of couple of plants of the hometown closed in the 90th. But here they graduated from school, became more independent, and now sometimes got out to stalka and to other cities of our immense homeland. Yulya quickly looked round on the parties, protection it wasn't visible, but also how to get over through a very tall fence to get on the territory of the former giant of mechanical engineering, she too didn't find yet. But here the silent hail Sledge was distributed: - Here, I found a breach. Semyon and Yulya quickly ran up to the destroyed fence section. Having made the way in the hole which bristled up a rusty wire, Syoma offered a hand to the girl. She grabbed her and got through, a nod having thanked the attentive guy. Yulya knew that Syomka is in love with her completely, but he wasn't pleasant to her at all, and here Sasha to her was far more nice, and their relationship stopped being just friendly for a long time. Having got on the plant territory, friends breathed a sigh of relief, the most dangerous was behind, for frequent if protection also is that she seldom wanders about the zabroshka, and just controls that there nobody got. But when they came into the shop, at once it became clear that there is no protection here most likely at all, everything that was possible is destroyed, all more or less lifting metal is taken out long ago. Children came into the office building. The girl went ahead along a long corridor slightly of guys, on walls amuse the faded posters, to a campaign since times of the USSR. But children looked not at walls, and at the round bum of Yulya fitted in elastic gray jeans. The girl was indeed far more interesting than the peeled-off walls. Not the high, but slender, light T-shirt with captation fitted it the average size a breast. The beautiful face with bright almost black eyes, was framed short-haired slightly higher than shoulders with hair of the same color. It was difficult to find some defect in her. Yulya dropped in in the first got office. The broken table, a case with the broken glasses, on a case the girl noticed some figure. Taking a chair she asked to San: - And well hold me. Yulya got on the loosened wooden chair, and reached for a figurine. San seized her with both hands, and it is natural not for a waist, and for a bum. He wanted this courageous little girl long ago, he was always attracted in her by her extravagance and readiness for risk, well and appearance of course too. - So. You can already release me, - I told having turned back the smiling Yulya. She held in hand a dusty white porcelain figure of the half-naked girl with a jug in hands. - Here and my first trofeychik from it a stalka. - And you are my trofeychik, - having strong embraced Yulya who got down from a chair, Sasha told and I stuck on the girl's mouth gentle we will kiss. Yulya answered a kiss, and clasped Sasha with the handles without releasing at the same time the find. Syoma stood at the broken table, and looked as his dream kisses in a hickey his best friend. And now he just hated to San, and actually just it wanted to appear on his place. Намиловавшись, a couple at last left alone each other lips, and having joined hands left an office. Yulya was very much made horney from a kiss, hormones in its 18 a summer body just stormed. For quite some time now she began to think to give in at last to Sasha's arrangements and to leave at last virginity. The guy was pleasant to her, probably she even loved him, but after all so far she didn't make up the mind to this responsible step. - And let's go down to the cellar, can there that cool we will find, Semyon offered. - Well went, get lamps, they in your backpack, - I agreed San. Shiloh and Kostyan were already going to leave the smelly cellar of the plant when they heard voices, and saw reflections of light of lamps. - It still someone? How many times went here to check trunks, here met nobody, - is hardly heard Shiloh whispered. - Now I will approach I will look quietly closer, - Kostyan answered him, and quietly I crept behind grayish figures of unknown. In a minute he returned. - Yes some milksops, two boys and the maid. Look for adventures on the asses. - Well it is necessary to shuganut them that more here didn't climb, - distorting a lock Shiloh said in low tones. Having exchanged glances, two men followed unlucky stalkers. Yulya and children turned into some spacious room, with a large number of pipes. Here behind fast paces were distributed. - we Run! - San shouted, and itself overtaking the friends, dashed away in the direction of the windows shining dim light. He dexterously got on pipes, and in a moment squeezed into a narrow window. Semyon wanted to help Yul, but here shouts, and a shot behind were heard. From a fright he forgot about the girlfriend, and scrambled after Sledge. The girl having stumbled slightly I tarried and when began to climb on pipes, one of them didn't bear the next