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"The road to Hell is covered by good intentions..."! Prolog. What most pleasant time for parents? Of course! It is a wedding of the offspring of a sort or the birth of grandsons. Here and I have a happy day. My son marries! Now our men's society will be divided by the woman. So it turned out that about ten years ago my wife died. I brought down her, some drunk fool. And he was lucky that he died on the spot... Otherwise... And I and married again. To meet women yes, and to marry? Didn't become? But now not about it. Today wedding. The son found to himself the good girl. And it is unimportant that she is an orphan. To live to us is where, after all the three-room apartment and we live together. And a relationship at me with her developed good, one may say, sincere. I fell in love with her as own daughter! And here wedding. I didn't stint a holiday. Once we live and furthermore a wedding. Celebrated it at the best restaurant of the city. About eleven in the evening the called taxi stopped at our entrance, and I, having seen off them, went to spend the night to the friend. The second day we walked at home, for the. The daughter-in-law as the full hostess together with two girlfriends managed in kitchen. But I at once paid attention that between young people as though the shadow ran. Having given to a festival, I didn't attach it significance. After holidays everything, it seems, returned on the circles. But all the same something was not so. I tried to talk both to Dashenka, and to the son, but they in any... After all attempts when Dashenki wasn't at home I "I drove the son into the corner" and it "broke up". It appears, after the first marriage night Dashenka "grew cold" to him. The first week she refused to him proximity, referring that there below everything hurts. It appears, she was a virgin and lost her in the first marriage night. The son was angry, but understood her position. But also in a week Dashenka invented the different reasons if only not to allow intimate proximity. When Egor, asked her, she kept silent, and began to insist, burst into tears. Egor didn't receive the answer to the question, and it was a shame to address me for council to him. Well, Dasha clear. We have no women, and she is an orphan. To ask and consult there is nobody. I hardly "extorted" from the son of a detail of the first night. At me suspicions about it crept in. It appears, Dashenka very strongly worried concerning defloration, and during a defloration strongly cried, referring to pain. By the way, was why. The son went to me, and I have a penis size quite big! And if she had with anybody no sexual contact before, then business could come to an end, and it is rather and came to an end not really well. Now it was necessary to check the guesses and to solve the arisen problem. In couple of days the case turned up. Egor was late at work, as always at the end of the month and we had supper together with Dasha. After a dinner sat down to watch TV and I kind of inadvertently started a conversation. At first she kept silent and when I became persistent, simply she burst out crying and ran out on kitchen. Having slightly sat, I went afterwards. She stood near a window, choking with tears and constraining sobbing sounds. I approached, embraced her and began to calm. — Well there was a babe? Someone offended you? Tell, share experiences... And we will resolve this issue. At first she kept silent, and then as if broke through her: — Well to do to me the father? She so began to call me after the issue of a wedding was resolved. — I love Egor, but now I am afraid of him... He is good, but at him such big and then at night he hurt me and I simply am not able "to sleep" with him now. As soon as, I represent him in me... All muscles grow stiff, and consciousness overflows fear... I can't... with him to be... Then he as soon as we finished... Just I turned away and I fell asleep... And I... — she began to sob again. I, of course, not the doctor and furthermore not the psychiatrist, but understood a situation at once. The girl was traumatized from the first sex, and my blockhead didn't even try to smooth her. I behaved as "a vainglorious male". Instead of calming and caressing darling I fell asleep, and she worried and the physical trauma developed into psychological. I kept everything in myself, here and it turned out. There is a young wife who to horror is afraid of sex after inept defloration... And I am guilty! I didn't tell, I didn't explain, I considered that it is known to all! On the contrary... I saw that everything goes not and I was silent. So we also stood in the dark. She trustfully nestled on my shoulder, and I caressed her on hair, calming and reproaching itself with callousness and ill-breeding of the son. Difficult conversation. All next day I thought of current situation. I scrolled various versions of the decision in the head: and visit of the family psychologist; and attempt to send to Dashenka the adult woman for council... But all this was not that! "To wash the dirty linen in public...", I wasn't ready to it. It was