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I don't know how now (though I suspect that little changed on the practical level), but at the beginning of the century to make business trips was a real handful. Generally for a pocket. No, the organization regularly paid tickets (apart from SV in trains) and checks from hotels (apart from apartments luxury), but daily allowance was pathetic pennies. It was absolutely impossible to live on them in the unfamiliar city. And somehow to get out, in our department such know-how was thought up. That person at whom were though some relatives or acquaintances there went to the concrete city. Doing a muzzle by a brick, he remained with them those several days while resolved office issues. And after return from a business trip issued the receipt allegedly from hotel with the accommodation sum, maximum allowed for poor state employees, put from where the got stamp "Is paid", there was enough accounts department of it, for nothing nobody remained. And when after another planning meeting above, the Head of Department read the name of the city of Afinograda, all children and girls politely looked at me and impolitely pointed a finger – here he and will go. Our collective was amicable and rallied, knew the friend about the friend everything and even more, and wasn't a secret that in the marked policy I have also relatives from the wife, and the army companion. Still I forgot to tell that if point of sending was rather nearby, then having the car preferred to go under the own steam, but not on public transport. Of course, nobody paid gasoline, but if said that tickets are lost, then at presentation of the reference from railway or bus station, on the minimum tariff expenses travel cards were refunded, too there was certain plus in it, let not financial character, and just for convenience. So I went by the car. I lived three days at the friend, smart he had a mansion, accepted me by the highest category, but he had business trip, it would be indecent if in the absence of the husband I continue to live under the same roof with his young wife (as well as it is necessary to the nouveau riche – the second) and the one-year-old child therefore the next three days I, reluctantly and gritting the teeth, lived at the apelike cousin of my spouse. Sex with the friend's wife and furthermore with the mentioned cousin won't be, don't even dream … And with someone will be? My friend had a novelty, modern for those years, – the Internet. For connection via the modem on dialing, disclosure of pictures on half-minute you wait – but the Internet! It was something! And he, among other "wonders of the world" having shown also a dating site, I was kidding and I created on me the questionnaire. I, frankly speaking, at first also didn't understand for what. I thought that it can be found in such fashionable way "moths". I told him why such difficulties if it is necessary, a purchase in the booth any newspaper with announcements in the section "Leisure", but somehow there is no wish to spend for it money, and he to me in reply to "yes you understood nothing, look". Also shows that having switched-off the "intim for money" filter, but having included "sex on 1-2 times", too it is possible to find women. And at this moment on the website there is online only one woman. She. The heroine of my story by name … it is absolutely unimportant, the most usual name, but with a nickname Tais. Read – we know! I try to prove (and it is accepted during an evening dinner not less than 300 grams on the brother) that even on a nickname it is clear, this is the hetera courtesan, that is the prostitute, in translation from Ancient Greek. But the friend didn't read either Efremov, or Balzac. Also proves lack of her material interest elementary and visually – enters to it into a correspondence. From my questionnaire. And she answers. And something asks in turn, and he, pretending to be me, gives answers from my name. The conversation reaches exchange of numbers. My friend Virgil gets the mobile phone, I assume, for this purpose, to bring her number in contacts and to write to the answer. And too late reaches me that usually the person the number of cellular remembers by heart. I am enough him a hand with a mouse how it is pressed the Send button and on the screen in a window of dialogue I see not him, and my number. — Well you did an ill turn to me, well done! – I say to him, letting know that I am dissatisfied with a dead giveaway of my phone number. — Yes throw, nonsense all this. Here it has no affairs any more as to keep ringing to you. You write down to yourself her number, there will be time, call. And there already as you will manage. — Boys, you weren't tired to climb the pornowebsites yet? – the whimsical voice of the wife is distributed from the first floor. – I should call mother. — All everything, we are disconnected, you can call! – the friend separates communication and says: — give don't brake, write down her number until the wife rose here. I called Tais in the evening of that day when I for the first time remained to spend the night with the cousin. Just with boredom it was also a little curious whether Virgil told lies. The conversation was … some crumpled. I didn't know what with it to speak about, it in turn, probably, understood that I have a curiosity, but not the aiming at a meeting, answered in monosyllables too. At last, having gathered determination, I blurt out: - And what if we meet? Give tomorrow? - If in the afternoon, then I can in a lunch break. The cafe is "such", at one o'clock in the afternoon. Will you find? At the corner of "the fifth street" and "the tenth the avenue". - Naidoo. And how we recognize each other? Laughs: - Be not afraid, we learn, we won't be lost. Learned, weren't lost. The nice woman about forty years, white, blue-eyed, with melirovanny hair, the average growth and build, with a gold watch for some reason on the right hand (then still I joked, really Putin so is pleasant to women, give