blow and broke off. The girl with a roar fell. Hearing the persecutors who almost overtook her, she in panic rushed to some door with a big hole at the level of a belt, the door didn't give in, and Yulya got into a breach, she managed to protisnut shoulders and a breast, but the bottom got stuck, she rested hands trying to make a start from a door. But nothing left, and right there someone strong seized her by an anklebone. - Oh, one got! Catch up with those, - having waved a hand towards a window, Kostyan shouted. Shiloh hardly reached to a window, but having looked out understood that boys already disappeared. - Ran away. Well get this thief, we will go to a mentovka to hand over, - having winked at Kent, Shiloh told. - Yes, now I will pull out it. Yulya began to jerk legs, and Kostyan having seized her by hips began to pull, but that continued to rest hands. - Here there is a bitch, doesn't get out. You only look at this bum. The girl with such bum should be torn up without ceasing, but not to drive on smelly cellars. - Pogod, strongly don't pull her. And it is the idea. - Excuse me? - not knowingly his buddy stared at Shiloh. That approached closer and slowly carried out on the girl's leg from a knee along an internal part of a hip. - Let's her fuck, - Shiloh told having squeezed Yulya's perineum fitted by jeans. - That you what? She in a wastebasket will say. - And what? She didn't even see us, but won't see. Look as she successfully got stuck. Kostyan looked at a situation on the other hand, he felt an edge of a hole and having slightly thought told. - Goes, something is only necessary to her under a stomach to push, and that she to herself will unstitch it. Look in a backpack. Shiloh poured out contents of the Yuliny backpack on a floor, and gave to Kent dropped out from there jacket. - Oh, will go. Hold her. Shiloh seized Yulya who is already squalling with might and main, and slightly raised, Kostyan pushed her under a stomach the jacket folded double. Yulya in horror twitched in a trap, she felt as prickly male hands began to pull together with her the fitting jeans. At first she threatened bastards with police, but then began to beg. - don't do it. I ask you! Well please. But was not to stop men any more, схватилс I for tiny panties of Yulina also pulled together with Shiloh them on narrow thighs. - Oh what candy! And well give a lamp, I want to make out it more better, - he inconsiderately armed told Yulya's pussy. Bright light covered Yulina delights. From what was seen Kostyan loudly swallowed saliva. He didn't keep and ran the crooked fingers along an equal chink, with two pink sponges. Black hair were shaved, but already began to grow, and gentle bristles for fear as if rose not much. Fingers moved apart sponges in the parties, having bared a fold with hardly noticeable clitoris. - Pogod, and well, - Kostyan suddenly quickened, and I got with a finger Yul into a vagina. - Indeed. Yes she is a virgin still. Well now I will set everything with her! - I Beg you! It isn't necessary, I will pay you. No! - Yulya shouted behind a door. - Not, so won't go. It was my idea so I will be the first, - throwing off from itself trousers, Shiloh told. Kostyan didn't begin to argue with Kent because of the woman, and stepped aside. Shiloh slightly bent legs in knees and the dick, with dark almost violet head to Yulya's hole attached. Having spat a hand he greased a head and lingeringly pressed. Syoma without breathing I looked out of the cellar window, he didn't escape from the plant in difference from Sledge, and having calmed down whether quietly I returned to look it was succeeded to be chosen Yul. He closed to himself a mouth a hand not to give itself(himself) when saw as the lean high man, having picked up his love under hips, sharply moved forward. Yulya stridently cried from pain and offense, her just deprived of what she so protected. In писю something firm squeezed more hotly. - This a high! The first time I fuck the virgin, - with admiration Shiloh said, having slightly extended the girl on himself. Now he surely thrust the 20 centimetric dick in the crying Yulya. The girl tried to fight, rested hands, span, but by it only did to herself more sick. Despite the enclosed jacket, the broken door painfully crashed into her flat stomach. And the tyrant fucked a pure hole more and more rigidly not long ago. Syoma shaking with fear I looked as rape his girlfriend, at first he thought to help what to nenut to shout, but remembered about a shot, and kept silent. "As she cries. To her probably it is very painful" - Syoma thought, but except pity to the Spinning top he began to feel also excitement, he suddenly too wanted to spread here so to her legs and to otymet indifferent to him Yulenka. Shiloh pressed the girl's buttocks to a door, and with guttural shout lowered in her. - Oh shit! What machine of tugonkiya at you. Receive the little whore. Yulya