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The day off, I went to shop behind products, the sister wrote such list that it was possible not to inform, the benefit she always was necessary to go with me by the official car. I drove up to shop, there were local scourges, fans to shoot money for binge. I went to shop, I bought all according to the list, there was more cart. I began to load into a luggage carrier, one of the company approached. — Hi Vovka, didn't learn? Having looked on on the reached guy, and not at once I recognized the schoolmate, he was grown as the bum. It was Igor, a danger to all girls, the truth they stuck to him because of money. The father had a firm, they lived very richly, money flowed the river, he had many friends - freeloaders. He married the beautiful girl, everything was just remarkable, but then the father was ruined, I don't know the reasons, and everything went to a distortion. Friends died, the wife began to walk, and he began to become an inveterate drunkard. I learned it from the friends, they to me described everything in detail. There are such affairs!!! There was a playboy, and now the shooter of money for a bubble!!! — Hi Igor not to recognize you!!! What wanted? — Listen Vovka, give the steward to salary!!! — To what salary, you never worked!!! Most it isn't ridiculous!!! — I will go for work, and I will give!!! Maybe you will pay to me a visit, we will sit, the wife will be glad you to see, to us for a long time nobody comes!!! — Hold the steward, I will come today, I will bring products home. — Then I will take a bubble and I will wait! — OK. Done!! I left home, brought products, and decided to descend to Igor. I went because of his wife, I wanted to see her, the cool girl!!! I bought flowers, cognac and candies, and I went on a visit. I rose by the floor, I called a door. I wait for minute, the second went, at last opened. — Hi Vovka!!! Thank you that came, Igor told me that he saw you!!! — Hi Natasha, it to you!!! — Thanks Vovka, nobody gave flowers long ago, now I will put in a vase. Pass, to the apartment, don't hesitate!!! I came into the hall, then on kitchen, Igor sat at a table and drank vodka. — I came!!! Sit down we will drink!!! He delivered me a glass, poured some vodka, and we drank. Natasha came, sat down nearby, then he and her poured. — I am more best cognac with candies!!! Drink vodka itself!!! She drank, began to stir, Igor all got drunk stronger and stronger while he completely not you was cut. — Vovka, help to drag him to the bedroom, I have no more than forces!!! — Of course Natasha, I will carry now!!! With great difficulty I brought him to a bed, he swore, resisted, but nevertheless it turned out. I came to kitchen, Natasha untied a belt on a dressing gown and opened it. There two boobs, quite not bad hung. — It what for? — Pleasantly when men look, I already forgot what is sex!!! Do you want me??? What I ask!!! She sat down to me on knees, and began to kiss me, taking off from me a shirt. Then I pressed my head to the breast: — I want you, kiss me!!! I ask!!! My lips kissed her nipples which quickly grew in sizes, and became firm. I licked them, kissed, bit, it was pleasant to do it. She fell below and took off from me jeans together with pants. — What писюн, I adore such thick!!! Her lips kissed a head, hands began to squeeze a ball sack. Language passed on bridles, pleasantly making horney. I caressed her thick hair, was very pleasant. She took in a mouth to the basis, moving the head up - down. The dick strained and released a cum stream directly in her mouth. She choked, but then quickly cleared the throat and continued to suck, exhausting the cum remains from an urethra. — Everything well Vovka? — More than!! Went to my room, there it will be convenient!!! — And how husband? — He went!!! I hate this alcoholic!!! He me already wanted to lease to the drinking companions!! You can present it!!! Went to the room, she took off a dressing gown and got condom from a pocket. — Vovka, only with an elastic band, I don't want to become pregnant!!! — There are no problems!!! I understand everything!!! She jerked off my dick, it got up a stake, she a mouth put on an elastic band. I embraced her strong, I kissed, I put on a back. I spread her beautiful legs, and I clung to her vulva. Lips were thick, fleshy, just charm. I began to drive language on them, Natasha moaned, held with the hands my head, sometimes slightly presses to herself. I groped a clitoris, I began to caress, the groan amplifies, she trembles all over. Then I entered her, she began to groan and is so loud that was afraid will wake the husband. It was given, she to me with soul, with a spark in eyes. The girl was plastic, coiled as a snake, perfectly moved to me on a meeting. Her vagina was pleasant, the dick pleasantly contracted inside. She lingeringly moaned, I began to accelerate, and we were covered by an orgasm at the same time. Nails stuck into my skin, the back burned from scratches. — Aaa!!! Aaa!!!! Well!!! Still fuck!!! Still!!! I finished process of a coition, she removed an elastic band, threw out in a room corner, and then began to suck, washing a dick a mouth from a viscous cum. The door opened, Igor entered. — What did the bitch, want the man? Suck don't distract, and the client you will lose that!! — Vovka, give on a bottle, and you can fuck it how many will get!!! Only bring vodka to me and it is your whore!!! You can have her to the back, she loves this business!!! Natasha sucked away, and sat down near me, then brought my jeans, I gave him money, and he went to shop. — Go to me Natasha!!! She sat down nearby, began to kiss passionately, then she offered: — Into the account of a bum it told the truth!!! If to be pleasant that you can use!!! I really adore!!!! Only it is necessary to develop!!! She got up dog-fashion and moves apart buttocks, I fall, I see her brown speck, I touch with language. — Аа!!! I didn't expect that you language will develop!!! Thanks!!! I began to get in an anus, she was delighted with such penetration. Further I began to get the dick, she slightly strained while I entered completely, and then pushed a bottom loudly screaming. There was a mad sex, in such rhythm it didn't happen to fuck in a bum yet. We were obsessed with each other, loudly groaned, I showered with kisses it a gentle back, then took her for shoulders, and it was curved by an arch as the gymnast. The orgasm covered me, and then and her, the dick fills her anus, it flows all. As a result fell to a bed flat-out, long kissed. — Vovka, I can't lick to you a dick now, went to a shower I will wash him! Forgive I can't get used, after a bottom to take in a mouth!!! We went to a shower, she with soap washed a dick, and then once again to me sucked away. On it we left her, but sometimes I used her body until she married the second time. It is sent: Voldemar dating app that's better than tinder date ideas near lake houston site mapMain Page