under him hair do). The conversation at dinner and then behind a dessert was more brisk, than by phone. For me I became the most remembered detail following: Tais had three daughters: one student, other schoolgirl, the third still went to kindergarten. She worked in some office nearby and when it came about a repeated meeting already with the purpose to retire, told that she after work, will wait for me at 6 in the evening at an entrance to cafe. It was clear that it is necessary to look for the place. I bought the local newspaper, I began to look for. Generally, I found. Of course, I tried to gain at the price because for a couple of hours nobody handed over, only by the day. Well, I got on some deaf grandma – the hostess who agreed to sit several hours on a shop while I am her temporary lodger. As she explained me the address – it the comedy is more blank Comedy club. I slykhy didn't hear about that lane where allegedly there was a building, and she for some reason didn't know those central streets and avenues according to which I went every day there and back. I began to explain on signs, approximately so: "Beloveds, well as you will pass that drugstore where the manager at Fedorchenke (their first secretary of times of stagnation) was put, a tam the round bed will be with florets, still beggars tear them and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier sell for three rublik, turn left, but not really on the left, and directly on the left, and go to yourself until an epicure you see also turn there big stands behind vodka, in the yard and stop by. Oh, the silly woman I old, turn that at Gorbach was, and now there cooperative, forgot the name. Yes you ask any where there was an epicure, знамо business, всяк will tell you". But Tais, sitting in the car, I told me both about drugstore, and about an epicure, and I showed a circle with four forks which quite so and could be characterized – "strongly on the left" and "directly on the left", and even neponyatka with names of streets became clear: the old woman remembered them as Lenin, Kirov and Revolution whereas 10 years they were Stolypina, Rasputin and Democracies. It isn't possible to stop by in the yard, directly at the first entrance the truck with furniture unloads. And we need the sixth or seventh, the building big-shaped, just near a right angle of letter "G". Tais without any confusion rises with me by the third floor, unperturbably greets the beldame who having goggled eyes studies her, hoping that it is some acquaintance and as she will tell gossips. Having received the payment and muttering under a nose "and presently it wasn't", the hag leaves to bear guard of honor on a shop at an entrance, and we with Tais remain some. I embrace and I kiss her. I caress her hair and a body under clothes fabric. I squeeze her a breast and buttocks. I fill up her on a sofa and I undress, kissing without discrimination all parts getting to me under lips. Tais with pleasure answers me – the same passionate kisses, the same tiskaniye of my body, and the return undressing. When I appear only in pants, and she in panties and a brassiere – there is no wish, but it is necessary to be interrupted – fast we take a shower in turn. And already after a shower I naked approach a sofa where naked Tais sits. Female mother, female wife, female female. Heavy boobies hang down a little, but they brought up three babies; on a stomach there are extensions, but she took out three children; massive hips and a juicy bum aren't a standard of glamour magazines, but they preserved daughters in a womb. Tais is beautiful. As woman, as mother and as female! My dick utykatsya by her in lips, and Tais willingly begins to suck. And with such passion and desire as if I am the best man on Earth, beauty equal to Apollo and force to Heracles as if all life she only also dreamed of me and my dick in the mouth. Caressing her hair and shoulders, groaning and pookhivy, I let her know how to me it is good and as I like her and her actions. In a few minutes, tender pressing shoulders I hint that there will already be enough preludes, it is necessary to pass to the act. Tais lays down backwards, having stretched hands and having spread legs, and several seconds while I break off packing and I put on a condom a dick, pants and impatiently also my dick looks at me. Pizda at her wet-wet, and from the first frictions squelches be healthy. But we aren't arty sybarites, we the fucking man and the woman, and indecent sounds only add to us passion and ecstasy. At some point I even lose control and I kiss-bite her lips too painfully, subconsciousness I catch that the tonality of her peep is already from pain, but not from a high. Out of harm's way I take away the person aside and down, I kiss her shoulders, and sometimes slightly changing a pose, I suck serially nipples, and sometimes she squeezes both breasts together and I take then in a mouth both nipples. The final is close. Having lifted up on shoulders of her leg, being kneeling to her bosom, furiously I fuck it in a vagina. I didn't mishear, it told something? The first words after the dick was taken in a mouth. — What that? — In a mouth. Give me in a mouth. Damned condom and get down you faster until I terminated! But, praise to Zeus, I am in time. And to remove an elastic band, and is closer to her head to move, and to her to thrust into a mouth. Having closed eyes, she in ecstasy maintains several last pokes, and begins to swallow of the cum which is splashing out a lava. The look is blissful and happy as if I nectar cum. Exhausts everything. Holds in a mouth, twists language around a head, caresses hands my hips. Then probably remembers how I inadvertently bit her lips, too the dick slightly bites, releases from a mouth, opens eyes and smiles to me. We sit shoulder to shoulder, having wrapped up with one blanket. So quietly and comfortably, without any words. Then I bring her coffee in bed. Sounds, huh? I put a teapot, I filled in with coffee boiled water