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Time went, a Christina everything couldn't think up a way how to make so that ee mother didn't come into the house in the morning. Ee constantly strained not only that it wasn't possible so to be engaged in me in sex very early. No and constant cavils of mother. Ne so you put on, not so you keep order in the room, not so you brush the hair, and still a set "not so". Every morning these disputes spoiled mood for all day to both. Yes and me as to the involuntary listener of their skirmishes, declined not to the best mood. A once in the evening after rough sex, Christina asked to buy a silver fox. I was perplexed why this strongest aphrodisiac was necessary for her. Her from without this desire was though take away. And in me she managed to wake the man. She didn't need to put efforts any more to lift a dick. It rose at ee a naked look. Yes also I stood already so much how many it was necessary. No Christina stated the cunning plan. I had to hypnotize Sveta (ee mother). Then she ee will give to drink a silver fox. And mother will have to enter my bedroom and to be stuck on my dick (it seems how to rape me). Christina in this time will remove everything on video. I refused flatly. Vo I don't want to put the first to anybody, except her, an in the second after Christina at me on Sveta won't get up. — Means it is necessary to drink also to you foxes. — Ne I want! — Pancake, well that you for the man? All men only also catch the moment as still someone нибудь to pull. I offer A to you, and you refuse. — Christie, you risk. A if after it I am poyebyvat your mother? — God in the help. The main thing that was enough for me, and in my absence that didn't know. I and now not very much that want that she felt in herself here this thing (and Christie gently frayed the drooped dick). No it is the only way as with the help of this blackmail to make so that it in the mornings didn't rush into the house and I didn't arrange so with me scandals. To me too these morning skirmishes were a pain in the neck. Long I didn't agree, but in a week Kristininoy of "siege" was given. I went in seksshop and I bought a silver fox. Now it was necessary to catch such moment when only we three together (I, Sveta and Christina) are without Sasha at home. And here in one of output days, Sashka left on extra work till the evening. Sveta kneaded dough that by the evening to bake pies. A Christina with joyful exclamation rushed ko to me. — Hurrah! Star time has come. Sashka took off on extra work. Mother. Go in the hall and that нибудь do so by the magic toys (just so). I now ee will entice to you. Think up as to banish me that I didn't get under your charms. Hikhikh. Though I under your charms from the childhood. And still, when she to you will come into the bedroom and will be strung on your dick, be indignant, it seems you don't want. No ee should be brought to an orgasm. Though I know that it can cum for one calling many time, a not so as I, only once. — And from where you know it? — To that as she met with Sashkoy. I overheard when she fucked. No I understood it only when I itself tested the first orgasm. — Well you and feature! — A! If there would be no such, then couldn't achieve the and would be saved from such high as you to me deliver. All right I went. — Christie, I am not delighted with this idea, but time agreed, it is necessary to go till the end. Wait wait a minute. When I fuck with your mother and I will tell "leave", you have to switch off the cam. A after a word "you wake up" you can include again. Otherwise when viewing it will be clear that I am involved in it. — I remembered. So I will also make — she ran in a wing. A I settled down in the hall, deliberating in what swindle I walked smack. Soon Christina so seemed Sveta. I snatched with charges on Christina at once. — Christie, came to disturb me again? Sveta well tell her. — Leave and don't disturb. Fathers, what she did here? — Yes especially anything, but..., and the suggestion session began further. Considering that Sveta began to listen to me very attentively, soon she already was in my power. — Christie! Bring to mother of tasty tea! Christina jumped out as the devil from a snuffbox, with two cups in hands and I gave to mother a cup. Sveta drank ee to a bottom. I gave the second cup to me and a look I showed that I drank. Having frowned, I drank wine. Christina left, a we so Sveta sat, discussed economic affairs even minutes fifteen until I felt that at me in trousers the strut begins. Though to me it was unclear how the female activator on me could work. No vague doubts all tormented that Christina gave me not a fox, a that that another. — Svetik, you will go to yourself now. Completely you will undress, you will put everything accurately on the bed, then you will come to my bedroom, you will climb on a bed and you will put my dick in yourself. Na any my objection you will increase the speed of the movement. Having heard, "stop, wake up", you will wake up and you will remember nothing. Go to yourself, undress. Light silently I rose and I left. A Christina appeared in doors at once. — Lesh, fast went, I to you will lift him. — Aha, he thanks to a fox already itself rises. I feel that I won't keep and I will bash out your mummy until he stands. — Well time I made this porridge, on this time fuck ee how many you want. I still will also force that you fucked ee in quality of punishment. I agree? — Try not to agree with you. Shantazhistka. — Wow, yes he at you already costs. Most there was a wish to jump on I am mute. It is a pity not for time. Nothing, I will recoup in the evening. You only get leg ee under the that she couldn't get up from you at once. A if got up a little, then was again stuck on your such desired mast. The sound of an entrance door was heard, and I laid down on a back, with the sticking-out dick, having covered with a bed-sheet. I closed eyes as if I sleep. Christina quickly retired. Barefoot steps along a corridor were heard. Light I opened a door to the bedroom, I climbed on a bed, I rejected in the party covering me a sheet. She undertook the basis of the dick, and I felt as he plunges into the hot depth of ee of a body. Light completely I sat down on me. Mdaaa!! Of course not to compare weight to Kristinin. Kilograms are 20 — 25 more. Almost quietly Christina entered. Ne saw (eyes that are closed), an only felt on easy whiff. Ne opening an eye, I seized Sveta by hands and pulled on myself that she laid down. Then I contrived and