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Our sit-round gathering proceeded. We sat on a sofa at a table, talked, discussed an event. The brother embraced me and caressed my legs. I saw that it is pleasant to him. But fatigue prevailed and we went to sleep. Before going to bed I washed away cosmetics, left on myself panties with stockings (they so gently fitted my legs that there was no wish to remove them), put on a short translucent silk night dress, and went to bed. The brother slept in the neighboring room. I woke up from the fact that someone caressed my buttocks. The brother lay nearby. I gave a hand and his dick groped. He already stood. The brother told that he can't fall asleep. I didn't depart from a dream yet, but a piece of a brain began to realize that near me the man lies, caresses me, and I the palm squeeze a hot horney dick which is eager to appear in me. The brother continued to caress to squeeze mine buttocks and legs, and I began to podrachivat his dick. I turned to him and the dick took in a mouth. I started it at once as far as could. It rested to me against a throat. I began to move the head being stuck on this stake each time immersing it more and more deeply, almost reaching eggs. The brother snuffled from pleasure and a hand the dick helped me to take more deeply. I felt his hand at myself on buttocks. He began to grease my hole with some cream, thrusting me into buttocks the fingers. The buttocks were developed therefore no discomfort existed. I stopped sucking and sat down on the brother from above, having sent to a hand his dick to myself to buttocks. This time he entered smoothly and quickly enough. The hole densely clasped a dick. I began to move. The brother rumpled my rolls and tried to pull me on a dick even more. A little подвигавшись I laid down on him, and now he moved hips, driving in me a dick at all length. Then he put me sideways, laid down behind and entered me. I needed only to lie and derive pleasure from how it is a male fucks me, fucks so, какбуд he had year no sex. I just lay blindly, was shaken from his movements and felt as in me the piston goes. The dick rubbed about my interiors giving me pleasure. At some point the brother took out from me a dick, turned me on a back, sat down to me on a breast and the dick to me entered into a mouth. Right there my mouth was filled with his cum. From surprise I didn't react in time and a part of a cum poured out from a mouth and began to flow on my chin. Her was much. On taste she was rather tart. Having terminated, the brother laid down near me. To me it was so good that I was chopped off very quickly. In the morning I woke up before the brother. I perfectly remembered what occurred in the evening and at night. I sobered up and now felt remorse feeling some. I didn't regret that I overslept with the man, but I didn't know as my brother on the sober head will treat all this. Nevertheless I remembered that he asked me to stay as Olya all days off and decided that I will satisfy his request. Having washed, having taken a shower, having made toilet, having made up and having taken an easy short silk dressing gown from the bathroom, I went to the wardrobe room. There I found black stockings in a small network, black sandals on a heel, black panties with a fabric stripe in buttocks and dressed all this on myself. I approached a mirror and saw the girl in a dressing gown almost to the middle of a hip. From under a dressing gown long slender legs in stockings and sandals stuck out. Elastic bands of stockings were a little visible. In such look I sat down in kitchen, turned on the TV and began to have tea. After a while the brother woke up. Having come on kitchen he at first got up in confusion, trying to understand from where here the girl, but memory quickly reminded him the last evening and night. He inspected me from legs to the head. In eyes at him the familiar sparkle flashed. I noticed as his dick began to move. Having approached me closely he brought the dick to my lips. I at once opened a mouth and let in it. I began to suck. The dick got stronger very quickly and the brother, having taken me for the head, began to stick my mouth, driving a dick into the throat. It was not long. He terminated quickly and very plentifully. I hardly managed to swallow of his cum. Having apologized for the actual rape of my mouth the brother sat down to breakfast. — Well — he asked — What we will be engaged in? — I don't know. — I answered. He suggested to poshatatsya on the city. We walked till the evening, went sightseeing, drank beer. The brother several times nearly called me by Olay at strangers. It is good that nobody noticed. He told that he feels as буд spends day with the girl. Coming back home he noticed that across the road from my house there is a forest park. He is not really big, but there are a lot of cozy silent paths, trees and bushes grow rather densely. The brother suggested me to enter an image and to take a walk with him in the park. I long refused, but he could finish me. It was interesting to me and most, but I was frightened by prospect to be noticed by someone, especially from neighbors. We agreed that we will go for a walk late at night when on the street darkens and there will be less people. By the evening I made toilet, entered an image, brightly made up, dressed the same black stockings in a small network, sandals on a heel, black panties, a bra, a dark dress slightly overknee and light short jeans jacket. By then on the street already darkened and we left. I went on an entrance trying not to rustle and hid for the brother. Having gone outside we were convinced that we are near nobody and went to the road. I tried to control gait though my legs and shivered for nervousness. Before I tried to wear heels of the house and learned it a little. On the road rare cars passed and lit us with headlights. Having crossed the road we went deep into the park on one of paths. In the park rare lamps burned, passersby weren't, it was rather warm and silent. I calmed down a little. We went slowly, the brother pressed me to himself embracing for a waist. We talked. The easy breeze flew under a skirt and tickled my buttocks. Towards there passed some man, but didn't pay to us attention. From occurring I began to be made horney. So we enjoyed last days till other end of the park and sat down on a shop a little to have a rest. The shop stood meters in 10 from the road and from three parties was surrounded with a high bush and trees, lighting wasn't, the park was lit only by the lonely full moon. The brother embraced me for shoulders one hand, and the second began to caress my leg gently. I was horney and it was enough that at me broke a roof. I bent to the brother's groin, undid his trousers and the dick outside pulled out. He was horney. Probably singularity of walk affected also him. I with greed attacked on his dick and began to suck, immersing it is deeper and deeper. My neck got used, the reflex was almost not, and I almost reached sponges his eggs. He caressed me on the head. After a while I had to come off this occupation as my mouth was tired. I got up from a shop, turned to the brother a back, placed more widely than a leg, having thrown them through his legs and began to sit down on him. He sent the hardened dick to my buttocks. The dick moistened with my saliva entered buttocks rather easily. Having sat on it half-minute and having a little got used, I began to move. The brother took me for hips and began пытатья to spread even more deeply. Having bent a back I moved on his dick. One hand I leaned against his knee, and the second caressed his balls. They were dense, big and heavy. At this time we heard steps on a path. We stopped. By there passed some man in a light jacket. Passing he darted a glance in our party. From a path it was possible to make out only our silhouettes which are slightly lit with the moon. I he think I guessed what we are engaged having seen the girl with the placed legs sitting astride the guy. It was impossible to make out in the dark faces. The man passed by and disappeared from our look behind bushes. I got down from the dick and having caved in leaned against a back of a shop having placed legs. The brother approached behind, lifted up to me a dress on a back, put hands to me on hips and entered me. He began to fuck me, exhausting a dick at all length. His balls fought about my perineum. To me it was good. I derived pleasure and quietly moaned. I paid attention to some light subject behind trees in couple of tens of meters from us not at once. Having got accustomed I understood that it is a jacket. Probably the man who noticed us from a path watched us and how long he was there and that saw it is necessary only to guess. At this time the brother stopped, the dick took out from me, developed me to himself the person and forced to the knees. I only managed to open a mouth as there the stream of a hot cum scattered. A part her got to me on a cheek and a chin. After that we slowly went to the house. On the road nothing interesting happened any more. I didn't begin to say to the brother that we in the park were watched by the man. This night we almost didn't sleep, and in the morning I woke him in a blowjob. In the afternoon he left, and I remained to long alone with memories of that as became the girl. But eventually we live not on different parts of the world dating apps horrible date calculator for business days site mapMain Page