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We worked with Christina in different departments of the huge company. To us wasn't also 30, but both already achieved certain career success and ordered the departments. Mere mortals in the company didn't favor and invited to "office parties" only heads, starting with chiefs of departments above of hierarchy. So we also got acquainted. At first sight she was pleasant to me and hardly the nice face, almost ideal proportions of a figure, tasty rolls of elastic buttocks and a magnificent breast could leave someone indifferent. But the most important was in her eyes. From time to time, in them some naughty spark hinting that their owner not always the strict chief sparkled. It obviously made related us with her. A medal at school, the diploma with honors, steady career development – for many acquaintances and their children I was an example. Having caught that evening on itself this surprisingly attractive look, I any more not in forces was him to forget. Having smiled to her, I approached and we got to talking. I learned where she works where lives, and even the fact that she almost professionally is engaged the Strip plasticity, and still, not without disappointment that she is married several years … The last fact painfully pricked me a jealousy needle. — Here so — I thought, - she without washing yet, and I already am jealous her, is direct love at first sight!. This assumption was true. I really fell in love with her. Now, in corridors of huge office, in each passer, I involuntarily looked for her. I suffered, without results trying to think up an occasion to come to her. Option to bring her home I disappeared by itself as soon as I learned that after work she is taken away by the husband. Few times I even saw him: the high nice brunette, generally already his appearance didn't promise an easy victory in competition for Christina and, of course, didn't add to me optimism. But to be given was not in my rules especially as I couldn't make it any more even if I would like. There passed some time, so far, at last, the destiny didn't bring together us together on next "office party". For the first time in life hesitating to suit the first, I didn't release it from a look so far, at last, our views weren't crossed. My heart was without restraint driven in. Second and. on her face the friendly smile flashed, and it invitingly waved to me a hand. As well as in our first meeting, we stirred with it about any nonsense again, but this time our conversation was more tense. Probably, I indulged in wishful thinking, but it seemed to me that she has to me some feelings. Her face obviously reddened when I, am not able to look away, especially stared at her. Having referred to closeness indoors, I suggested her to leave to breathe fresh air on a ladder. Hardly we came to a staircase and began to rise, I caught it by a bottom with a hand. From surprise she stopped and turned to me the astonished face. Probably, she wanted to be indignant, but her angry exclamation got stuck in my passionate kiss. The left hand I pressed it to myself, and right resolutely climbed under a hem of a short cocktail dress. It rested hands to me against a breast, vainly trying to resist to a sudden pressure, but her lips foully responded to fervent kisses. My fingers resolutely got under an easy strip of panties and now gently caressed her defenseless shchyolochka. What damp she was! It seems that it began to flow in the hall, having reacted to my frank views quite so as it was necessary for me. At last, having recovered, it pushed away me. — Release! You that? I so can't! — angrily she whispered, panting — I am married! Also I don't fool around! — Of course, no! Will change nobody to your husband. I, here, too don't change him – I tried to relieve the tension and right there I resumed attempt of storm of this unapproachable, and from that, even more desired, fortress. — No, no! Stop, – she from my embraces finally escaped – Let's return! Us there are no minutes 20 as in the hall. Then rumors we won't be gathered. We go! The rest of evening we practically didn't communicate, trying to avoid a meeting, but, in too time and not to lose sight of each other. Everything changed … Now each of us sharply felt another. Already then we understood both — friends to us not to be any more. Having woken up in the morning of the next day (what happiness that it was Saturday!), I with horror remembered yesterday evening. It was a shame to me with the passionate attempt to seize darling who precisely knew now about mine not "friendly" feelings to her. I was afraid that my sincere, but sharp rush will push away from me Christina. However, considering of yesterday's events responded in my body the accruing excitement mixed with sweet languor. Half an hour on doubts and a rehearsal of dialogue, and here fingers, disobedient for nervousness, I dial her number which is providently found out at mutual friends. — Hi, Christine! – I