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Since Tuesday there passed several days, but I didn't see any attempt to call from Marina, and Lesh himself didn't call, whether pride played whether wanted to prove to be a master of the situation., he still worked with vodily. The marine became some zadumchivayemy, sometimes on her lips the strange smile flashed, eyes shone, also with her we had no special sex, I still worked and seldom stayed at home. I understood that there is some game someone the first won't sustain and that will call and admits some defeat. The marine after all didn't sustain, she called for the 5th day, there was a Monday evening, the phone was picked up by Alyosha — Hallo — It I said hello my wife in low tones — And hello how are you answered Lech — Everything is normal... a pause you as feel — Perfectly, it is full of energy vigorously with a hint the guy told — Yes energy at you was unambiguously noticed by my spouse much — And what you do now Alexey continued — yes nothing, generally, Marina answered — You one, I can come — Now one having a little hesitated, Marina answered — But mother has to come she continued soon — I now too one, mother at work, in about 2 hours have to come, and on Wednesday I after a lunch work, and here what you aunts Marin do on Wednesday till a lunch? — I work only after a lunch after a pause too said Marin, but I can have mother of the house she continued, I definitely don't know so far — My mother on Wednesday since morning works so I will one you can come the guy hinted at tea — I don't know, we will look on Wednesday vaguely my wife answered — Well so on Wednesday morning I wait for a call mother already the sex of the ninth at work hinted about Alekh's time and hung up On Wednesday morning the wife kind of half asleep asked — You as work today, — As usual late I answered (though the organism all strained) Leaving I saw that the mother-in-law too already got up — And you that so early Elena Vasilyevna was asked by me — Yes it is necessary to go in the morning to the city today, to take away something For certain it is her shampoos and cream on honey, it was thought to me, she has a small hang-up recently concerning the fact that as a panacea from all diseases serves honey — Long you will be — In an hour 4 probably I will return only I answered the mother-in-law Well I thought it is that's all ready for an appointment of my wife and her lover, this time doubts that the meeting will take place at me wasn't. In the evening of the code I returned Marina it is expected already I slept and whether pretended what sleeps, I changed house disks, and having dropped in to Alexey with some assignment of type in the morning, could change disks and at his place, I couldn't wait to see that the hidden cameras imprinted. Soon at office I saw what occurred on Wednesday Wednesday (record from cams) The marine got up hours in 8, right after leaving of the mother and took a shower, then dried up hair the hair dryer and dressed white lacy panties and a short topic favourably emphasizing her breast, a pink dressing gown slightly over the knee. Then he somehow uncertainly I answered phone and after a small pause I dialed number and I heard unilateral dialogue — Hi it I — Yes now houses — Yes one till the evening — Yes I wait In principle everything was clear. Soon the signal of the on-door speakerphone and Marin was distributed having talked on it, went to open an entrance door. Aleshka who greeted immediately came, certainly — Hello of aunts of Marin — Hi Lesh my spouse answered — Waited for me he approached her having embraced for a waist closer — Yes I waited after a small pause Marina answered After that he gently kissed her, then they merged in a sensual kiss. At last they came off from each other — Give take off a jacket and footwear told Marina, — Only a jacket and footwear, the guy smiled having hung up her on a hanger later threw off sneakers, — Or still something was playfully said by Alyosha having approached the Marine which stood in the middle of a corridor — For example, this dressing gown was continued by him having embraced one hand the woman for a slender waist, the second at the same time thriftily climbed under a white topic and began to caress already strained breast of the young woman then the second hand joined the first and having lifted up a topic bared beautiful boobies of my wife, after that hands of the guy rode out them and began to caress, caress brownish nipples, then having bent he took in a mouth one of nipples slightly having bitten it and began language to caress a breast, Marina moaned — Oh yes it is good yes — And will be even more better guy whispered soon Then he undid on her a dressing gown and left him on the shoe shelf, also pulled together her topic so Marina remained only in the white lacy panties now. He began to kiss the strained woman's boobies again, having moved both hands on halves of a bum of Marina caressing them through pants — Oh oh ah the woman groaned being thrilled with this caress Meanwhile, having stroked a bum one of hands imperiously laid down on a pubis of the