I palmed off at first the right ee on stop under the legs, then left. It on these manipulations didn't turn the slightest attention. — Svetik, you what you do? It is impossible! Now get down! A itself began to make upward movement from below, driving the fighter in the daughter-in-law. And here I felt strong differences from Kristininogo of a vagina. Vo the first the huge head wasn't an obstacle. The dick entered rather easily, there was no that narrowness that at Christina though the head quite densely nestled on walls of Svetinogo of a vagina. Except that Light I began to work internal muscles at once, quite strongly squeezing my trunk at an exit. Where that on halfway, the head touched in ee a vagina what very sensitive point, Sveta in this time strongly shuddered and very excitingly moaned. Having put ee on itself, I continued "to beat off", without stopping the movement of the dick. — Svetik, it isn't necessary! At you Sashka is! Get down so the old farter! The silent snicker was heard. Christina didn't sustain and giggled. Big boobs were flattened out about my breast. From the movement of Light I got wet at once. From her sweat slid a hail, but she silently moved a big bum, stringing herself on my "mushroom". Thus she didn't forget to squeeze a trunk when raised buttocks. Speed increased. To me it was thought that it is hard for it to maintain such high speed with a decent weight. Soon she began to moan more loudly, I attentively listened to her and understood that else it is a little and she will begin to cum. — Light, leave! Leave! No she only increased speed. A Christina switched off the cam. — Stop, you wake up. Light, having even come to itself, I couldn't stop any more. And not more as in half-minute she got nervous, the vagina made how strong compression, the loud groan sounded, and she he is exhausted I failed on me. She was on me with the closed eyes too. Even without having recovered the breath, she quite loudly whispered. — Sashenka, you are magnificent today... — What Sashenka? You only that raped own father-in-law — were heard Christina's voice. — As did you get to us to the room? Now leave! — Light rose on hands and I opened eyes. And at once in ee eyes the strong fright when saw that it sits on me flashed. It it is badgered I twisted the head, all without believing yet that she is in my bedroom. — I have to leave? I didn't climb on the grandfather. Stark naked on the house I didn't come to his bedroom. (aha as didn't come, flashed in me in the head). And you try to expel me when in you what to a regret isn't visible to me sticks out. Light I tried to rise, but at once it was stuck on a dick. She tried to constrain groans of pleasure since except ee of movements, I, without stopping, continued to drive in ee a bosom the core. A she managed even in this state, continuing to argue with Christina, to imperceptibly squeeze a dick and to fidget on him. — Here look — Christina included reproduction on the cam. There it was accurately visible how Sveta came nude into my bedroom. As climbed on a bed and I sat down on me. As I beat off it and tried to drive from myself. As it moved a bum and thus it was accurately visible that she is stuck on a thick dick. — Dotsya, I didn't want, I don't even know as it left — Sveta began to justify herself, thus continuing to fidget at me on a dick. — Aha, you don't know. Also I didn't get down, even then when Lesh's uncle tried to dump you from himself. Yes you and now, rape him! — Christina Svetiny noticed movements. And it isn't a shame to you? I will show this record Sashke! — Please, it isn't necessary. Well that for you to make that you didn't show? — In general that you both are guilty of it, but you three times as much. Dyad Lesh, a you want that I showed this video to your son? — Christie, it isn't necessary. Punish as that more better, but don't show. You it will achieve nothing good. — A is the idea, to punish. In this time, continuing without hurrying to stick the core into Sveta, I felt convulsions which she tried to constrain and not to show Christine that again cums on a dick. There is a she-devil! Temperamental! Christina thought, having lifted up the head to a ceiling, Light an in this time cumed, trying not to utter a sound. Ee a vagina several time strongly squeezed a dick, and she, having relaxed fell. It was ee a mistake. The dick pierced in her at full length again, having caused new convulsions which she vainly tried to suppress. No Christina of it didn't see since she looked in this time in a ceiling. — So, now, you will climb up from the uncle Lesha. You become cancer, and it plants to you until you terminate couple of times. — Daughter, why to you it? — I want to see how it in practice. Only don't loaf, make upward movement a well. Also don't take in head to imitate an orgasm. I will watch very attentively. — Kristinka, it isn't necessary. — It is necessary. More better I will look how plant to you than to someone got to substitute most. Light I began to whimper, but I tried to get up from me. I raised the legs and she safely acted from my fighter, ee the chink thus tastefully squelched, a Sveta sighed. — Eh, dotsya, dotsya what you so do by me? She fell by elbows and stuck out the huge bum. From one type of ee of a crack it seemed that I now and itself will jump there, not only a dick I will tire out a. All the giving birth woman. If not a silver fox, then precisely I make a booboo and the dick would fall down. No as only I began to put it, Sveta moved back and was stuck on a dick so that only balls softly slapped on ee to a pubis. Christina considered that mother tries to please her and carries out instruction ee, but Sveta just relished and with a force pushed me in a groin. I stood behind her on knees and, without changing position of knees, was gradually removed from her, it didn't turn out yet that I sit on the legs, Light a violently sticks itself on my mushroom. I tried to grasp ee by a waist, but it was useless. She so recognized then that was slippery. Ee couldn't be held. Even the sheet under it was wet from sweat. Soon Sveta got nervous, loudly moaned and having stuck to a limit on my dick, stood. — I told not to loaf! Make upward movement! — Christina almost shouted. I turned in ee the party the head and saw that she in all rubs the pussy. I blotted with a corner of a sheet to Sveta a back and, having pressured her, I began to stick the piston with a force. Light it was again got and long I didn't sustain. Violently with loud groans she terminated and