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Here the other day I saw the son and I remembered one old story. This story happened to me well absolutely accidentally though from what party to look. I have a friend Volodya, strong such guy, in a smithy works, his wife Nina works with mine in one department, and we often meet at the holiday table. There was it in the late seventies. Generally, I confess honestly that his wife the woman temperamental, especially, when gets wasted, and in the middle of the booze when all already tipsy, she often sucked away to me at an entrance under a ladder, and sometimes in a stoyachka gave me. We with her so went to smoke it. It seemed to us that it wasn't any sin, just friendly spirit and overindulgence. We unscrew a bulb at an entrance, and so far someone comes downstairs, we accept normal poses and in затяг, indifferently, we shine with sparks of cigarettes. At passing by neighbors won't even occur, to suspect people with the burning cigarettes of something. And so, on New Year's holidays we gathered for the second day again, again and again me Ninka dragged a feast under a ladder where I the second time to her inserted in a stoyachka. And at her we will tell a pizd, I didn't meet more with pleasure, even sucks in … As tell in the people, – the woman drunk, a pizd others. And for any little man others pizda is always more sweet. And in a stoyachka, a crustacean you reach sometimes her uterus and with such relish you cum in her pharynx. It was this time absolutely sweet, only I rested as felt that she comes too, her vaginal muscles began me to squeeze convulsively, the uterus for pulsed, I began firing with a plentiful cum slightly – whether without getting her in a uterus. Word dream! And of what to us with it was to be afraid, I knew that mine together with her went to policlinic in one day to put spiralki. A well-tried remedy, it is possible to pour buckets that I actually also did. In a word, when she corrected on herself a skirt, her eyes burned as if the devil in her head something was celebrated. We indifferently, entered the apartment and continued a feast. Well all of us agreed to meet also for the third day, but already only for an opokhmelka and sturgeon fish soup, and that on January 4 all for work. Sat, freshened the nip, the ushitsa was remarkable as if in boobies Christ was barefoot run. Vovka called me to smoke and with a grin started a conversation in half-voices, – I decided to close up one more child here, it is time, and Ninka in any, speaks still to take a walk hunting. I tried to persuade her half a year, – well in any. Also you know what I udumat? During the birthday at her mother, just before new year, I gave to drink her in firewood. Well I think, not to be on yours, now I will deprive of you treasured sleep ralki. I dragged as happened home, I threw on a bed, lies to itself as a log without branches. It is necessary to tell that just these days at it monthly began, the uterus became closer, I to her moved apart legs, washed up hands, implanted two fingers, groped a thin lesochka, accurately reeled up on a forefinger and slowly pulled out her. Estimate! Well I of course estimated and carefully so asked and that then? – Then I hid this feature, Volodya answers with a smile, and decided that I will impregnate her after New Year's holidays when the hangover passes in us. In a week, I will hill it, here the surprise – that will be it … – As you suffered all this time and didn't fuck her? – Why I suffered, we her buttocks often play about, though is prohibited by the law, it from a back gate in general plague. And I thought, well, I represent … And aloud to him. – Well means you it is possible to congratulate on conception soon? And itself I reflect about myself again, and his Ninka already probably incurred from me and your number will be not the first … – Well, as soon as conception will happen, so you the first learn … And I about myself again, – yes …, learn and rather than you think … Ninke I what I didn't tell, decided that I won't interpose in their family matter. Soon She really didn't wait for the monthly, came to the doctor for clarification of an incident, – say, here the third month isn't present monthly. That examined her on a chair as it is necessary and asks and where a spiralka – that? Ninka with surprise and with some share of fear was strongly surprised. The doctor confirmed that she is in a pregnancy stage with some there term, asked when she had sex with the husband to specify date of conception and she called the second of January. She told Volodya houses that she lost the spiralka and became pregnant. The little fool Volodya grinned, and rubbing hands joyfully got a spiralka and told that he took out it till holidays while she slept like the dead. So they gave birth to the son conceived not in a bed, and under a ladder at their entrance and though he is strongly similar to me, Volodya even doesn't doubt that this is his doing. As they say, I outwitted myself. And when to the guy there were already years sixteen, my wife was strongly surprised how he is similar to a photo in my military ID in my eighteen, – it is necessary as happens in life? We with their family as happened still are on friendly terms. And Ninka all same eblivy, to us for forty, is time to change openly wives. At an entrance on a booze it somehow didn't become solid … And you practice sex in an entrance or in the elevator? We yes, (biact6252@mail. ru) and with pleasure … dating apps for professionals date emoji site mapMain Page