woman and began to caress it through white lacy panties, Marina lingeringly moaned — You already wet were heard a happy voice of Aleshki — What you easily excitable woman continued he, you want my dick, I see that you want With these words he passed to the hall and sat down on a sofa, Marina came after him and uncertainly stopped in the middle of the room, it was an unforgettable show, the beautiful woman in some white lacy panties with the sticking-out strong nipples and a wet spot, well visible on panties, it began to flow as the bitch before copulation. — Well I stiffened forgot as with it to address, I returned her to reality the guy's voice — Give work he continued, and for a start take off from me trousers The marine uncertainly bent and having grabbed by trouser-legs below easily took off trousers from the guy and right there stared, under trousers Lesha had nothing if of course not to consider a huge dick which after the release began to rock before her as the pendulum. Having caught him in the palm, it standing I began to podrachivat the young man's phallus then fell by a carpet before a sofa and gently I gave smacking kiss a dick head, then having once again kissed already habitually I swallowed a head and it began to be stuck by a mouth on a dick, — So so the guy groaned, his such cool blowjob of course didn't leave indifferent — Balls were whispered by him, and Marina is quick-witted having pulled out a dick from a mouth began to lick large balls, then having licked a dick again greedy swallowed him, having continued to be stuck on a her of the boy. Lesh held on not for long and with shout — Swallow the bitch, he stopped the movements of the head of Marina while the dick was completely shipped in her and began to be thrown up Marina has a fit of coughing and having slightly raised the head left only a powerful head of a men's dick in a mouth, began to swallow diligently of a cum of the young man but there is a lot of her that a part all the same flew down white streamlets on an intense dick of the guy, he cumed long, but at last the stream ended. — Lick him the male and Marina ordered having released still intense dick of the young man from a mouth obediently licked a trunk and a head of horse-radish without having forgotten and powerful balls — That all the time their sex begins with blowjob, was thought to me, it is interesting why so there is such rhetorical question suddenly for some reason came to my mind. Meanwhile having given smacking kiss to Marin once again a head of a dick I got up from a floor and I pulled off from myself already wet lacy panties and having got up between legs of the guy I was going to sit down on the sticking-out dick of the guy of the wet pizdy — Wait I heard Alexey's voice, I didn't fuck you in a classical pose yet — In a classical pose I asked again Marin — Yes lay down on a carpet a back and spread legs the guy — And аа answered, well if you want, having looked at a dick Marina told Then she sat down naked on a carpet, then leaned back on a back and later lifted and bent the beautiful legs and stood waiting for a coition. With lust I looked Lech at the beautiful woman lying before him and it was something slender hips, a strong breast, a slender waist well both main its the lewd and current pizda flowed waiting when he takes her. The guy threw off a t-shirt and absolutely naked, with the sticking-out huge dick kneeled, then removed two small pillows from a sofa threw one Marin with words — Put under the head after it made it I added — Lift an ass The marine obediently lifted the back, and it enclosed under it the second pillow. Then the woman lifted up again and spread legs and with impatience began to wait for the visit of the Leshkiny athlete. Lech I didn't hurry meanwhile, he attentively considered the legs spread before him and the woman's vagina then gently I carried out on the woman's pubis where the minimum quantity of hair of Marin was hardly heard moaned, then thrust a forefinger into her pizda and slightly him poshurovat, Marina screamed and a little puzzly looked at him — What are you doing Lesh, I will explode also so now — Be not afraid check, the guy grinned and having brought the finger which is taken out from a female vagina to the person smelled it, grinned — About from you I began to smell very exciting — So fuck me that you wait already Marina screamed, I all burn — I checked your readiness the guy grinned — Also I see that you are ready Then he ordered — Legs on shoulders and after this instruction was followed I aimed the head at a female gate of pleasure. The dick rested against a pizda, and Lesh began to drive to rub him sponges of a female wet vagina, greasing it with women's lubricant of which was in prosperity then aimed in the center of a gate and having pressed became quietly with some even relish to enter the woman lying under him. The dick from the first came up to the end and pubises of lovers adjoined, Marina moaned — Ah... yes continue Lesh began the return movement, and having left only a head he pushed a dick to a limit in a female vagina again. The marine panted and whispered