sprawled on a bed. Dick thus so tasty sound "chmoook!" I slipped out her. — Taaak! Turn over on a back and lift up povyshe legs. Lesh's uncle let will lick A to you between legs. It for him punishment. Light unwillingly turned over — Kristinka, a can it isn't necessary? — It is necessary, it is necessary — and she winked at me — for you there will be no more punishments since you are almost not guilty. A mother after today's day shouldn't get me in the mornings. Yes and in general that in the morning to the house a leg. And I will dress, the fact that I consider necessary. It agrees? — Well, well, it agrees, put on as you want. — Time it agrees, then raise legs povyshe. Lesh's uncle I don't see your action. I fell by knees. Hair on the pussy I didn't shave off light therefore ee pizda was strongly overgrown. No even volosnya couldn't hide that in comparison with Kristininoy, ee a crack huge. Big lips were developed as a section on long loaf. They didn't close an entrance to ee a cave, a limited the review only a little. Between them the clitoris stuck out as the tell-tale. I bent and licked. Usually in such women from there the urine smell mixed with a sweat smell is also only a little added an exciting smell of allocations. No as it is strange (though Sveta also strongly sweated) I didn't feel either a sweat smell, or an urine smell from there. On crack ee allocation ee flew down on a sheet, and this exciting smell hammered everything. Good fellow daughter-in-law, neatnik. And I began dance of language on a clitoris. In that time I thrust into ee a crack three fingers, but it it seemed to me a little. I thrust four, I tried all hand, but didn't leave. I began to rotate fingers and hooked on a sensitive point. Light strongly I moved, an a vagina involuntarily squeezed fingers. I understood that I groped so called G point. Means, it is ee the big head of my dick touched. And therefore she so quickly cumed. After it I, caressing a clitoris, I began to mass this point. Light hard I began to breathe, I twirled and I began to moan. Soon ee covered the most powerful orgasm. She, having delivered the legs to me on shoulders, it was curved by an arch, small I began to tremble and failed without forces. — Mothers, I hope, you will carry out my conditions and we will forget about this case. — Yes, daughter, of course. Fathers, I ask forgiveness, and in you dotsya too. Ne I know what on me found. My God, a what wet sheet? I will take ee I will wash. — Mothers, erase, but to dim you will give the uncle Lesh. A that you will start over again forcing it. — No, no, no — Light turned back a wet sheet and I almost ran out from the room. Christina triumphed. — All! Prepare! In the evening I will rape you! — Kristinka, the sun, I am always ready. Force the darling, force. After it everything began to flow measuredly. Sveta in the mornings didn't appear to the house. Therefore Christina quite often visited ko to me after the next portion of pleasure in the morning. Every evening full high-quality sex (for Christina full). In difference from Christina I seldom managed to terminate. So Sveta when faced, nobody gave a look that between us though that that was. Everything was as and before, it is even more best. The truth Sveta at work had problems. They were often released on houses from for lack of work. No she never sat without business at home. Always I found to myself work houses There passed month after that case. I among day came on kitchen. Light I pottered near the refrigerator. Likely again work wasn't. — Fathers, some compote grape to pour? A that I defreeze the refrigerator, will turn sour. — With huge pleasure. You know that I adore it. Light I poured a cup of compote and I see it is rumpled that that wants to tell. — Speak already, don't pull a cat for a tail. — Fathers, excuse me for that case and don't take offense, I really don't know how I appeared in your bedroom and on you. — Ne to take offense? Yes someone good isn't glad? Here it is only bad that Christina saw all it. — It agrees. She couldn't see it. So definitely you don't take offense? — Svetik, of course I don't take offense. Even I regret that more this high won't repeat. Vo you won't give the first to me, an in the second me till this time unclear as you managed to lift my doggy. He already several years as from the box doesn't get out. So that I am very surprised that he stood. — Costs nothing to itself! Ne I trust! — Sveta was brought — Me tore off so that days 10 it seemed to me, it seems I all am still stuck on your mushroom! Let Sashka will forgive me, but a weeks more two in panties mokrelo as remembered it. Yes and now here remembered and at once it became wet. — You don't trust one, I don't trust another. Prove and I will prove. — Styydno. So as Sveta stood near me in an apron and a skirt slightly above a knee, I, not long thinking, put her a hand on a skirt. Only the hand touched a hip, Sveta was removed. No a hand from under skirts I didn't expel. — Paap! — Means you lie all. Ne mokrelo at you and not mokreet. At me you can try A. Everything equally doesn't get up. Try, nevestushka, don't hesitate, try. Time I visited at me on a dick what now to hesitate of. No I say to you what doesn't get up. I turned a palm and slightly carried out on a hip, approaching panties. Na this time Sveta wasn't removed, an allowed me to the panties. Even legs as far as could, I moved apart that it was more convenient. Panties really were damp. I pushed a hand under panties and walked a hand on ee to a hair. Even I bent one finger and I stuck it into a chink. Light hard I began to breathe. — The pas, isn't necessary. Only you will destroy. — Svetik, you unless forgot how you then the last time cumed? — Takoe you won't forget. I for the first time cumed from language. — A Sashka, unless doesn't caress a uvula? To light as broke through — Yes it once a week will climb on me, potykayetsya the pencil and to sleep. A to me though on a wall fight. Only in the first year as we met, it me had every day, a that and several once a day. And Sveta was filled in with tears. — Stop, stop to part dampness. More better here here part — and I drove in ee a crack several fingers and began to rotate them there. I sat on a chair, Light a hardly stood on the turning-in legs. Ee eyes were closed, breath got off, a from a crack directly on my hand began to flow allocation ee. The second hand I embraced Sveta and pulled to myself, having a little turned ee. She smoothly sat down on my leg and moved apart poshire the