tried to speak as it is possible not prinuzhdenny, – didn't wake? — Hi!. I don't sleep for a long time, for work saw off the husband, he works today. I was pleasantly surprised that she recognized me by phone, and didn't begin to go into details from where I have her number. — Well — I hesitated — and I that I call, I, it … got excited on a ladder yesterday … Don't you take offense at me there? — Yes, I got excited — she hemmed — I, to put it mildly, was stunned yesterday! Well, all right. Arrived. We will remain friends. — Perfectly, maybe, then I will personally apologize you, if you all the same one houses miss. — Well … - my interlocutor hesitated — well, give through a couple of hours — she squeezed out, at last, strongly doubting correctness of the decision. Then Christina told the address. — Well, prior to a meeting — I hurried to finish a conversation until she changed the mind, and, inspired with a windfall, I started collecting. As well as it was agreed, approximately in two hours, she opened for me a door, without knowing yet that she lets in not only me the apartment, but also irreversible changes in the life. Time waiting for me was spent by her not for nothing … A faultless make-up on a face and provocatively a short dress on her smart figure did it to even more desired. We went to kitchen. Of course, it knew, what will be farther, knew since yesterday evening. Intuition of the real woman she felt in me desire and passion to which to resist was above her forces. We had tea and stirred tried to stir, more precisely, about any nonsense, discussed a yesterday's party, diligently avoiding an incident subject on a ladder though, of course, both thought of him. She reddened and was confused, giving the excitement. — Repair, abrupt at you, here — I decided to lead a conversation in the party necessary to me — in all rooms such? — Well. under my sensitive management did — she modestly answered — Ah yes, you at me the first time on a visit! We will go, I will show all apartment. But I didn't manage to see all apartment that time. Having come behind it into the bedroom, I embraced her from a back and strong pressed to myself. My dick, eregirovanny to a limit, rested through summer trousers against a depression in the ground between her buttocks. Lips clung to defenseless necks and zaporkhal over her, dispersing waves of the exciting goosebumps on her body. — You again?! – she exhaled somehow not really with astonishment, – I am married! Forgot? — I forgot, the darling! I forgot! – hot was whispered by me — and you already forgot. The only thing about what you can think now – only of how it is good in my embraces. Without ceasing to kiss, we fell by a bed. Having curved over it an arch, I set free the to a limit the bulked-up dick. Her hand right there clasped his elastic trunk and began to caress it gently. While it skillfully encouraged me, I pulled together from it panties. And, here it is the long-awaited moment: the head of my dick rested against her bulked-up sexual sponges!. The first deep, but still careful movement — and she groans, having thrown back the head and rumpling palms a sheet. I feel her moisture, heat!. It flows, no, just expires from desire! My firm as steel, the dick fills it to a limit. Lips don't leave, bodies are weaved as tongues of flame, rhythmically moving in the best dance on the planet — surprising dance of love. At last she was killed in an orgasm, being curved, pressing the pubis to mine. We almost don't move. The seconds of pleasure seeming for hours. Again dance. I don't remember any more how many times, she shouted from an orgasm, clasping with the pulsing vagina my dick. Below now my stomach the wave arises. It accrues promptly and is insuperable as a tsunami. I hardly manage to leave it, and white elastic streams of my orgasm whip the excited Christina's body. So our first sex ended, and a relationship began our, still secret. I learned that for several years of marriage, them with the husband of feeling managed to cool down fairly. Sex turned into a conjugal duty, burdensome for both, and the frequency of their intimate meetings tended to zero. She already managed to yearn on romanticism and male caress. So the whirlwind of a new relationship with me began to whirl her with an enormous force. We managed to meet two-three times a week, but at these short moments we undividedly owned with each other, enjoying each joint second. During the same period of her relation with the husband finally fell. I understood that I considerably promote it, but desire to own was undividedly stronger than her me. Despite deterioration in their relationship, I continued to be jealous her of it. At any mention about I am mute involuntarily I tried to exaggerate his shortcomings and to bring to naught merits. This youthful jealousy also served as a starting point of further events. I was always proud of the dick, especially after learned that his size considerably exceeds average. My weighty, against