something, but soon the guy began to enjoy and his her with the increasing speed began to scurry about in Marinina to a pizda. Slaps were distributed - it is large the guy's yatsets rhythmically hit against white buttocks of Marina when he on all depth pushed in her the horse-radish. The marine hard of a dyshl and after a couple of minutes of this animal sex moaned — I cum ah I cum In reply the guy moaned and accelerated the speed and when Marina having rolled up eyes began to howl quietly, having moved few times the dick in the woman's vagina, the her pulled out and plentifully I terminated on a pubis to hard breathing beauty who just received an orgasm. Then leaned back on a sofa back. Some time there was a silence. Then Marina whispered — As it is good — Well, cool I terminated you answered Lech, and — Yes I terminated too — Still you want or you will have a rest I asked Lech — And you that it is already ready, with amazement asked Marin — As the pioneer grinned the guy Then got up, having shown the still a dick, strong after two descents. — Wow I admired Marin it is precisely ready, at you that he costs all the time, then after a pause I continued — Let's take rest a little, and that after last time there three days everything hurt, just earlier I had no such strong and young lover insatiable with the magnificent tool for satisfaction of the woman she flattered — About as bent, I grinned Lech Then gave her a hand and I lifted from a floor — All right, give if you want, we will take rest, the guy told, throwing her her topic which she rubbed off the pubis from the young man's cum They passed on kitchen as were naked, Marina the truth on the road wanted to throw with a dressing gown which lay on the shoe shelf, but the guy didn't allow her it to make, having reasoned that he that naked and in general in such look you are pleasant to me more. Then they had tea and spoke about something, at the same time all the time periodically caressed Lesh nipples hips of the woman, and Marina periodically concerned and his dick caressed fingers. Then Lech tried to caress her pizda again, but it having taken away hands I said — Sidi in kitchen at me a surprise, I will call you when it is necessary She passed in a bathtub where it was quickly washed away, then to the bedroom where put on a lacy black night dress which slightly covered her pubis, put on black stockings and black sandals having taken very sexual form. Then having looked in a mirror, I was satisfied, I left in a corridor having shouted — Wait soon I passed to the hall where recently I received an orgasm, I looked at the carpet and pillows lying on him then having a little thought I pulled out because of a case a skin for sports, I spread it on a carpet, I looked at all this and I hemmed enough. Then fell by a floor, more precisely on just outspread skin and having got up I directed the amazing back to an entrance to the hall to all fours and I shouted — Come The guy didn't keep itself waiting long, the seen show forced him to stare and scream — Nothing to itself the aunt Marina you the porn a star is simple The marine was confused from such comparison a little, having hoarsely asked — It not to be pleasant to you — You are just super, the guy exclaimed Then one breakthrough he jumped up to her, his dick was up in arm, the show seen by him made horney him outright. He shivered in excitement as though for the first time I wanted to fuck the beautiful woman whom he as if didn't fuck before, and can and was having seen my spouse in such sexual look he apprehended her on another as other woman. Meanwhile Lesh, having jumped up and having kneeled before a pleasure gate at first convulsively I stroked Marina's vagina, but right there I put the huge head to shameless lips of a vagina of the woman standing cancer I lifted up her lace black lingerie, then I pressed, sending all the powerful flesh to the opened woman's vagina obediently accepting his her. From the first he came against the stop and having at once returned back a basin right there achieved of mad speed, hammering the bolt against the stop pulling out him, leaving only a powerful head in the woman. — Yes super you super what you hot as you squeeze him incoherently shouted he stopping the achieved speed for a second Only these shrieks, slaps of powerful eggs of the guy about Marinin the back when the dick came into her completely and the accruing groans of my wife were heard indoors where there was this mad coition of two individuals. Leshka as the madman drove in the елдак into the obedient female pulsing vagina, and groans of the woman made horney him. Suddenly at some point he stood and having growled — On receive receive the bitch He began to be thrown up in Marina having pushed in her a dick against the stop and from this powerful stream of Marin in her began to tremble too and having lingeringly moaned began shivering the delightful bum to cum, sobbing — Ah yes ah I cum the whore of a bough I cum I cum Leshka stood, having staid some time he suddenly as if having regained consciousness looked at the dick of which the truth it wasn't visible as it