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Marsala, Marsala — why so, it couldn't tell. Perhaps, because of color of lipstick or nail varnish. She didn't know. She. He. Whether yes all is equal now that was earlier and what there was a name earlier. Though, probably, the parents who were constantly dressing up her in maiden dresses in Kuprin spirit and tying bows are in many respects guilty. And played for all the time to little girls, there was a wish to resemble them, to wear smart dresses and to have a cool bust. But in too time there was a wish both to be the man and to have an astounding dick. About the dick: there natural and cool 25 cm, and all other, silicone, work of the surgeon grew. it was first uncomfortable. And when she understood that she isn't lonely in this world, not one such human individual, I felt much more surely. And parents? They didn't get out from a tour. trips and sanatoria which their baby paid with it and belts admired her photos above. Marsala came into Light Massage salon. It is necessary to support the smart figure normal. It was the salon for VIP-clients rendering except other, and services of erotic character. Here she was quite often and was considered as the regular customer. The good size of her body suited only for movies with "dolls" and erotic photoshoots, and didn't allow to enjoy sex fully. There was no wish to think of all this any more, and massage helped to overcome sexual tension easily, and without any obligations. Today she wanted massage, just attentive and gentle massage the heat of desire helping to dump. Brought her a mask "for a dream". Having taken off the business suit of Marsala color which is put on, naturally, on a naked body and having taken a shower, having covered beautiful hips with a towel, Marsala settled facedown on a massage table a phallus in the corresponding dredging and relaxed. This a little hard dredging during deep massage and other procedures, for it was usually filled with vitamin dense gel. The dick habitually and easily fell to him why the spark of the first joy slipped on all body and forced to relax. She often just moved in her, голавя and without moral fortress while the seed didn't fill in dredging and didn't obngimat white knasoty her dick, tired of abstention. But not today. Today she wanted usual massage. The entrance door opened almost quietly and closed. The massage therapist approached a table, having in passing turned on the light weakening music. His warm and gentle palms in oil touched anklebones of Marsala and began to knead them slowly. Today it had a new master. On hands it couldn't understand someone it, the man or the woman, but it was the expert of the business. He caressed, kneaded each centimeter of her body. Shoulders, back, hands, legs, buttocks. The movement of hands to Marsala helped to face up. It would be possible to unmask and look someone it is such with such an ox shebny hands, but she didn't become, having decided that it will remain for her a pleasant riddle. Marsala felt as from touches of hands, her flesh begins to be poured even more and to increase, truly, it was the real wizard but not the expert. Towels I got off sideways and suddenly she heard an admiration sigh. This sigh intended to her horney body. Hands of the massage therapist didn't touch him but only flitted in some millimeters nearby. Marsala felt their heat and was got. It was already ready to play again what eloquently I told it so horney body with the head which opened from pleasure about. But the massage therapist didn't hurry, stroking finger-tips her body and, without touching a phallus, he brought Marsala to such state that she was ready to shout from desire. And suddenly she felt breath, easy breath and touch of language to a head of an eregirovanny dick. She shuddered and stood, it was as electric shock. Then the hands which are caressing a ball sack and gently scratching a marigold, and a uvula joined a game I flitted a butterfly over a horney and crimson dickhead, ran on a trunk and concerned a ball sack, and started the mad flight over a head over again. Desire, huge desire captured Marsala. It seemed to it that just about, and there will come the peak of delightful eruption. But isn't present, the massage therapist didn't allow her to be exempted from a dense seed so easily. Marsala felt as the dick gets into something, and on feelings guessed that it is a silicone "Horn of happiness" — a toy which she both thought up and I patented for a spermodonorstvo after the love games, reminding a female hard vagina. He was without the navershiya because the head left on the other hand and the uvula touched her again and touched a bridle. The massage therapist skillfully played the dick of Marsala, having never touched by hands, in too time indulging a uvula a head, not forgetting about nipples and a ball sack. He vneshchzapno removed "horn" and took (or took?) all golovchoka a mouth, doing a real miracle, wreaths were blown up and pulsed. The body of Marsala was curved by an arch and, feeling that it approaches the final she loudly moaned. At the very same time it seemed to her that the Universe broke up into one million small stars and particles. The fountain escaped outside with such force that it, appear, reached a ceiling. The massage therapist diligently caressed a golovochka, drinking everything to a drop. The body relaxed, and Marsala for a second was disconnected. It recovered from click of the closed door, having lain down a little, it unmasked. All was clean, she was covered with a sheet. And on a table tray her "Happiness horn" filled with a seed lay. Marsala bathed in soul, as well as before massage, and sadly smiled, having thought that how many wouldn't cost service of this wizard, she learns someone it, and will be his constant and the only client. dating apps best 2022 date today american format site mapMain Page