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"Get lost!" — I shouted and closed a door. The next scandal with the husband because of his jealousy forced me to go to the dacha in proud loneliness. Having arrived late at night and having closed the car, I sat down on a shop near the house and began to smoke a cigarette. In general I got rid of it for a long time an addiction what actively I wished also to others, but this time the spouse crossed all borders. Having wiped a zaplakanoy face with wet towel wipes I looked upward. In the sky wasn't cloudlets, the moon shone brightly and stars were seen. There was no wish to sleep absolutely, in the head disturbing thoughts climbed that will be farther in our relationship with the husband and whether it is worth continuing them. "All right it is necessary to go to sleep" — I thought, looking for hours which showed the beginning of the fourth morning — "All day tomorrow I will oversleep" But I was mistaken. Without husband it was uncomfortable in the big house at night, I listened to each rustle and a scratch. It became feel ill at ease, some fear filled me from within. Plots of horror films about any maniacs were remembered. "And why I left, would stay at home more better" — I took — phone — "Six morning, to be shocked and what to me to be engaged in? I all the same won't fall asleep" — I thought, and here I remembered about the neighbor who told me as gathers mushrooms buckets. I didn't mushroom years 10 already though in the childhood I liked this occupation, some passion appeared and the wood there was no wish to leave you won't gather all mushrooms in the district yet. Having drunk a coffee cup, I pinned up hair in a bunch, put on a cap, a sports suit and boots, took a knife, a basket and went to the forest. Our housing estate was surrounded by him from all directions where to go I especially didn't know and to leave far was frightening therefore I decided not to move away from a fence which separated our sites from the wood. On the street it was cool, the sky was tightened by clouds. As soon as I came into the forest, in me that children's passion woke up, I looked under each bush, removed foliage in hope to find though something. And having at last come to the clearing surrounded with high trees I found that long-awaited first cepe. Having wandered not many I understood that near sites already all collected and it is advisable to go deep into a thicket. Despite fear to get lost I after all decided that it is necessary to risk. Also I didn't lose. For half an hour I almost collected the whole basket. Fukh — I wiped sweat from a forehead — "It is necessary to smoke". Looking around I as couldn't understand from where I came and where to go, trees were identical from all directions, panic began to overcome me, but in the head the light idea appeared and I got phone, in hope at least on the navigator to arrive home "Are you serious?" — phone was switched off and didn't want to turn on, showing zero level of the battery — "Well is excellent! Just without panic!" I looked around to what party to go I didn't know. "Judging by the trampled-down grass, I came from there" — I aloud argued. About an hour I wandered on the wood, but so where didn't leave, high trees were a circle, all it seemed to me identical, I began panic, feeling that I go around, sweat large drops flew down from a forehead, I didn't pay attention to mushrooms any more. Having come to the next glade I heard voices — "Well at last people, I hope local, and it is even more best from dachas, will help me!" — pleased I went to a sound, it became much easier for me, nerves left a little, I hoped that it will appear at home soon. I already began to miss the husband and swore myself that didn't stay at home. Having left a thicket I saw two men sitting on the tumbled-down tree. Near them there were two big baskets with mushrooms. With a smile I approached them, I was so glad them to see. "Good morning, how many at you mushrooms" — I joyfully greeted, having approached them is closer. "Hi" — I muttered to me one of them, having turned and having examined me from legs to the head. To it was years 50, a gray hair hanged down from under an old, dirty cap, the face was covered by a gray-haired bristle. It got up, on it there was an old long raincoat, high boots, growth he was higher than me on the head. For some reason he reminded me some wood goblin, I was even frightened a little. "We here everything know places" — the second stranger cheerfully answered. He continued to sit on a tree, cheerfully smiling having had a snack lower lips, his mad eyes shone as glass. On age he was much younger than the satellite, by sight about 20 years. "Don't pay attention he bad a little" — the fact that is more senior severely told — "I Nikolay Ivanovich am called, and it is the Earring" "I am Vika" — I smiled — "And you are local?" "Yes we from the village, and you from where?" — he asked, staring at me. "And I from dachas" — answered I, being confused his look a little. In general my new acquaintances didn't seem friendly, on a back ran some chill. "Eka you go, here to dachas that to go and go, to you what there the chtola doesn't gather?" — he asked, taking off a raincoat "Yes you understand, I got lost not much, prompt and to what party to me to go?" — I accurately asked "Ooh, you but long should go to that party" — he told — "You can do it, got hungry? Long ago you wander that? One?" "Yes, hour two probably, I want to eat thanks" — I didn't begin to answer with someone I, let think that not one "Well look, and that we will treat you also the Earring?" — he smiled and I looked at the friend. "Yes, дядь Kohl" — laughed