still was pushed in a pizda of foreign wife against the stop, on beautiful lace lingerie and black stockings of the woman facing him dog-fashion and his obedient will and having slapped her in tasty buttocks, pressed one hand on a neck of the woman forcing to lift the beautiful back even above and again began to pump up it the her. (It is exclusive for — didn't expect Marin, probably I didn't even understand such effect of the harness as when he began to fuck her after just received orgasm, she still arriving in prostration after the received orgazam that she is fucked again and when regained consciousness plaintively whispered — Lesh can, we will have a rest But was already late as the guy who dispersed outright achieved of very good speed again and only the shot from a tank gun could stop him, probably. Though after a small pause of Marin I began to moan too, obviously, I went on the second circle, and maybe on the third in receiving pleasure. And again only slaps and groans were distributed in the room the truth after Lech already I dumped the first tension in balls he began to fuck the woman with taste perhaps, for the same reason time for receiving the next orgasm at him more therefore having terminated Marin once again left begged — Lesh you zatrakhat me so I won't be able to go, then continued after groan, give I can you to a suction, well please Then I rolled the next orgasm on her, I don't know what, but Leshka, obviously nevertheless listened to her words as when Marina began to cum he the still intense dick from the woman's pizda pulled out, and having stepped through her kneeled the beauty facing cancer and stuck with a dickhead into her lips, Marina having opened eyes saw before herself the shaking men's her, all in allocations of her pizda and cum of the guy and having opened a mouth furiously drained in him in herself, the guy held on literally having moaned he screamed half-minute — I cum билять... I cum ah, put out tongue shit Then having pulled out a dick from a mouth of the woman I began to stream on obediently exposed language. The cum shot and shot, it accumulated on a face, language and flew down on him in a mouth, on a chin and Marina's breast, at last, from the dick last straws fell and he decreased in a size. Then Marina squeezed sponges and looked at the guy, after a while she put out the tongue the on which already nothing was. — You a super nipple whispered the guy — It is necessary to warn he continued I, having seen you in such look nearly flew into a rage — Yes I didn't expect such effect, said Marin I probably terminated five times, you slightly to death didn't zatrakhat me and good there would be a surprise They laughed, then went to the bathroom where washed each other, without any sex except for what the guy slightly jerked off my wife and she when soaps him were periodically kissed to him by the dick. Then they put on and sat down to have tea talking about any trifles. As time was a lot of Lech began to gather for work, Marina left to spend it in a dressing gown, he put on sneakers and stretched to a jacket. Wait Marina told and approached him having told — It is necessary to correct a collar Then began to correct a collar of a jacket looking at the guy, that understood and they merged in a kiss, then she sat down on the shoe shelf having said — It is necessary to say goodbye and thank with him too Vzhiknula a lightning джинс which she dexterously undid and Leshkin a her who already was in a floor the got-up state was born, having given smacking kiss to a powerful head of Marin already habitually began to do blowjob, podrachivy and sucking a dick she achieved that he at first inflated and after several minutes of works of her skillful language and a mouth was splashed out by the next portion of a cum which Marin, as well as last time on this very spot I swallowed with visible pleasure, especially it was not that fountain which was thrown up from the guy recently, but nevertheless a part of a cum flew down at her on a chin, having waited for the end of ejaculation of the guy Marin accurately licked his dick then accurately thrust back in jeans a clean her of the young man, vzhiknut a lightning putting everything in order. Marin rose and already habitually I merged with the young lover in a kiss, at the same time he didn't forget to thrust a hand to it into a section and a dressing gown and to caress it an elastic breast. — Well it is necessary to say goodbye Marina came off the guy, and that we will be late — Well aunts Marin if that you call at any time, I wait and... — He my spouse laughed and I stroked the guy's jeans in the perceptible place — Well everything prior to a meeting having splashed at parting elastic buttocks of the woman of Lesh left the apartment. There passed several days when I on Saturday at work looking through cams in Verina of the apartment, suddenly ran into interesting shots. It I was if to trust the timer Friday 13.05 how to be told Moscow time, that is yesterday I saw how Alexey came into a corridor of the apartment, and behind him dressed in the leather jacket and Marin's jeans which told — Lesh