legs. Literally through couple of minutes she already violently cumed. Having strongly clamped legs my hand, she groaned, ee banged, on a face large droplets of sweat acted. — My God, forgive my soul guilty. No I can't keep. A pas, you have hands of the wizard. You to me brought the huge pleasure. I not sacred and quite often satisfied myself with fingers, but as now I didn't test such strong high even from the dick. — Svetik, so in what a problem? It was pleasant to you? My fingers always to your services. I don't promise a dick, fingers with pleasure I will drive a to you into a pizda. If only you didn't object. — Fathers what objections can be? Probably you will consider me the terminated whore, but I am not able to refuse such pleasure, even if you want. You can plant in me when you wish. — With pleasure, but one very much isn't pleasant to me. — What? — Light concerned I looked at me. — If yours pisyukha is without volosni, it would be magnificent. A for me as is lost a high. Light I thought — Fathers, I never there shaved off, only an armpit. No for you everything that is necessary. I as that will be able to explain A Sashke why I shaved. Still time thanks for the brought pleasure. To pour still kompotika? — and she rose from my knees. — No, it is enough so far. Light as didn't happen in anything, I removed compote and I left kitchen, an I went, sat down at a computer. Approximately in half an hour Sveta came ko to me. She was already in other dress and judging by a shampoo smell, only that from the bathroom. — Fathers, so will pass? — and she lifted up a dress hem. Light I was without panties and to my look ee a just shaved perineum opened. — There is other business. Approach closer, I will estimate. When Sveta approached, I carried out by a palm on a pubis, then tried to fall below and she as far as could, parted in sides of a leg. No and in such situation was problemno to implant fingers. Then she as and in kitchen, I sat down to me on a leg and parted poshire knees. Only several minutes of the movement by fingers in pizde were required, and Sveta was killed in an orgasm. No I didn't stop, a continued all time to mass the most sensitive point in ee a vagina. This point was much more sensitive, than a clitoris. Therefore Sveta's convulsions everything proceeded and proceeded, merging in a continuous, long and most powerful orgasm. At last I took pity on her and took out fingers. Sveta was not in forces even to sit, I picked up ee and put on a bed. The benefit the bed was in direct proximity. Minutes ten she couldn't come to herself in any way, couldn't recover the breath. And again she expired then. Only now reached me that in orgasm time Sveta not only flows as the bitch, but and strongly sweats. And it was noticeable by her that she very much hesitates of what sweats. I think therefore she changed clothes, after that as terminated in kitchen. For nothing she so was afraid. Probably, therefore that constantly I watched myself or for what other reason, but ee sweat had no smell. Just moisture. — Svetik, I hope you understood my answer, will go so or isn't present. — I don't represent how you manage it, but it was divine. To me nobody ever brought such pleasure. Though probably also I bend soul. When I cumed on yours to a dick, the high likely was pokruche. It is a pity of course what doesn't get up. No then what that in the way he stood. Yes still as stood! If you don't mind, I am ready to apply all efforts to lift him. Only tell, and I will make that is necessary. — Svetlanka, on your discretion. Do that you want without what or constraint. From the fact that you get pleasure and I relish. — Fathers, forgive, but I still hesitate to show activity. What you will tell, I will make. Even if in buttocks, then I agree though very much I don't love. — Calm down, Svetik. In buttocks I don't love too. A concerning a pisyukha or the dick, are acceptable any caress if only to you was on temper. Also don't hesitate. There was a wish, and there is an opportunity, approach, thrust my hand to yourself between legs or sit down ko to me on knees and all will be as it is necessary. — Probably, when нибудь so I will also do. No now as only emerges in a brain that you for me свёкр, as what stupor at once. Ne what is more senior (you still will give odds to young people), a that свёкр. — Light why then you the father call me? You can on a name. — Ne I know how I called when the father, so and now I continue. — Also you represent that the father fucks you? — No, no. That you! There is such Puritan education that if learns, than we with you were engaged, then likely would damn. While we conducted this dialogue, my fingers slowly began to move to ee a vagina. First Sveta it seems wouldn't turn attention. No gradually ee the speech became faltering. The buttocks began to make forward movements, the daughter-in-law relished and was stuck on my fingers. Soon ee already shook convulsions of a strong orgasm. Ee a vagina squeezed my fingers as pincers, causing loud shout of pleasure in Sveta, released, allowing her to grab with a new portion of air for the following shout. And only when she didn't have forces even for shout any more, I took out from her fingers. Sveta was exhausted. She as the fish who is thrown out on the coast was enough air, not in forces to say though what that a sound. Having a little come to itself, she rose. — To tell that I felt huge pleasure, everything is equal that to tell nothing. I for received so much high today and terminated more time than for all year. — Ne pooonyal! Sashka doesn't fuck you? — Fathers, I said already that not more often than once a week it to me will put, itself will terminate and having turned away will fall asleep. I go to the bathroom of to lead up then A fingers. — How don't you manage to terminate it? You cum now in several minutes. — I don't understand too. From your fingers, I cum for couple of minutes. From Sashkinogo of a fucking only in the beginning of acquaintance several time was. A imitated then couple of years. Now I don't even imitate, an I will lie down until he falls asleep, and I go to the bathroom to lead up myself fingers. No from the fingers tension and any bright moments is just dumped. — All right, Svetlanka, we won't specify. A that you didn't consider it the initiative, I order you at the slightest emergence of desire of sex suit ko to me and if circumstances allow, you will get pleasure on a maximum. — I obey and will obey. Pas, question. When in the mornings we run up, you still sleep? — No, of