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2014 I met 19-year-old Sveta Levina not by the best series of events: at work there was a reduction under which also it got; the prices at the university jumped up twice, having forced her to be transferred to evening form of education thereby; and, at last, the guy whom she met from the 11th class was noticed with another. Houses too with not the biggest understanding belonged to her situation especially as parents it had people very hard-working, but at positions not of the highest therefore they accepted news about Svetiny dismissal not really well that only added her grief and rage. All the life Sveta got used to rely all life on herself and on anybody another. Having quite pleasant appearance — the brunette of average height, a sports constitution (fruits of work on itself and good heredity), with a small, but beautiful breast of the 1st size, long, slender legs and a strong bottom, she was often called to work in clubs or for photographings (but, unfortunately, without constant earnings), but because of the bitchy character long she in such places wasn't late especially as she in these fields of activity happened that among clients, as well as the administration, had a desire to drag her somewhat quicker in a bed, and the prospect to fulfill the money never pleased Sveta with a body. On another Wicky's fate, her girlfriend of the best from the first classes of school was. Life never deprived of anything it — the winner of many educational competitions, the golden medallist, successful and careful parents and bright future zagotovanny from the very beginning. From the childhood it caused in Sveta some envy and the beared malice on the girlfriend, though they communicated closely, together endured a lot of things and had from each other no secrets at all. At the time of this story there was a hot August, 2014, Sveta all also sat without work, being interrupted by accidental earnings, and at Wicky affairs, as well as always, went uphill — she just in several days was going to go to England for study in Cambridge. Vika, by kindness sincere, decided to help the girlfriend with a trouble and persuaded the parents to suit Sveta with the nurse for the cats as all other family members home come late enough, and at times and in general are absent a long time, and these people of the "highest" society, naturally, for the pets didn't find a worthy shelter — level, say, not that. Here it is worth stopping and telling a little in more detail about this family: mother, the aunt Lena, was a successful realtor, long being absent at home, and the father — quite dear doctor in the field of plastic surgery, also being accustomed to work without cease. Care of their child laid down on the grandmother's shoulders — Lilia Sergeyevna. For Sveta, unlike other "major" dicks of this family Lilia Sergeyevna caused the greatest respect and was in some way an example for imitation. She gave rise to the aunt Lenu right after the wedding as the good wife, in 18 years, and brought up mainly she as the husband didn't sustain such weight for himself after a while and I left. Lilia Sergeyevna was broken off between work and the little daughter whom she alone brought up and I put on legs. The aunt Lena nearby left the mother and gave the birth to the first child in 20 years. But, as at that time and she, and her husband were completely at the beginning of grandiose a pit and the first theses, care of the child dropped out to Lilia Sergeyevna again. This time, however, she had much more time as money for her had no essential value, and in breaks between care of Vick she found also time for own development — both spiritual, and physical. The woman she as it is already clear, was very strong-willed, and the result didn't keep itself waiting — subsequently her hobby for psychology and relationship of people developed into a full-fledged training of personal growth which was incredibly successful and won her big fame. And thanks to fitness and efforts of the zatya-surgeon in the 57 it looked so as if borrowed a body from the woman about 20 years younger — slender, with gentle skin, tremendous long legs, a fair and silky hair and a fresh face on which though traces of surgical intervention were noticeable, but even it played her on advantage and only gave to charm. Unlike all other dicks of family, Lilia Sergeyevna was deprived of the arrogance of "gold elite" inherent in her daughter, the son-in-law and in small degree to the granddaughter. She was quite sociable and always warmly treated Sveta, almost like native. I would like to be such grandmother and Sveta when gives rise to own family, she thought. That Friday, however, neither her, nor someone other of their family of the house shouldn't have been therefore Sveta, having fast taken all necessary and having put on