I am late for the electric train, it in 15 minutes — And following, the guy asked — In 50 minutes, — Here on her you will also be in time I told Lech — I here accidentally by the house passed and for lunch asked for leave, by the way and I can throw you to the city — But my occupations I can be late, Marina resisted — Nothing we will eat away a bit earlier we will be in time and we will arrive even traffic jams now isn't present earlier Alexey rubbed — And you with someone in the car didn't give up Marina — Absolutely one Alexey calmed, I will bring quickly with a breeze — But if so, my wife already stretched reconciling to inevitable what you wanted? — It is good that I met you, the guy told, I only went and thought of you wanted even to call, and suddenly you in person — And that I wanted, he blinked the eyes, you know my problem The marine with a sigh said — Lesh I really am late — Aunts Marin well at least kiss my friend two times and everything was parted the adult woman by the guy And Marina was bought, — Well give only quickly Certainly business didn't end with it, they without undressing went the room to Leshkina. The marine sat down on his bed, having put a handbag nearby. Leshka quickly undid trousers and lowered them below knees together with pants, his huge dick fell out of them and already habitually I began to rock in the face of Marina. She dexterously seized him with the right hand and having pouted beautiful gave smacking kiss to him in a head, then once again, leaving lipstick on the dick. Lesh having lowered hands meanwhile I rumpled through a sweater Marinin nipples. The marine after kept the promise, looked at the guy who having closed eyes caressed her breasts and having sighed habitually opened sponges and began to be stuck on the guy's her at the same time caressing a hand of his egg, having swallowed a trunk to a half it began to do on is mute vozvratno progress and taking out a dick from a mouth passionately licked a head and again sucked it. Caress of her nipples the guy didn't pass completely, eyes at her grew dim in them the lust appeared, at some point she threw off a jacket to facilitate to the guy access to her breast, than Alexey wasn't slow to use having doubled caress of seductive cambers, Marina having pulled out a dick from a mouth hard began to breathe, probably she was made horney outright. Alexey without wasting words lifted the woman from a sofa and having sat down on her place began to undo a belt on her jeans, Marina already horney helped to make it, already jeans are lowered on ankles, flashed and blue female panties then Leshka rose went behind them and having kissed the woman developed her back and having grabbed by a neck began to push her to a sofa, Marina got up on a sofa dog-fashion still with the lowered jeans and pants on slender ankles and in boots standing. Lesh stepped having got up between legs of my wife and without excess preludes the her sent to a horney pizda, both having suddenly sniffed he stopped and having run a finger over an available vagina told — You flow already after all you want to be fucked yes the beauty, then having suddenly thought I got condom from a hip-pocket and having opened dexterously I dressed him on the dick having commented — Just in case, that there were no spots — Give Marina hissed, give quicker, time isn't enough ооооо... These oh jumped out at her involuntarily as at this moment the dick of the guy moving apart folds of her pizda entered at all the length and as a touch-up large balls of the guy plopped down about beautiful buttocks, then there were several minutes of an impetuous fucking Marina groaned, I growled Lech once again pushing the good fellow in depths of female nature. At some point Marina moaned cuming on the member Alekhi and the guy, having pushed to a pubis the her with growl began to be discharged. After a while the dick with a squelch left her and Marina was flat-out tumbled down on a sofa, looked at Lesh on her and pulled together the condom filled with a cum and having for some reason tied him as once Marina and sent him under a sofa, then began to lift to Marin — Give get up, aunts Marin as you — Live it seems with a nervous snicker my wife answered, Then she got up pulled on herself трусик and jeans, buttoned a belt, told — But you the sly fellow only two times kiss also all — Aunts Marin so I nothing you so solved and I I just didn't begin to refuse — All right I didn't begin to refuse, Marina mildly told, I know you Then she threw with a jacket and having left in a corridor asked — Well we go — Aunts Marin and to thank the friend — Lesh actually isn't present time — But aunts Marin please — There is no Marina's voice was firm, we will be late — And if we are in time the guy asked — Here when we will be in time then we will talk Marina answered and they left the apartment After viewing in the head of me some thought and all the time was twisted I escaped, suddenly dawned on me, Leshka told something about gratitude to the friend, that is on simple the dick asked to suck away to him, and Marina told that we will return to it if we are in time. In