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"Dzyyn!" The alarm clock sharply sounded, carrying on the apartment news about approach of morning. Tender threads of dreams everything didn't want to release the viewer to the real world in any way, but every moment weakened and were untangled. "And what if, yesterday evening just dreamed me?" Pyotr, without disconnecting eyes, slowly I lowered a hand to the perineum. Fingers at first laid down on a stomach, is slightly lower than a navel, and began to slide slowly below, passed a belt, climbed under panties, touched a naked pubis... also groped vagina folds. "Didn't dream me!" The man jumped from a bed and stared in the reflection in a mirror. There was such impression that the top part of a trunk, was taken from the guy of years 24 because body hair considerably thinned, skin became more smooth, and everything that is lower than a belt and to finger-tips standing, was from the very young girl. Accurate shchyolochka, equal, long, beautiful and sexual legs. Pyotr automatically lowered a hand to scratch balls, but the hand, having developed a palm boat just stroked a vagina on all length. "So... I should gather for work... Also it is necessary to leave, probably... I don't know how I will quickly turn into the girl... For the present the person didn't change, I need to leave what I wouldn't be looked for then." The man passed to the bathroom and washed, cleaned teeth and began to be going to office. It was necessary to put on thin tights of corporal color because the others were dirty. Trousers in which it constantly walked were big and dangled standing, and a bottom on the contrary: I didn't prolazit at all. It was necessary to find and put on sports pants and also warm winter sneakers. On a body I put on an undershirt, a sweater and a winter jacket. Already I was going to leave the house as stopped and thought... It was necessary to undress slightly to place with themselves between legs "butterfly", having greased her slightly with gel-lubricant, then to put on back. The small bottle was sent to a shoulder bag to phone, the panel from a toy, to the tablet and documents with the handle. The road to work this, warmer morning, seemed, more pleasant and long. At each step Pyotr realized that he will become a girl soon! Positive emotions overflowed him with the head. Few times he even jumped up, going on the escalator. Tights on smooth legs pleasantly caressed skin, and the man was ready to zamurchat from a surplus of new feelings as if a March cat. — Evgeny Borisovich. Hello — passing the secretary, Pyotr came into an office to the head. — You why not in a suit? — instead of a greeting the owner of firm asked. — I to you on business. I want to leave in one afternoon. It is urgent and doesn't suffer delays. The refusal isn't accepted. Excuse me, but I very much hurry. Could you process documents now? — the man approached and stretched the filled-in application form. — Хм. Well time so solved. — the director got the handle Parker and began to sign the document. — Only I have one assignment, you will need to take documents to one of our partners today. — Yes, I can make it. — Pyotr nodded, taking away from a table the folder with documents and the statement. — You know the procedure itself. Bypass all, collect signatures, hand over the map and the admission — the Director got up and gave a hand, the former employee reaped it. — Well, then be. — Yes. Thanks. Pyotr was developed and left an office. All procedure took no more than two hours and already by a lunch, the man left completely free office. Frosty air filled lungs, but was so pleasant that the man made couple more of breaths before he buttoned a jacket and went to the subway. "I should pass 10 stations on the South, to the center, and there to their office no distance. "The man went down in the subway and got into the car. People came and left as if ants, very quickly scurried about to and fro, touching each other and exchanging heavy looks. Pyotr lowered the right hand and having got the panel, removed a bag back for a back. I hid in the clamped fist remote control of a toy in a pocket of a jacket and I pressed the inclusion button. The mood at once became better, appear, that around paint became brighter, and it is easier to breathe. Suddenly "butterfly" stopped. "What?" The finger pressed on the button and the vibrator recovered again. In a moment, it was again switched off. Pyotr frowned eyebrows. "The accumulator sits down? Yes, it seems, shouldn't. stories erotic "The button activated the device again, here the intensity of vibration at a toy increased, and the man shuddered, and on a face the surprise grimace acted. "What occurs? She broke?" At the last minute having noticed that now his stop, I jumped out of the car, after it, at the closed doors, there was to the station a young girl. — Young man, hello. What is your name? — Em? — the man turned back and saw the beautiful brunette in expensive clothes which appraisingly examined him. — Hi. Me Zovuuut Petya! — slightly