easier — in short jeans shorts, a white topic and sandals with a heel, I moved towards Wicky's house. On the road as it often happened, it received several "sticking" views of hungry guys, but to venture to tell something, naturally, nobody ventured. Having safely reached doors of her apartment, it, already turning a key in the lock, I noticed that the door was closed only on one turn. "Strange", Sveta thought. "Really they are so sure of own safety what already and doors in normal way to close are lazy? Mazhora fucking". Having entered a door and having taken off sandals, she heard behind herself steps. Having turned back, to her look other appeared nobody as Lilia Sergeyevna in person, all at a parade — with expensive bag in hands, dressed in a beautiful color dress, fashionable sandals and, smiling with heat and caress, hurried with a greeting: — Svetochka, doll! Hi! How many didn't we see each other, month two, probably, already? How are you? — she said and I rushed to embrace to the surprised Sveta. Considering the light alcoholic aroma proceeding from her Sveta understood at once that Lilia Sergeyevna today definitely tipsy. — Hello, Lilia Sergeyevna. I didn't expect you here to see, it seems, Friday, Vika said that you have the last step of a training today, will come to the end long after midnight. So unexpectedly... I... Lilia Sergeyevna smiled broadly. — Yes, the last step, but group got very good, people quickly coped, someone left, without having reached the end, of course... — She for a minute pomorshchit a nose. — But we won't be about bad. But it was released a bit earlier, here is how time fed Mashka and Nonka (so called cats. — primas. Author)! I thought to go for a walk. — So, I turn out it won't be possible to work today?... — By the upset voice Sveta said. Lilia Sergeyevna smiled to the most gentle of the smiles and softly said: — Well you that, baby? Everything is good. We will go, you will help then with cleaning now, here, believe, a lot of things needs to be made! Then we will chat with you a little bit, I have a meeting soon, will release you a bit earlier. I will pay all efforts, by itself! Light I cheered up at once. — Of course, why not. I adore you, Lilia Sergeyevna! Having smiled even more widely, Lilia Sergeyevna, it is unexpected for Sveta, gently, but quickly and almost imperceptibly I ran over her hand the fingers, then I took by this hand and also unexpectedly slowly I led to the living room. Sveta caught herself on a strange thought that after this small touch her skin became covered by small goosebumps, and she while went to the living room, didn't look away from effective hips of "conductor". "There live people, in such age and such figure, pancake" It is necessary to notice that Sveta wasn't a lesbian, or, at least, that didn't consider herself, and I always treated representatives of this sexual orientation with a solid share of contempt. This situation wasn't something outstanding — yes, examines the woman. At her is to what to learn, that the ends at the end. Having entered the living room or if to tell more precisely, brought there, she found the room in an indescribable mess — neither to give, nor to take, a consequence of gatherings of darling and all the adored Vikulechka to England. "And to clean, after itself, of course, our precious Vika wasn't taught. Too choosy whore." While Sveta did the cleaning, she noticed that Lilia Sergeyevna managed to change clothes already in a light night dress and to sit down nearby on a folding chair which, most likely, our "queen" Victoria considered to take with itself below her advantage. But surprising there was another — on the woman nothing was put on, except her night dress and points. Sveta perfectly could see her beautiful breast, a tummy on which the tattoo ("here so the grandmother flaunted — all the grandmother", Sveta) and what was lower thought about herself. Sveta caught herself that sometimes, without realizing that, lowered a view of her perineum and couldn't come off. Lilia Sergeyevna, apparently, noticed nothing, and just sat silently and with some mysterious and wishing something expression watched Sveta, without taking eyes, and disarmingly smiled when they met with each other views. At last, having finished with cleaning which took it about one and a half hours, Sveta, having exhaled, I turned back, and I saw that her "observer" managed in silent to leave the room. "Well, probably, I was satisfied", Sveta thought, turned off light and having breathed a sigh of relief went towards kitchen. On the way she heard Lilia Sergeyevna's voice and, having reached her room, saw that at her light burns. As the door was closed not up to the end, it having fleetingly looked there, couldn't look away: Lilia Sergeyevna stood to her a back all in the same transparent night dress which gave a fine idea