all cars of the company there is a video recorder, with the card of work about a day, it was yesterday means, I will be able to hear dialogue in the car between my wife and her lover that too is very interesting. I went down in a garage, having told that it is necessary to take away which-what documents forgotten yesterday took from security guards keys from office ten by which there went Leshka (and that you wanted after all the trainee) opened the car and took out the memory card from the video recorder. Then I returned to the computer and I watched the infinite road soon and I listened to work of the Russian radio, having rewound I found time interesting me, record was whole, at first there was nothing interesting the same road, short comments of Leahy someone as goes also terse remarks of the Marine, the most interesting began when Lech parked the car about Marina's work, I with interest listened to dialogue — All Lesh thanks arrived, that house where I work Marina's voice was heard — There is nothing the aunt Marina, we were in time? — Yes you are direct the racer, quickly arrived at me nearly a half an hour more prior to the occupations — Something the door doesn't open a puzzled voice of Marina — Aunts Marin it is bad to deceive me — To deceive in what my wife was surprised — Someone promised to thank my friend if we arrive in time — Lesh you went crazy, here I work, and besides in the car and passersby go nearby, suddenly someone will see the scared voice of the woman was distributed — aunts Marin first you promised, secondly here practically nobody goes, you see what place not crowded, and in the third you see glasses are tinted nobody and if desired will see — Lesh can another time and? this time the voice was asking — aunts Marin well please that costs to you, especially you are guilty — I am guilty of what, the surprised voice of my wife — As in what the guy parted the woman so far I went near you your fluids infected him bore Aleshk — Someone was infected the woman didn't understand — And here him Also the scared voice of Marina was distributed вжик a jeans lightning — Lesh what are you doing why you got him immediately remove — To show as he got stronger from your presence at the car Then of Lech with I parted about five minutes the woman on blowjob, and gradually cunning I persuaded on that that Marin was just jerked off to him by the dick and all — Well Marina sighed, having understood that she won't fulfill the requirement of the young man from the car to her yet it won't be possible to get out Then the chair and Marina's voice began to creak — Oh what he at you again firm and big Her breath and groans of the guy was heard — Yes bare a head completely quicker quicker Probably he tried to direct the woman as it is more best to jerk off to him. Then I told — Aunts Marin and you don't know what the speck on a dickhead, why is — Where? Puzzled voice of Marina — There now, look, here — Where I see nothing all of norms... Lesh what are you doing my wife scaredly peeped Then sounds of the sucking dick with heavy breath of my wife were distributed — Yes suck suck my dick you a gorgeous nipple the aunt give more deeply more deeply and more gently the imperious voice of the guy was distributed more gently Breath of my wife became heavy and sounds probably changed it became deeper to swallow the guy's tool, it proceeded some time, then Lech began to roar — I cum everything blyay I cum yes swallow swallow of everything a nipple глотаай Marina's whimpers were heard, the descendant of steam of kisses and everything calmed down and only heavy breath of couple was heard. Then Marina told, in a voice the anger wasn't heard — Well you and fruit always try to obtain the where you have a mirror — Ahead the guy answered — Yes it is good Marina's voice sounded give napkins I will get, rustle and fuss was heard, soon she told again — There now more or less I made toilet it is necessary to go, the woman's voice which then is scaredly amazed — Lyosha you why still didn't remove the piece in trousers — He got used that at parting you always kiss him and you remove At Marina didn't remain any more, not time forces to argue the chair creak a sound of a kiss and вжик lightnings was distributed — Well still I asked Marin why the door doesn't open — And to kiss me the guy told, and that the friend was kissed, and me The marine sighed, sounds of kisses, and were distributed about a minute after a while — Well panting I asked Marin — The last the guy answered — That else Lesh, I am late 10 minutes remained — Anything of that kind aunts Marin, tradition tribute — What else tradition my wife asked — Well as what you when go out of the car give a little to salon back the buttocks and all — Why well give open the voice of my spouse was distributed Sounds of the opened door, then some fuss, then loud slap and Marina's shriek, and sounds of the closed door were distributed. Yes the farewell slap on a bum the stranger of the wife is already tradition I thought... Continuation will be if it is interesting dating apps free location change date hurricane sandy hit nj site mapMain Page