he, having again had a snack on a lip. I smiled for decency. "Thanks, I then will go" — I turned to them a back, and went in the direction of dachas which was specified to me by the uncle Kolya "Hey the daughter" — he called to me — "And you with someone go that? Absolutely alone чтоль?" "No, with the husband" — I told. I was a little frightened by this question of the uncle Kolya and I quickened the pace. Here he very loudly shouted "Hey", then once again and still. I was frightened turned, divided us already meters 30, he looked at me. "An earring yes it one" — he shouted to the friend — "Hold it, and that will leave" and the fellow darted off in my party. I was covered by bodily fear, I jerked from all forces, having rejected a basket aside. But having taken several steps I failed in a pool. I turned over on a back and all began to creep back in dirt, the cap flew from the head hair untwined. An earring I smiled as mad, saliva dripped to him on a jacket, he giggled, his eyes burned. "Don't approach at me a knife" — I told, and got a small folding knife. An earring I approached closer and closer, I tried to rise, but felt strong blow in a nape, in eyes everything floated, began to darken. The rain dripped when I recovered, sitting on the earth all dirty and wet. Having hardly opened eyes I looked round, near me the uncle Kolya, opposite to him the Earring sat. The head broke up. "I recovered дядь Kohl" — I laughed cheerfully the Earring "Aha, I see" — the uncle Kolya — "Well the cheat smiled, decided to make jokes with us? Will you win again?" I what I didn't answer, the head was ill, the body ached a little. "Well what, we a little with you will play and we will go" — with a smile the uncle Kolya told — "Now I will only finish smoking, the pleasure should be prolonged also the Earring?" "Aha to stretch дядь Kohl" — the guy began to nod the head as a doggie "It isn't necessary... "— with the last bit of strength I squeezed out, sitting on the earth on a lap "Give the Earring we will begin, and that time is expensive" — he got up approached me and undid a jacket — "Give, Give Remove Her" "Well it isn't necessary" — I repeated, but forces to resist wasn't He took off from me a jacket, from above I remained in one t-shirt as I didn't begin to put on a brassiere. the most important will be" — the uncle Kolya smiled I tried to get up, but there weren't enough forces and I understood that to run away at me it won't turn out. "Where did you gather? And well the Earring show what we have?" — the Earring lowered trousers and the pale already standing dick with red hair got around and began to shake him. "The idiot, I about a knife!" — the uncle Kolya shouted and the Earring got because of a bosom a huge knife in a cover. "Here look, look where you won't escape" — he began to jump swinging a knife and stirring the dick. The uncle Kolya took me for shoulders, he had big hands, and put me on a jacket, I closed eyes. The uncle Kolya took off from me boots and threw out them somewhere aside, trousers afterwards departed. I lay in some white panties Tanga, the Earring continued to giggle. "Well the Earring you want the first?" — the uncle Kolya departed from me "I want, I want" — the Earring already I began to jump on the place, splashing saliva in different directions. "Give only not as that time, she live is necessary to us, give a hatchet here" — the Earring approached the uncle Kolya. The despair and powerlessness filled me, the head broke up from pain. And here the Earring lowered trousers, I laid down on me from above, cheerfully giggling and coiling as a snake. From him stank then and garlic. He nestled on me, hands painfully squeezed my breast, his long, cold and some how many dick rested to me against a stomach. An earring as a dog I began to lick to me the person, his damp language slid on my cheeks, a nose and lips. It strongly squeezed my nipples and I slightly opened a mouth from pain, he began to kiss me, badly, and it is opposite. All my person was in his saliva, he zasovavat language in my mouth most deeply from what to me became badly. "What picture Earring, was lucky us with a catch today, the beautiful woman" — the uncle Kolya told "Aha, also smells well" — the Earring continued to climb me, nipples already burned from pain. "Well give already begin, and that she will choke with you" — the uncle Kolya began to laugh The earring of tears from me, I felt as he through panties smells my pussy, deeply inhaling its aromas. It was nasty, opposite to me, but owing to the physiology between legs it became damp, the Earring lowered from me panties. The clean-shaven, accurate pussy very much was pleasant to the Earring. He moved apart the dirty hands vulvar lips and the language deeper and deeper was absorbed in her greedy zasovavy. I involuntarily moaned. "Look the Earring it is pleasant to her, give still" — the uncle Kolya told and approached me on closer. "It thin also smells delicious" — told the Earring having come off the occupation. "Give already fuck her, and that I want too" — the uncle Kolya turned me on a stomach and having taken for hips raised my buttocks. Earring I approached behind and having undertaken a dick I drove it in me. Then once again and still. And suddenly he terminated. It was so quickly that I was even surprised. He pulled out a dick, after him from me several drops of his cum fell, I lowered a bottom and lay on a stomach. "Quickly you, go take rest" — the Earring I sat down on the filled-up tree again, speaking something in beard. The uncle Kolya approached me, raised for shoulders, I sat down. "Well as to you Earring mine?" — he asked me I sat naked in the middle of the wood, between legs