course. You all still sleep when I wake up from insomnia. — In the morning, the first leaves for work Sashka. In about 20 minutes Christina runs out. A I after it come for work in 30 — 40 minutes. You won't object if. — I understood. Of course I won't object. Come, I will be glad. Only how Christina will leave. — Spasiiiibochki!!! Light hotly I kissed me on a cheek and as on wings, literally I took off from the room. Farther day passed as usually. In the evening perepikhon and to sleep small with Christina. In the morning the car began to hum, Sashka left for work. Then Christina left (today even ko to me I didn't come). Besides she a bullet took off. Possibly I was late. I waited minutes five, hoping that there will be Sveta, but ee wasn't. Means and won't be. Also I sat down at a computer, even without having noticed as she quietly slipped to the bedroom. — Kind morning! — I literally jumped up from surprise — Fathers, sorry, I didn't want to frighten you. — Akh, so!? Ne wanted? I wanted! — Ne wanted. — Maybe I didn't want, you want a now — one hand I attracted ee for a dress hem to myself, a started another to her between legs. Light I understood a game and playfully I giggled, itself coming nearer ko to me. No as only my palm laid down on ee a chink, I unexpectedly ee pushed and she fell a back directly to a bed, at once parted knees in the parties. On Friday she reported that monthly began. There was she in the morning in my bedroom only in several days on Wednesday. — Hurrah! Red days behind! On fast having received an orgasm from my fingers, Sveta happy escaped for work. Na this time she worked all change. Having appeared the next morning in the bedroom, Sveta began to lift my fighter. — Svetik, you won't be in time for work. — A isn't necessary to me for work today. I will work on cultivation of your "mushroom". And she stuck in the dick. Na surprise, he rose quite quickly. Light at once, having removed panties in the party, I sat down over it. The dick easily entered ee pizdenochku. Each movement caused in it easy groan of pleasure since the big head touched the most sensitive point in a vagina. Na this time she managed to test the strongest orgasm. I in this time of ee strong held that chaotic convulsions didn't dump ee from me. Still for about a minute, while Sveta came to herself, I moved in her, but the dick gradually became more softly and more softly. Though Sveta was very happy even with it. After it, I brought ee several time to pleasure with the help of fingers. So nearly two weeks proceeded (daily, except days off when all were at home). Now Sveta could terminate on a dick two, a that and three times. No she was set by the purpose that also I could terminate. She all was surprised why I don't cum. Ne to explain to her what I almost don't cum even from action of Kristininoy pizdenochki. A she much more tuzhe Svetinoy. In general if to take my youth, my opportunities were now restored not more than on a third. No here the attitude towards the partner at Christie so Sveta a miscellaneous. Christine the main thing to get pleasure, the partner as it will turn out. A Sveta tries that in the first turn it was pleasant to the partner, a then already itself. No considering ee fast excitability and multiorgazmennost, she will never remain without orgasm. — Svetik, at me galyuniki or you great lost weight? — I lost weight so that the clothes hang on me as on a hanger. It is necessary either take in, or to get those skirts and dresses that I didn't hope any more when or to dress. It was weighed yesterday, almost I lost weight by 15 kg. — Na how many? Ne can be. If you for such short term dump so much, then your skin would hang. Do you remember how the stomach after childbirth drooped? — Yes I remember, but I am perplexed. The skin only on a face drooped, I was already exhausted masks every evening to do. — I can only assume. You lose weight with then. A considering your frequent orgasms which lead to strong spasms don't give to a skin on a stomach and popochke to droop — I slightly clapped Sveta on a tummy — you will be slender as Christina soon. — Well it is improbable. Though I dream that the breast decreased to the 2nd size. And the bum that time in two decreased. — Why? Buttocks at you now on business!. A a big breast is pleasant to all men. — That is pleasant to you. You know A how it is heavy to look after it. Yes and then, the udder will droop and will become as ears spanielya. — Well why you is so rough? But it is good to feed children, there is enough milk — I any more will never have children. So doctors told. And I with Sashkoy how many live, were never protected. Though there was a wish for the general babes. If to me everything is possible to achieve that you could terminate, then quietly cum in me. — Thanks, Svetik. While talked, this knave caressed balls and a dick, so that he began to rise gradually. Having noticed it, Sveta began to work as a uvula on a head strenuously. Only only the dick managed to adopt the fighting provision as Sveta him at once I saddled him. She couldn't miss such chance. She rose, so that it practically jumped out of her, thus strongly squeezing. Why that seemed to me (an is possible and in reality so was) that force with which it squeezed a dick increased. And now the big difference wasn't between ee pizdenkoy and Kristininoy. Light strongly I squeezed muscles, an at Christina a natural narrow entrance, I stretched my fat dick to a limit, creating pressure upon the basis of the dick. Christina had a narrow and hard vagina in which the head closely nestled on walls. A Sveta managed so to rotate the buttocks that too the feeling of narrowness was created. Sveta hazardously continued to stick herself on a dick, having felt a that will cum, laid down completely on me, continuing the movement by buttocks quickly and with a big amplitude. Soon the friend of o of the friend of our stomachs, the loud squelch when the dick almost left the cozy nest, yes Sveta's shrieks when the dick pierced in her to an emphasis was heard only slaps. Sveta terminated time, the second... well everything, was thought, now will begin to fall down. And when she began to cum the third time, I understood that I too already on a side — Svetik, will cum soon — literally croaked. — Cum, papulechka. Cum, pretty. Fuck, fuck the daughter-in-law. Quicker, even quicker. Give, pretty, set to me, poglubzhe set. Fill, fill my pizda to edges. Quicker, darling, quicker, still. Still. Word Ee very strongly made horney. Yes and