the background of average 13.7 on men's population, looked 18.5 very adequately. Once, during sex with Christina, I decided to pay her attention to advantages of my handsome, of course, in secret, wishing to receive from her confirmation of my superiority over her husband and in this part. And while she, standing on a bed in a knee - an elbow position moved towards to my ramming movements, trying as it is possible to incorporate more deeply my "handsome", I self-confidently asked: — How to you my huge dick? Do you feel what it long and firm? How does fill you?. — Yes, the good dick, - moaned she in reply. — It is sure, it is the hugest dick which ever fucked you! – I wasn't appeased. But here my darling answered nothing this phrase. The unpleasant chill of jealousy ran on my body. — Why are you keeping silent? – I asked not, having sustained. — I have more than at your husband? — Well — she hesitated — well at him subtenches and. more thickly … — Subtenches, and more thickly?. — as the echo was repeated by me disappointedly. At me even the dick fell after her words. I was out of myself from rage and jealousy. This evening to me was already not before sex at all, and soon I from her left. The only thing what I could think on the way home of, so about a nasty dick is the swine — her husband whom he fucked her several years of their, first, happy living together! I already seriously loved Christina, and here she didn't hurry to make a final choice between it and me, diligently leaving from my questions on a divorce with him. — Well, now I understand why!. – already aloud in the car I wound myself. Emotions overflowed me. — It is simple to be shocked! It is more than at me! And why the hell I in general asked! – I turned at half of the night with a side sideways in the bed, vainly trying to erase images of huge penises in the imagination. Eventually, having somehow calmed itself the fact that many things perceive the woman subjectively, through a prism quite often of the reading off scale emotions, I fell asleep. First of all, having come tearing along next morning for work, I dialed her number. — On how many it is more?. – furiously I cried out in the microphone. — Yes that you so shout? – Christina asked with astonishment. — First, good morning. And secondly, can it is time already forget this silly conversation? — Of course, bitch! — I thought, almost hating her — you didn't provorochatsya all night long, reduced to ashes by own jealousy!!! — On how many the dick of your husband is more than mine?! – I repeated the question already aloud. — It is important for me! It is clear? So on how many? — You are precisely confident that you want to know the truth?!! – with a call she asked she, obviously beginning to be heated from a flame of my rage. — Precisely! — 27 and a half centimeters! And in the diameter of centimeter at 2 is thicker! – with obvious sadism (as it seemed to me) she told. — How many? – in a moment by a hoarse voice I asked again — from where such precisely? You what, measured it? — Criteria! – razrazheno she threw — we together measured. I when for the first time saw him – shocked was, and then for fun suggested to measure. He agreed. Found a ruler, put from above. Here from a pubis to a tip of a head of 27 and a half centimeters and a namerila. And I a hand remember thickness … Mine the last hope for subjectivity of her assessment failed. Died a dick from above? To mean if it is correct to measure it, in a middle part, it at least all 28 centimeters will be! — Well you so take a steam bath about it? – she tried to calm me — you know: the size – not the main thing. The main thing – that I love YOU! — Seriously? Not the main thing? – lifelessly my voice began to sound — not the main thing when a difference not big. As in a joke: at the neighbor the dick is one centimeter longer – a trifle, and it is pleasant! But not on 10 centimeters?! It is not a trifle! At all not a trifle! Still tell for you there is no difference in feelings! All right, I will call later — I interrupted Christina's objections, trying to get rid somewhat quicker of her – now, witnesses to my men's shame. — Well, forgive me — it was softened, she, having understood that I am seriously upset. — Everything is normal. So far — I switched-off phone, having remained alone with the experiences. — Normally?! Yes it isn't normal! Here, bitch! Could and tell lies! – I thought, almost hating her. Yes, now I hated this rubbish which several years fucked this huge dick! I hated a huge dick and his owner! All day this hatred overflowed me, forcing to rehearse angry monologues with Christina. — Hi — it is guilty the narration she, having opened for me a door. As nobody earlier I hated her, hated and … wished at the same time. We snatched at each other as it often happens after the lovers hardened litter. We moved to the bedroom, continuously kissing and getting rid of clothes, weren't absolutely naked on a bed in close embraces of each other yet. At last