necessary — to correct one everything. I, however, didn't know how Dasha will treat it, but the son precisely won't support me. And to entrust him it, after the incident! Dismiss. The son, in general, in a week was enraged and there was the first scandal. There was no place to pull already. And I decided to talk to Dasha. To offer the help if it accepts it. Here also the case helped. The son, as he didn't refuse and I didn't rest, sent to a business trip. He was specialist serviceman and at him, and earlier there were such spontaneous departures. Sent far, only by train to go day, and then work. By my calculations week, and even two — isn't less. Feeling guilty for a squabble, it agreed and already every other day left. Dashenka very much worried also from scandal, and departure of the husband. And I decided to talk to her after all. Everything in life changes. Once I was an athlete, the swimmer. I graduated from institute of physical culture. I promised and was included in junior combined RSFSR. But then everything went wrong way. Accidental trauma. Long treatment and... on sport it was necessary to put a big and fat cross. The trainer didn't leave me, and I one and a half worked years as the sports massage therapist in team. But me in team it was heavy and I left whatever "to chafe wounds". In absentia I received the second specialty and when other times came, I moved in private business. I the first in the city was engaged in the sports equipment and guessed. Now, one may say, "I cut coupons" from organized firm without holding in it positions. I carry out strategic development and advance of new technologies in this industry. Partially we are engaged also in the medical equipment brought closer to our subject. The very next day after departure of the son I collected the strength, and we talked to Dasha. The subject was "slippery" and the conversation came out difficult. Having depicted all picture, I put forward the available options. I left the decision to it, though I put emphasis on "family" option. Having listened to me, it reddened and, faltering, asked: — The father, you suggest me to become your mistress?! — Well, in some, a sort. Though I would call it "school of sex", and myself "teacher", such guru... — But it is necessary to us... — she was confused, without having finished a phrase. — Yes. Otherwise it is impossible. Here won't give a ride just to knowledge. Practice is necessary. But to solve to you. I don't insist and I understand as to you it is heavy. But also it isn't easier for me... Think, but we have not enough time. Two weeks at most — I turned to leave the room. Her answer caught up with me at a threshold: — I agree I turned back, looked at her and told: — Here and well. Tomorrow we will also begin. — And why tomorrow? Why not now? — Well, I should buy something and to bring the equipment. And you will be able to weigh everything. To refuse never late — and I left the room. The first lesson. The whole day at me passed in efforts. I brought a new massage table from work. The sex shop came, having bought several interesting features there, in drugstore picked up the oils and gels including anesthetizing and, still, bought a bottle of good wine. And then still I read special literature on relaxation and sexual massage. I ordered on the house a dinner at the Thai restaurant with the emphasis on specific dishes. There came evening. I met Dashenka on a threshold with flowers and invited to a table. We ate, drank a bit wines, and I suggested her to be washed and start training. When she left a shower, smelling sweet and confusedly smiling wrapped up in a towel, I met her and carried out to the room. Having pointed to the spread-out massage table, I suggested to lay down and take cover a snow-white bed-sheet. And itself I left the room. I changed clothes in the old form and went to "massage". When I returned, she already lay on a stomach, having taken cover. She greeted me confused with a smile, with interest considering my belt with a set of pockets covered with small bottles. And her eyes didn't even hide a fright from the forthcoming procedure. I began with the simple actions warming muscles. Oil with the warming components on hands and forward. Right leg: ankle, anklebone, hip. Then left in the same order. At first I even tried not to lift up a sheet more than it is necessary. Then the turn of hands, and then and backs came. I had to bare it to a belt. Having warmed up deltoid and trapezoid muscles, I returned to buttocks. During my processing she relaxed and calmed down. I undertook the sheet covering her and interrogatively hemmed: — It is possible? — Yes — Dasha uncertainly whispered. I accurately removed a cover, curtailed it and put on a chair. She lay before me, having softly spread on a table. The body shone rubbed with oil. On her tiny thongs were put on. From my height they looked two thin strips of matter, in a form reminding the bent letter "T" with an inflexed horizontal crossbeam. — You should remove them — I categorically said. She shuddered, sighed and stretched hands to a bottom. — I will help — and, having undertaken an elastic, easily