wild movements by buttocks didn't allow to relax. As only I felt the movement of a cum on a trunk, I seized Sveta by buttocks, strongly I pulled on myself, an also so all forces from below set a basin, driving "mushroom" is deeper, than usually. Light having understood that I begin to stream in her, and itself was curved, nestling ko to me as it is possible more densely. I didn't control the body any more. It lived in this time separately from consciousness, an I twitched and rattled, streaming in such hospitable vagina. Through consciousness gleams I heard how Sveta shouted, feeling, each stream shooting at a vagina ee bottom. With Christina I precisely didn't cum more than two weeks therefore there is a lot of cum. A an orgasm was so strong and bright that even and I don't undertake to remember when such tested. I gradually came to myself. Light all also strongly I nestled the pisyukhoy on my groin, without allowing to drop out the become soft dick. And in this time, I stroked me, I began to kiss me, on a nose, on lips in a neck, in cheeks and thus sentencing — Here cool... favourite good fellow... thanks, my native... papulechka, my good, you see how it is pleasant to cum... cum, always... pump up me the vivifying moisture... Having seen that I came to myself, Sveta said: — Fathers, at last that I you sdoila. Hikhikh. From now on each time as you will only set in me "mushroom", you are obliged to terminate — Svetlanka, to me there are not 20 years. I will try, a there as will turn out. — Aha, not to 20 it! A poured in me as twenty-year-old. Here I sit on you and I am afraid to get up. The toad presses. If I get up, then from me almost everything will pour out. A is so pleasant to feel this fullness. Fathers, you can not trust, but pleasures bigger than with you, I with anybody didn't test. You are my best, most favourite man. Fathers. Ne bois, I don't apply for a role of your wife. To me that high suffices quite that you to me deliver. In the next days as Sveta didn't try that I terminated, nothing at her turned out. She received couple of orgasms at me on a dick, a then I brought ee to frenzy fingers. I noticed, that Sveta very much lost weight, she almost ceased to sweat. Only I flowed as the Niagara falls. On Monday Sveta, having received the next portion of pleasure, I flew away for work. Also I didn't forget to warn that probably today she should work only till a lunch, a then only next Monday (there is no work). Light, having only appeared home, by the first business it was shaken in a shower, a came then ko to me. I stopped ee on an entrance at once. — Svetik, I offer koe today what to change. Before than you will be stuck on my "mushroom", I want to admire you. Take off a dress and panties. Lifon you can leave. — Yes, to a nu. Unless such cow how I can be attractive?. — Time I say that I will ADMIRE, means precisely I will be. And you don't forget how many you dumped a kilogram for the last month. Whether you noticed that you almost ceased to sweat? I wait streptiza. — Ne I am able. I will undress as got used. Sveta turned ko to me a back and began to take off a dress through the head. When she extended hands up, for a moment it seemed to me that before me Christina. Only at Sveta the bottom is much larger, yes the brassiere straps which are strongly crashing into a body. The speaking o the fact that it is necessary to support a breast much more than 2 sizes. From such look even the dick began to rise. A when Sveta, having bent and having exposed the pisyukha on a review of my greedy eyes, I removed panties, it already faced on a rack quietly, as Christina. Having turned ko to me the person, she marked a strut at once. — Wow! Ne expected such reaction. Sveta, without expecting the answer, instantly it appeared on a bed and at once it was spread on a dick. — Even as that is unusual stark naked on you. — Svetik, the first time you were a naked child on me too. — Precisely. Then let's try to repeat. — OK. In such case you time cum on me, an after it you become a crustacean. — Further I remember everything. And she laid down on me, having begun such pleasant movements of the popochkoy. In several minutes okhov, akhov and active nasazhivaniya on my "mushroom", Sveta trembled in a strong orgasm. Almost without having a rest, she got up from me and stuck out buttocks, having fallen by elbows and widely placed knees. I, having attached behind, the dick stuck into her and she began to move back that and on this time to appear in that situation that also the first time. Likely then I received very big high, I remembered time. I sat on the legs, Light a violently so groans was stuck by the pizdenkoy on my core. He stood as never. Only only she managed to terminate, I moved ee forward (in the real situation dog-fashion) and, having pressed on a back, began to drive in her the sledge hammer. No unexpectedly I understood that else it is a little and I will explode in a strong orgasm. — Svetik, I will terminate soon. — Give papulechka, cum. Ookh. Cum, darling, aakhkh, cum my native. Akh. Set to me poglubzhe. Oookh, okh. Set to the daughter-in-law, okh that squealed and shouted from a high. Okh, okh, okh. Thrust to me, darling. Okh. Thrust. Okh. Thrust stronger. Even more deeply! Okh, I too konchaaaayu. At this moment I felt the movement of a cum on a trunk. I pulled Sveta a waist on myself (on this time she wasn't such sweaty and slippery, as then), and I set so all force a basin, sticking into the daughter-in-law a dick to an emphasis. Light I began to cum too because ee a vagina is very strong a sting the dick (force of compression was not less than Kristininoy tiny pizdenki). She, likely on consciousness gleams, dodged, with a huge not female force seized me by a bum and with such huge force pressed to herself. Both twitched in an orgasm. I rattled, Sveta loudly groaned. My hands and legs became wadded, but I all was equally strongly pressed to Svetinoy to buttocks since she continued to press me convulsively. It seemed to me that the head was flattened, so deeply the dick pierced in Sveta. At last released me, a to Light still continued to give the works to some time. — Fathers, don't take out. Take him there. — So from him one rag remained. — Well take. You are sorry that whether? — As you will tell. Minutes ten we stood in this pose. At last Sveta moved — My God it is impossible to express this pleasure in words. It seemed to me that on this time you set to me so that reached a uterus. And kakoe to feel huge pleasure how your cum rushes