her pink elastic nipples rested to me against a breast, and instantly bulked up head of my dick moved apart gubeshechka ready to accept her vaginas. — So that, the little whore, your hubby the horse dick fucked you?! – with rage I asked. — Yes! And still as fucked! I stuck on me on the huge trunk on the balls! – with a call in tone I was answered by her. Only now, when my own dick was firmer than steel, and I am ready to begin to boil from excitement, her words sounded for me absolutely differently. Wonderfully, what intolerably tormented me the whole day forced me to experience new inflow of excitement now! I nearly terminated from Christina's words, and a picture with her participation which instantly I presented in the imagination. I didn't expect it from myself. — Ah you, the rubbish terminated! Do you still dare to remember it?! – I passed to falsely angry whisper as in a mouth instantly dried up, and the voice got hoarse from the reading off scale excitement — as he in you was located? — Perfectly I was located! I filled me as nobody else! It seemed I reached the heart! – in tone I was passionately whispered by her, having sensitively caught the mazokhichesky requirement which suddenly woke up in me. I began to fuck her without restraint. Before I was never so horney! And nobody so furiously and with pleasure punished her earlier. And, having thinly felt that it is necessary for me, she each biting and cynical phrase as blow of a lash, I caused me pain and pleasures, bringing to ecstasy top. — You can't even imagine what is a huge dick! I choked with happiness when it was in me! I began to cum at once as it entered me! — Mm, … - she rolled up eyes from pleasure, remembering — he even didn't need to move. I fell by him from above and cumed, didn't become exhausted yet! — And - and-and … — she passionately groaned under me — and then, slipped from him and licked him from eggs to a head. — And what huge balls at him — she didn't stop — he all filled in me with the hot cum when cumed on me. — Give, the dissolute whore, give! – I encouraged her, feeling unknown earlier mazokhichesky pleasure from each her word. — To someone to give?! To you? With yours?!. Ha! – cynically she humiliated me, obviously enjoying that my dick increased with each her phrase. — Your pathetic dick is 10 centimeters shorter, than at him and is much thinner! I will be more best to give him! After these her words, my dick, emaciated sweet torments, appear, just exploded the cum fountain in her vagina pulsing in a simultaneous orgasm. I groaned from pleasure, she shouted, being curved and reeling up a sheet on fists … — I love you — at last, she never whispered — me and there is nobody it wasn't so good!. — And I love you. To me too … — You have the best in the world dick! With him, despite his sizes, me never so was … And for words which I told you he just would kill me! – with a smile she told. — And in general, probably, any man would kill! Well, except you, of course. You at me unique … — Perhaps, you are right — I agreed, keeping within near her — though, it seems to me that much of these abrupt males actually just lack courage to admit to the girlfriends and themselves, that they are made horney by a sexual fantasy in which his darling, another would fuck. — And you that, I represented as my husband fuck me — she playfully asked. — Still as represented! In all details! Each your phrase!. And you?. — I too — she sincerely admitted. — I also couldn't imagine that my mad jealousy destroying earlier my relationship, now, except sufferings, can give such crazy orgasms! — Oh, my jealous Othello, now you won't leave me anywhere because reasons for jealousy, so and orgasms, I will give you how many you want — she smiled. Here so, absolutely accidentally, I found a way of fight against the jealousy. As the famous psychologist wrote: if the destiny gives you a lemon – just make of it lemonade. And I made! Having turned the jealousy into pleasure, I also found the power unprecedented before over Christina. All ecstasy of her former sexual experiences I added to ours with her the relation. All her vicious experience, all her damp memoirs worked for me. Now, during sex, I whispered her obscene words about a dick of her husband, again and again forcing to plunge into these sweet memoirs. She cumed as obsessed as though we together with her husband at the same time entered her holes. I wasn't jealous her of a huge dick of the husband any more, in some sense I even fell in love with him. No, I am not a gay and even not bi! The thought that men can embrace or kiss each other of nothing except nausea causes in me, but this horse dick … Pictures of how she passionately sucks hardly brightly pink head of a huge dick of the husband which is located in a mouth, having clasped with both hands a giant trunk as at the same time gently podrachivat him … Mmm … these pictures forbidden earlier caused in me with anything incomparable desire now. Even Christina without