the guy because the toy, suddenly small pushes began to hit against a clitoris screamed. — Petya means. — The girl approached closely. From her smelled of tulips. The coat was undone, the decollete on a dress allowed to see a magnificent breast. — You play about goods from a sex shop, the gay unfortunate, once again. — the girl wanted to grab the man's balls, but the hand laid down along a pubis and felt only the buzzing toy. Surprise, it was the only emotion which was reflected in a girl's face. — So you are a transsexual!? — the girl in a whisper asked Petya, but didn't take away a hand. — The N don't have N--. I can explain, only please, take away a hand! People around — the guy asked a look the girl. — Well try. — the girl released a groin of the stranger. Pyotr got the panel from a pocket and pressed inclusions the button. The motor in a toy calmed down. Before he managed to tell something, the stranger got just the same panel (!!!) also I showed him to the man. A look I showed myself between legs and I vklyuchilavyklyuchit the vibrator. Together, at the same time felt hum between legs, then everything stopped again. — We will go to cafe? I will tell everything to you there. I promise. Truth. — The man looked round around and again turned to the stranger. — Dasha. — the girl was presented. — Well we will go. They silently climbed the escalator and went out of the subway. The man went to the nearest cafeteria to the left, but the girl, having taken him by hand, pulled on the right. — There is a place more best. Pyotr only nodded. Later couple of hundreds of steps they entered in good restaurant with beautiful surroundings. They occupied an angular table on the second floor, the fenced screen from other hall and ordered on coffee. Waited in silence until the waiter brings it and then Pyotr began to speak. — Listen, Dasha, I am an ordinary guy... I was usual more precisely. It began with me a few days ago. I don't know how to convince you of what happened to me, but at me instead of the dick the natural female vagina appeared... I checked. — Yet really? — the girl sarcastically grinned. — And what if I want to check? — What means to p-p-check? — slightly Pyotr gave a hint. — We will follow me if you tell the truth, then you will just show me. — What will you show? — the dumbfounded guy asked. — The girl. Went to a toilet. She took him by hand and pulled for herself. The man unwillingly rose and went behind her. Without releasing his hand, Dasha involved him in a ladies' room and pushed in a spacious cabin. — Show. — Em... — Or I will cry now that you were going to rape me, you will speak before all then. — Ch-what?... Wait a moment... Well... Well. Now. Pyotr untied ropes of sports pants and hesitating, slowly began to lower them. — Yes how many it is possible. — The girl sat down on hunkers, again showing the decollete and pulled together with one movement trousers down. To her look beautiful female legs in tights of corporal color, panties and light camber, damp from juice, from "butterfly" appeared. Eyes of the girl revealed from surprise, she slightly inclined the head, but continued and took off the remained clothes. The skillful movement I undid fastening. — Stop!... Hands... — A... Konechno. — Dasha seconds without thinking, I opened a door wide open, the vymola of a hand with soap silently approached a sink also, then I returned and I covered with a leg a door, Pyotr bent forward and closed an entrance on a latch. The girl sat down on knees again and took a toy aside. Fingers of the girl began to investigate the man's vagina. Every second, the look of the girl became more and more interested and got excitement shades. — In my opinion, you were already convinced. — Pyotr tried to take her for a wrist, but the girl pushed the finger in his elastic pussy and from surprise having shuddered, he rested both hands against cabin walls. The finger of the girl investigated walls of a vagina and moved ahead more and more deeply. At last this sudden penetration stopped, and she pulled out a finger from within the stranger. I examined him, I smelled and... I licked! — Nyam... — What means ням? — Put on. Went back. — Dasha everything also opened the door, having compelled convulsively and quickly Petra to put on. I washed up hands, I gave time to make too to Petya, I took already ready man by hand and I led back for a table. — At you... There really the most real female vagina... and your legs... They are same, as at me... But all the same more better and only try to tell mine differently. — the girl threateningly blinked the eyes. — Yes... your very beautiful. — Thank you that at last I noticed. — she I took a coffee sip, the man followed her example and drank from the cup. Then Pyotr told about the sudden change and about the first, and after and the second experiment, in attempts to de-energize. Dasha silently listened and occasionally interrupted, specifying his feelings to compare to the, and then according to nodded. dating app women's choice today date kannada site mapMain Page