into a uterus. No you are a man, you won't understand. But real man! We were filled up on a side and soon my fingers caused in her new bright orgasms until she lost a voice, an only opened wide a mouth as the small fish who is thrown out on the coast. For about a week daily Svetinykh (a Kristininy nightly) pleasures, but me it wasn't possible to cum. And once in the afternoon, only we so decided to be indulged with Sveta as she unexpectedly ran out. I trudged behind her. She stood and embraced a sink. Sveta was tormented by severe vomiting. — Nevestushka, it seems to me that you with caviar. — Ne can be. Doctors told, the fucking disaster, on children and don't hope. — Ne hope, but it is possible to descend to the gynecologist. — Well, papulechka. Veee, vee. When Sveta at last oklimalas from this painful vomiting, I put ee on a chair, an itself went to Christina to the room and brought a bottle of spirits. I opened him, standing behind Sveta and I waved in ee the party. Sveta so express speed rvonula to a sink. Vomiting started over again shaking Ee. — Svetlanka that won't be told by doctors, but you precisely pregnant. — If this is so, then I am very happy. Pas, but you from it won't cease so me... — Svetik, of course not. You will get pleasures so much how many you will want. That more that pregnant women can't refuse. The truth after it to Sveta was possible to get pleasure only in the mornings from my fingers. I appeared what that the large order and they worked every day hours on 10. Once in the evening the ambassador Kristininogo of an orgasm, I wanted continuation (that more that the dick continued to stand), I delivered to Christie a crustacean and drove in her the fighter. In this time recured to the memory as in such situation, here I bashed out ee mother. Involuntarily speed increased. Christina only screamed when the dick before refusal pierced in ee a hard maiden vagina. Before eyes there was a picture as Sveta asks poglubzhe to set, fill in ee to a pizd with a cum. And at once I began to cum. — Wow! Cool! Lesh, a why you so didn't cum earlier. Such pleasure when you cum, yes still and so deeply. — Ne I know. You didn't ask, an I didn't show an initiative. — Lesh, awesomely it was pleasant to me. Cum more often. And poglubzhe. Hikhikh. — Kristinka, I don't promise, but I will try. A in a week turned out that she forgot to accept contraceptive tablets. Also I decided that if flew, then so to that and to be. The first pregnancy, won't do abortion. No and it isn't going to refuse sex so me too. And now I ee have to fuck according to the first requirement. Only in four months Christina decided to go to the gynecologist. From there she came suppressed and it was worth finding out big work the reason. It turned out that it is contraindicated to it to give birth. Sore heart won't sustain. If at once addresses, then it would be possible to cause pass abortion. A is doomed also it and the child now. I used all communications that though as that to solve this problem. Everywhere there are failures. Time went. Both Sveta and Christina already went with decent tummies (the difference of pregnancy was month). Steam of months had Christine before childbirth when I managed to receive though what that hope. There was a permit for border as time for cores. Probably there will treat. I made international passports for Christina, for myself and for Sashki. Even I can't understand why now, there will go one Christina. A also opened visas to Christina and to itself. Everything, Kristinka will go to receive medical treatment soon. Na it it would be possible and to finish, I long didn't decide to write the epilog. No from for women's everything I will tell commercialism. No if someone reads only for the sake of a sensuality, dear readers, you can pass to other stories, in this epilog only the tragedy, there is no sensuality. Several years ago the burning permit to Israel got to me. I had an international passport (in student's years has the luck to get in zagranku on practice). A desire to plunge in the legendary Dead sea was in dreams long ago. Arrival (more precisely an arrival) was safe. I was met, brought to boarding house. As that is even strange, the serving personnel perfectly own Russian. Lodged in double number. My neighbor the girl wasn't much younger than me, but judging by ee to a tummy already on 9 m month. She needed to stay a week more and forward on the Homeland here. We with her made friends at once. Here as it is told, the train syndrome worked. As and in the train when you tell fellow travelers, that you never in life could tell anybody. So and here. We shared such secrets with her that you won't tell the most reliable and devoted friends. Even exchanged numbers of phones (and house and mobile). As you also guessed, Christina was my neighbor in number. Here she that also told me history which I presented to your attention. We with her spent three days together. Together rejoiced that ee mother gave birth to the sonny (3,800). Together examined local sights. No the alarm often rolled on her. Then she became thoughtful and it was very difficult to hype up ee. Once we had a rest in number after a great lunch. I heard silent poskulivaniye. It Christina groaned. Her was couple more of weeks before childbirth, but having seen under her a pool, I understood that waters already departed, the ambulance is necessary. In Israel problems with health service for local, but for foreigners of almost any problems are possible. Probably it is connected with a high insurance. I called the ambulance, an also of doctors of sanatorium. Soon both that and others were in number. No so far they appeared, Christina wrote me number of phone and asked to call on him if with her that that happens. Several minutes doctors argued between themselves. We with Christina understood bloody nothing (Hebrew). Then I barked what they do nothing and only lose time. The doctor of the ambulance took me to the party and in a whisper obyasnil that there can be a lethal outcome. Bones of a basin didn't disperse and she won't be able to give rise, it is necessary to do Caesarian sections. No at her sore heart. Also she can die and the child. — So you are a doctor?! Or dick walrus! Save! He that that I shouted also hospital attendants quickly, but carefully put Christina on the wheelchair and in the ambulance. I too impudently got into the ambulance. When I was found, was late. The car rushed on the city with the switched-on flashing indicator under howl sirens. I already knew