imaginations about this exciting dick didn't seem such attractive now. Once, during our next rough sex, at me the crazy thought of that how exciting was a picture of her real real sex with the husband flew. Without interrupting our movements for minutes, we hotly dreamed as I will hide in a case, and she, having invited it on a visit, will drag to the bedroom. She whispered how she will lay it on a bed so all would be visible to me in between doors … As the dick which is bulking up in the eyes as will get up over him on all fours will get from trousers it, having turned, a bottom to me what I would see, the lubricant flowing on her hips from the shchelochka which is hundred-held down on the huge friend. Of course, on her there will be no panties any more. And as the giant dick of her husband will find the giant sizes in skillful hands of my darling, gentle petals of her rosette will bulk up and be moved apart, dropping new drops of moisture on a silk sheet. At the same time her mouth will greedy suck a hot head, a marigold gently to scratch heavy balls, cams to podrachivat a firm trunk. At last, it comes off this selfless suction and, having risen, fades for a moment having hanged a vagina over a head of the dick which is made horney to a limit, so that I passed nothing what would manage to consider all to the smallest details. I will see how its rising the giant moves apart the bulked-up gubeshka of a defenseless pussy of my darling revealing towards to his huge head. I will see how her lubricant slowly flows on his neobkhvatny trunk. Then, accidentally, she turns around to a case, furtively smiles and, looking to me directly in eyes, slowly begins to slide on this huge hot dick down, choking with shrill happiness to exist stuck on the hugest trunk … The passionate whisper mixed with groans of intolerable pleasure we discussed this new story until it came to the end with ours rough with a simultaneous orgasm. After that time, we often returned to this imagination every time when my dick appeared in Christina until once, on the way home, I came into the sex shop with any expressive name. I faced a show-window with vibrators, choosing the thickest of 30 centimetric giants to add him to our today's program of adult games as I suddenly saw on a wall rack behind a show-window a box with the nice girl against the background of a red glossy cloth with a black hole in the middle. On a box followed from an inscription that inside a screen for sex of Glory Hole. About Glory Hole I heard earlier, well watched video on which allegedly nothing not suspecting girls entered a cabin of a toilet of night club, took seat on a toilet bowl, more precisely, and here, suddenly, in a hole at the level of the person the got-up dick of the stranger from the next cabin was pushed. Courageous little girls not for long посомневавшись for decency, began to podrachivat the unexpected visitor. Further events developed according to the known scenario with active use of mouths, pussies and daddies of these beauties. But it is Glory Hole in the public place, and here I saw a screen for house use for the first time. Having asked a box with a screen for the seller, I read that it is just inserted into a doorway of any interroom door and, unlike any there swing of love, various sadomasochism - devices doesn't demand fastening to walls, a ceiling, a door box and so on and doesn't leave any marks of application at all. It is made of an easy, but dense and opaque film which after each use is just reeled up on one of telescopic bars. On the screen are made an incision openings under the different sizes of female tits, daddies are worn easily out independently and – here it is the ready scenario of our evening – for a penis!!! The shivering hands I twisted a box with a screen, mechanically considering the beauty on her, and my imagination drew pictures from which my dick, was ready to terminate directly in trousers. Having paid off the seller, on legs, unbending from adrenaline, I left shop and went straight to Christina. — And it that it? – she was surprised, looking at a box with a screen. — Now I will tell — I heatedly answered — I will more precisely show! Having developed one movement a screen, I inserted bars into a doorway of the bedroom and now instead of a door, almost on all height, the continuous red cloth shone luster. — It is a screen for sex of Glory Hole for house use! – in the spirit of television advertisers I declared. — Well, abruptly, of course! But what with her to do?.