ceased to shout, she understood that in her the cum of some freak just poured down, and probably she will fly from him now, but her was all the same. She only wanted that from her pisa extended this awful body quicker. The pricker was pulled out by the dick, and having turned to Kostyan who was tired of waiting for the turn told: - Well? Give I didn't cool down yet, and that you the herishchy nothing will squeeze then into this cunt. - now there fuck it. What to me малафью to send yours there? I will check her chocolate hole for durability more better. Having heard about plans of the tyrant Yulya tried to get out again, but almost at once powerlessly burst into tears. She heard as behind a door bandits laughing argue "will get or Kostyan's dick won't get into her buttocks". And then she felt as someone spat her a hole, and pressed something stupid and thick, all her body clenched. - the bitch doesn't let, - the tyrant groaned inserting the member into the anus ringlet compressed for fear. His dick persistently didn't want to prolazit, he once again spat a hole and having released legs of the girl undertook two hands her buttocks, parting them so that a hole though I revealed not much. Having seen that the ringlet slightly gave in he at once caught him on a tip of a head and I pressed. Yulya was pierced by an acute pain, her buttocks stretched on something huge, it seemed to her thrust a fist into a bottom. At some moment began to seem to the girl that she hears as the hole will fasten it, stretching on the dick. Soon she felt that to her bottom a hard pubic hair of Kostyan touched, and the dick began a way back, having nearly extended for himself her rectum. - And you spoke won't get. You see, to a campaign it to be pleasant to her, even I ceased to cry, - Kostyan smugly told, inserting the end into maiden buttocks already quicker. Semyon listened to trite jokes of tyrants, and the dick rumpled through trousers, he already knew that he will make when they will leave. It was necessary only to wait. The second tyrant not long scoffed at Yulya's bum, too densely she clasped his dick for long sex. In the end he already just drove the girl in a hole in the doorway as though helping her to be chosen. He lowered Yul having extended a dick completely, and накончав between strained ягодичек. - Well? The second time you will go? - he asked Shiloh that sat near the Yuliny backpack, and twisted an amusing figurine in hands. - Not, it is necessary to bring down. And that she so squalled that someone could hear. It is necessary to look for the new place for our affairs, and that everyones go here. Bandits quickly put on, and went to an exit. Leaving Shiloh put a trophy in the Yulin bag, and having crookedly grinned I walked along a dark corridor. Having hardly waited that steps of men calmed down, Semyon quickly went down from a window, and ran up to powerlessly stood Yul. The girl didn't try to get out, she is exhausted hung in a damned hole. Syom was got by the long ago standing dick and measurement for a step floor from the purpose. That of what he only dreamed not long ago, now was before him in the most dissolute look. He touched to buttocks, that slightly shuddered. The guy devoured with eyes of a hole of Yulya he wanted to remember them such, at first he thought to fuck Yulya in its gentle писю, but traces of blood stopped him. And he moved apart halves of her bottom, between them everything was in a cum, but it didn't become opposite to Syoma, he brought the dick to the swelled up a little Yulya's anus and sharply inserted. - Enough! Leave alone me, - the girl with the last bit of strength suddenly screamed. Her buttocks hurt and baked as if there filled pepper. But Syoma wasn't going to feel sorry for her, he was in the seventh heaven that after all I achieved the, and this put on airs little girl the first tried his dick, but not Sanin. He terminated very quickly, having filled Yulya's guts with the seed. Having extended a dick he didn't keep and time slapped in a bum, pink from a fucking, then more and more. He liked to look as helplessly the girl twists a bottom and asks to stop. Having much enjoyed flogging, he stroked the velvety skin which reddened from blows and hastily left the room. Semyon didn't begin to leave far, he waited a couple of minutes and shouted: - Yulya! You here? Yulya! Through pain fog the girl heard a familiar voice. She collected the remains of forces and by the strained voice croaked: - Syoma-a-a, I here! The guy ran up to the girlfriend, and began to help her to get out, together they at last managed to be exempted from a terrible trap. He embraced the sobbing Yulya, and began to calm her whispering on an ear that everything will be good. - And where Sasha? - she asked quietly. - I don't know. He escaped. Yulya nestled on the friend more strong and started howling. dating apps like tinder reddit dateline yesterday site mapMain Page