pulled together this misunderstanding called by underwear. The shiver ran on a body, accompanying my movement. Panties laid down from above a sheet unnecessary already... It is necessary to tell that I on the century saw many nude women. They were different: and thick; and thin; and such here slender as Dasha. Tastes at men different, respectively are also pleasant to them different women. I won't tell that the daughter-in-law looked as my ideal, but she was pleasant to me, as well as her body. Especially here so bared and weakened. Of course, at a possibility of the choice I preferred: slightly more widely in hips; yes it would be advisable to have buttocks more. — You... Not to touch me? — My girl... I am a teacher, but not the person interested "sweet"... Later when you will be ready, you will thank me. Lesson second. Someone gets up early, to that... I am an early bird — "lark" at heart. Usually I lay down in ten, and in six already standing. But today after yesterday's I woke up in five. Dreamed me... Well can dream the man after it? That's right! It! The dick stood as "bayonet" in the head different thoughts and all of one contents turned. Frankly speaking, yesterday's occupation was given me hard. I was horney, and I wanted the woman as to the person in the desert water. The cigarette with coffee which I afford seldom attempt will be adjusted on a working harmony no what was given. As a bee on medical pulled me to the bedroom. There where Dasha slept. Long I couldn't oppose. And here I stand at a door, slowly opening a door. I glanced. On the street it was still dark, but there was enough light from streetlights to make out "a subject of my desire". She slept. The half-smile hung on lips, and the person was clean and quiet. I quietly came and sat down in legs. Was hot, and she lay, having stretched on a back. The cover covered only a stomach and one leg. On her the short and free T-shirt and very interesting panties was put on. The T-shirt was lifted up up and one breast became bare. The small elastic hemisphere attracted a look. Milky-white with the darkening aura and a nipple soft by sight. Panties were in the form of shorts with a side section to the elastic band. Both panties and a T-shirt on my understanding were couple sizes more than it is necessary. I gave a hand and stroked a naked hip. It was warm and elastic and silky to the touch. Having shifted panties aside, I stared at a bosom a subject of my desire. The black young growth of volosik of a pubis in the twilight is slightly lighter rollers of elastic lips and even more dark small lips which are looking out between them. This show demented me, and I bent down, inhaling aroma of the woman. And then pereklinit me absolutely, and my lips stuck into this charming bud. I as an animal, only without growling I began to caress language and lips the finest miracle. I don't know what it was awakening for Dasha. Instant as at blow or gradual from the rolled excitement, but when I recovered, she groaned, pressing me the hands. Legs were raised up and bent in knees. Through groans muffled exclamations broke: — Yes... Oh - x... Still... Well... Stronger... The hips raised in air shivered. Buttocks were strained, and on a stomach convulsive "waves" slid. For an instant, having come off her delights, having overcome resistance of her hands, I croaked: — It is pleasant? — O-very much... — melodiously she moaned — don't stop... One movement having pulled off the panties disturbing me, I parted her soft sponges in the parties and began to lick the darkening vagina opening. And when it was curved up, stuck into it the language twisted in a tubule. It became a last straw. The body began to shake, went up, and rigid spasms twisted a stomach, forcing to shiver hips... — And - and-and... — she cried and it was killed in an orgasm. And I, holding Dasha on the place, I continued to caress her pussy forcing to shout and fight in my hands stronger than former. Just now I felt as my body pulses from excitement and blood in temples knocks. Having come off the body fighting in ecstasy, I rose and pulled hard on it from above. Our genitals adjoined... But I didn't make that I wanted... I didn't pierce in the trembling body... And having just nestled, I began to fidget the horney dick between its the bulked-up lips. After several movements she choked with shout: — Well! — she zasipet, trying to sigh air. Here at me cramped muscles, and the dick got nervous, irrigating a pubis and a stomach with a whitish cum. I privalitsya hard to it trying to recover the breath. In a few minutes, and also hour can when we calmed down, I asked: — You as baby? — You are such good father... And I am so grateful to you... — That's OK Dashenka... I promised... — You torment yourself! Give in normal way... I will endure everything! — heatedly she said. — And I don't want that you suffered! I want that you derived pleasure... — with tenderness in a voice I spoke. — Sorry, that early I woke... — It was worth it! — somehow pensively she said — I always wanted that I was so caressed... — Here you will also tell it to Egor when he returns... —... — the