-still with misunderstanding Christina asked. — One moment — I groped an opening cut for the dick and easily pulled out his middle. Now at the level of a belt the opening of centimeters 10-12 in the diameter manyashche gaped. — Listen — I with great feeling began — I bought this screen so far, I thought up everything … — You will invite the husband on a visit (their quarrel reached apogee and, having packed the things, he left from it recently), well for another conversation there, you still for some reason find out which of you and what I am guilty of. Well, there, I don't know, you will treat him with a tea, and then, you will tell that very much you miss his huge dick, but as you can't forgive him so far up to the end, you will offer him sex through this screen! He will be in the hall, I you on other side, that is in the bedroom. — Well, and in what a counter? Screen what for? – suspiciously she asked — on a box it is written that she for a change sexual games of constant couples, and we are with him it seems already as not a constant … — Not with him, the darling, a game. More precisely and with him too, but couple not you with him, but you — with me! The counter is that in the bedroom together with you there will be I! This variety of ours with you, but not with him, sexual games! — Yes you that!. Went crazy?! – she exclaimed. — And if he wants to enter if feels any dirty trick?! He will kill you! And then and me! — Well, expensive, first, longer dick helped nobody with a fight yet — I joked — and, secondly he just will notice nothing. Men are much more primitive and more inattentive than women! You already had to notice it! She was afraid therefore we spent a half an hour more in hot discussions, so far, at last, I managed to convince her. Then we discussed details. And after my final assurances is that I need really it, and I won't change the mind during process and I won't leave her for treason after him, she dialed number of the husband. — Hi. I don't distract? – trying to give natural notes to the voice, she told it. I stood with nervousness. The pulse rate reads off scale. I thought over the scenario of this adventure to trifles and now above all wanted that everything turned out. With bated breath I listened attentively to their coquettish dialogue, so far, at last, didn't exhale with relief when understood that it will arrive. — I told, in an hour will be — Christina in embarrassment told. It seems that she to the last hoped that she shouldn't participate in this dangerous invention. — I understood — I smiled — you flow, the whore? Do you though understand what waits for you today?! In an hour you will be already fucked your favourite huge dick, and I will look at the same time at you! And it is not imagination any more. Did you with him have no sex long ago? — Well — she thought — month two precisely. — And how? – I asked language, disobedient for nervousness, wishing and being afraid to hear at the same time her answer — you want him? — Very much I want!. He is such huge, such thick.-pensively she rolled up eyes. We merged in a passionate kiss. Hour of expectation passed in the wild sexual tension and vanity. We chose by her the shortest dress in which she nearly in school walked yet. Now his hem came to an end just in the middle of the lower slope of her magnificent buttocks. No linen on her existed, only it nothing hiding a dress, sandals on an unreal hairpin, gold of jewelry and aura of expensive spirits. My darling was ready! Also I was ready, more precisely I was ready since that moment as I saw this remarkable screen in the sex shop. All this time from the crazy idea before gatherings of Christina on an appointment with the husband my dick stayed in insufferably pleasant tension. At last, the call to a door was distributed. I hid in a case, on that case if he accidentally glances to the bedroom. From a case I could hear only the separate words of their dialogue, but my nervousness it didn't reduce at all. Mix from feeling of danger, fear to be exposed and sexual excitement raged in me. Heart without restraint beat somewhere in a throat, and my heavy breath, appear, could be heard in the neighboring apartment. Judging by sounds and scraps of phrases, they peacefully had tea in kitchen. Then calmed down. — Kiss — I solved — and probably he already touches my darling, with delight having found out that on her there is no linen. From this guess the wave of jealousy rose to a throat, but another – an excitement wave, nearly rushed a stream of a hot cum from an overexcited dick. Meanwhile, Christina and her husband, moved to the bedroom. Rustles and kisses became louder. At last they entered. The door of a case was closed not densely, but I was afraid to look in a crack. Heart without restraint beat, in a mouth dried up, palms sweated. My dick which I constantly stroked during their kitchen prelude shook now, in beat pulse. The claret head was ready to blow up from the slightest touch. The transparent drop of lubricant hung on her tip. Obviously, he tried to fill up her on a bed, but she took a situation in hand in time. — Wait — Christina was discharged of him — I know that you changed me. — Well, we agreed, all this in the past — he impatiently objected. — I not about it. Well, that is not absolutely about it. Listen well: I very much want you now, but finally I need to forgive time, and this time as you understand, sex isn't possible. More precisely it wasn't possible earlier! And