of her figure. The woman held the mobile phone at an ear, talking with someone loudly: — You promised that you will come around, Vadim! So doesn't become. The second week similar occurs, I what, silly, on yours? (pause) of Stop stop feet, normal people so don't do, clear? Do you send away me, perhaps? (pause) It, not ridiculously, whore. — Having sobbed, she suddenly said. — I can understand everything, but what the rubbish, Vadim is?! To me there are not 20 years that so to treat me and still impudently to pizdet in this way, without reddening! I am an adult woman, the whore. Unexpected abuse in the words of this woman surprised and to a certain extent forced Sveta to admire her. "She knows how it is necessary to talk. But this body, whore... What bottom... "Erotic stories without realizing that, Sveta licked lips. Pupils extended also she, without coming off, looked, being surprised more and more, observing the grandmother of the girlfriend in it, the look which before isn't represented by her, and listening as she rigidly squabbled with someone on other end of a wire. She liked in her everything — this bitchy voice, a mat in her expressions, her shape at this moment, as she reeled a little, leaning on one, on other leg — she appeared at so natural Sveta, such... pretty? — Don't call here any more. — Lilia Sergeyevna told, having hung up. — Bitch. And, having thrown after that phone on a bed, I sat down, having clasped the head with both hands. Light, having departed a little from a door, I told Lilia Sergeyevna that finished. — Yes, it is good, the baby! Go on kitchen so far, now I will approach. — By absolutely quiet voice Lilia Sergeyevna uttered. "Anything to. As it to her so is possible to change the mood and a timbre of a voice. Some control of emotions or that?" Having come to kitchen, Sveta flopped on the sofa located about a table and, having found on is mute wafers with jam, fast ate one. She was surprised, having felt a little emaciated though from what it suddenly. In a couple of minutes Lilia Sergeyevna, all in the same light night dress came to kitchen. At that moment all the behavior she resembled more the young girl who was going to meet the guy to spend time with big advantage. Considering telephone conversation, all, most likely, to that also went. But for some reason her gentleman decided to be freezed. "Fucking disaster. Such beauty is sent away. Where justice in this loony world? How after that to communicate with men in general?" Having come, all reeling also a little, Lilia Sergeyevna as always gently smiled to Sveta, approached the refrigerator, got a bottle some expensive, judging by the label of wine from there, and uncorked it. — I love red semisweet very much. Long ago work, cares with Nastenka didn't drink it, all... — She for a moment stopped. — Well, if I have free time and you here, my beauty, it is possible and to indulge itself a little. Having got glasses and several expensive cheeses stored at them she began to spill wine. At first to itself, then, having asked Sveta whether she wants, without waiting for the answer I poured also to her. "Hm, really she thinks that she thus dominates me? All these her trainings, now also failure with the boyfriend... Yes, the whore, really everyone on this planet needs to recoup somehow on me", flew by in the head of Sveta. Having poured wine on glasses and having cut fast cheese, Lilia Sergeyevna took seat on a sofa, but kept at honourable distance approximately in meter. — For lovely ladies. — Sveta said, having given a toast. — For us, girls, a daa... — Languidly Lilia Sergeyevna said and, having clinked glasses with glasses, they were accepted to tasting of wine and cheeses. Stories about that, about this as hardly is now to women why with men so hard and where to look for justice as not in a glass of wine which, by the way, was already the eighth went. Sveta's head began to be turned pleasantly, the world became such lung as a vozudny ball. Everything was good and pleasant around. Lilia Sergeyevna was especially good. Well as, Sveta was perplexed as women are able to be so in good shape. Yes, the plastic surgery, money, all affairs, but physically it was very developed. Beautiful, strong legs, graceful hands. But most of all she was bewitched by eyes — brown, such young people, with a spark inside. There was in them something mysterious, something attracting. Lilia Sergeyevna told a story behind history, happened among them and we are happy ordinary, even boring, but Sveta couldn't tear off a look from her for a second. — You know, the baby, at this moment I understood that kind of I didn't love all live, being a Buddhist, but pythons didn't, obviously not my type of animals! — She laughed loudly. As always it is very lovely, on maiden as though sixteen as though both of them were such little little fools