from bags, I brought a stool from kitchen and I put on her cups and an ashtray (the old shrew speaking to smoke only on a balcony, let it will fall prey of Scylla or Haribda). Nothing difficult, but – sounds! He to me brought coffee in bed, can will brag to girlfriends. Maybe not. But it is pleasant to do pleasant to such pleasant woman! We smoke and have coffee, too mostly silently. Well of course not absolutely grew dumb, about the daughter younger she told something amusing of a garden, and I shared something like that about the children. Still I remember, she it seems said that she had two husbands, but whether the first died, and with the second divorced, or on the contrary — any more I don't remember and what matters? Sex on 1-2 times – what good idea. But if we had 1 time, then where 2? As if having heard my thoughts (honestly, I didn't move to anything her, and it was even ready if she tells that it is time for her – to put on and leave), she just nestled in the beginning the head to my shoulder, then to a breast, then to a stomach, and then, matter of course – a mouth to the dick. Now he not such "the ringing cedar" when I left the bathroom, it is necessary to work over him that it became serviceable. Tais honestly works, in the beginning inclining sideways, then having got up on knees. And when after stroking of hair, having felt fortress, I slightly delay it for hair, it understands that besides the prelude is ended, it is time to fuck. I hold her in attempt to lay down, that is I fix a pose "on all fours": she on a sofa, I stand near. Having straightened a condom on the dick, before insertion I feel a hand her clitoris and pizdu. Mine the prelude became also it too – is wet, hotly, zovushche. The second act lasted long enough, I think that Tais few times terminated when after an active podmakhivaniye suddenly I relaxed and tried to slide off the dick and to settle. I then held her for hips, didn't do some time of frictions, but holding a dick in her, bent around a hand her body and a fondling of a breast and a clitoris induced to show activity again. But even "long" — it isn't eternal, and now I broke silence, having felt an orgasm nakatyvaniye: — In a mouth? — Yes, yes, yes. Already without hindrances for my part slides off the dick, takes seat on a sofa before me while I remove an elastic band and I throw aside (hello to old women to moyra from Perseus and Andromeda), and the final of our intim visually same, as well as the beginning: the naked woman sitting sucks away to the man facing him. My groan from pleasure is quite clear. But it seems I heard also her postanyvaniye. Really she catches such high from a konchaniye in a mouth? Or accompanies me? It's all right! Smoke break already without coffee and in clothes. Tais after all tidies up the condoms rolling here and there and together with stubs throws out in a garbage can. I have no key, the beldame has to according to the arrangement sit on a shop at an entrance. But if she is absent, nobody will wait for her, the lock was latched, money is paid, all chiki-chik. But she there and even one, without any neighbors-sudarushek. I briefly tell her "Thanks, good-bye", Tais regal inclines the head, the old woman wishes us good luck such tone with what wish to fail to the kingdom Aida. For some reason it seems to me that if to round letter "G" on a short crossbeam, we to the car will leave quicker, and we go in that direction, but not from where came. With each step me some "deja vu" seizes. I here already was, here the teeter, here a bench with the national afinogradsky trigram word penis scratched by a nail. I look sideways – no, it is not a dream. In a step from me there is Tais – beautiful, with gloss in eyes, just fucked woman. I look in other party — silk in a brain – and the puzzle gets up on the place. This that building in which the relative of my wife at whom I live the second day lives. It was necessary to make a booboo so – to travel over all city and to drive up to the building on the other hand. It would be more best a dream. I would wake up – and got rid of a nightmare. We with an unclear smile are met requirements by the apelike cousin, whether is mischievous, whether greeting, I won't understand so far. — Oh, Tais Gerostratovna, you to me came, huh? And I for a minute went to shop, bought fresh rolls, we will go pochayevnichay. Zyatek, you couldn't unless occupy the guest a couple of minutes without me where showed the door ugly and as. — Don't worry, Kuzina Kuzminichna, I here at the girlfriend was, and decided to come, tell to you that still the certificate of absence of debt is necessary, and on it everything, we will begin registration. But I couldn't phone. The young man, is your son-in-law yes, didn't know when you are, I in words asked to transfer. — Aunts of Kuzya, I for a minute came, you weren't, I didn't know when you come. You see, even I didn't stop by in the yard, there under windows I left the car. Tais Gerostratovna, I go to Aristotle Street, I can bring. — Yes, yes, he will give a ride to you — the cousin fusses, doing me terrible eyes supposedly even if to her to go to the outskirts, to a quarter of "Black colonels", all the same take. — Well, thanks, is near to me there. Remembered – the certificate of absence of debt? — Yes, yes, thank you very much, I will surely bring. Good-bye! And you will be soon, the wife if calls what to tell her? — Let calls me on mobile if urgent something. And so, I will be soon. Hardly constraining itself, we get into the car and we begin to laugh loudly hysterically. And could be worse. Knowing talkative temper of Kuzminichna, it is possible that she would meet us at other entrance, shooting the breeze with Medusa Gorgonovna. However, if she there and sits on a shop, having seen how her girlfriend Kuzminichna talks to recent lodgers, for sure she, prikovylyat and will take an interest and someone is such? What else will be, oh-oh-oh?. dating apps costa rica xuv300 launch date in india site mapMain Page