now … Here, look! Judging by a rustle, she developed a screen — Leave the bedroom — Christina asked the husband. As well as any horney man, he was ready for everything now if only somewhat quicker to seize a desired shchyolochka therefore resignedly I obeyed and left in a corridor. I heard as Christina inserted screen bars into a door box. — Do you remember, darling — she continued — you wanted to fuck my sister? — Yes that you! There was no it! – he protested because of a screen, having been frightened of prospect to be left today without sex. — Don't lie, – she sharply tore off him — she told all to me! And as you stuck to her and for what places she was enough and that at the same time I told … — Yes I drunk then was! — Of course, darling, of course, you was drunk — Christina calmed him — I just now thought — she pensively said — that if we would have such screen earlier, then can, and there would be no your unfaithfulness … — Well — she waved away from nostalgic dreams — I want that you presented that behind this screen not I, and my sister! — But I only want you — he began to worry. — Yes I know someone and what you want! Humpbacked itself you know what will correct! – Christina interrupted the husband. — Calm down. I allow everything to you now. I won't see pensive expression of your person now as it was earlier, I won't understand, on an absent look that you now from me far also fuck, let and in dreams, but absolutely another. And you can safely represent someone now you will want. - So insert the dick into this hole and represent that the gentle mouth of my younger sister clasps his head — she finished with already exciting tone. With the greatest care I opened already silent door expensively to a case and got out of it. At last to my look such desired picture appeared: my Christina absolutely naked (and when he only managed to pull together from her a dress) is kneeling to an opening in a screen. Her hands gently stroke a trunk of really huge dick which is coming to life from her touches. Even in the imaginations I didn't represent as far as it is huge. My darling with languid gloss in eyes smiled to me, kind of asking: — Well, didn't expect from me it? To the last, probably, doubted whether I will change the mind? Well look, now don't regret. Silently, as a shadow, I crept to it and hardly kneeled legs, unbending from excess of adrenaline. Now all in only a few centimeters from my eyes Christina with ecstasy humoured a mouth a giant dick of my until recently hated rival. But it was earlier … Now I as zavorozhyonny, I looked at this huge log and at the lips of my darling stretched to a limit. With what ecstasy she sucked! Too literally shook her from excitement. I saw how sweet transparent moisture of desire acted on already moved apart lower lips of Christina. I laid down on a floor, протиснув under them the head. She stood up a little, helping me will settle more conveniently, and right there impatiently fell towards to my hot uvula. — As I she wet — was surprised I — missed, the poor thing, on the horse dick! From below it was visible to me as she, having clasped with both hands, vigorously jerked off a fat trunk of a giant dick, accepting his progress by the mouth. She rhythmically fidgeted on we wash language, aspiring as it is possible to get into her expiring peshcherka more deeply. At last, she couldn't stop a silent orgasm, having discharged of the favourite nipple and only slightly podrachivy her. She loudly groaned, and I don't represent that her husband concerning the reason of her orgasm thought. — Probably, I decided that she terminated with happiness to suck away the hugest dick in the world — I grinned about myself. When the last spasms of pleasure abated, Christina took the huge guest in a mouth again. I got out from under her. As she is beautiful! I felt that I love her now stronger, than ever before. My jealousy disappeared, having given way to quiet confidence that everything that it does now – only for the sake of me. The feeling of gratitude pushed me to darling. I bent to her to kiss, but as her lips were occupied I began to kiss a cheek. At first it is careful, trying not to prevent her to happiness of possession of a huge dick, then all it is more courageous … I licked her neck, eyes, sometimes, when the dick left her mouth, I managed to kiss it on a mouth. When I licked her cheek, felt a sphere of an elastic head behind her, and not at once realized that now I try to lick it specially. I was infinitely grateful to this screen for sex now, exactly thanks to this screen and the idea of Glory Hole in this room were only I, my Christina, and this madly exciting magnificent dick. The screen allowed us to enjoy with each other, having provided in our order huge a dick and having allowed to forget about that to someone he is attached by other end. My excitement reached heights unknown before, constraint and fear were finally dissolved in it. 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