heavy sigh showed that "not all is fine in the Danish kingdom". — Calm down! Everything will get better. I promise you the Sun! — I spoke, laying down near her, pressing to itself. She suddenly buried to me in a shoulder and began to cry. So we also lay, having nestled, to each other. I caressed her silky hair, muttering tender nonsenses. Gradually she calmed down, and we fell asleep, without having separated embrace. The third lesson. Of course, we overslept. There were already nine when I woke up. Dasha lay, nearby разметавшись in a dream and me it was a pity to awake her. I gently touched her for a shoulder. — What? Already it is time? — half asleep she said. — Probably. Already nine... — Overslept! And all because of you! — with tenderness she said — there will be to me at work a big percussion cap! — also I burst out laughing. Vividly having jumped, she kissed me and started to a bathtub washing and making toilet. And I, having thrown with a dressing gown, I went to kitchen to make coffee. It jumped out in about ten minutes. Clean and pink wrapped up as a sari by a towel with moist hair. Here now she was probably on that person what I for the first time saw her. Only she already was definitely not a girl. Before me there was a young woman. Perhaps, and not up to the end self-assured, but ready to resist to this world. — And me coffee! — joyfully she sang and I grabbed phone. Having quickly dialed number, she began to explain, to someone that she is late, the second touching the hair dryer from a wardrobe trunk. Having dried up hair, and "having swallowed" a coffee cup she ran to put on and in ten minutes the entrance door clicked. To me not where was to hurry. Therefore I quietly took a shower and went on affairs. Day passed quickly. Everything was got on, and the young boy expecting an appointment had a mood as. And it happened in the evening. A simple easy dinner and any more not I and she carried away me to the bedroom. Also I didn't manage to recover from such turn of affairs as she having dumped a dressing gown already I faced me in very sexy underwear. Even I managed to pull black stockings. The lacy airy brassiere of black color fitted her small elastic breasts, dark panties, boldly depicted elastic buttocks and a pubis. — And how I to you? — she began to spin before me. — I die! — falsely I grabbed heart. — Give! Undress! — she hastened me — I want to make everything today! If you don't mind — she added already more quietly. — And you don't hurry? — I doubted. — But you want it and you suffer... — almost in a whisper she added. — I can suffer — I uncertainly spoke — let's not make grandiose plans, let everything take its course... Dashenka approached me, embraced, having nestled all over: — What you good folder! As I with you was lucky! I took her face hands, lifted up and kissed. She answered and is so passionate that I almost "lost the head". Having hardly concentrated, I continued to kiss her. Soft lips. Nose, cheeks and forehead. Then slowly I passed to a thin neck. It, having cast away the head, it was given me, holding up a body for kisses. Having groped for hands for a brassiere fastener, I undid it and sharply I developed to myself a back. I put hands on shoulders and slowly wishing to prolong pleasure, I removed shoulder-straps from shoulders. Right there to take control of the released breasts. My hands executed function of cups of the bodice which fell to a floor, having covered them completely. I squeezed them so she squealed. — Not so strongly... — she whispered. —... — I nodded, continuing to stroke charming elastic cambers. Lips investigated her neck, fingers rumpled sharp nipples, triangular shape. Hot, firm and at the same time such soft and attracting. One hand slipped on a stomach and nestled on a groin. My dick was on a platoon for a long time, resting it against buttocks. — Yes... — she exhaled — caress me... Her hand slipped for a back and dived into shorts. For the first time during all the time I felt her gentle hand on the body. Her hips moved forward. The hand clasped a dick more strong, awkwardly turning in trousers. Having brought closer lips to the ear as though we could be heard, I whispered: — Don't you know what with him to do? —... — she in the affirmative nodded — I saw at cinema, but I am afraid to hurt you... — Wait... — I released Dasha and immediately pulled off a t-shirt and shorts. Again I nestled on the flaring body and I finished: — If you want, I will teach also it. Turn and get up on knees. Having given a hand, I took and threw a pillow on a floor. — Become here... She looked to me in eyes and satisfied a request. Now her face was flush with my "fighter". She looked at him attentively and izuchayushche. Here her palm clasped a trunk again, and she lifted up an inquiring look. Having encouragingly smiled to her, I put the hand over her and I forced to move forward. Fingers easily slipped together with a thin skin, having released claret, bulked up as a mushroom cap a head. — And now back and again forward... Also don't hurry... so far... She reddened, slowly jerking off a dick. From diligence she put out