where there is the nearest hospital in which could accept the woman in labor. No the car of the ambulance rushed where that is farther. The doctor with someone that argued on the radio set, throwing disturbing views of Christina. When the ambulance flew to the hospital yard, there hospital attendants with a stretcher already waited (or with the wheelchair). Precisely I can't even remember. I further a reception wasn't let. I sat, examined the building. Even to paid hospitals or hospitals it also didn't dream ours. I sat more than two hours, an o of Christine nothing has been heard. Several time I tried that to learn that in the nurse in a reception, but she only specified to me to sit. When one of doctors appeared in a reception, I didn't even notice. Having heard a conversation, I turned, the nurse silently pointed a to me. He approached and in clean Russian language asked someone I am for the woman in labor. Having heard my answer, he grieved. — The doctor, tell everything. I will contact relatives now. — If it is short, communicate. I typed number which Christina gave me on the mobile phone. Na that party was answered by a pleasant men's voice. And how only I told that Christina — Where she gave me this number? What is with her? The doctor showed on gestures that I gave him the mobile phone. Further I heard only the doctor. He without excess words explained what they made Caesarian, the child was saved, the woman in labor connected on what that artificial since at her heart refused and there is all day to find the donor, then not to save ee even change of heart any more. The doctor returned me the mobile phone and that I told that to the nurse. She gave me number of phone of this doctor and told that at need it is possible to ring professor of this number any time of day and night. No when I turned back the doctor wasn't any more. Already at the exit from hospital the mobile phone rang out. — Forgive that disturbed. The next flight I take off to you. In several hours I will be at you. Could you help me? I need to reserve the room in hotel. To meet at the airport and it is necessary to reach hospital in which there is Christina with the child at once. — Of course. This quiet balanced voice enveloped, involved in itself. Even if I want to object, then couldn't in any way. Already expecting at the airport, I with horror thought that I don't know how this man looks and as we with him will be able to find the friend's friend the brisk airport. — Hello, I am called Alexey Vladimirovich. I hope you didn't release the taxi by which came? Ko I suited the nice man. Na look not more than 40 years. Judging by bearing — the military, judging by rolled muscles under a checkered shirt with short sleeves — the good athlete. — Of course, the taxi waits. I was in shock. How did it find me in crowd of people, in the unfamiliar place? How it learned that I also am that person who is necessary to him? These questions till this time without answer. While went by the taxi, it set short business questions. A I as a rabbit before a boa spread to him everything that I know, not in forces to keep silent. Though understood that it is the relative, and it is necessary to tell as that vaguely. No couldn't do anything with itself. He completely took control of my consciousness. We stopped by at hotel where he, having registered, left the things and at once rushed in hospital. On an entrance to hospital Alexey Vladimirovich phoned to professor of number which the nurse gave. Only entered, he where that left at once with professor. — You sit, expect. A I as the approximate schoolgirl sat and waited, without daring to leave for a minute. More than in an hour this strange person appeared. — Went. We from a reception went to the third floor. No here that till this time doesn't give me rest. Why the nurse who further a reception didn't let me now didn't even look in our party. We sat down on chairs for rest. Alexey called on the mobile phone to the son, (I understood it on a conversation). I told that that someone that addressed, on fast will help to open for him the visa. It will take several days. And that arrived here. Christina with the child should be carried home. All it is quiet and razmereno without what or panic as it seems he gave orders to someone and where to descend. Then I asked for me number of the phone number of hotel. I called the administrator and I agreed that the place behind him remains and in several days there will arrive his son, he would like that he was lodged in this number. Then I threw into my account mobile phones what that the sum. — I should ask you even about one service. There will arrive my son, you will meet him as me, but you will find the friend's friend with the help of mobile phones. Sashka be aware. You will show him hotel. You will also give A here. It is farther already itself will be able. No I think what won't refuse also your help. In advance I am grateful to you. At me the question why he won't make it was on the tip of the tongue, but I didn't dare. — And the last. Here to you my phone. There number by which it is necessary to call in a minute is already prepared. You will press a call and when you are answered, tell that the necessary heart already is. Na a question where, you will answer in a reception. Did all of you understand? To me it became terrible and disturbing. — Ne worry all it will be good. He stroked me on the head as he small and glanced through a handrail down. There it was visible how on the first floor in a reception the nurse sits. And suddenly it was gone. I didn't see, it rolled over for a handrail or I jumped off. I heard only deaf blow about a tiled floor. Having run up to a handrail, I saw the person lying in an unnatural pose. From under his injured head the bloody spot spread. My heart-rending shout merged with shouts below. No in the head hammers knocked: to call, it is necessary to call. I pressed the button of a call and heard professor's voice. — Yes. — The necessary heart already is — WHERE?!!! — In a reception. — So here why he needed the analysis of compatibility — and afterwards a perfect Russian mat. Well here and end of this story. Christina with the kid and Sashkoy safely reached home, the truth not at once, a when allowed her doctors. As for what money operation was done I don't know. No I know that passed successfully. I ask you not to kick strongly me for mistakes in the epilog. Ne I can read and correct mistakes — I pay. dating apps for japan date of birth calculator site mapMain Page