was wet from the following Earring cum, the breast burned and was red color, the head broke up. "It was pleasant to you?" — the uncle Kolya strictly asked, I uguknut in reply. "You see the Earring, you are a good fellow" — the Earring I started over again giggling to myself under a nose. The uncle Kolya lowered trousers, I saw his standing dick, small, the Earring has more, but it had big, even very big head. "Give only without nonsenses, and that the Earring that still... a hatchet not just like that at it" — the uncle Kolya told and having taken me for a nape turned facing the dick. I opened a mouth and it pushed to me it to the throat, I choked, but it didn't pull out a dick, I began to choke, tears began to flow from eyes, and then he pulled out him, I have a fit of coughing. Having not much recovered the breath I opened a mouth again, this time the uncle Kolya held me by a nape and accurately the dick entered and put out him, then again and again, he groaned from pleasure, there was many saliva and his huge head slid on my language resting against a throat. He seized me by a nape again and with a force the dick drove, this time is even deeper, I choked again, didn't gasp, eyes became wet again. He pulled out a dick, saliva threads reached for him. I was bent and began to cough. The uncle Kolya put me on a back, bent legs in knees, kneelt at me between legs, moved apart legs and slowly entered me, I felt from within as his head passes on me, he entered at all length. The uncle Kolya on hurried to move, it was pleasant to him is in me, I shuddered even from the slightest movement of the dick. He looked at me, at my breast, at my slobbered person, at my dirty body. And here suddenly he pulled hard on me all over, I screamed, from surprise. The uncle Kolya began to fuck me, his dick moved in me as a hammer, he without taking out it took me for nipples and pulled on himself, I sat down opposite to him, his legs appeared under my bottom. "Faugh, you all in сюнях" — he told. Having pressed me to itself he continued to drive in me the dick, each time is stronger and stronger, I involuntarily moaned. The uncle Kolya having pressed me on shoulders with all force the dick drove and having hard exhaled terminated. I got down from his dick. Standing on the feet I felt as his cum follows from me, her drops ran on my legs. "Well the Earring still you want?" — the Earring turned to us and... his dick stood again. "I want, I want" — he began to nod "Well go give, do serious work and home" — the Earring approached me — "Well stand" Earring I stopped already having touched my pussy a hand. The uncle Kolya approached me. "Give get up dog-fashion" — he told me and I obediently got up. The uncle Kolya moved apart my buttocks and I felt his finger which rested against my anus and continued to press, from effort of the uncle Kolya index the finger entered on a half. "Narrow, it will be pleasant to you, stinks of shit as you love the Earring" — the uncle Kolya told putting out a finger — "Idi let will suck to you and that so won't enter, and give without nonsenses the girlfriend there" Earring I approached me with the bared dick holding him by a hand. I standing dog-fashion I opened a mouth, the Earring moved it on my cheeks, hair, ткунл it in a nose, the smell was awful, at me the emetic reflex worked. He in general had a strange dick, all in slime, very pale, long, but firm and from him awfully smelled. Having carried out by him on lips, he put a head on language, and began to drive him backwards forward, and unexpectedly drove it almost to the basis, in a throat it became sore, I wanted to be removed, but the Earring seized me by hair I rested a hand but what helped against his legs, he had an iron grasp, I began to choke, from eyes tears began to flow. "watch Dyad Kol I as you" — bragged it "Release, and that still will choke" — the uncle Kolya told smoking a sigarette. Earring the dick pulled out and bypassed me behind. I felt his nose about the anus and he deeply involved air. "Aha, stinks of shit" — joyfully I told the Earring "Spit her a hole more, will enter more better" — the uncle Kolya advised Earring several times I spat my buttocks and I smeared saliva, them was much they flew down below. An earring I took me one hand for a buttock and I squeezed, I otdvinut her aside. It became cold, I became covered by goosebumps. His head rested against my anus, by effort it entered me, the pulling, breaking off pain. Tears began to flow from eyes, with the last bit of strength I moaned. It was sick, the Earring the dick more and more deeply slowly entered. I compressed dirt in a hand having gritted teeth. Having completely thrust a dick, he began to move in the opposite direction, I very much wanted to write, I couldn't keep and the curve struka began to flow on a leg. "Dyad Kol he wetted pants" — was surprised the Earring "Happens, give finish already" — covering with a raincoat the uncle Kolya told Earring I entered me and again the pain pulling again, I felt as his balls rested against me, he seized me by hips and began to fuck more and more deeply. And he again quickly terminated later couple of breakthroughs. He pulled out a dick and squated examining my buttocks from which the cum followed. "Went, good on a nemnoga, still home to go" — the uncle Kolya told and went towards high trees, the Earring having once again smelled my anus, cheerfully ran behind him. I lay without getting up still near and went further to look for a way home. Fortunately wanderings were not long and I left to a farm from which to the house there was half an hour on foot. dating apps for christian college students date and time calculator site mapMain Page