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Evening was quiet and peaceful, returned from shop, loaded by products chock-full. On a meeting the guy jumped out and hooked on me a shoulder. — Oh, I'm sorry, I is accidental! Dima you? — I am pancake someone else, you where so hurried? — Home, with the girlfriend decided to spend a good time after work, and alcohol reached a limit. Went to us we will sit together? — Went, only for I bear packages home. He lived in the next entrance with the girlfriend, her Vika, the maid visible, all called at her, and the most important — excellent character. I carried packages on kitchen, and quickly I went down, on a shop I was waited by Vlad, he sat and drank beer. — Well it is ready? — And that!!! Went!!! Rose by the floor, it opened doors, and we entered the apartment. — Give Dima, we come, without ceremony, even at the sight of naked Victoria!!! There was Victoria in a beautiful pink peignoir, I just was stupefied, at the sight of such beauty. — Hi Dima!!! What so do you watch, it am pleasant? — Vick's hello, very much!!!! I at the wrong time? — Just in time, went to the room, I laid a table. Came into the room, the gentle music played there, Vlad got alcohol, and we amicably drank. Vika looked at me, mysteriously smiled, and then sat down to me on knees and led round a neck the hand. — I want to kiss you, dont'you mind??? — I am not present, and Vlad? — He doesn't mind, it is pleasant to him when I am kissed by other man!!!! She kissed me on a hickey, I just was shocked, but then answered with a mutual kiss. Vlad observed and lovely smiled, thrust a hand into trousers, and makes manipulations. Vika brings me all stronger, her hand already at me under a shirt, and her fingers caress my breast. Then she got up from my knees and unzips my jeans, and my got-up dick gets. — Wow!!! I didn't expect such to see!! Vlad, look what dick!!! Vlad approached us, and sat down near her. Vika gently a hand begins to delay skin, baring a head, and then carries out on her by language. Vlad the hand took my ball sack, is gentle her squeezing, began to play with balls. It was pleasant and unexpected, such turn of events. Vika removed the peignoir, and remained naked, I looked at her beautiful body. Then she got up, took Vlad for a neck, and ordered: — Give suck!!! Make to Dima pleasantly!!! He took a dick in a mouth, and began to suck greedy. Vika began to kiss me, holding up me the small breasts. My lips passed on her nipples, from kissing gently, then my hand, at concerned to her damp pussy, and Vika heaved a deep sigh. — Dima, fuck me, I want!!!! She pushes away Vlad and to sit down from above on my dick. Vlad sat down near me, began to caress her back, and Vick of a start of motion the bottom. As it was pleasant, her movements demented me moreover and Vlad promotes it. He takes off from me a shirt, and begins to kiss my breast, to bite nipples. Vika jumps on the dick and loudly shouts. Her breasts began to jump up, from such wild gallop. My dick strains and shoots at her horney pussy. — The Aaaa … an aaaaa … as it is good!! What dick!!! She without restraint moves a basin, holding hands my shoulders, then gets down from the dick, showering me with kisses. Vlad sat down between my legs, and the dick began to suck, then to lick to Vika the pussy, collecting the following cum. I had it for the first time that the guy licked a cum of other man from the pussy of the girl. Still for about a minute we kissed, and then all ended. — Boys, let's drink for such passionate sex, and a new format!!! Vlad brought us glasses and we drank, then smoked, then still drank. — Dima, was pleasant to you such extraordinary pleasant sex? — Da Vick, it was really extraordinary pleasant, to admit at me it for the first time!!! — It was noticeable, you didn't see the person!! Truth Vlad??? — Yes, Dimon was shocked, it was noticeable, but then everything was cool!!! You such were passionate Dima!!! To us with you it was so good!!! Still drank, Vlad undressed to a goal too, and sat down on the other side of a sofa. — Boys, let's continue??? — I don't mind!!! — Dima, you don't want to try Vlad in a bottom, he hesitates to offer? — I don't know, so unexpectedly!!! — Everything normally Dima, I want it!!! He took a hand my dick and began to jerk off, then to suck. Vika took lubricant and a finger develops to it an anus. My dick is already ready to continuation. — The hole is ready, can use Dima, it isn't worse than mine!! Vika sat down on a back of a sofa and spreads the legs. Vlad got up dog-fashion and his head between Wicky's legs, he begins to lick it the pussy, having bulged the bottom. Without hesitation, it was attached behind and the anus began to enter Vlad. He screamed from pain, but then calmed down, and continued to do a cunnilingus to Vika. The bottom was cool, feeling excellent, and I with big enthusiasm began to fuck him. Vika holds him by the head, and loudly shouts, he groans as the woman and he and was a woman. One hand he jerked off the dick, and the second held Wicky's hip. Vika began to shout wildly, having received the next orgasm, after her also Vlad shouted, but I couldn't terminate all, and began to increase the pace. Vika got down from a sofa, and began to caress my bottom, then her finger gets in an anus, and begins to move, massing a prostate. After that at me all turned out, I squeezed hands of his hip and began to fuck breakthroughs it, pressing in a sofa. He shouted from pleasure, and I am covered by an orgasm, and his anus is filled by my cum. — Аай!!! As it is good!! Mmmm! Super! Several tens of movements, and I pulled out the dick, it was all in a cum. Vlad was developed and took in a mouth, having begun to suck madly. Vika kissed me, caresses a breast, and then began to bite nipples while Vlad polishes my dick, takes in a mouth balls, feeling excellent!!! — How to you Dima, it was pleasant with us? — Very much!! — You are such cool!!! To me it was very good!! — To us too!! Let's drink for it!! Still drank, sat a little, and I left home, remembering these devotionals held in such company. It is sent: Dimon dating apps latinas how to add months to a date in salesforce site mapMain Page