tongue, and the person got stately expression. It was possible to think that she at least performs the most difficult task of the Homeland... — Do you want to kiss him? — with hope I said. — Yes... And it is possible? — It is necessary the darling! — also I pushed her to a naked head. She not necessarily came nearer and, having extended sponges as the little girl, touched her. — And now uvula! Lick... — I asked — it is so pleasant... Do you know?! Dasha slowly put out a tip of language and concerned a head his tip. — More safely — I encouraged. The second time she licked almost all plane of language. Thoughtfully I tasted and I said: — Interesting taste... It is pleasant to me... — Well, so give... Her uvula at first clumsily and slowly began to lick a brilliant thin skin. The shiver tore me so that the dick got nervous, rising up. — Yes! Good fellow... More safely... In a minute she surely licked my body which is sticking out forward, and I groaned and blinked as a March cat. Having remembered that I nevertheless "teacher" with a great effort said: — At you it is good, it turns out, you can slowly podrachivat him and still... — I became silent — to suck. She with all gravity undertook this "difficult" business. Having made couple of frictions, I opened a mouth and, having put lips a ringlet, slowly I took him in a mouth. The truth inside entered only a head, but "it is always hard to start a new thing!". Some more immersions and at the following I tried to get into a hot mouth slightly more deeply. On my movement by hips forward she understood that I want and even opened a mouth more widely... But, alas, language against which the dickhead rested prevented. It only at cinema is rollicking sucked from the first to the tonsils! Everything should study. — It is impossible... — having raised the head, she complained. — Well, let's try in a different way — I offered. — And how? — she was surprised. Make so: I opened a mouth, put out tongue, having bent it down. — Clasp with a hand a trunk of the dick what you could limit immersion depth, and I will slowly enter him. — So? — she repeated done by me. — Yes... — I, having put a head on language, slowly I slipped inside, and right there I rested against the sky — and the mouth is wider... It still slightly opened a mouth, and I moved ahead. Not far, but the head all plunged inside. Back and forth, and next time I pushed repetition more deeply. She has a fit of coughing so tears in the eyes appeared. — Perhaps will be enough? Then still you will try? — I handed over back. Having cleared the throat, she prosipet: — No! It I forgot that should be limited — and moved the fingers which clasped a dick. Dasha was seriously adjusted to master blowjob elements. We repeated everything again and now is quite successful. She held on minutes five, of course, to "a deep throat" to her was far. But the foundation is laid. Until she flushed the lungs with air, I suggested to replace "scene". I laid down on a bed, and she got from above. So-called pose 69. I felt as the uvula caresses my phallus, and then he plunged into hot depth. It was just strung on him by a mouth, having grasped me well is very sick for balls. — Easier — I exclaimed — and that you to me will crush all "grokhotka". — Oh, excuse... — Dasha exclaimed, having released my personal belongings, and began to stroke gently them, without forgetting also about a dick. And I, having shifted her panties aside, I stuck into a damp hot bosom. Caressing all space available to me. As soon as my intense language got into a vagina, and the finger pressed down a clitoris, it moaned, having curved a back having come off the "processed" object. Language deep into, slightly to turn and back. At this time the fingertip with circular motions masses a clitoris. Exclamations: — Yes... it is good... Still... She still tries to lick my dick, but the body doesn't obey her any more. Jars on it and curves in spasms. I feel how muscles her vagina is reduced, the stomach twitches, forcing to shake buttocks and shout... She shouts lingeringly, excitingly forcing me to caress her delights more intensively. Then everything ceases... She just falls on me, writhing in "agony" of an orgasm is slightly heard speaking hoarsely residues of air in lungs: — Will be enough... Stop... I "will die" now... — she asks not in forces itself to stop "tortures". I release bolezny with great difficulty. I want to bring her to such state what she for a long time would remember my caress... My hands and lips... In a few minutes, when she almost ceased to shiver, specified: — You as Dashenka? — In general... — she reports — I didn't think that so happens! Nearly "I died"... More abruptly than any binge... I just "departed"! — Well, in general that — I, hardly being at loss for words — you wanted to try everything today... It is ready to continuation? The answer didn't follow, but I felt as my dick is sucked again and licked. — I so understand: it means yes! — gently I clap her on a pink bottom — and well climb up. The second act begins... To be continued dating apps bad for mental health reddit date html form site mapMain Page