that gossip about everything on light were her years. Alcohol went to Sveta's head with a bigger force. Now her look alternately left below, to Lilia Sergeyevna's lips, such gentle, with such pleasant shade of pink lipstick. Even her lips moved incredibly beautifully and smoothly. This grace is inherent in her in everything, Sveta thought. Having once again burst out laughing, Lilia Sergeyevna in a rush of emotions embraced Sveta and is very strong. Having adjoined bodies, Sveta felt strange heat which took both of them. It was what so long ago she didn't feel — harmony, absolute and clean. Отсмеявшись, Lilia Sergeyevna began to caress the outer side of a palm on the right cheek of Sveta. It was, most likely, the maternal instinct from her party, desire to caress such little foolish woman. Or not? Because for Sveta everything was differently, on another. "Don't stop. Please. Be with me. Please. Please..." — Such beauty... Such we with you two beauties, look, well! — Lilia Sergeyevna spoke, without giving as it seemed to Sveta, the words of special value, and smiled. — Also we sit together at Friday evening. Without men! — She said with small, but a little sad snicker. — Нахуй men. — Escaped at Sveta unexpectedly for her. — Oh... Sorry, Lilia Sergeyevna, probably all alcohol... And all this stress... But to her deepest surprise, Lilia Sergeyevna only burst out laughing, than caused fit of anger in Sveta's head. "Yes for someone she takes me, for the child? It is really so difficult simple to understand, tell that yes, there is nothing terrible, and she laughs! Fucking manipulyatorsha. Yes it went! I leave" But when Lilia Sergeyevna pressed her to the breast and gently stroked on hair, Sveta instinctively nestled stronger on her. Something was stronger than thoughts, motives, logic. Something at the level of instincts, something secret that can't be learned, can't be described but only to feel. And at this moment Sveta wanted nothing else except how to be near this woman. She wanted to learn her, all her even if on it the eternity will be required. — Everything well the silly fellow. — Lilia Sergeyevna said and playfully I smiled. — You adult also have full authority, no, you have to speak about what you think of. And, by the way, call me Lille, well, the kid? We are familiar many years and we communicate almost as equals, the truth? — Having smiled, it continued. After a small pause she released Sveta and drank up the last glass of wine. "Lille..." — There was жарковато, a baby doll. It is necessary to open a window. — She told with the voice full of tenderness and love, and, having got up, correcting the lifted-up night dress (than very much I provoked Sveta), went the elegant step to a window. The window, though plastic, was not such qualitative and to open it, Lilia Sergeyevna, and for Sveta — already to Lila, had to make some efforts, straining the already hot body, than caused still a big storm of emotions in Sveta who is already made horney to a limit. Kolykhaniya boobies in a step to breakthroughs of this woman pleasantly caressed a look, and breakthroughs by caustic blows were reflected in Sveta's boobies. At last, having opened a window, Lille said: — Fukh, so that is more best. — She smooth movements waved with hands on a breast as a fan as she was a little out of breath. — Zharishchaaa, horror. By the way... — She looked at Sveta's glass filled only half. — We finish wine, Light. Light I began to finish drinking the wine, without lowering hungry eyes from the temptress. Women, in nearly three times are more senior than her. Having the adult daughter, the granddaughter of her age. The granddaughter with whom they are the best friends. So incorrectly, she thought. But now there are no rules. They don't work here. Not now. Any framework. It was the primitive environment. To take what belongs to you. "Mine. You mine. And draw another." She put a glass and got up. I began to go slow, with measured steps to Lila, without lowering from her a look. She approached closer and closer — so close that this bitch could see fire in her eyes. Having approached almost closely when their lips from each other separated only a few centimeters when both of them felt breath of each other, Sveta felt, saw fear of what will be farther in the opinion of Lily. Fear of inevitable. What had to occur. Light imperiously I smiled, and with satisfaction I understood that the hunter and a game traded places. At last, after a pause which as it seemed, lasted one thousand years the smile never evaporated from her lips, as if her and wasn't. Light I pronounced by a cold and resolute voice only two words: — Нахуй wine. (Before you a half of the planned history was presented. Be continued. Most likely it will be supplemented here, but not separate parts.) dating apps 2022 reddit date ideas near me site mapMain Page